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Voice activated text messages on Lou leaving his family without power

Feb 13, 2013|

The crew listen to some voice activated text messages they received from fellow listeners.

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-- -- -- -- Make this thing Google but he's Mickey Mouse down their -- to get his autograph made. Very mean -- -- now he'll meet with him he sounds and keys all beat up if you don't work over four hours today you know Dominique romance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hopefully two -- you put in a messages. Was that the boys club one. Just not right did your family. -- -- -- for a Jonas are rock bottom there. Bottom below wall lead to all our equipment -- all about -- by Imus sweater looking just -- jumping. And thoroughly all our. -- -- Really tech's response from the stage showing how the Texas felt about -- abandoning his family. In Florida they said you're the voice. That's of the total activate those -- they're good. These. Divers who might be pins that you -- -- making his personal life so public. And re pre tax will do is down in Florida giving mustache rides and his family is cold and hungry and -- -- -- -- How could you leave your family I hope you get a sunburn on your penis. I -- That's -- We usually do a better job taking care of your family from Antonio -- Marty. Oh. Growing a little bit about that and -- guys -- signaled -- everyday and I bust on all the time but that was it's a line. A man's wife and children are off limits -- halls. Definitely best messages for a silly aren't they are legitimately off limits in the what you get that -- -- about. Stock outs Mickey -- did spank. Millions of people it's just that -- but the door OK okay that was funny. I got a good caller now action actually no I don't was like in Oregon and for the record the look on -- Brinkley's face when Jack it was was jumping up and down like a two year old being told to go to that was priceless.

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