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Glenn Ordway addresses his future

Feb 13, 2013|

Glenn begins The Big Show addressing his pending departure from WEEI and his future. He opens up about what really happened, his thoughts on the matter, and reflects back on all the time he's spent at the station.

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Michael Loria. I don't. Guard Howard had a terrific for better course of I tell you what the last three minutes of the Bruins game last night was. That's my -- unbelievable. I mean how often -- The last three minutes abroad and how often do you see something like that happen. On a couple goals you get sort of girls. That's why you that's why you're doing well is that why you're saying all right well -- was an elderly and it was -- again I mean to come back you figure. You get no points you want -- appointment until pretty good and the -- crazy dude I think he's going to be here to data -- dude who jumps when it's scary now that you would Japanese do they do what -- him. That is that is status frightening that is that is really steer. Yeah that was. While. What does site. Easier for -- this afternoon. Let's just get our kids get out of -- also stopped at a -- and Roscoe a lot of BS a rounds restaurant let's let's stop all of the all of the -- the original intention. Was that I was gonna come on here today at 2 o'clock. And -- Tell you what was going. And apparently it got sidetracked. Because. Somebody felt. Is that somebody in the media apparently needed to. So I had no problem with the media person that's your job that's what you're supposed to do if you get -- actually get people. -- And good -- now that the sport does. Double save and then I'll give you -- -- -- and we can talk about it is the course of the afternoon. Because I got nothing really that negative. To say about the company or certainly the people here I love the people here. Love working with -- people say you're gonna hear nothing negative about anybody here if you looking for that you know in -- fight. But. I was hoping that we would could deal that a little bit more professional. Fashion. I was really. Nifty of the day when the whole Kevin -- -- story seemed to get -- in the kid. That come up here at work in the as being gay again it comes up here for six weeks looking at doesn't work out whatever. It's not the paper and to me that's not fair. If you got to make decisions and they have a right to make decisions I have no problem of big boy had no problem with the decisions can be made they made a decision. That they feel was in the best interest of the company and they're entitled to that their companies Amman. But I do believe that. If the idea re used to go on analog pursuant to deal honestly. It probably makes sense not to leak it out and that seems to be bad -- With these these four walls. And all I can say is for the future 'cause like and you'll hear at this afternoon I have great admiration. For that branding a mobile. I'm a big part of it I was during day one. I was big part of starting all of this and putting it together. So I'm really formed kind of some of you went out right now and we can even talk about that but I'm fond of I would just tell people. Don't do stuff that don't don't don't leak stuff out. You're dealing with people and you deal with -- -- now -- big boy can handle I feel -- for Kevin what do the other day. Here's the true story. The honest I've met the last couple days with Jason. It's obvious that we are not getting the ratings on this program. That you need to get and that's what this business is all about it's -- reading driven business Erica. I've done is shown now for what years have been in eighteen years eighteen years. I mean think about that surviving with the show for eighteen years how many regular TV shows survive for eighteen years. Many think is on the 62 year but other and it's really. Lasted that long. Shell and -- -- now it's news is as -- and he's done a phenomenal. Job in building up his but I apparently. Didn't feel good enough job the last couple years so I pay the price and sell the company decided. To make a change. And to go into a different direction. And I'm not -- BS you. And -- can play that game where everybody says. What was the tool apart you know and we both agreed to go our own ways or. I was too busy and he needed to do others now. He got to saying multiple. And time with the family got to put that -- and I love my family over there. I pursue other opportunities to all the other -- I've had no problem spending play it's like Mike Wallace default. Works that -- that decision. And they were right to make that decision -- com. They made that call but I don't wanna BS that I -- you know Tito get it going out the Red Sox and a puppet with an -- guys have done it. That's not what it was about what's got fired today get. -- wanna say that they just went to a different direction they're going into a different direction I -- issue and a problem I will say. That I am so lucky that I've had the opportunity. To work with some of the greatest people in the business on many of them by the way. Who it ended up going to other stations which may be the reason I'm sitting here talking and this story right now. But that's okay that's part of life that's part of the big game I get -- I listen we did something. With the big shell and and Michael I've talked an awful lot here. Since 6 o'clock last night Michael alive and going back and forth and I'll tell you this about Michael Michael and I've had the opportunity to show the last. Couple years. And I've thoroughly enjoyed it but I I