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Overtime With Grande and Max: Jason Terry; Jackie MacMullan, Bill Wennington & Paul Pierce

Feb 13, 2013|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell's weekly podcast: The guys revisit Celtics Radio Network guest interviews over the past week and look ahead to the Celtics' upcoming West Coast road swing after the All Star break.

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Time was showing me. Hello hello season. And those we thank you were not granted Max overtime. Is under way the Celtics heading into the all star break having won eight games in nine tries. Out of nowhere and it's just a few weeks ago we got to -- with Iraq Iran it was going to be lost what year it seemed at that point. Everything was opened here I think you're both technically. It wasn't going to be as bad as other people thought it was going to be I don't think anyone saw eight wins in nine games coming particularly the way. It -- happened and it fascinating to watch. All people all the world to stand from the -- on fund money. On the one who's doing that is too much last -- on -- but the money -- answer the question everybody has -- last week's. Bill itself which are better. -- what they are. Individuals are playing better and the ball is while collectively they've stepped up at that you the plan right now that would -- that. -- that was that -- guy that imagination. That -- by deals with the team at opposite with the -- well by what -- -- two of the of the basketball via the path I think part of the biggest recipient. A guy like your memory yet green once he gets that that -- be fitfully. What they would Rondo was the route with. -- now. The court -- -- thought by drew it out so by a pack right now it is so much rather -- -- felt especially me now. The pictures that you're back with. -- we have more aggressive -- program itself which have been more efficient as a result op meant here's why it's -- It's not because. It's because of the defense at duke it now why would you were more -- -- -- -- -- the Celtics struggled offensively in the admissible to show. All the teams get rebounds helped it get up at the rebels have all the teams -- get a and they can run -- lost the Charlotte game. Last Monday night game they lost early in the year it was time. Before New -- the Celtics fell by twenty points seven times gets what it hasn't happens where as happens with the most of the year so with the best defense team. Period in the NBA and they are because -- -- -- play half court defense they're efficient offensively the teams have not been able to run with the Celtics get you winning support with the the benefits of -- in the misty that's where -- generation Kevin Garnett they're still doing -- and it's 36. Once you get to court game itself which are very tough to -- Welker the that one thing we talked about the war. Paul Pierce Garnett have done one thing they make everybody accountable opium the Jason Terry if you with things to carry out the but he blocked that huge shot in eighty Chicago and it really -- -- everything that -- -- get -- of -- shots. But he did what they -- but it Marco Belinelli in the last game lately here. The big -- against now with vague about. The -- them out -- Mac OLEU they would have liked it jive exactly with the -- told us when he -- it immediately after the -- which went over Chicago went. While it was pretty. There really wasn't ready if they'll put their lowest total in a win 71 point in years maybe people -- -- the united Terry joins -- from the celtics' locker room. Jason Terry we go the opposite that you know shooting numbers from the -- -- -- the all time list but over the last few games Jason -- pick -- a lockdown defender. In the final minute shot block of Marco Belinelli take us through this that last -- sequence went it Roberts that was really -- to miss the free throw at the time you know what's going to happen. Happening yet still tough to stop. You know when I have that back for the last home plate guy nobody can make its -- comes out to the end Belinelli scored on a good thing about it about the week. Mobile home into the similar situation -- admitted. The losses but seriously I get back into the rebellion theologian. With this problem there similar. On my tennis where. And I thank god -- lot. While you look at the game like this be at all that they chemical on all the -- you've got that hit all the injuries. It used deal with this basketball game a testament to you got -- beat -- A urine tests before that is where you know when we we are very resilient we're with god here in the flock we'll start with -- -- I do you called never -- -- -- -- -- we've been having and then we got a guy like -- you have all -- strapped every night. Through everything they've been through and make about what behavior whether god like -- myself. In the -- button -- before the warm August night. What you want a championship in Dallas couple years ago that was the prototypical team -- which seemed like it was different guy. Every night stepping up and over this last