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David Ross, Sox Catcher: 1 on 1 with Lou Merloni

Feb 13, 2013|

Sox catcher David Ross joins Lou Merloni in Fort Myers to discuss coming to the Red Sox and his experiences from the Braves collapse in 2011.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI hope your Wednesday. Skull Welker many -- studio. Had backed out of Fort Myers -- Maloney sitting down with. Red Sox called -- catcher for now. David Ross in Fort Myers all right thanks but sit here now with those Red Sox pitcher David Ross -- -- -- the coming year at times. Are they aware what it's like your boss in -- and -- test for years ago. Yes a lot of thought you know a highlight here I think a little bit of going to -- -- -- series that the bill raises the top fine. A lot of good memories from -- lot of good guys in and likely come back there's a lot of. But John welcome back cleansing it -- used to starting rotation at their best before he had left. In no way these -- pretty damn good at that point do so you can -- been a struggle for some. You still see these guys a guy like Jon Lester what you saw on the way. Yeah I mean I still think he's viewed as one of the better lefties in the game. You know top -- lefties hard finest -- game. And I remember the stuff he -- debris and power stuff. You know I think maybe just a little bit of bad luck you know really no -- on a -- talented individual line of pizza are hard workers so you know I'll go to battle those kind of. You brought here John Farrell talked about Jason Varitek was brought into the conversation as well bring you here in just. Your presence behind the plate and -- so important a pitching is -- guy enters till the market's been there for awhile but it's important bring in the that work this it's just an apology describe. What you do to help Boston. -- In my experience. There's the magic city trader form. I think I try to be you know get a collective and you know opinion through everybody. You know work with the other catcher -- pitching coach for the man to work with the pitchers -- -- -- -- -- -- together. Against the line rapper or. To help answer pitcher now. You know that's definitely need to work everybody's opinions. Everybody is different views and I think the more information you gather the better you -- to open. Individual 2011 there were to collapse of baseball around here we think there's only one but you remember that -- -- team. In hindsight now looking back is ready to put your finger on the res when the Braves had struggled in September. There may have been some some. Some things but you know that that's the thing that I like one was that the Boston took a lot of -- off us. And and Atlanta and just the fact that you know it if you keep dwelling on things like that is just gonna go down we. You know we just we took it as a learning experience and and you know a way to to push to the end and and you know that they would figure some things out some guys Richard -- some younger players that went through some struggles -- -- -- know how to handle. Some ups and downs of baseball something is a learning experience -- -- take -- like that it is makes you wanna worker harder in the off season and that's who we did and obviously. I had a much better year last year. Two teams kind of regroup differently coming off those those those collapses in the wreaths out really struggle if you're six and when you guys back in the playoffs they lot of Red Sox fans missile and as usual open it. To be more like what you guys did last year what we think was the difference what -- help you guys gonna beat it back into the post season. Well I think the key was did that there was a whole lot of moves me in the offseason for us when you're a good team the energy in -- -- team. Where is you guys had a lot of turnovers you know you had a new manager -- some new players. You know some new front office people there's a big turn over after that we had all the same. Same stuff so we all knew where we are going on or starting point so that was not that adjustment period coming off a season like that. -- David appreciate meant they thought they have me on our guys back -- you. Lou thanks David Ross and loose down there is that comparison people had after that Atlanta and Red Sox collapse opened September 2011. Atlanta handle the pretty well Red Sox did not Woolsey this year my my wacky prediction. Is it Dave Ross and a -- more games Jarrod Saltalamacchia does this and they spent a lot of money could be bring it back up catcher I'm -- -- -- called -- catcher. On this team ERA. Last year. Was tremendous. When Dave Ross on the plate for his team and you spend that much money -- a guy and bring him in in. The only catch half the games I think the pitching staff is gonna get. Acclimated to him and by the end of the season elements -- lot more of the war or whatever but Dave Ross the -- more games -- -- It was a good pitching to Atlanta the -- was lowered to -- get them to get the overpaid for him now the overpaid for in the catch thirty games. Forty games he's going to be pretty major part of this thing it's. Strange are brilliant -- Saltalamacchia was going to be here. Opening day at a big is going to be here for the stars for trying to be possible -- yet they're gonna move on and I'm on the favorite talked about it or not but I'm surprised he Saltalamacchia. On this team right now I -- It'll be interesting to see how it all comes together for the steam in particular spent a lot of time over the next couple of days trying to figure out what those locks are. I'll put him in on that list you wanna put anybody on that list. They do is you listening to Lucchino and and Pedroia. And Ferrell and it would Dennis retaliated some great coverage -- from spring training this morning on their shale. There's a theme developing that we know were underdogs that you know world K without looking not talking about how you'll be like that role. Pedroia saying you know we think in the World Series but -- the winds of people back. That they're seeing really some sort of script now and maybe the days and in -- gonna speak today it is picnic table -- reportedly. Right maybe he'll get on script too because Lester Lackey sort of stood out -- guys who didn't get on that same page. Today I thought Lucchino Pedroia what are you think about them. There on that script that we know are underdogs that wind earn people's trust back we know it's a long way to go no excuse for last year yeah I mean MM how would other. Position it going to take them haven't taken them pick in the fourth or fifth -- -- -- about the balance it would serve be first I think to be realistic about. Or 69 games last year -- huge collapse a year before people Don right now. Up you know three weeks into the season. Fourth inning and the game against you know the Mariners -- -- take more underdogs -- you just -- -- -- is a story line to get to the first day of the season. Any is seeing great pitching like you said on its pitching staffs but it was a -- Dave Ross yeah from. Apple -- baseball magazine other preview -- a Major League best catchers ERA. Of 3.3 three over the last four season that's amenable to -- games have not cherry picking. It's an edit at least play fifty you know I think you'll see ya know the last very years and David -- 333. -- you are when guys throw again now to teach your point earlier date and payment is in the bench she's here's a mentor he's gonna play this. 6177797937. Match your phone number Texas right now is the eighteenth tee decks on 37. 9371. O'clock we'll talk to any prickly part of the NASA broadcasting his thoughts on the Bruins game last night. You'll join us next live Fort Myers and Mike Napoli in the 12 o'clock hour -- one where.

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