as I told him and he said the same thing to -- that. We unite work years ago with -- banks show the thing that I cherish the most is that -- and I built up a friendship PR. That I think has got some -- I think it might hang around for those -- Shiite showed to me that is more important than. And all of this other stuff. But I will tell you that going back and some of the great. People on the panel. That I have had the opportunity to work with the station 27 years dating back to when they acquired the rights to do the the -- Celtics. I've worked with some unbelievable talent I mean. Work with Johnny most of work with all of the cast of characters that we had the big shall yield when Bob Bryan and blocked and you know Fred and Jackie -- and I can't teammate Jamal lunch and guts of the won't huge -- Of people that that that touched my life and for me I got to. This was phenomenal therapy for me I came in here every single day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To a little bit sometimes that's bad habit and I have a tendency to on to navy and raise my voice a little bit but I love sports. I love coming in here just be passing for four hours in dealing with it it's it's the greatest. Job you could ever have to get a job. It's it's it's fun it's exciting it's been blessed every single day. And for me this is -- in on believable. But if you look at the picture don't go back. To what we've been able to accomplish. And a clearly telling you that the ratings of the issue. The issue that's -- we judged we judged even though Michael and I had a great spring last spring go look at the numbers are phenomenal. They haven't -- obviously high enough for what this company expects right now. But I think in the past if you look at the picture of that Michael's been part of all of these others that have that have worked -- this over the years. We have the greatest numbers of any sports show in America. People it'll always -- there. -- -- we'll always have those numbers. That we not only worn number one in men who knows the numbers you read about right now 2554 -- no one. Adults no other station thing and didn't do IP didn't do it. Ticket sales nobody did. What we were able to accomplish with actually forgot. I gotta tell you I I am proud. And I am thankful for all of the people over the years ago we -- about it certainly did do it alone fight was that they're alone. I'm not get noticed that ratings it was cast of characters and all of those different guys but they're tremendous style. Put all of that together in the brutal war including guys and you sent the wrong. You know make us look good every single day. Well sometimes and he tries to bad. He's doing that today. You don't think so today or maybe maybe -- to the punch and a congress rejecting. Her but they've got right now I he's he's the best at at audio equipment in and sound of a radio show that. That have ever seen in the business and you and I talked about this at length. Last night we were lucky to have to pick have been kitchen over the last year is our as our producer. He's waving you may be waving bye bye to your -- may -- out the door. Alvin guy he's been great he's been -- guys both of these guys from the outside -- the -- And dynamic just and it as a minute handset to be on where the doors that stay out of the way. You know I don't want just let -- going to think I don't want. What do -- what -- you want you to say some things but I have to think to say to. And you can't say. Maybe maybe you can't say this because it it will come off the self serving but it's obvious to talk about the brand the WEEI brand. You built. You developed -- you. Were the reason -- flourished. You hired. A lot of people here you hired John Jerry. You've hired Jason wolf. Jack's going to be here today even hired Jack. You came up with the idea for the big show. So Bob Bryan and Jackie McMullen and Gerry Callahan Sean McDonough and thread and Stevens and Steve Burton and all in all that. Steve Buckley all the people over the years. Who have been on the radio. I've had careers spawned. From this station that includes Michael Felger and Tony -- -- they're not doing what they're doing right now without you so you should be proud of that. And I think I'd have to say this about ratings look at so -- adjacent to follow the Punjab and it's a volatile. Industry. Which doesn't make it all that dissimilar from a lot of industries in America I mean this is a story. That many of you have heard about or many of you Xperia have experienced in your own lives and you you talk about your performance in the ratings on the part of this show too so I take responsibility. For not being good enough. I'm also responsible and I know I've seen this happen if if you can say goodbye to -- -- way. You can certainly say goodbye to Michael Holley. All of our numbers will be called. At some point I mean that's just the way it is -- the way it goes -- -- fortunate. If your in this business if you get to leave on your own terms some people do most don't. So that's waiters and also except the fittest about the ratings -- it is a a performance based business. But I think there has been a lack of context. When it comes to talking about the ratings. Now we beat the other guys in the spring. They beat us recently as the way it goes. The lack of context and are referred to is. Sports station to sports stations in this city. Being able to command. About 20% of the market and Anchorage absolutely doesn't happen now in any other I'm not exaggerated and exaggerating look it up right. Look it up -- does doesn't happen in any other market and maybe. We talk about