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Jack Edwards with the Big Show

Feb 13, 2013|

We talk with Jack the day after an amazing Bruins comeback against the Rangers that made Jack LEAP (literally).

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-- As Jack last night probably saw the video of -- jumping up and down and getting all. -- whatever may have I was jumping up and down will be broadcasting from the 6%. And -- broadcasts in the ninth force. Would -- counsel Jack did you -- your partner's reaction -- -- -- you know I sent I sent cricket text is you know I I actually watch Bruins into and it's and tired to -- lastly is so fired up about the game you can get the and and and I sent brick attacks that says you know it reminds me of view. Watching -- his his oldest daughter. When she was at the playground when -- six -- younger but at. Series it was pleasantly amused you know like it it -- -- -- Mary -- again it was amusing and I heard earlier talked about it and beat some people. Don't like it would have broad broadcasting for Bruins you know what you're basically doing what the fans do well. You know for those you wouldn't do that for example if you would -- -- neutral game short ES PM for NBC sports you would not do that of course. You know for those of you haven't been paying attention when we sign on the air for the last seven years. The first five words out of my mouth are Boston Bruins hockey on national merit that they got it. And it had to get a job -- not there. It's it's not the National Hockey League on -- in weaker -- -- like you wanna discuss the play by play at last night's game. You know I give the Rangers short shrift last night the -- until the Rangers last night. Absolutely not. That was a probable finished how many times have you seen now we know the Bruins dated October -- nine which result -- have a camera in the with a pretty sure to open for that went to. How many times have you seen a team score against the vezina trophy winner. Two golds -- the people in the last ninety seconds. Right and and then to go back to what you're saying okay those words boss I'll write it down every time beginning of broadcast of the pay attention -- would you you told us before Jack. That when you first started. Doing play by play Bruins thought you weren't like this you are like this and it was a it's a comfort level thing. Yeah correct absolutely anyone you know you'd you'd take the feedback from your audience and also it's been. It's been very liberating to -- been black balled from the from the national scene. Because. I don't have to think about what I say anymore. I was calling a game between the saint Louis blues and Delis starts at the old Reunion Arena in fact it ended up being. Either the next the last two last game ever played there because and they moved into that that airplane -- downtown. Serena -- you don't like you're not for not for hockey -- the only -- I was the only -- was reunion that hotel is right across it was a -- the -- was like five -- doubt it was it was built into the ground I like -- I've never been I've never been that the new arena for hockey but for basketball it's tremendous. It's it's way too big for. It's way too when Europe in the upper deck in need binoculars and were beyond the upper but it. I believe it was Bryce Salvador went into the end boards got hit from behind and caught his forehead right on the dasher. And he started bleeding like a stock -- And you know being Texas they don't really know how to deal with one on the ice skates I guess they had seen them much of it. Know everybody up in this part of the country knows what it -- Then get out there with the scrapers and then you scrape and open its final moment of -- -- -- you born that while billion dole to blot on the ice all I was sitting a lot of lovers -- -- -- -- -- Texas chainsaw massacre but anyway. A guy comes out with a whole loans. Eddie starts whole losing because his writers of the Zamboni doors. He starts hosing the blood done and now there's this yellowish stain. It's spreading all our way toward the goal is it looks like the -- slaughterhouse. Down there. The NHL called the remote truck and said tell Jack to stop -- You know the beauty of it is I haven't had to hear that since. I've been calling Bruins games for Bruins audience on -- and I understand that some people may have problems -- my style. I'm I'm certainly willing to talk to anyone on a civil level about anything I say or have set on the air. I don't think manhandled civil. Then -- -- cages maybe I don't I don't think he does so. Yeah I've talked about this many times the one thing that I I would give you tremendous respect toward. You know -- should be home -- you want the home team to win and the people as you said that are listening or watching. Our people the Bruins fans but the one thing you do do is one of the team gets eagle and specially. Based on the relevance of that goal with time it happens you're voice and on C -- And -- -- guy gets it in. Did you know that was that the guys goes to farmland -- yeah and pro England that was -- just the basement that was pretty good. I senator yet -- you've never heard or read to the basement a problem. I have no no no that positive -- -- I don't know -- -- -- you play it's important that place is great please. -- but that you don't. So I hear you crash last night and announced that I was so sick moved ultimately passes -- the last. Does it work now by the. Lakers NBC. Sports is doing a lot of these games like last night NBC sports did the game -- entire country yet. You ended up doing the game locally and was blacked out locally and NBC and last week you were off that night