stretch -- last two week stretch of eight wins in nine tries. It really does seem like it's that different guys that I've read about. And -- -- about all over like what went over -- the rebound whether it was the Clinton you have blocked or. Or not the model that does not order laughter did that he had Kevin Garnett the other for a minute game tonight but we says that what we -- lost two -- three guys. That we went through collectively ethical. And now we've been over two syllable of the book is -- steal in the locker room like that team and -- a clear if you all know what. Of them may not have the manpower. But to a man in the locker room. It just seems like. Well we're here with some we're gonna get it done that with me was the right way who the ball offensively and defense we take pride in every profession. We are going to be a tough team even optimistic as you watch it you must have the look around like now cola. How do we have -- another injury everything keeps a bit now everybody keep all the sound great. You know if it's an acre feet. In Annapolis. If all of offer you know. One may go down as another man after he -- You know what we have to do continue to grind don't move the faith until you're at home we're very tough I don't know in the last time we give up on a point I was in trouble again. That's when we don't give up my room and -- we we are -- -- -- Jason Terry enjoy the break of veterans really know how to enjoy the all star break -- is forming of that so would take the time get the rest of mostly endeavor that you remember. I asked if there were specifically about the Dallas team because he's talked a lot about in the last couple weeks not different guys stepping up. It's -- -- locker room and guys that really enjoyed being around each there are a lot of smiles as we you know segue to the injuries statement. Hope our program is that is that an awful long time with the third season ending injury. In as many weeks as the Celtics NBA season has turned into a season of Nancy I guess which every week you turn on the show -- another body goes down. It was and is a little bit by the things we will talk about this stuff a lot because you know what happened privacy when we traveled -- -- -- But being on the plane last Monday night after the show. There was well moment when Atlanta or -- to go -- you saw virtually ever audience to come back to. Talk to him just put a hand on his shoulder at what -- they were with him. The Celtics brought generally speaking when you won't tarmac when the Celtics land charter plane a couple of a special VIPs have their cars brought. -- Leandro Barbosa -- Was brought out to the place after when he suffered the ACL injury and virtually everybody is seen them -- helped him down the stairs of the plane. And into his part that little thing but I bring it up because that. Would you look at a team that maybe wins more games than their talent to win. That's the kind of locker room. Well what you call the family and that's take derby each other and when you have that count respect. An account of gratitude toward guys working hard it. -- what it is contagious that everybody thinks that way so would you see somebody else would that the team does the people want their players. And everybody of countless steps up. Everything else -- classes not only on the floor. Off the -- that's why ever by the -- of sacrificing for each other member given climate to have a home floor against Chicago to get. Rebounded in in the scramble so. Those things have happened is there a good thing. So it was one -- -- also gripe was with eight wins in nine games in the won loss comes the worst team in the NBA the Charlotte Bobcats. Memorable memorable wins the -- that particular run congress starting with a game against Miami -- lakers on national television and blowing them now and the guard was simply rocky. But the -- signature game of the year and -- the triple overtime survival over what at this time what the hottest team in the NBA in the Denver Nuggets. Paul Pierce who during this stretch has changed his game completely -- on a different player triple double threat. Every night. Played a Celtics -- for him -- matched a career high he played nearly sixty minutes of the triple overtime gave. It was very clear in his voice when he joined us after that win our way. Well. Yeah every time that you see it at all. We have that you don't see you know 118114. Is the final. Before we get the ice packs which -- of icy hot before we give anything to Paul Pierce needs. And it is advanced aids -- you people here. You know everybody that's got an older because older uncle whose ovaries make -- just like that just like -- act against noises. This was you know it is to expand going to possibly imagine what was about to on full. To borrow later tonight you're gonna be sore and tired. What is what is your body feeling not right now but intended it to go win adrenaline must be at an all time high -- a third over. If they're fomenting that -- You know you. We believe that second game off by. You're the fickle bunch of body you know how