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Tuesday, February 12th Whiner Line

Feb 12, 2013|

Tuesday, February 12th Whiner Line

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Views expressed and expressed the white -- these aren't buying these TTP proceed with caution and at -- -- discretion he -- -- still. Morris yeah and now -- -- -- your line. Well I'm on the phone line right now is Chris Carter Chris Soria is. Doing all right and now on you. They're hard to Arnold got on the terror current total Christie made a good deal -- -- you know beyond if he's healthy these good for not choosing judges don't. All the way to hurt them welcome WEEI. -- -- lie in the odds disappears too much to -- -- Ronald Coleman's. Like being at a prison again you might be -- three Democrats who brought. -- right there you're probably aren't going to be a real light -- diablo disappearing again like. Yeah. Dial 6177793535. He's just -- -- me -- like you're gonna have to be real bother -- an orderly you know they don't tell me -- -- -- Mandalay -- okay not a partisan. Great players they don't get burned what little -- whiner line like. I don't I don't I don't want your game that you didn't appear to wide receiver like apple are logical became -- -- -- again. Told that you don't get involved what looted and now you're too close situation. I was born and current. So it's coming -- I had to Chris Carter. Eat -- things we don't like him all the issues. Just like the way to guy talks to let -- talk. About Ricky Ricardo. Ash. Similar to that same kind of very much regard I want to ask you yes. Yemeni side. Discount do you you'd given Serra the big big -- -- -- them. I might yet seen that Italian and I mean that's how I simply don't. For a half feet tall and yet. And I'm not a -- For sure thing right I was gonna say here comes the parent -- daddy's home perfect but it looks a little bit like which will look like them Ted. There in the movie to prepare to head to -- there yeah yeah Elvis like them there horse that honey bear row Rafer remember that guy you -- going to the Orioles. And Floyd Rafer honey bear ray for just -- there -- look just -- round body -- looks like them for a half feet tall and 99 bucks. Think that actually will dual five and a half until -- at the mustache is -- yeah I. Bust is brought to you but -- -- WEEI love it's -- -- -- you -- -- -- android -- of course has -- you like AT&T. AT&T is the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with Vinnie most four G coverage in doing. And it lets do it. They normally. Today. But here often we kept college radio days. And respect threat to the top -- they already had a cameo it. Don't get ready this threat to India. -- like to delay delay delay Mardi Gras because of of the Super Bowl the super ball. She bought Super Bowl receiver would like 101000. Sets of -- -- running -- you know Jesus. That paper bags. Do. Back a bit over -- bowl. I'm bag do here. I'm glad he couldn't help but haven't been waiting game. And -- -- -- -- I don't give masculine thing isn't it Abe Lincoln to would have been 204 -- I think Larry agrees with them and they're received the Russell's greatest dual front and you would I would turn down Max probably would go with KG. Ever. All of the bad. I know about the -- all the bad no doubt know at the. -- you guys notice the Denver game. And I wish. Bush that audio there. But endeavor and every game KG scored over Gallinari. And they got -- and one and he just walking back to the host ritualized thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- accused Pakistan and he was pissed that he was carted him know that he was actually talked about. As a possible trade going to -- the letter was just kept wants them according to -- -- Denver Allen yeah. So it should be -- beat the Celtics in the prior meeting was out there. I am not know played another game down it would actually made one else was backwards that was another. Was you got it. What's -- telling finale. And Marco Belinelli. -- That don't. And bad bad bad bad bad that's bad about that a lot about what place. Of course part of the data back and that they -- -- dribble and that they've got. -- -- -- -- -- -- Why you log on rob went to bed you're broad don't pay double they would go to probably had a bad cop bad are the Big Apple. But I hadn't -- -- well as polls anyway without rob. Goebel possibly. -- -- but I have probable. And it. Boggles your body out there. These are Smart enough that the in the little areas where I start coming from ancestors -- -- If you were cleans his. -- haven't actually anything. It would. But every. Actually it was. Oh. Got -- -- They. But at the but knowing