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Andy Brickley, NESN Analyst, on the Bruins loss to the Rangers

Feb 13, 2013|

Brickley joins Mut, Merloni, and Kirk to discuss the Bruins third period comeback against the Rangers.

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Well I think you're right it's it's a hard team to kind of analyze. You know. As a positive or negative there was a look it was a little bit of both in the scheme and and your right I mean we. I felt that those first two goals were you know. Poor execution on our part with a first passed not -- agree one and the first -- we spent some time and heroin and because of it. First bad pass and then second goal same thing across past behind our our defensemen and we give it two on one part of that so we can. Ourselves a hole. Our own doing but you know at the same time. You got to appreciate the fact that we never gave up and we came back can -- team. And with our goalie polls. -- Julianne after the Bruins lose in the shootout last night. But get a huge huge point and the call last night locally on NASA and Jack Edwards and Andy Berkeley candy Berkeley. Who's on these broadcasts as a great job joins us right now on the AT&T hotline. A brick it's Mott and Kirk Lewis in Fort Myers and sunny Fort Myers today Dario. -- afternoon careless Lou I'll be down there surely we have an actual court -- coming up. An eagle and you study -- cold soon near the bricks we've been Britain you're going to be sunny won't hear it. Brick last night I know that you -- played the game so if you're an -- bruins' locker room and you lost but doesn't at some level. Feel like a win that you scored three unanswered two and a six on a five and hide that thing with underworld twelve minutes to go he scored three in a row. Yeah I think the feeling that abroad had no opera probably matched her either and -- exceeded what the Rangers were feeling you're lowering go -- two point. They say about -- Rangers. Everybody seems to think that they'll be there at the end Eastern Conference final and and why not -- that they're pretty steep to pretty -- the streets are the other great goalie. To lose three nothing lead in the third period of the game we really wanted to keep the Bruins found it's got to be a little bit depressing walk you know that building on the other hand liberal and so. I don't know what kind of believability they had built that we value as a group that they thought they -- -- the hockey game but at three up and halfway -- -- third. Libel it believability would appreciate -- and I was really really surprised they're able to do what they did in the last couple minutes. You have brick yeah it seems that all year long to arrest has been outstanding but last night Olympic team picked him up with those last couple goals and sure -- -- -- back. Yeah the analogy are or where we try to go. You know. What the pro players or are the guys in front of them did for him last night at what do -- for the -- -- the first period against Montreal. In the -- lots -- buffalo on the way that they did they had a great defense in game against Toronto. And people remember the score the next game with Montreal speaking directly now to 120 minutes that would that a different outcomes so. To get their backs and and and the -- was picked them up and this one sort of side of pretty good team that. Obviously up to a great. Pick to take points out of any game that you go by -- short seasons stake. I talked about last night. Andy did you do you get the feeling now watching Marchand he's gonna have one of these breakout years a goal scorer you know it's like 48 games but do you get the feeling this is kind of the year for him. Quote I was concerned about given now what he did or did not do -- -- out. I noticed some questions about Marshal on -- After the car. Because he seemed to really enjoy himself during the off season but he was a war almost six guys who can't come September. So that ease my concerns to some degree. What he was doing -- -- -- -- we know it was a playing in Europe let's go right -- they want -- -- Great Lakes and we have Great Lakes and America at its timing and sometimes we sell to -- when there is due to injury you're healthy scratch and insult to injury. And the benefit of evidence can't begin to cancel the post -- That little time away ET Beckett he was by far this fast against awful was tightening their hands that they -- now I got that great speed and quickness for the Bruins -- badly needed their lineup. IQ and a waiting game played today. Any a great desire to score goals and is no replacement of one of the problem hopefully I wouldn't mind in -- on a little bit more on the conflict he has that design school. Do you like the call went back to the original lines last night and mean Sagan Bergeron and and -- on a particular. On that second line -- was a time after a couple games to go back to those. I didn't mind going back every kept saying you -- great children that either I think those. Those partridge in double a firm believer in keeping it together I really like -- glued to the other really like Marshall and with Bergeron that's the combination I'd like -- look currently if you have moving parts on the on the other outside positions what airline it is. And you need to get certain guys going to -- you make little tweaks that's great that's great -- versatility and flexibility. The -- post in the together so really cold weather and the problem that. You know he got something to say given that Montreal game but it's it's not enough or consistent basis remember nineteen he's got to do more. And he more accountable to listing because they need -- -- we get into the -- It Britain -- with the Rangers team we on other very very talent that loved to see them in the in a seven game series just not the first -- to actually want them to get this thing going I don't want that -- at that seventh eighth seed order in the bumping up on a one a little bit later maybe in Eastern Conference finals. I'll -- sure you know I expect -- looking to be in the postseason I would love -- quarterly conference final. But sometimes you can really make a case or. An emotional round one series because if you had any doubt about fox and how early they get engaged Quebec the Stanley Cup here that first period against Montreal. A lot of people stable maybe they'd be -- -- Montreal -- certain I'd like to. I liked it when they played in the first round because I had some concerns about Boston. Really getting emotionally engaged in the first round of the playoffs without Montreal brought that out of the early. Which put into good position going people that play out so it -- at a political round on that'd be okay to probably like immortal and -- on. You know brick you're all over toward this morning. -- watching