many minutes you play to -- bunker which you got beat them fun. Do whatever you can do to help you if you win you know enough where you've got the flight from long amongst them. What they got you about -- in the locker room is nothing but the last game you got -- that you made it to the B youth that. The Toronto with on. You and Kevin have taken appoint yourself. To do one thing make everybody accountable awful we have the boy it seems like that's exactly what's happening. Yeah definitely everybody got that you know he hasn't been an army is Kevin and I have to compliment group home from the group you know from. From the top all the way down houses that have come from you know almost like we've got to be partly due to injuries and everybody got to be literally -- through. As well as you come with an effort and it's beautiful. What that you guys that -- that -- you know you talk about the last six game road win streak you have. Didn't play as well that there at that time you of -- fantastic ball. Boot the ball extremely well with robot. Ball here at the Vietnam much -- you go back you've read do you contract work with about fourteen rebounds and fourteen -- her that night. Whose daughter popular atomic you can within the northern most normal we. You know he's got the will to win you don't care it's not a lot there and wouldn't you know it. There was a moment in the Toronto game the other night win it was -- reportedly need maybe the wrong lately the first half and the -- sort of jumped up right away and got on he talked about accountability. These little ball -- it seems that everyone eligible to each other accountable. There's no hard feelings everybody wants to hold everybody else account. Yeah definitely going to be haven't talked to everybody. As I can have constructive criticism you know we all hear from the -- of all guns so. You know when you get on your feet by you know OK there's always come from the coast as we got a couple on a constant speed up their problems there right. -- what we do we win we don't do this remove all day so we get off track we try to keep everybody off track so we can do they benefited way. Well I thought you were Kevin Garnett in raced at the very of the game. I just they had. This is the first time by -- group with two Grotrian give them again until they actually OK great we go to fill up -- -- fashion a good old fart like we'd like. That -- and eight -- -- with the NATO's ability tomorrow right. If all -- that they have found it in the long run it off in three years. Who don't do. I do not put your seat in the upright position you recliner and as far as she won tonight and come rent alone fear. And joy Erika. Or of evidence that -- for an awful long time Celtics have found themselves in the theoretical for snap for the -- like nine overtime games. Fourteen different overtime periods constantly double overtime in the triple overtime gave. Against Denver and Doc Rivers who had so what so when he plans he made it's now Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett hasn't had that luxury right now it does look like he's gonna have that much reform. One though gods soldier gone Barbosa gone all gone for the year and the amazing thing is Celtics movement of that West Coast trip. Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett played every game that was not the plan how long -- Well that it that was a -- And that they is that you get to keep them and they can stay healthy. What the that they will be put this season that you don't think about playoffs would choose to live about spotlight maybe what you thought they keep him. Is trying to maybe -- -- aren't wolf all your spot you want a team or two so. Those things that we'll to have that happen because if you're not point to make a trade. You were short is that like this something has to happen -- -- get those veteran players are a couple of extra days now what thing good that -- the right now. The fact that Paul Pierce is the all star game yes so you get. An opportunity to kind of recharges batteries. What that would happen good Kevin Garnett started in the all star game what the old players in the league you Golan. Okay how does this happen. There are supposed to -- of -- -- 42 minutes a blackout that kept aware of down. There are a lot of elements now over the next stretch and by the time you're listening to this podcast you know -- -- super PP it. Going into the all star break himself it will certainly add some bodies to the roster and talking Doc Rivers -- -- for the game last Wednesday that it Chicago. Saying it listen of what makes -- we need to point guard because we don't know ball handlers but without -- wants -- the best player available and what itself listed in Egypt company. A little bit of a gamble for the Wednesday he basically what was nine true NBA players and didn't -- to sign somebody to a -- -- contract that might have been just for the one game now. You have an entire weekend to look. Not just immediately not just other teams but around the globe. To try to find somebody playing at a high level because