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Wednesday, February 13th Whiner Line

Feb 13, 2013|

Another one bites the dust.

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-- -- views expressed and expressed. The minor -- stars like AT&T proceed with caution. We -- discretion advised. Only Morris. And now goes -- Laura you're alive. I get a perfect example I personally support the whiner line OW -- and now it's no secret I vividly that I hey that's it WEEI. Whiner line I just want their third base bag that is by far the most popular segment Michelle welcome back pressed his case right -- the worst thing that's happened this business is that consultants and the people will tell people what. But why don't like you have people falling gasoline here. Title 375. I didn't got hit piece -- and parties do the things that isn't really -- about. It -- -- hopes for the hopes. Are -- who -- intelligent and now it can be terrific to listen to but this colorful stuff they have -- really good but it definitely. Whiner line. You know fine thanks to all Lee -- light bulbs over the years guys and we started like as a real complaint line as you remember jacket people pitching and everything else and developed and -- Haven for people to come up with -- funny and creative and great music and phenomenal stuff -- the the only first actual message. Now how -- that old lady Clinton which is a first why she can't get it -- and keep it right -- He's hard to get them tomorrow will will give you the story of how we actually started the ones like this one points go by yourself well for all the people have called over the years. Now the microphones -- phone like ago I don't want. For two and a half years have been waking up to this year I got a dual boot licking it's a -- and a half years this is when you wake up. -- know what the Judge Judy. I've watched that on to have you here -- -- up that way I can freeze -- which she -- -- A law. Passed. I'm just who's a crisis and yet there's Harry sports. Casting figuring this market. What's we. Learn the ropes and can't start the show we want to -- crap Arctic could either. Everybody got a break from this show you five Sports Radio in this market across the country makes -- RO ST -- -- just your opinion of the -- -- -- Rezko and call. List. Worse co host ever in the picture now. If you can give it to give me couple hits. I mentioned before. It could have been as I said he could have been great yeah different we had personality for one -- -- -- and you want one I've gotten Nelson meant little -- you have him on. The little it has gone one day realistically -- as -- -- as a PD. College athletic as we policy. I was. I'm Mikey did you want -- lunch -- you why AT&T WE yeah I live it's available in your iPhone -- android device brought you by. It's. A wasteful rental office and don't -- alleges antigen. Jacket I'm Mike I don't think you can Dow paired -- -- -- project -- I don't say that and or did you -- see Jack yesterday he pulled a -- Adams at the end of games in -- you're watching Judge Judy you know what's the game that's my that's. More. -- got a lot of help in -- WE I live is available to -- -- render -- devices brought you by AT&T. AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at the most four G coverage enabling us bad frank from across the break and now. -- It just sounded sincere he was humorous -- a heroic Israeli's the end of his careers and then I'll. Which would you just call you tonight but he's and could point to make some -- Collars so what does exactly all Estrada. What's wrong with that was wrong -- -- -- some of these people. Clever and brought great things to the table was wrong -- that does to me it's just use your -- you like the the ninja master of this as this thing here that means I honestly these people fronted people pat picked it shows -- Leave them. I access microphone -- Let's talk about seventy ones as well as co host Bryant object by four I like to Auburn I'd like Dahmer alive it's a much -- -- -- -- It was soaking up you want to missiles were to -- now and you'll. I am I'd go I'd go and it -- You know I'd I'd noticed that -- actually at. Thought he. So like that way out of ultra right well you -- -- -- -- and that is that -- yeah -- I don't get quiet -- yeah. -- -- And that message. Should she or -- there should call I don't know these days Jack bishop Richard called -- traffic's I you're suspect takes on all comers. -- -- I'm not sure that there is good day that you start your appearance on the pick out talking about how much you love your job. And I do love your job is not much then and that's what you do if you do have a little bit problem vegetable -- And -- that elevates me. Prelude. For a job don't we job don't you offered up. -- people get hooked -- web W. -- well on hypocrite double walk and then. -- Apparently -- And it appeared. Resignation of that old guy is good but I don't think that the -- he's the old retired. Oh is leaving it up in the fact that. They go to the big poke. -- -- And that message is already in the pull ahead of the of opened -- David Stern and anybody. -- Quite hit by the moment maybe gotten guys in the days following nine elevenths -- the possible white. General not -- that up thank you for the great work but -- And that it was a trying time where they -- room really trying times I would say that that was. Particularly rewarding that we were able because we've got so many talented people from. John Jerry in the morning and and dale -- -- -- you had a great you handle any other thing of course is the Jimmy Fund that's the one thing I'll really miss is Jimmy Fund radio telephone to do in August which to me he has. Disaster is so rewarding for