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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/13/13

Feb 13, 2013|

We discuss four topics we normally wouldn't talk about during the course of our normal show. Today featuring JACK EDWARDS.

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And now. Needs to be NGOs for poor and -- more four yeah. Four ball. We -- -- yeah. So -- throws Warner topics out of the tables so far to this point we've been doing this -- like 34 weeks or whatever not a single soccer questioned commodity. Friday com these guys don't like tomorrow -- when in a variety of congress it cross my fingers that I can make it through Friday to think about that maybe this is news -- -- yours is this so peaceful you know. And that's an interesting point. And so I re talking to me enough time -- -- he thought he actually came into our studio and turned into a modern and told us soccer told Jack about yet another huge game and they in the soccer world on this triggers this and that's the call on liberal. Games -- tournament. Or. Taylor or Bruins and Columbus he was decent innocent game. Which is why we never had an appreciation for Nash is if you're set their dissent rights package and their nine games available. Why would you watch Columbus against any one. Right you're right but nobody's on the Rangers -- have an appreciation for what it. Awesome players they sure Obama about the job. How does contorted body and how to get back in the cycle does he do that there and Capital One part of your question. I support -- for. Question number one last night LeBron James became the first player an MBA history to record six straight games of 3130. Plus points while shooting at least 60%. After the game LeBron to what are sang I'm not MJ I'm LJ. The eternal debate rages on you're starting team tomorrow who would you take to start your team any player. All time that was LBJ and now it's just LJ that it is gonzo will be. -- -- was -- -- feature that. Confused with the present house -- and human conflict towards the Wednesday. All time -- It's a tough question as a tough question -- so many directions and a great editing. He's had I had to -- complained -- also go well. But I go to Jordan. You start you start with Jordan because you solve a lot of problems immediately. You don't have to worry about scoring. You don't have to worry about defense. He can play he could have played three positions Michael Jordan at times in the triangle offense it was a point guard -- their point guard at times. To guard because it plays small forward Portland. Escalation drafted him with that a -- MVP defensive player of the year in the same season. I gotta go Michael Jordan -- greatest player Mexico match just text me cities that Dirk Nowitzki or KG. I would go with them Michael Jordan but I do believe. Three or four years from now. Then asked the same question can go LeBron James I might go with the project. I'm just saying that. Is unique got to build got -- -- political yes it is very easy MVP this seasonal feel like Lance and to instantly agree here -- have great applause James is just doing some incredible things on the shooting streak he has going. -- -- -- -- particular are we talking about the greatest player with whom would like archery team to start your team that's relief. Ross you start Bill Russell -- up look up next tiger TD garden look up. I was look at -- the innocent. Why don't care how small the NBA -- at that time. As the world fall and its Oscar Robertson all the time. All those consecutive errors. It's unbelievable eight straight he won he won OK you won enough to take him he did change the game defensively. There's no question threaten. And I left when people's you know 68. Yeah I can do it today just play a different position then it's about the public to a -- -- -- draft okay hurry up. Beckett Patrick. All right the Red Sox tried to address a hole at first base this off season and noticed. The question is who plays more games at first this season Mike Mike Napoli Lyle Overbay or David Ortiz. If Napoli doesn't play more games at first base then there's something wrong -- he was talking today remember earlier more Dana -- -- base wants to catch. And they're actually doing what another MRI or whatever to see if he's -- you to catcher whatever. I worry about Ortiz because I don't know how you can have that injury in July 16 -- today. And now you're still only 8090% of the rest recess is -- wait. It's like somebody asked you how much you weigh now you're gonna give a number that's not really accurate science you know basic. -- Senator waited. Or are you pleased I don't know he says that 90% what do you think remembers that I need to -- savagery but I I don't I worry about a word about breathing Jack. It's got to be -- is going to be Napoli. Because it this if it's not Napoli described as -- he's not in the line up. And then you don't know you have with snow with David Ortiz but you don't have enough -- you know both of those. Guns and if they say the condition. Once