and NBC was doing the game is how does that work. Which means it cannot black out. The regional sports networks that are right holders rights holders but it can broadcast it to the rest of the nation are -- the United States. Last night you know they're giving up what is Boston no number ten media marketer 1111 okay. They're given up the number one and that a number eleven media markets both of which. Happened to be word ice freezes on ponds in the winner. So you would think Gaza disproportionate part of the audience that they write it up but they'd they've used up their takes on the on the Rangers and Bruins otherwise it just wanted to. If that to the rest of the nation's -- that you pick up. -- you are we were talking about this. Yeah I think -- yesterday. We said that the that cap flexibility. -- created by the Tim Thomas trade allows abroad to go out and do something significant. But the question is who would you who would you wanna replace him what would you wanna do if if they have. Amassing its unlimited but we got a nice chunk of change it to work with. It is some of what actually what is ours I sent a thought limited -- if they years if they use the LT -- money if they go to the cap they'll have another four million dollars a cap space should they choose to tap into it. They can only use this is Savard long term injury reserve LT -- money right. If they go to the cap and they choose to use -- they can go four million dollars over the cap because of some parts contract. Which is still an active contracts and those -- your wish list I mean is there is -- got there you think he would be perfect for the Bruins -- I wouldn't wanna give up any body the Bruins to give up picks and they can give up. AHL players if they chose. There there are always a few guys that you wonder. I haven't been able to get inside Peter surely Ted but I have always admired Jarome Iginla I have not seen again will play a full game this year. -- You know he's not exactly lighting it up I don't know if the bloom is off the rose there but if he's still got it. That is the a true. Stud player but we're talking about -- achievements and keep on seeing that these are currently there are not then not movement that's opened things that they always get it right here is that what they gonna say we're -- -- and just were terrible and you know -- 35 minutes that these that the parents and here's another one although he's got another year run after this Ryan Smith -- is just tremendous he used to be called captain Canada. You know he. He is tremendous around the goal he. Yeah as a knows it goes in about four different directions from -- busted by opponents sticks eyes willing to pay the price all the time. -- couldn't hurt. To have another great hungry veteran down the stretch a guy who's been there. And you know there there are several others but those -- the two guys who who come to mind immediately you know if you get a chance to get. A younger player who's got a great future. Who's already at a reasonable contract position. They've looked at that two. As for the timing of this. I would doubt that you really would go all the way to the wire he's he's a guy who sees the market understands where it's gonna go -- and makes his move. Probably two weeks before the the deadline which I think is on the fourth of. Fourth and April -- Do you feel any better. About the power play now know the creature -- was not a power play goal they were full strength but it really was a power play goal yes it was set up by the power play. But the head movement. Last August they had movement they had opportunities last. Many times he's in a power play here Jack so for the season and -- are lucky to get a shot off -- in India in the two minutes were you -- courage with -- -- solace. Very much in the Rangers as we all know our great shot blocker they are you know if you watched -- force them with order or. Can you don't block a shot you don't bleeping flag and that's that's the way he feels and the penalty killers are at the extreme of that. The Bruins I don't know what they ended up with eight or nine no power play shots on goal and believe in the game and -- you'll take that into you know you're shooting against Hendrick Lundqvist they got their looks they got their shots if they can continue to do that. The more chances they generate the more chances they will generate because -- study what they've done that opens up other things because these -- creative players who were out there. May be what happened last night was they got their confidence back and they just decided to play. -- you can study from from the Rangers perspective -- from the bruins' perspective you can study. What Rick Nash did last night on that. I just feel on that shot it was -- -- -- -- so believe me. I I don't know how you turn how do you view that how do you do that still have the -- I don't know so on the -- -- -- -- -- sent. Whenever the puck should be long gone by now you you're you're already. It almost looked illegal. About having great reach there -- other guys that have great reach but what he can do with it I mean it's just it's just amazing. It's a great find I think. For the Rangers and noticed what to Federalist on the analyzed. Few games she's broken up that that line they really -- one great line is good as anyone in the league but he noticed he wasn't getting any gaps and now. You can open it up when you move those guys around a little bit they're good they are good discipline. I just hope we get an opportunity to see them in the in the policies because these two teams that are. Relief on the one. Here's the fantasy draw eastern finals Bruins Rangers Stanley Cup finals Bruins black -- an end to order problem might be a little bit of phone to market a little little. I don't want my favorite people are not all of that. The obvious Collison -- commitment of the essence. Please call last night and it he's going all -- I don't know stick over an -- are you talking about. It was all these that you had six guys out -- and then you guys showed it to me what to report by six is that it was no brainer they were having difficulty Omniture dot six wants to have a -- seven. 