all of us that in -- involved and that's involved and to people over us. Batman you know I think it was. And I think we can. But I am about -- -- -- paid political. Think it would. And -- that I would do is getting don't you act now just that men and. That they go go they what could happen in the wild life. Is that we've been -- aren't you can't. Picked out with you please go read the wildlife that we have. And that -- elect -- guy gets going and John Calipari family control of taking into neglect and didn't you -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. The all star holly. The decline in we don't -- linemen can't please alright okay. Turek and. Little bit ago I don't know that they'll. What that they -- a minute. The voice my opinions about what. And every day well I don't know Michael. I predict. You'd cut out right then they'll exactly and that they ended -- -- -- the -- -- dot. -- Articles about what bet that the. And Jack Adams said in if you listen. Techsters. W techsters. I don't make decisions. I don't I don't make this -- what dale said now from work when dale. And -- left -- with -- -- just get ready for this club was responsible for dinner I -- -- I don't that's -- -- thought that Joseph. It was not one of the fortunate -- hit which you know he was. He was hurt for a while and then. And then there was conversation. We talked to -- and I didn't get a ticket but for some reason. -- guess it was response because everything happened in. Rumors get started things got a take a market economist -- -- the walking down the one thing I won't fess up -- one thing I will for us. That I was responsible. And Mikey Adams was involved. Is that. He really wasn't. Locking everybody up the student and really never -- -- that was all staged like he happened to be different series I don't know that night and beat Hillary is kind of keep him in a padded room -- protected. It that never. Happened note that was well that was a war what they -- radio hoax -- right we've all seen him but I pulled off some of the guys that I will for -- that it was so well don't. We -- television we of the television station structurally I don't I'll watch 535. And whatever it was a little bit they're gonna. This as -- people in glass and I'll on this news sandwich you know Mike you said. That you know everybody in this town and that has benefited from your your teaching your mentoring. You're example Jackson the same thing with Texas this sport where it's taken a Weiner lied how selfish. I'll give you one of the things that I will fess up. We faked out the a phony fight between for its moralists and Steve Nelson. And Jim Baker market -- but I'm on a whole line and sinker. And wrote the entire story like it'd really swallow it polls while little the whole thing was they. All never. Did. Who who think that -- big deal -- as a good example of media reporting these days. Are pointing and he. I am glad glad of that -- hi -- Bob court sided football that ball. I guess what could actually you know on -- great rock. He I'd. Probably bet that. -- is out for outback power pop up and -- not -- I don't work out that. Well I well yeah I about. It Johnny was not a trackers are that's another misnomer at all on electric thirty camps it up today thirty -- was -- coming -- Jack Jack thank -- 405060. Years from now people called radio shows doing impressions of the coast the jacket it's comedy a pack of cigarettes today. Or five. Ha that's pretty much and guys in the -- names when asked about Fred and -- so that was true. The -- real Ruth -- San Diego that was real. It's we had a separate we had to separate detail and I was never more -- in my life I was in. The tool them and I thought I was just going to be strong this. For rest and now he would've been very -- -- asked about him about Rico -- Israel. -- It was real pissed pissed -- markets. He felt the you know -- told them that Freddie. Was talking about him in the OJ thing we know if you remember were romantically involved in via waited this is this. She reminded him -- or run full name. Because course -- in in new well in which. But to it and markets was not messing round countless theories serious Africa Antarctica by the -- Markets were like it's a little step back -- probably I was rearranging the chairs. I -- -- I don't care how fast Marcus Allen is if you -- Google over an incident that duke can't beat Atlanta out of his signature move all the dark but I can't. Oh well you can do that you have Nicole's house minority of them away in quiet time for quiet -- -- -- much isn't there. Diego I'm not worried about you don't lose your job. I'm just worried about paying jobs would be cut your payroll is something big is I think -- -- -- -- big it was so Larry Johnson drove down as low level. We will be at the Wyndham street. And message. Poor Larry. And I think he's on the cruise ship the stock strain that -- already figured they ran out of share flush their toilets. Out and it warrants yes true true happened just you and you almost get beat up by a whole fame and when -- also true true -- -- think you should go to steps induction at the hall of fame to tackle the hall of fame heckler that never happens right. Guys get heckled at the hall of fame and received on cash you can make -- you're the first got a -- It's a plane and put one of those trailers signs off the back of that way at all shot -- great great idea. Michael what are currently here -- well that's good old boys are you an overweight at orange or at least. As you've been able to do better root them out over the airwaves for that page. It's so much deep bingo Glenn normally. Staple in the Latin between lenders -- A moment ago members stay away from those group