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Mike Napoli, Sox 1b, on his contract negotiations with the team

Feb 13, 2013|

Napoli joins Mut, Lou, and Kirk from Fort Myers to talk about his hip injury and the intense contract negotiations.

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Any -- you know fat. -- and it's just. It's bad enough you kids on their crying about no power and it's cold but then when I boldly and what -- worst part of anyway drops I'll call Nomar he always Apple's. I don't wanna go there meant. It's it's it's not right either because I haven't haven't talked Rudolph have been down here so you know I'm another cold and everything but I'm having that I wouldn't last and it was all right that's a good time. -- just such a good time. You're you're son is literally for I mean there's icicles. You know warming in his face -- not literally but Aniston. In my you'll find itself in essentially three now it's time to grow up right -- the Pentagon now and I'm not sure that's that's LB said he edits done well in the little shelf for Sunday we'll get them out there to three a result of all our -- world were three girls are fighting wars at some point guys. -- We're actually what the -- those voicemails which is written -- aren't going to be on this for the record that you're gonna hear some of the text to voice activation of nation little in Iran from you guys were responding to -- the Stanley stranded here with. In New England it's Butler and ID 37 WE yeah I'll lose in Fort Myers and Mike Napoli. Has join us live on the show Mike Dario. There are good and they've told the story before it's sort of a shock and the reaction to it but. The processing your signing when they find out about your hip ailment and it's how much of a shock was it to UN your initial response when they came back with a diagnosis. Yeah and I was it was a big shock you know you wait seven years via free agent and you get a deal on the table when you go to physical and then. -- find out something. You have been in the it doesn't go authors so I was little rough offseason and we get off taking care of them from having severe. I can't imagine that that news to mean exit three years 39 -- home and cutting. Yellen and having a good time enjoy and the fact you get this money coming in next thing you know it turns into one year thirteenth five guarantee incentives is that. People think he's got to become in Europe that the whole process of this organization know when. -- you know I am I'm not upset at all you know it's it's a business so I mean. They took you know what they had to do the deceive. If I'm healthy and you know they found that you know. It it kind of stinks that you know I'm -- -- guaranteed author and I'm in dollars but. Knows it's it's gift from my health you know as a person off field too so. Once a bunch of doctors figured out you know what I can do and and non in -- on some medicine and and -- -- -- tomorrow to -- -- how -- medicines in the end zone with miso. Most of -- of one of you know -- 700. -- feel good on good shape so. A spirited go by open and a during that process might in between you and the initial offering and what you -- signing with did you get closer and contact with other teams during that whatever it was fifty day. I deal. Well I mean for the most part it. That long period of time was me gone a different doctors the mr. Tom my my health and what I can do. But eventually went off to figure out you know what I was gonna do the plan on there were other teams. No contact my agent and and -- interest in and -- the Red Sox you know express. -- all interest you know they did -- going to Wear this whole process there in a supportive and misty said whatever you know we need to do the Tokyo will do and no express that they -- -- so. To stay loyal to me and that goes a long way of me. Mike you mentioned the MRI tomorrow help me out is that it is that because you're experiencing pain right now it's mr. -- that a preventative MRI to sort of see where you are right now and and -- just -- looking at where that that thing he has. The -- worst thing about this is I've never had any issues with pain or anything. You know. With eighty yen investment across and so. There are some that I showed up on memorize. That was the start of it again so. I got -- medicine which is supposed to you know either stop. The progress of it or you know make him better so on this the first Emma writes a seat. On what to medicine you know. Is doing -- if his work and are there whatever. You know during the -- delay part of -- -- native to Texas get more involved to get back involved with because -- When -- -- lost Josh cement this is a lot of power they lose they lose Hamilton's home runs. They lose Napoli is home runs and they're trying to get that extra bad announced they can Muppets might fit better now they might come back after. Yet they did. But it was just here here is the right fit for me to -- stay loyal here quote to mean. It was the best fit for me you got the first base wise physical wise you know they wanted to play first base and one army -- to go look behind the plate you know taxes more of we're gonna want you to