your -- in video standing next another man who's jumping up and down but I gotta wonder is a guy in that Booth. What is your reaction -- am I note you've dealt with Jack for every able UC injecting that what what goes to book Austria minus ten seconds. I just admired accurately in. You know that such an unlikely scenario. And how much he cares of -- -- Play. In the entertainment value. But visual medium that -- all -- -- -- spectacular. It is different from Mike's style and therefore I think we're a good balance for. The fact he's enjoying doing his job calling the game that we should be called at that particular moment. But he still affairs Serb. You mentioned marsh on the power play brick last night they get a nice job of showing us that power I that the Bruins are trying to show on front of the net what. Is there another drastic change year on that power play under 10% for the year and something that we began -- about. All day here today how can they fix this full time. Social attempted here in the broadcast flag and I -- to -- -- a lot more aren't so you know they -- the -- -- -- good looks and some good opportunities but went beyond that kind of -- out to both production and Portugal with the man advantage. We've been talking about is going on -- -- He could be better. I truly believe that they have the talent. Her quality I'll play illegal rate analyst -- -- -- -- each ornament -- absolutely. And urged Iran to march on city -- property no doubt about it. Shark in Hamilton looks like a real good I'll -- exciting Burton get the job done -- can put heavily out there. You know that given Chris for some time even given you know to be careful sometimes because he's been proud that they have enough ability to our options at that I'll play. And we can talk all the -- little you want -- original brawler Powell 131. You can design different plays carrying pot possession -- they're almost all great free as we talk about I'll play. But it really comes down -- one thing that work ethics. And that desire that I spoke about the -- -- on and that will watch locals you don't have that he can't have a desire beyond. Yep they have a desire squabbles and stay on the property you just. I truly believe that that's the only element mission right now. -- brick you -- freeing up some money by -- Tim Thomas they gain a half million dollars and the cap I'm just curious if if there's any need for this team what do they -- that and say you know in the next couple years we -- tie up some guys here whether it's to go Horton or Bergeron or Seidenberg. I think the approach you with this extra money that they do have. Well working backwards and electric. You'd have to always keep an eye towards the future with a desire to win this year they gonna have to keep some guys that core group that goaltending is definitely concerns sparked a money issue will report. They have to earmark some dollars. I'll probably get at the open and -- -- try to get it done this year so that'll be part of the equation. But I think looking at your team and the room that they have under the cap. And the police that they -- a team that can seriously count for the cup they're definitely. Exploring what they can add to the -- still without subtracting too much. You never gonna get so you'll rarely get another car wreck type player. But I think that's where they're targeting. Somebody that they can play in the top Americans are still -- -- president in the locker room they were real strong world. Without recchi and news resident there is pedigree I think you're looking for that type player. And really strategic and thoughtful he brings a couple cup experience and and it's been around on current. I'm not sure he would I think a look at from that type of player that's another voice in the room. They can help motivate -- keep guys in line or or furthermore. Get them to do what they need to do to be accountable for the rest of the team. We think about that cup team and what that third line or that top marrying -- look like. It's -- what -- you can rule out there -- just about any situation in the next actors I think our. From there from Merrick grew at least that's a little bit and six defensemen for the post -- I think that's an area that they look at it right now. -- get John issue -- getting more and Tyler Sagan number nineteen I brought that up earlier that at opera couple periods last night he just sort of skated round and the media response from any of our -- listeners were. He leads the team and plus minus like that's -- that's the the ball like that's that the reason he's playing well when you watched him so far through eleven games. What do you see in his game when you save got to get more riding him what do you mean when you say that. Well that person X is there is certainly one quality scoring chance to. But every game because it would -- these sort of immensely talented guy with the speed and very it'll then it's. It's creativity all the -- you want it when -- accomplice. -- -- a little bit -- -- -- some would -- determination around the neck you know -- -- a capital as a goal right now to be like Marshall. That it happened for. And when it's not happening. And you don't play eight Patrice Bergeron a game where your pop panel your reply at all three soldiers you leave until earliest. It all the above. Then what else you can do your team. I don't expect him to go in and out here. I'll muscle went popped out along the wall to get bigger stronger opponents what I expect him to do use -- skill -- to speed was witnessed. You can still win battles using those elements of -- And I expect him to pick a little clearer walked them here. And what is a player what are your offer seen in what might not doing. Then I'm not helping our team be better that we. I think it takes a little clearer look. At himself so well valuation. And don't be fooled by the change record and say you know I'm doing my job because seeking more. I don't want people to point to contrary in such action I don't believe that. I think he's better than. I just want him to -- you know I can do more for this team. And by doing that. He appeared a little bit more and all of a sudden you know what happens when you start to appear available committed a little more accountable also most -- you'll -- -- We've become aware that mark. Is -- Berkeley here along side the NASA broadcast every single time these games -- rob again Ottawa at buffalo. Rematch with the Buffalo Sabres at buffalo coming up on Friday -- -- any Berkeley Andy thank you so much for your time here today great stuff is always. Any Brinkley joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD. With speed that the ten times faster than three G Meyers here's -- what he had to say next.

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