flavored edible -- because they'll didn't big. -- -- Can't. We don't do that throughout the Petro can look at America better and up. And that message -- that -- -- -- -- -- but I can understand a word -- dudes that are actually get to. At that. You have multiple public pride. And I believe that they from the beginning. Trick I'm -- nominee and I want -- are what you've got to -- that maybe I think creative. Talents that are working radio -- that. Higher off the area will be the war -- Take care good luck. Actually checked for your. -- -- lot -- -- -- she was was considerable it was you know it was seven World Series at Fenway does that affect it that was true. But it exceeded it wasn't true. You know all the -- -- who have had to -- and asked me to open up -- I was I'm embarrassed to say it but it is tomorrow. Program to -- -- -- A -- have a vote will be. But it could well that's sort of my voice but. That is it true that fire. I could and just let it. Yeah Andy Andy really did cut off Vince Wilfork and traffic and -- almost it is that you had your -- who took out Bill Belichick. But that was the Daria yeah did almost a Bill Belichick. I guess that's a good JC route on the in the depths from bill I was scared. So what are you feel like just another refereeing in the end -- children but at least it's not hearing talk us to task. -- -- -- Can you have -- -- physical and I don't have always what would. Everywhere else or you know all -- great quarterback. And they all fall. In part is that -- -- When David duke and your equivalents. And then your -- a couple recordings where you can just point over and over again. Glenn I don't care what happens after you read. Nobody can -- You remind them of written Rondo a couple of and it quickly push -- And it doesn't. Oh. I -- Small -- And the message. -- through it was a guy like he fought yeah yeah that's the case. Rotted for automated I'd drop to minute north and now that's true story dissidents. Tourists aren't there as teachers is always right outside -- -- -- CIA has -- They would that they had been go to the quote if they don't remember that it could mean that the -- but in the movie the bank that would delay in the government. We've got that -- Yep that would and that an accurate and that they have been -- -- you know bad. I -- -- -- good good as a remember that -- -- is the -- I was there. The defense. I. But. Red nobody here that they grew that the court. Good. It and it paid -- let it do how many did you get by about -- married mother hey hey it's not pocket. You know Bob and few on the and I don't make no -- what you heard that you -- bought up -- real or not but that's not doubt that the ball. And I got no damn I don't know that I happened that it W. He had spoke to get help market. Don't know yet always a good and not wait all of them -- -- -- and I called watch. And that message. That's by the way that's another thing -- don't forget people who could get reported that exactly what's that it takes. Italian restaurant -- a bust of the apartment and I hate -- tell you. Can't hear us 267 deltic actually smiles in the studio tour falls falls bar restaurant alternatives just. He does actually pressure in the -- a Democrat I will take that. In this book talk about this next couple of days but -- Michael knows is a little bit different. When he's not on the radio or in front of a microphone in front of right Teddy Eddie Reese smile analyst and it's very different. So I wanted to know was being interviewed attack yet. That you guys sort of like text to find out who -- fired back. And that message about a way for the Texas that's asking is Mel going to know Mel -- Glenn is leaving but -- always day. I don't know why guys in. Black -- what it. And that message -- a like I was kidding we'll have people claiming that explicitly tell them the. But the president it was a debate no I don't think now yeah. -- could -- -- the big -- it anymore depressed. And not Paula is Allison from. And that message. That the record reflect she was the first one there she's got some laughs over the -- all of Massachusetts -- it now to get the straight and she was she part of the comedy troupe with her husband. Or she just that quarter but she said that she actually part of a comedy -- Jim writes. Comedy she's from time at Emerson. Do you still have her album tall -- and let's play that tomorrow will play a look at coming out of breaks my interview and a lot of support disks that. -- and all the -- the only downside. Just drifted off you know you've checked out you know I can. A hot -- -- little -- actually. Experiment. All. I think I actually -- out so well by backpacks. -- -- But -- -- I don't but. And I want collect that. I can't panic attack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that is just. Can be Grossman time. 50 it's is any won't -- you going over your time slot to go yet but Mikey well. Yes and I think of that and. They're capable of course I thought -- -- I don't know how good. We -- that -- -- output on. If you are doing a little like George I haven't had -- really knew he had -- to -- -- but the -- about that every -- it would get. And -- -- -- erratic definitely doubt that I doubt about it every radio would be able to -- pop up. -- -- And a message of care. -- And by the that a ball and camp it is. -- It. Well look. And it can somewhere a crack. At being. That this. Six black do. But back you know they got there might then. This -- -- That. So it is it's been killed. Big joke man right here. And let it go home life on my futures equality and others does a measure why a large part but AT&T AT&T the visual wireless provider of Boston Bruins.

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