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Red Sox Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia Says Bobby Valentine is Not to Blame for Last Season's Struggles

Feb 13, 2013|

Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia sat down with Dino and Gerry in Fort Myers and told them the lack of success in 2012 is on the players. Pedroia said the players the Red Sox brought in this offseason are more than character guys and should thrive in Boston

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Welcome back my friends it's art or three day number one Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida. Back in the day a 100000 dollar marketing surveys suggest the Red Sox it's on some sexy players and the -- Dustin Pedroia as an example. Sixty sexy Dustin joins us here in the broadcasts like the morning -- the -- are you tell you guys know what you think we heard that. Sort of laugh and and I thought they -- my wife yeah what your wife probably agree with that right. And I hope I don't know when you consider yourself -- sexy player. Like sex appeal but in terms of interesting and exciting and sizzle that kind of thing. I don't know I mean I never kind of look at it that way and I just played this boy you know it's fun fun of me. Are you good with the low expectations of this baseball team that most people seem to have if you look at all the publications that beat your fourth or fifth. Does that upset you does that challenge you -- that are you OK with that. Amended the previous years it's been the you know we've been picked going to be first or second either her or whatever so it's it's definitely changed but. You know a dozen. Doesn't have anything to do with the way we look at the season and and then what we're trying to do here I mean our goals still same. You know we're trying to we're trying to finish first not in the division but it and everything division. In the game so. You know that that they'll never change does it feel like a playoff team leader in the club close look around you feel like. This team can win nine B plus and go to the post season. Yeah absolutely we have a lot of talent on our team you know our our pitchers are very -- we have a lot of talented position players and just matter put it all together going out there performing well. We asked this to just talk about this what has to happen. For that to work to do this than -- -- -- break right and would you say like David Ortiz held. The pitching staff has. Stay healthy. That would that would important factors that you look ahead for this team to complete their content. We hell I mean obviously health is it is it is a big deal mean every team. You know that. That is successful and and never hits those bumps in the roads always consistent you know health as a factor in that. But I think guys 7UP I mean that that that's one of them the big things you look at teams that. They go on or in the World Series look at us and it -- seven don't think gamer thought Okajima would do what he did it in the bullpen -- Nobody thought I would play the way I did in in 2007 so there's always guys that step up and fill roles and and that's what makes. You know certain -- special so you know that's a winning. Does that this might be more fair question to ask you you know 34 by six weeks down the road certainly in the middle of season. But both what do you see the difference being with John Ferrell and that managers corner to corner office as opposed to last -- we just booked him here this morning. Like a completely different cents -- -- we said Bobby Valentine a year ago there didn't seem to be any agenda with Ferrell he should on the ice seems to be a straight shooter. This sets the translator ready to get that sense that that's the kind of guy he has and you know from. Or yeah that then that's that's -- -- before me John you know if you have a question about something with John you know you just. -- -- disaster and they know what you -- where you wanted to play here -- you know he would give -- you know a direct answer you know there was nothing -- That there was nothing more to it you know and and you appreciate that and you know is our game and there's so many situations that go on. Throughout the course of the year you know you're looking for. Looking for something and you're looking for some -- do -- you don't mean you're looking for. -- an idea or anything -- -- on the field or advice you know after struggling -- -- like that in you know you appreciate it. How toxic was it at the end between the 25 guys in the manager of the club last year. Because by most accounts there weren't very many people in his corner that flooding at an agenda they thought there was always something going on behind the scenes -- toxic wasn't. -- I mean not I I never looked at it like that I mean we've we -- we've -- -- play well all year mean that we. You know it it probably wasn't the cause of that in my opinion I mean that -- A manager will never in my opinion mess up the whole the whole team her anything I mean there. If you know this is the players that do that it's our responsibility to go out there and play good and we didn't and you know market up from Bobby and the bus or any like that I mean. If you know the -- I had some things that that I disagreed with them early in the year