now I would you open it up to names were playing overseas suddenly the that roster that list of available players it's -- -- Well and and that's what to look at that do it and obviously you've got spots now which are available. And if you will point to make the move you you're trying to get extra bodies. And you loss of very good some key players. -- obviously him Rondo only a what from time atomic MVP choice won the best point guards in the league and you -- with Barbosa who was really count that started the field that. Hit that BO albeit that's score so you lose those players that now you've got to look around league deceive you get the baby. Grab -- -- the two veteran players to help you build this thing now the second game of. West coaster for the Celtics -- way to Denver and then -- we have back to back game a rematch against the lakers and the Celtics in the game in Boston last week. And it was fascinating couple of days obviously stories Jack of all our good friend went to the lakers hotels that don't Kobe Bryant very long sit down. With him in a fascinating article on the night we got talked -- asked about itself which are surging through what was possible before the post injury. But really to get her thoughts after spending all that time with a guy who doesn't spend time and a lot of people in the media in Kobe Bryant. We can never really have enough -- -- -- with stark opposition. Our short list on a big night on the Celtics lakers and I are short list of people actually really like talking anyplace so shortlist of people that would like talking to begin with his third short but obviously at that very short list. Is -- we only get spent time with -- we really enjoyed she got to spend time. Yesterday with Kobe Bryant and it's you know but I say it this it's obviously in my street do every do favorite book market. And Kobe Bryant is one of the most fascinating people to meet in Boston. Sports history because it really is his appreciation for the game legacy and all that release comes through in this piece. I asked this question -- who were just talking about -- -- the person because you spent time with him yesterday. And after doing this as long as we of all we're doing it after eighteen years of watching Kobe Bryant under the spotlight. It's as if we do not know him at all what is Kobe Bryant what is the real -- we like what we have received these. Well. Honestly he is. Gotta get myself in trouble here but I'm gonna say anyway he is the most intelligent and BA player I've ever spent time justice he's so Smart. He's witty it's quick. He's knowledgeable about sports about life about politics about everything. That's a pretty strong opinion about everything. Likes to slip into old ghetto talk which I find amusing in itself. Smart enough to understand he needs to do that but let's be honest as a kid that was raised in Italy in Pennsylvania. Is very well read. A chameleon of sorts I actually said to him congratulations on reinventing yourself because I think he has. I've always found it fascinating as well and I think he. There's a lot to Kobe Bryant a lot to him. If you think about him I mean is that that got because I think it's Casey Jordan for so long in nearby as well the quote you we will tequila. I don't think anybody ever see is -- -- for a I think Airbus's. He wants to be like -- matured and is being great in the line of all the things that happened to a but he still want the greatest players that play it. And you know what that compares to Jordan and you know like Robert Jordan in his prime -- Jordan when no one else you know we used to. -- -- there -- a lot of guys there we -- forgive us talking to a and jordans -- great play about I'm in my in my mind Kobe is right there. -- you can not compare it. The intellectual curiosity. And knowledge of other things besides -- and basketball Kobe Bryant this it light years ahead of. But I look at it this way Michael Jordan has taken to -- in the level this one no question that -- -- we probably will never be EO Pete you're right. And in intellectual is Kobe you've been I think there's. It is only strikes one time like that what basketball player. In the fifth. Basketball with Nike and Marreese you're on and went back -- think about all of that we'll be mad at jobs right and you mentioned maligned and rightfully going to be that Colorado things. Is never going away it's always going to be a stain on. Police present and he knows it. Back to get him and his wife his wife -- -- and they're back together and you said that I just felt like all the years of preaching. Never quit never give up -- this city just I wasn't an -- until I tried to make that right can never make it right completely very honest about as well. None of us will ever know what it was like to live a life there's one thing to have a public life -- nothing. Every minute -- public from the tigers are very young you know we we've we've talked with a softer so most fascinated by. When I talked to when I ask any guy what he thinks about Kobe -- the answer is always about basketball I hate him because he's a -- he's a great -- right whatever your reaction. To this day when you ask a woman what's the first thing if they go. But when you say Kobe Bryant -- -- -- Colorado today it strikes me I don't and that's it I don't either but it -- it strikes me what's amazing about -- and that same -- of the OJ thing. The split. In this case between male and female interaction is telling that there will be. Can he ever will he ever completely get. Passed it on the Internet because I don't know what happened game Colorado. Only people -- maybe we'll never know the truth. Does is it fair that it defines them it's part of -- think it is there it is. There was a fascinating part of the of the story today about Boston and this is why. To me it's it's one that way I say Kobe is that it took integral figure in Boston sports history because he understands the Celtic mystique. And this goes back to the Celtics you know the story of what happened because the Celtics. One to bring him in for -- he didn't wanna do but nothing like companies that -- mean average seventeen years old boy. That in no way I'm not going there and like listen son with him the day you're gonna go they have the six minute you're gonna go. But I have to admiral that greens I mean really really. Needed the Celtics but think about it as a kid growing up you know if you have a kid here from the drop in -- And the lakers ain't no mountain grown man mountain on the island that you and the fact that these all the stuff that beaten -- His -- I'm like the idea that -- -- -- -- -- when you put Philadelphia though I'll the that certain victory. I hated the -- that it would the commute is here with like I. -- the guy amount what's the next I would like Utley don't they mean by Bob frequency yeah yeah throughout history go in the history. And it. That's the incidence. Is he. They'll never be satisfied greatest athletes always well you know always a proposal which images. But when his career games do you think he will ever feel if he wins by abortive beaches. Then with his mindset now I'll say something that was just it's the Larry Bird mindset that all you know -- you -- out. Really ever be satisfied with anything he's accomplished -- he clearly right now is on the war for 567. Greatest players that -- Wait but it'll do what Larry did a member asked that question you know now that you. Time has passed in your legacy is set is like we should've won in 85 which had 187. And that's what Kobe -- -- -- -- we should -- 2008. You know we we which at that point and that's what all the great ones do and you know Max says something to me that I haven't forgotten that we just recently said there are very few people. -- -- of the day that can be like Larry Bird to bring it every single night magic is one and let me tell you so let's go. I mean those -- -- -- that at that they're mennonite you know the guys about it when he now it is the difference between my Netflix. If they don't think you know players we talked about that. Eventually use but the save yourself. If that's what I accomplished. So out there there is great -- eventually it happens to all all players all athletes Mohammed Ali whoever the is. If you're the leader of one day we view the pictures of the thing. -- out of the good run in and right and and the funny that you look at his stuff on TV from time Atlantic -- -- -- I get that -- -- out -- opens up the victory. The low point of this group may be certainly one of them on the floor was game six that you wrote about this today 2008. It's a colossal blow out the reason you -- -- -- the reasons -- to lose that game at home to go to get 3000 mile flight to get blown out for a sixth game. In the closing moments confetti falling. Who was one of the first people he saw I was living away it was Belichick Bill Belichick so you know we know -- politics it's Arthur courtside underneath the visitors basket down their -- right right near the visitors and it. -- feeling down and he's thinking at this point. I don't like this team we don't we're not mentally tough man coming advocate that here -- believe I'm losing in this building. And also the sky six nano looks up with politics of the rescue team and over saint. We just went through this we just off the giants in the -- well. You ready for next year you'll be back will be back and then -- started this idle threats don't like you very much replicate that that would cut. You know it's funny a lot of dealers say that if they're mad that bill is in the Laker locker room. So we another bill without meaning to. Will there be a time and I don't know if Kobe -- voted no wins last year reais as it's going on. You know we think about this is back to a different generation win doctor gave me the farewell tour who recited farewell tour if there is anything remotely like that. Will he get in Boston will he get that. Re your ovation as one of the greatest poets in the history of the -- -- -- -- my mind let's remember this is the building that started chanting -- for this guy I have never in my life seen anything before. Or -- in this building. So and you know