in this in this market support to sports stations may -- the question is can it support three. So it's a tribute to you guys out there. And it's a tribute to. And it's a tribute to you as well. Because. AME I got XM. EI guys here. So -- Ogre Matt's. The producer. McCadam. Shaughnessy. Any -- guys I'm not responsible for shots. Yes you are I'm not contributing. They did not he did I'm not contributing right here I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with you Glenn -- and thankful for. Our friendship. We were we were put in this situation and it's almost as -- and you put somebody on the radio and you say okay. Go ahead this bill does have chemistry and do a radio show -- mean you've got to show before Michael Grant the initial before so go ahead should be easy it's not easy. And we worked that. We developed. And chemistry. I think we have it and it's bad -- said to who said think about really. I'm just wanted to satellite thing by anyway I'm not a creature -- -- This front from Gloucester got a cold one of those like new recalls today with Whitman. It's already you can also mention -- I just don't think it is. I'm not this industry customer friend. I don't think anybody. And anybody deserves to. Hear about. Their future in the newspaper. And I do have obviously great respect for reporters. Who were -- developing sources and talk and people. How it got started in business I actually respect what they do. This is not a reporting with all respect. Jet and came with I was not a reporting as you know this is a there's a breach. And it's wrong it's wrong it's just -- yeah I I did not happen. I did not find out the newspaper as some people it. The station in the past have not been quite as lucky as that but Jason wolf certainly was communicating with me over the last couple days and he and I -- We're we're talks about the so wasn't an issue that I didn't know. But. I can afford it I I get every professional I mean last night. You can handle that he could you could have handled it better. And I know here on the station minister says it's it's a show a lot of fun Boston each other. And we're going back and forth and we're raising our voices and all sorts of things but. And I know it's here we're we're caricatures were not real people were just caricatures and people throw darts and they simply say things on text that you. Wouldn't think that one reasonable human being which state to another. You what you what you want run right now I don't -- one year old also know. I don't use sucked him out and it's a liberal not physically but my thought right now. Don't have another time but not right now I don't know Donna she's number doll that's my brother I don't wanna hear from but. Yesterday. For you. A father and a husband. To have to go home and have that conversation. Which you're what nobody wants that nobody wants to deal with that and made -- several times yesterday talked to you. This morning and just really impressed by your your composure and your true. Professionalism. And difficult -- I quit and look at that this. And it's good for those people who have accused me of being a flip flop artist I won't be around next week to be able to flop on something I said today. -- I've watched the station a dilemma I hang around for the rest of the week I don't know 6 o'clock we'll find -- -- -- -- won't be to god are you gotta be here but I told him I would stay here for the next. Couple days and finish out the -- I -- -- next week to. You know -- don't. Come up I pass an excellent but I certainly will be around date will -- for the next couple of days. Let's. I'm not -- though there are few people read the text you were hoping this is not enough for them they won't eat it I'm not dead guys that ended up the -- And and I -- not retire I am just obviously. There are made a decision here at this radio station that they no longer want my serve. I think there are some others that. Might feel different on the effect I have been involved in a couple projects recently and one that. I have -- -- -- that I believe is the future of our industry. Sell but I am not at liberty to say anything about that now that's down to room. So you you have got rid of me entirely you've written here on this radio station WB yeah that's the the extent. And I I I can't thank the people enough over the years all of the chance that to me about eighteen years that followed hello you're next on the on the -- Com. You guys are the ones that that make you really and I know we yell and we scream a Q and as Michael said were its character to read. It's probably. Now we're going to be. In -- mouth you're going to be huge -- Believe the people we all know that -- is that it's a radio. And that's what we. Today I'm gonna give you honest for four will -- a jacket which will join us at 4 o'clock. And out we'll talk a little bit about some of us that as one. We got for the -- okay you seem to organized. And I think the statute of limitations. -- you really. That Johnny umpire I can I put him I put the fight Iraq. And a stable that can -- the very next -- and that was that the Boston on the very next game was courtside weekly. And it was bullpen who put that fire has done it himself on fire games and and the players to play jokes practical jokes were Johnny did this -- they used to put up cigarettes law caps in his in December that was Guinea -- -- cruise our good warm up. That was a good more of the general manager. Of the team I got a phone calls coming up next. Jackal Joseph what is it about 6777. 7937. You -- Texas at 37937. As well. Important.

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