but that he did you lose any games for us. -- for serves us. Do you look around at all these new guys and think that. It's gotta be different because there was concerted effort to get good guys character guys. And maybe their abilities on the field -- secondary which is unusual. It does is that. Importantly you and do you think that -- -- chemistry will translate to wins. Wolf I mean that that the guys that we brought in its not like they're just. You know like class clowns and just coming to -- now those -- complain you know -- those guys the guys that we brought in there they're not just character guys they'd they'd. You know they. Will impact our team and a big way you know they could play in -- They they would love being an environment like this and and it's very special because if Boston's tough I mean obviously. You guys know that. You know there's going to be times throughout the year were. You know there's a lot of distractions and things like that it's it's it's the guys that can keep everything. You know under the radar where are the guys that can succeed the most here in you know all the guys who brought and missing just as -- -- when you're home you're here in this you keep up. It on line or someone calling it what acquisition what movement good to the most excited would repeat. Victory -- apple the Gomes and Hanrahan I mean what that drew. I'm is obviously double play -- yeah so that support amid all the miles excited about I mean you need these these guys love playing. I mean they love playing the damage Jonny Gomes I worked out cement. At API in Arizona offer for years and mean this -- high energy loves to play. In and he picks you up you know he's he's got that energy. You know it's a -- it was Shane Victorino on on in the World Baseball Classic a few years ago and that same thing loves the play of the game. We had David Ross here few years back awesome guy. Spoke to Dempster and in the past I mean. He's out -- packer power sagging on you know you know the other day when you know we're hidden inside and reporting date younger position players I mean. These guys that their baseball players and is going to be fun. Do you look at guys as it goes -- on this said he can handle -- that he can't I mean we know the guys can't you've seen. Fell short stops alone -- the guys who couldn't handle it. These guys differently do you you know Gomes -- he'll he'll thrive there yeah absolutely they're gonna love the atmosphere it's great and but but I I've never you know what once was a geyser teammate coming here and it with them here in the fight with them have their back to the end and you know those are the guys -- -- your living with her. You know 78 months so you know there's you know you have to bond and and and and be with them for so long you know your your in the fight together. I know that the a manager hasn't had his you know State of the Union Address -- dressed in our club at this point and -- if you will you know when everybody assembled here. What do you sense is going to be his theme or or maybe a better portion because message to this team what do you think. Because you know him a little bit from the past what's gonna be like from him what's -- instilled in him. I mean to DOS the -- I don't think I mean it is enough to get any message across -- says so a lot of the guys we we we understand that. You know we we need to fix this man and you know we're we're gonna do everything we can't. To went back over everybody because we you know we feel like. We feel like nothing nothing is behind this yet but we gotta we gotta earn everybody's trust and respect back and and once we do that we get back to being you know we are. Do you rate he ripped out ammunition you you want an MVP or rookie of the year to get to clamp from everybody. You could be the disrespect that little guy anymore you're superstars you feel like you get them back now because it was because you guys the last place let -- personal view but. Do you you can pull -- -- disrespect parents that no one thinks we can do it again. Human -- that Iowa has had a yeah its yeah like I kind of enjoyed I like being the underdog I think. -- our team will enjoy that to me that's you know it's it's going to be fun not not having to. You know worry about expectations or things like that we just were about just for a try to prove everybody wrong. And that's that that's that's pretty cool do you think -- it do you think you'll hit the three hole and elected sheriffs say Ellsbury but you know. A couple of that's a couple speedy guys running it. I don't care I mean yeah it appears that night I just manages to all of us here that is really would you say I don't care. -- -- -- a lot of -- -- I don't ignore it and honestly like it second third it doesn't that's about it now I mean if it. You know John came up to me today and said hey man we wanna wanna hit l.'s third in and you have to hit lead off its okay no you wouldn't you know every day. When you hit cleanup that you think it was cool what you went up to -- you kind of flex a little bit so I'm bat cleanup. In the major leagues. There's a little different you know we had a much injuries though -- you know that that's so it. I knew I was gonna continue to be a cleanup hitter. Which should have been Tito fans that's who -- It has. That -- there's no more