7937. Jack Edwards. Announced jubilation. In the last eighteen and half years to monopoly and you play the -- -- -- job. President not high delegate -- -- has gotten sore dobbs and I went bloody -- call and I know that for you really leading us to go back to little girls. No I'm not I don't know -- over there is little or gold or oil -- -- sales. Dot -- way Ali and Jack Edwards and I apologize to Jack this bad time in Amman today but as a dear old friend. And and he was one of the first people to give me a culture is really really really nice there's an awful mine another former co host. Of the action Jackie moment. -- -- Won't say they -- how are you. To Jackie can you an agent out yeah feelings down but -- like the ground to. -- I don't have a -- I don't regularly and I'm stunned beyond words here and I just have to -- and and put in my two cents for a while I don't know what this means I feel like the sky is falling that's what it feels like to make. Guys not -- Up till -- it -- that's that's over at the garden they lost another player the other night that's the garden it's awful and it's just you know it's the end of a this year and you just move on to do something else -- -- look at you. Do what you wanted to protect what you don't what you want right now Vietnamese. I'll tell -- something I'm. I'm unhappy that this happened it particularly in the way it happened although that's our business and I've been on the other end of that cell. Breaking things that people don't want broken so I'm not gonna go there. Now my -- Arnold indictment in my Robin Michael said the same thing it's not what the the media and the reporting. It's the people within. Our industry. That don't understand sometimes that the YouTube putting lives out there right you know our families and everything else. And it's no big deal with me I felt bad for bird Kevin the other day because I thought that was really. Now the cute she deserves better as well and but here's the one thing I'll say I'm not worried about you because. I know how innovative -- and that don't know the landlord way that I knew. That is. Play I believe brought into analyst right yeah and also play by play man for the Celtics. Just one of the most informed. One of the most controversial too which I loved. A little trouble great. Radio man is. When the opposing team comes to town and Magic Johnson sitting next to plan. And Michael Jordan is sitting next to gland that's respect that's the respect I have for you and that all of those people had field. And and that's why I'm not worried about you because I know you know how innovated you are clearly you built to the united your baby. I know you've probably got something really cool. Up next. But I I just wanted to -- my vacuum because I have not forgotten what you did from either -- Is very young person in a very difficult market. I was a female thankfully for the first -- -- think -- nobody knew that hurt me on the radio or never -- me on TV. So I had a chance to be a bit anonymous in trying to make my way. But when I was ready to have my voice be heard. You were one of the first people we give me that opportunity and you just don't ever forget people that are in your corner like that and I will never forget you and I can't wait to see what you gonna do next I really can't. That would be something interesting but -- listened coming from you. I really appreciated and we both you and I had the opportunity to work side by side for awhile. The Celtics beat and dear to refer -- friend your terrific friend and I yeah I really appreciate it especially coming from you because there's nobody. That's more plugged in. With players over the years as evident by you know the -- interview you did last week how many people can do that are then that you ourselves for compliment like that coming from. The person who I believe is the most. Tied in to what's going on out there and in the world I I'm I'm flattered thank you appreciate. Well thank you because I always learned a lot from you before every game. I think we learn from each other we -- a little that the mine you'd tell me what you knew I'd tell you that I know and I think we both came away better for it and I -- over forget those days I leaves tens. And you know what maybe you and -- -- -- together again someday I hope. Yeah I'll never know you'd never know what's gonna happen just I like I know have fun thank you and. I'll be waiting to see what. I Jacqui thank you very much document that great grandchildren wanted to get -- a victory -- -- it she is that she is the best in terms of is getting information you know Jack you there is one of those people arm -- RO former boss at the globe down -- -- Tuesday. I don't -- tolerate. It and nobody I know why she's a good interviewer because. I'll be talking or about something. And I'll find a -- area for Richard and I don't want -- this year he's just very good she just knows what she's going she's Smart. I achieve it she does makes people comfortable. And and gets things out of people -- that nobody else can. Michael that's why it means so much coming from somebody like Jack because she's seen me working over the years you know side by side were right in the in the in