the number -- and keep talking about four. Good. It happened to be in the would be good. Because it will. You live by -- Very little -- and show. And that message it's kind of sick -- potatoes grow from it and that's real soon. -- want to talk about both the Georgia border could build up both public involvement. Pumps up the story. I you know Michael they -- Zito I don't get it but they don't like that like electric. Madonna put her away and people like a lot of fans -- down Pedroia most people -- -- -- more -- and people's. In order to understand why people -- -- bit and draw -- -- can't get back to the portal and those who work of that credit awkward. -- built -- are we -- Quote mr. bought. Bought I bought -- fans paid full credit. And that teach them what that was about blood soaked up. That's what it was about it that's right there was even a baseball cardinals but let's. I thought I had -- -- feel relaxed here and that I was gonna agree on that. And this is the time to announce that -- -- Writing a writing that book Bobby Valentine. It. I would I would enough -- I would I would go knows it. Think -- think he's gonna select as the is the -- we think that in New York press. Yet -- recently. And what a coincidence unless they get slapped around a little bit admitted -- a couple of minutes. Then we go again. -- want to be it won't happen supplies. Tighten. -- This isn't to witness box featuring the voice in my -- So we're anxious -- I'm -- but I think ten. That's the. She is that each and every time. In ways he's right hand it's. And uneasy just taking it. Well just miserable in the box office. It's. Yeah. It's bad love I'm -- -- -- we got here. Voice your hair blah right now bush and -- me and he's known and adding Sears and please. -- -- I've come. That but yeah and then you realize that. -- -- all that is an effective though it isn't your business with my the one that broke. I know Arnold -- I don't know -- I know. -- I just. -- That's the way the stigma that platform -- -- but it is not qualified. And -- -- Harrison -- ask you -- entered the levees and try to. You know project who doesn't love it's okay. It's okay Mike Cameron -- five right down the street from the park. Guys I know you never thought of this before why don't we just order from the fried chicken played down the street he's right though that Mike Cameron hadn't started that practice Lackey would have. Knowledge written and nobody would've. Cover article and dot net and what toward not I think tonight or you're actually that OK you believe that Walker -- -- -- sort of situation. And men have a surcharge disagreements when you were formally known -- added we should join -- for a -- who's voted yes really ordinary guys to dive -- -- all the time though. Check them. -- Well. It. Andy -- Million dollars. Like yeah yeah. -- -- The I think. That they -- they act. And Green -- And equity. And it did not too much power. But even I want aren't well I just haven't called. I know that feeling that way and and everything else really -- What message yeah. And just naturally this relationship is truly effective -- to ten years and I got a good chance to be markets twelve million dollars a year for Andy Reid. Kid look it up down let me look up. Children of the corn which doesn't at least I mean I don't I don't yet know what it is yeah he doesn't know what he's saying that is Internet thing. It could figure it out just don't rent the movie malice me. They go more thought that someone very had no I have. Listen to a half hour. -- -- -- And -- osment back on the Saturday -- a few minutes. Almost would you would you think from now I know everything so lost his career first twelve -- -- two leading up to -- -- is today I think I cried. I didn't -- that log -- story that got me -- really got Roland L. I'm from -- known witnesses to what he needs is more exhausting. I was shoveling for five hours he's in great shape again that great exercise -- news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How showed it could very expensive. Shuttle broke my back the lift that's the way we had to make those -- The whole. All my own account. -- -- -- Yeah. -- Did the golden hope. I can pick. It was actually it was almost typical -- put. On. It. And I have little. You -- call it wouldn't. -- -- -- also. I hope it. You know for cattle company that actually I think it. Yeah. Well how content -- And the good. -- All of it can be involved but this. And and that message. Sure why don't live powered by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider the Boston Bruins. With the most foreign G coverage in knowing one.

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