again we go pick him at at face value they say the condition. Is there but there are no effects -- -- now and they caught it very early you know that he had this condition so he's able to play. He's not in pain right now. I can see Mike Napoli to first base for about a 150 games. As you played under fifty years or how to get a career high of 77. Games is his Cabrera for pepper spray I'll put limits. I'm put him at about 71 you went to the outtakes and little conservative I'm. Right in the offense again. Will Ferrell was spotted at the Staples Center last night working as a security guard even escorted Shaq out of the building at one point. Will Farrell's antics funny or not funny funny and you know one. -- used that were brilliant again he he's one of those guys that he's so creative. That he can walk into a room just become -- character throw it out there. His antics for all you know that -- the grammys over the years Academy Awards. It's great stuff it's phenomenal stuff I don't I think it's. -- and a question I don't I don't know what's of course there. Once their tickets sold him running programs can't start at -- a weekend. But he's a lot more than just -- Andy's a lot. Or Gary is a very he's very creative get I was talk -- -- during the break before anchorman came out as part of the publicity. He did an interview. All in character I've never procured the -- time. So. That was you know we were going over the name Rebecca Romaine veteran yes and I remain so you can view of Rebecca Romaine. 1520 minutes it was Larry's -- very creative guy did. They're two people to -- walk into a room. And just made me laugh out there are always a character not -- Will -- Liotta was Robin Williams. And I can carry an engine carries an -- history Jim Carey's album just facial expressions. With with Jim -- But Robin Williams is you know -- -- imagine being in rehab. Which Robin Williams compared to last year would have to get so we can't get out of Robin Williams were unanimous on. Yeah of -- -- you ask the question because well because their -- Andrew. Eddie didn't Andy is from time to time -- he -- on militarily but none I've overall he's got like a step Brothers but he says is -- uses misses to the people just want to ignore that basketball movie that figure skating movie they weren't very good. Probably I would agree but yeah deja no there are a lot of comedians. Do movies that Chris Rock Baghdad and the movie expert he's made some bad movie. And you know if you will be created in the world hop now have the courage to be willing to fail. I've done it enough times okay we you'll get touched. Mostly for trying good because 90%. Of the world. Does not have the -- The rest. The guy across the desk has been doing it for. Days or so -- and excited just rejected which says this. Next all right. -- that thanks. As we've all seen -- -- Kate Upton is greasing the RBI swimsuit edition yet again in -- damn parking and conduct. Who'll. Is the best SI swimsuit cover model a -- -- honestly I just wanna say one unfair court I just wanna say one particular we're looking at the cover yesterday and then Michael and I were watching Kate -- areas -- hurt her -- America. And Michael actually set. Actually sent. No camps. -- -- -- up and answered terrier does she have. I was I was taken back to just sit in finding who ate up some subtle -- are there yeah. The better question to argue or. Our viewers. Were flawed K up you know hostages and have much of mass. He said that said. About writer she's tees and the manner of -- note it. You flip -- productive at yesterday's. Agree. That it was a video she's on our contributors -- -- -- the crowd just wanted to hear that yes no idea why Orlando Magic -- clothes and she stills on the belief but. She's the best of it is too hard it. Come on an opponent and it's it's too difficult to come up with somebody who is the past. Yeah and you have better at least you know dogs of the Kate Upton in the conversation Tyra Banks in the -- banks the only other one human hair back to back coverage right. ActiveX -- terrific numbers if you it was it was not a -- that -- beyoncé was uncovered about that and it's -- -- was on the cover. -- -- Tremendous. -- for a and -- He's gonna doing so is gonna play only you maybe the only man in America. Well we're in the name Barbara the only cut it I try to start lapping up the guy. The only real thing that. Kate -- to a field. -- they are they hips and the answer problem here and stay with the problems that it was brought Elle McPherson. Still original still looks still looks great yeah and I matter. So all that Lowell whoa whoa -- My perspective -- come -- give us a little of the silver -- that was a live shot at channel five students of promotion for the for the swimsuit issue. That like shoot. -- remember. There is speaking of back in the day Cindy Crawford was uttered -- Q was she was -- it still turn a candy. Okay and enough got it when you get this it's just fraud. I got my own company -- and.

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