the trenches and now Jack knows that stuff is written about you all the time people talk about your whatever a lot of times it's just picked up off the entertainment. That we do here in the studio or Jack and is both over there at the and they don't get that from people who you worked entrances with for so many years and Jackie by the way. Was a star right out of the gate -- not -- -- she added and that's why we tried to get a run here as quickly as we possibly -- as we know how good she was at all. And you know you. So many times when now when we've watched these athletes that we get to watch a for a living. We've we tend to tell stories about real life and licensee can learn through sports. Well Jackie McMullen. Has supplied herself to her much more famous career. The way she used play basketball in -- using your agent and and was hell of a player there but extremely hard working aware. Super basketball IQ and and really. For -- is competitor and and that's the way she's she's apply herself to her career as well and you know -- you take those lessons with you from sports and you know on we deal and I would take my final beating from Tony from Britain nothing. There were at that point it's only. When you -- me you know. We're not -- quarter -- acquaintances -- not that but I feel like ignored you'll be lucky to only. All I spoke dad you know I've been what you thought it was bought it and fought well I felt I felt really actually sort guy. They're like -- overall so. My opinion it's too bad more for the station into an outside a white. Well you don't want. I don't wanna get into that -- so important but why did you don't want to be time for for people to make. All the judgments in the world I don't want. It. Kenny and listen I'm not now Tyler. Doctor -- -- on. You don't mention that you are right you can't let Eric you're not you worry you art critic you chill out it's unbelievable I the only times I. I I call -- all it would make you disagree. It's not like you know like quality radio right it's not it's not like nobody -- -- doppler radio also slow sort dark it is already know. That's what you are welcome Mike stretched. Every time on every tribe but a proportion that trial what do they offer or some would call albeit at -- that there are hitting it last week. Not helping people ordered. -- Well I'm I'm glad I'm glad you got Tony and Michael and I were talking about this early I think some people didn't get that some people probably. Extremely sensitive and call open. They wanna become part of a show host of the get out there and -- other opinion and but they want you know that person to just let them go -- take over the program. Unfortunately. The shows I believe it may be -- organist but I believe. Therefore more entertaining when you have dialect I hate. Monologue shows I hear the more time Jim Rome show is. You get on there -- your -- call you give your take her out for 45 seconds they hang up on you. And then they -- wanna do what diatribe for a minute African and I would rather have a dialogue. And in dialogue if we disagree as you do in sports bar. You raise your voices it doesn't mean you dislike another person. You do what because you're engaged an emotional about it it's not about our -- and that's what -- all that is what we're. Always conversation -- forget about sports sports fans you're right but and in that in the middle of a conversation. Or just in the context of conversation there are hundreds of an eruption would you go back and forth nobody. Ever since there. Let you complete a paragraph for a couple of sentences. And then they go and they complete their a couple of sentences and then you just wait patiently back and -- that doesn't work that -- and if you look at. Even -- movies some of the movies that you love. If you look at the screenplay about a movie or interruptions got to build into the into the screenplay that's just the way people talk. The only criticized about that especially early on because I think the audience was accustomed to you know public radio or something where there's like more. -- -- Did did the same thing Romney's to have these won't causes like -- never figure out what does he do burping belching. Forwarding or what do you do when those long pauses what he would put those long pauses to -- Michael is right on. -- lot I think when you're engaging in conversation. There isn't eruption and we were accused of that early on occupancy guilty as charged we're we're guilty where we -- interrupting each other. And I'm the worst offender. And I thoroughly admit that I am. But I now watch hardly an eruption NIC interruption. And my favorite chill right now and it that you like an awful lot is first -- now I think skip Bayless is full -- most of the time. And Steven Wright I probably disagree with a 3540%. At that but I love the show and I love the fact that the two of them can go back and forth and and raise. What is it that I'm right in my opinion or that you're right your opinion. But the audience is taking sides and that's all I wanted to do here in the show -- 50% of the people you can totally disagree with the you can call me every day. I have been called a lot worse than fat -- call me whatever you want. All I needed was enough people may be 50% that agreed with me in a 50% disagreed with the French oh it was that was that's what made it work. You know people don't agree with you -- Tony's right a price -- a lot of people off because I sit here and said something that was. Going to get 70% of the -- but isn't that your job absolutely. Make them form an opinion you know make people think in America as that of golf at --

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