it's not at the bottom of the store today might. -- my Asian -- let's whenever I read stories sends me this the story with all the comments on the bottom and I didn't have time to read all the but some of them were like. I'm -- -- an -- but he sounds pretty cool right now in this in this story. So there's. You know. There's some reluctant. Grudging respect there I. I think one of the things we we we we don't DO. So it may open -- credit score. Is that they will do the usual. They -- erratic they appreciate basketball and when they -- -- -- BP out of school with and that's when he was younger I was here. And and we got beat by Philadelphia. And they start -- LA let's call them. Yeah the most incredibly -- has -- -- I'm just -- in his -- young kids and Steve Blake talking in front of me and I'm thinking. None of these kids are gonna know who Steve Blake is you know they're going for Steve Nash. Anybody in the -- mr. white mr. Blake. -- giving them like all right you can prove me wrong I love -- I -- the young fan -- here -- do it -- nights like this this is almost like it just it conjures up the romanticism of the rivalry in the history and when -- -- here and Kevin -- go between but not surprised really cool to -- -- we do a song -- -- ago really and I really we could do this -- might have to figure out -- -- -- -- -- screenings one night. On the ultrasound matches I been nice not chocolate -- tonight how explicit these days anyway instead mr. Craig -- and money -- by the way the -- free -- that was very -- -- -- did you see that soon it was an electric checker -- we've got to find that got a penalty kind of cynical viruses against which an orange -- I'm not mistaken. Jacqui thanks it's all right guys. Lakers and the Celtics really have been Brothers in arms throughout the course of this year but -- -- which -- their own -- now when he wins in nine games going into the all star break in the go into the officer -- with a pretty healthy cushion as far as playoffs situation -- external actors -- in the exact opposite boat you know some -- -- out of the playoffs as they go. To the all star break that's going to be sort of fascinating collision at game. At staples that are. At -- -- must win the lakers have that absolutely. I mean you think about the lakers over the team they have the play and obviously they want paid itself back and beautiful mountains we. But you've still got all those other contenders out there -- guys that are fighting ports bowed out there in the Western Conference who could still be dangerous. We felt sacramental -- games out there. We felt Portland -- -- so. Utah with the game so all those teams out there who look around the lake with the lakers trying to catch. Are still waiting a few of -- -- in the east for the first time. -- Celtics now instead of looking over their shoulder at. Milwaukee Philadelphia in the when he eats by just scratching to make the playoffs so it's now four games over 500 are suddenly looking at teams -- -- the gorilla I think. Atlanta Chicago police teams aren't that far away here. All the teams in the east exceptional even Miami's got issues but they've got that's where in the world dominating when we haven't seen any -- he dominates -- Michael Jordan. And you -- we're gonna win the regular season in the east but after that New York has got issues you know teams that -- -- -- three point shot that don't defend that well that don't rebound. Next to be our suspect in the and it has an interest -- situation with -- -- coming back. Where all -- has played so well is that gonna mess so you know their team chemistry Chicago -- what the -- with Derrick -- that's to me. Is one of the biggest issues faced in the Eastern Conference the situation. Involving Derrick Rose with the -- were here last Wednesday night. No wedding -- longtime NBA player Chicago portable radio analyst sat down with Cedric Maxwell talk about. And with the -- now for eight years. At -- color analyst with the -- To me by you got wind right now -- color. I have to color that's what I do. The colors beautiful well I tell you what. The polls for what's -- -- with you that you guys find that right now alone played without -- He enters the balls got through this year with their froze me you know. Will say to you know Carlos Boozer -- you know. At the same time at different times. I don't -- Tuesday like -- that not. Pretty happy with the bulls -- the games. So we have now. Are they excited about it immediately know that's bad losses. Hold that hole and on the roll a few days ago Denver. John Wall out but bounced back nicely. Against Utah home lost two games were -- -- here Boston well. It's a big enough bounce -- game that's pretty good but it's not like Derrick Rose dirt road in the heart of the Soviet team very much like run though the team really transitions. What is. Derek it's time they've right now we're coming back where there is no real timetable that -- -- is pretty much going to be what they think if he feels that he's ready to go. Those are. USC databases about 80% please. Not really -- want to back to he's ready