tenets of 3040 games. Now play first base DH so. Right now you know not knowing you know. What this -- gonna do or whatever you know the impact of Vienna first base there there and goma on the play. Would be better you know. Perfect world you know this this thing gets better and -- available on the play. You know for this year -- an -- about media reps. There's a lot of questions about Gil for being -- first base and I think is an inferior I think defense is first is underrated in the affects everybody can play a role but mentally with some of the guys. How comfortable do you feel over there and you know a clear to do it right now but in the past and Ron Washington and invest and build -- in the game use your ex manager but. How comfortable have you felt over there in short time you've been there. And I felt pretty good you know I understand slower no bomb. Yeltsin. Another really been taught taught over there just. -- -- -- there -- -- -- I mean you know pick him all the stuff you know it was kind of tough it is knows how to weigh about tension. And -- so that that they are house cats in his life. About the anti fog problems -- just constant threat so it wasn't like -- not do it every -- -- worked in Charlie you better glasses. The first game I played was. Against. -- team for Afghan. Those first game and house opening day at first base with -- to feel comfortable. Not to -- you bomb out there every day in and you know working at a I'll do better I don't I don't feel comfortable out. Is there been any outlined here for you Mike in terms of how many games you're in the player on the days or you can go is that been discussed at all -- just to relief that's. I mean I should be able to cooler today yeah I Serbia in the latter day mean. I mean I haven't felt any thing you know so I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike Napoli is joining us with -- in Fort Myers joining the show we're going to break come back and continue. Our conversation and and asking about the Red Sox experience so far Mike Napoli with us here on Sports Radio WEE. Well first of all we've got a high number of new players here shines through free agency is as well known. Document -- you off season. I think more than anything giving what this team is come off of the last year plus. I think we have a great opportunity in front of us it's a rewrite the story that's been the case of recent years. And talking to guys throughout this season whether it was November 1 on there was a genuine eagerness to put. What has happened behind them hey get down and give back in the field and prepare for the season. Red Sox manager John Ferrell earlier today with Dennis and Callahan it's -- -- 937 WEEI -- they had studio Mike Napoli joining Lou live. Are in for Myers one of the things that we talked about a lot during that the free agency period Mike which your numbers at Fenway so it's not. What are your family members in the stands tell you -- pitch is coming can you explain your great numbers at Fenway Park as a visiting player. I have no ideas just. Is it just happens you know as a player does he go some places and news. Here really well on some places you can't even do anything so. I don't know I really can't explain it I mean. I have no idea do you feel more comfortable civil Olivia did feel more comfortable if I mean I started like I like hitting their background you know. You see big green wall in. Answers given those fans are into the game. Not mean maybe elective -- homers so. There there in this process. You get calls you play with John Lackey as friends and you get calls from him saying of Austin's a great place to play but -- may be surprised some people because Latin stuff. Our goal here for a couple of years if he was still saying this is we wanna play. Yeah Nazi death leaders south me bunch of times. Which is you know it's nice give feedback in the united song and a hundred is at play here -- -- and I atmosphere and he was the only one either right now he he -- so really guys who know him you know to enjoy those in the no middle Brooke was last -- gone and molested -- in that little bit too so. Vocal precedent they've they've put an army so -- a pretty nice. You know you gonna tell me that this team is going to be good I guess I'm gonna ask you is that time here and ask you why do you think this team can win no 1995 games needed to make the post season. In I was supposed -- Lou that. Thousand Naira pretty good five. Just. It seems right do they -- some guys here that are good clubhouse guys and -- in to some veteran pitchers. That have little chip on their shoulders you know wash a few of those supplies. Just seems like we really ought to mesh here and in and there along with just me -- do. Let me ask you this you've -- -- I imagine clubhouse has been good and bad chemistry doesn't matter or is it really overrated and that's the big thing this year you. Victory you know Dempster guys that people like does that really matter at the other there's just about the you know on field play. -- are definitely matters and I've been awesome. Actually a lot of one of -- -- so and now we -- messiness of Moscow on together and and you know put together on