competitive guy on the on this team and use it must of just the pitcher got last year to have this thing. Spiral out of control budget deal with that how long did it take for you get that bad -- about the off season. Why it it was tough but -- I take things pretty pretty tough so you know I still have it. So that feel bad feeling and I gotta get it out of me solo you know hopefully. You know I -- with the season start -- that the ballpark -- -- -- -- out -- -- Field off of any event I'm getting better at -- yes I mean it's it's hard. But. You know she's she's very supporting she understands she's easy to talk to. The good thing issue isn't really understand baseball's much this is this the normal person in New England so when I I kind of -- to oversee. She just says oh you're going to be okay don't worry about it I'm like she's a title so that always the highlight of your offseason would it was the coolest thing it did. Does it change diapers so there is no hell -- -- -- that you help. Yeah a Boston -- you just do what it is. Don't know why I I have I have -- monitor on my side of the bed and I have my wife has -- You know focus issues feed them all outside of my job a little bit harder now of custody because my three year old wakes up during the morning and goes and grabs like cupcakes. He gets on a chair there above the bridge grabs on that goes and -- Watson doing on the monarchy takes a -- sets -- Downey puts his arm back like this -- -- like a assured I'm not -- glad that he acts like my wife and I mean. But now -- despair and families the best part. You can do it crazies go -- But you just. Now she's from some for Heisman and you get that lawsuit voyages with young family right. -- it's a wife rented out that my parents and my wife's for parents to slice it would you like to be kept. I've actually now on an area and hasn't crossed my mind -- I mean -- It's one and I think we need a lot of guys to be leaders. To. Over to turn this -- -- -- -- for me doesn't it it's this team is gonna to be successful a lot of things obviously have to have to happen and have to happen correctly but what one of those first and foremost be. The -- to this team the bullpen shorten games and gets doubled in which seemed to be a strength of the team last year and you about it to a this year. There are our bullpen is as we we have a lot of great arms I mean that I think that's very exciting. But. I think starting pitching -- is the key because our guys have the ability to be really really good I mean their. You know. Lester buck Lackey Jesus he looks great and I asked them like. He lived in that shredded -- that looks sexy in he's he's he's very motivated to. That to make this right and down. You know dumpsters gonna help you know buck and Lester and everybody is because just the way he goes about it I mean his presence is it's pretty cool and and and Felix and you know we got we got a lot of good arms and you know I think that's that's one things I'm most excited about. -- how to make you feel when you heard the owners say that Dustin Pedroia might be the except to the rule in terms of long term contract -- when it finally comes -- that you might be the guy that does now other talk a much shorter term contracts -- you might -- you got to make an exception for when it comes on. -- -- Actually I think some -- woman up this morning but he said that that that's great I mean I I love for obviously playing here. It's a great place to play you know it's been a lot of ups and downs and and and everything you know they're gonna. There was gonna love you one minute and then page another which. You know you gotta have some thick skin and be able to get over that but you know it's definitely a place said that my family likes him and wants to be self. You know I think that school that he said that you know we'll see -- stuff tough in this game you know there's only. There's not very many guys he says a play for one team yeah and I hope to be one of those guys. Did you -- a disconnect from the fans at again in such a frustrating season for you guys and for them as well did you feel of a different vibe from the stands at Fenway park at the end. We have we weren't we weren't -- much you know so that they you know but I I've never experienced that you know really -- mean even in 20111. When. September was tough we still had. You know they they were behind us as we were struggling and we we knew we needed a boost energy it was bad but last year it seemed like we couldn't get anything going it was one thing after another and I learn from that you know either there's going to be people that. Hey hey you're my favorite players -- -- people a stake -- and -- bunker here this -- that it -- and I understand that you know that's why there's a lot of players in baseball -- -- elect somebody else I don't. What was your favorite player. Angela. -- -- Barry Bonds Ayman Al the giants fan he was launching balls sail back isn't playing good defense. It's his interviews -- you know you straight to the point and seemed like everybody hated him because he was good so I want to be him you know. Just mature things -- very -- and I hit right handed them -- good look in -- the bats plan. Yep you're sexy he's enjoy thinks -- -- -- and tell them live Red Sox.

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