to go -- -- -- 110%. Read -- so. There's never been a timetable it's always it is from the type of surgery. You know eight months to year. And I think he had that surgery -- March. So that would surprise you guys kind of what so I was really. Sure when some people speculated sometime in March maybe maybe -- April but again. Source put it well. Caught back in the we will have shot here and we would you wage -- right now worth of these Chicago wolves. Well look what right now and it will go back like I did -- thing I've played -- -- -- lakers tonight nobody -- way to game now. And these pictures now. Our defense was more physical. That you noted that flavor. -- 85 so. It was different -- a lot of play different. It was Laporte that one especially in open court sort of like right guys hold multiple holes and guys I've. Our members -- -- guys low post will -- I was wrong those two guys. Well you know you could put your hands on guys you would now -- -- -- -- you or are they want and what open and -- war. Out you'll report God's approval applaud it and hit it checked with the and it the other you can't do that facilities it's a lot harder for our guys right now. But it it's also it is made easier for the office of players you gotta wonder how guys have ball in open court a top. It was a result what that you thought of -- but if you protest Michael Portland. I was better wouldn't it out I mean especially John's athletic but now I think that they -- it that IQ now you if you play deep it's definitely yes and we talk about played he is during your -- later. Can you imagine to put the war all Olajuwon and not let you know more or even. I mean I it would -- writing it in -- that clear right now as they one guy how would they got after viewing throughout the argument well but you know. You know he's -- -- -- is yet we saw what was. Out now to take all by the way the guys post up but. The one thing now is just not that -- post players more. What sports guys most of us. Step ours. Utilized -- -- -- it's doubtful but they also step out of the through some of our last question now last year and -- the first question you Bobby knows well that that you by the you -- compared to right now Michael Jordan. And if he'd he'd changed the comparison between the two you betcha it's relief it's the James play which you definitely what Michael -- -- right now I mean. Two different players. -- is taller bigger stronger. Handled all of the war in open court and it that by collecting ever did. I would still go with Michael as far as I had -- first bout with those guys don't like -- five. The host of Michael -- plot at fifty years old why me why why why but I because his his mental. Toughness I think it is greater than any hypocrisy that you -- Larry yeah I think it's pretty yeah couples aren't just. We weren't gonna stop will win is it that will to win it was it was there at all costs it didn't matter how whether peace and order guy. Michael wanted to win and that's why you -- -- -- -- -- different guys notes that which refuses to purchase the ball. From Michael I got the ball or use -- In Chicago so he was passed ball when he needed to pass -- went again used to read -- what. It was also the -- to the game by itself. I think that says the time but I saw him play harder -- beaver. Where he was talking slightly. I wanna talk. I if you've ever been sick and had a daughter for not -- not about that out as I was out of work plan. You -- -- -- sprained ankles. It fingers broke makers. -- -- -- -- -- out of court play and I don't think too but he got to do that now with Ross pretty good. I don't always that'll work. It is what that's -- -- was gonna compete every night are. Philip wolf one of six teams are made ahead of the Celtics in the Eastern Conference in realistically with so many games on the road the Celtics -- thing. How far off the latter for the Celtics realistically climb over the final thirty games think that you have to look at what goals on that West Coast road trip. If somewhat skewed somehow you know. Goal you'll win three of those games I think that they would be pretty much in good shape coming back home they got some tough games got Miami's. You get these teams this you know comedian. So they're still very tough basketball game but the winnable games but you have to go out on the road. -- this West Coast road trip -- not they win at least three of those basketball game an amazing run when he gets into the Celtics in the final nine games. For the all star break lose rush hour around -- -- soldier and Leandro Barbosa were rotation players. For the season including. The signature star in the theoretical best player on the team run though everything was going through. They all go down to self which at their best stretch as a result when they all star break four games over 500. Who goes from -- until the very much. Playing with house money we will talk you out of the West Coast enemy that we thank you much about the latest additions of -- at Max over time podcast. We'll talk you know --

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