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Jason Terry with Grande & Max after the Celtics beat the Bulls

Feb 13, 2013|

Cedric Maxwell & Sean Grande are joined by Jason Terry live from the locker room after the Celtics beat the Bulls at the Garden tonight, 71-69.

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While it was pretty. There really wasn't ready so that their lowest total in a win 71 points and years maybe people that anyone -- the united Terry joins us from the celtics' locker room. -- -- we -- the opposite that you know shooting numbers from the word -- in the all time list but over the last few games Jason Terry and become a lockdown defender. In the final minute but shot block of Marco Belinelli take us through this this last crazy sequence went it -- it was really instructive to miss the free throw at the time you know what's going to happen. Happening yet still tough to stop. You know when I have that back for the last home -- -- nobody can make its -- comes out to the end Belinelli scored on an opinion about it about the week. Mobile home into the similar situation -- lifted -- losses but seriously I get back into the rebellion European. With this time on there from there on my fitness Wear out. And thank god -- lot. While you look at the game like this -- all the faith chemical on all the struck a -- guys that hit all the injuries. It -- still win this basketball game a testament to you got my -- hit a urine tests before that is where you know -- we we are very resilient. We're with god here in the clock -- the -- with a -- I do you called never lost belief in a -- we've been having and then we got a guy like Kate you have all your strapped night. Through everything they've been through and make about what -- -- -- -- like my belt and the rest my missed a lot of warmth the warm August night. -- -- what a championship in Dallas couple years ago that was the prototypical team of which seemed like it was different guy. Every night stepping up and over this last stretch the last two week stretch of eight wins in nine tries. It really does seem like it's that different guys that -- -- that that my -- about all ultimately what -- -- the rebound whether it was the Clinton. You can flip -- or. Or not the model that does not order laughter did that he had Kevin Garnett the other is committed game tonight but we've said that what can we lost -- -- street guy. That we -- who collectively as a group. And now we've -- over -- the -- -- does it feel in the locker room like that team and -- a clear if you all know what. Of them may not have the manpower. But the woman in this locker room because -- like well we're here with some rough. We're gonna get it done that with me was the right way who the ball offensively and defense we take pride in every profession. All we are going to be a tough team even optimistic as you watch it you must have the look around like now cola. How do we have -- another injury everything -- a bit now Everett vikings all the sound great. You know if it's the maker beat if you're in the day in and after what happened that when it's all about the work. You know. One man go down -- another man off the field. Know what we have to do continue to grind don't move the faith until you're at home we're very tough I don't know when the last time we give up a lot of points. I was to promote. We don't give up on him and -- we we are stamp of these. -- Jason Terry enjoy the break of veterans really know how to enjoy deals they're break -- inform me of that so would take the time get your rest and we'll see endeavor with the union.

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