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Lou Merloni abandons the folks back home to head to Florida

Feb 13, 2013|

While Lou is living it up in Florida, check out these voicemail messages from his wife and son back home in FREEZING Massachusetts.

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Bloomer -- is covering Red Sox spring training from Fort Myers, Florida. Maybe slow down here beautiful Fort -- each morning dream tell me it just doesn't get much error there. And while world drill bit lose having a good time meanwhile back in the home runs his wife has been calling our studios looking for him. I just crying because -- -- you heard from Luke. I haven't heard earned since Sunday actually. We're here we've got no -- it's intriguing here and and we're starting. Fortunately she found him on line. No -- on Twitter actually -- he carried on vacation in Fort Myers I tell you is working in Fort Myers and then I could become available and how old. And and has dinner or I would without going on here. So while -- been living it up in Florida. Not a beautiful Dingell Ashland would check it. Good food good. Aren't his followers son is back home in Boston freezing and wondering where's daddy. It is cold here. Me am I hungry and it. And we know how. You know that. Mason wishes he could be in Florida. I wouldn't care. -- -- through your employer. And who knows what's good for him he'll get back here soon. You -- little -- not help but I think I'm calling Nomar. -- come outside even me and he always both girls.

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