the field so. That doesn't means a lot and I don't know who looks like we can have here. He did it does not talk with David Ortiz in the years -- -- thousands here he's not traded away in. Double guy sitting behind him he get yourself in. Kind of that one year kind of show me thing almost another country another country -- view and you know the kid will little Brooks who probably a lot to ask for the second year player too but that's the meat of the line do you kind of do you feel that company Encino and David looked at him on the protection. Yeah I mean this. Among a total of up to that -- I'm excited about Owens in the someone wanted to notes. A good opportunity. -- -- in the middle alana -- -- Men and you know. These an -- today in the middle about their detectives. Even in an those for me was ultimately. He might couldn't do. What catches -- rules. -- the day -- but. I definitely love in the opportunity in the you know who fund you know motivated them. And in terms of you know in coming into a new team like this you know DT. -- decoy -- a leader Mike I mean how would you go about in this this clubhouse do you try to. Meet everybody try to idea -- that leader as a new guy team each -- where things go early kind of pick and choose your spots. Not a bunch going to be myself you know you can try to do. Anything different from some comment and be myself and no let it let it play out you just can't colony and then you know try to be a leader hedges are to lead by example and you know how fun -- Get on the field play hard and putting in Ireland and he's going to do you know you can't respect for the team and. Not last one for me if the MRI comes back. Next couple days in the medicine what you taking is working. Are you on the field this weekend is it it and told full drills I want the team gets together this week is -- a week what do you expect. Yeah ammunition take long -- I've been in the weight room and and doing their thing possible to. No one wants us some are running program that's gonna take long at all so. We really haven't talked with the doctors you know about what what the plan is and so that we get to summarize so. I really don't know it -- I've been in the -- and from donors thing possible to. You know when I get out there are you Tehran has not too long time for -- the beautiful. Mike note it no point during this forty day processor ever was you didn't spend 34 million dollars in credit card in an -- You thought it out right -- -- -- and do. It's going to be a rough but when you think about right I mean you've thought you're 39 million dollars 95 not so bad for guys like us but it's 34 million bucks in this Islamabad but in I'm doing my money that's in the moment. Yes. It all come worked out and long. -- like that one more you set out later he set on Twitter today at last couple days you -- Red Sox stance of the pick. The song you're gonna love to play with you get any good suggestions -- you don't -- -- hips don't lie that I know that's still under pure thought that out there -- to put out there aren't you people really have a chance that to get that are you locked in this company -- -- that year your fans on Twitter. And and what did you hear their their opinions about it you know I'm kind of a hip -- Gaza. Just seeing if there's anyone heard of anything new there that are in the -- it was them. Mike thanks I appreciate it good luck and don't -- this week we'll talk you civics I've been Mike Napoli Red Sox first baseman joining us live. From spring training not -- 93 point seven. WE yeah rub it in. I'm jealous that's. -- -- why why why are you jealous them that many and trust fund. They got -- hands down to you hear what about down eleven more years well it's turned fifty. And -- it. The two oldest as you can imagine that's just the name you know guys like you and -- Major League players you guys get his. What's that. Baseball reference for a nice contracts for exactly. That you go button. That's crazy thing about this -- when he says an MRI tomorrow but -- check on. Medicines work as a the only thing -- of the regular routine I'm sure that's all it's kind of scary though. That they sickness and assist the but he doesn't feel pain it. It is an Ellis talked to morally bodies that Iraqi imaginable Jackson Bo Jackson its humble Brett Favre again audible Brett Fuller knows on the story now. He was diagnosed at the -- and when green they want to trade for him from Atlanta in the traders had no don't do what he's getting it that this condition don't do it and worked out pretty well for Brett Favre in green basically. He's never felt that news tip stop until -- completely shocked that it was there he is that the mother issues you know we talked about the shoulder but. Resolutely permission but that he said that since O nine and devote their place this. There's really did sneak up on him but it's so early in the process that -- plays -- 6177797. On a three -- the phone every can text that's on the AT&T -- -- 37. 93 several get a break your top of the hour channel is got -- it we come back any prickly. A decimal Jonas talks -- Bruins with you don't go anywhere.

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