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Red Sox Manager John Farrell Believes the 2013 Red Sox Can Win the AL East

Feb 13, 2013|

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell sat down with John and Gerry and discussed his expectations for the 2013 season, including the resurgence of Daniel Bard.

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It is our number -- -- one Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida -- -- -- that opening shot the sprinklers are all on the on the ball field down below Fenway Park south. Early resort manager John Ferrell -- those breakers he joins us right after his workout this morning good morning John how aria undone while I guess I've done very very well I. I don't know if there's such a thing as a theme to weight training camp for to a spring training that may be a message when you do get your state of the state you know dressed to the guys -- all assemble here. What's the theme what's the message that John Carlos listen -- this group well first of all we've got a high number of new players here. Signed through free agency is as -- -- documents -- offseason I think more than anything giving what this team is come off of the last year plus. I think we have a great opportunity in front of us it's a rewrite the story that's been the case of recent years. And talking to guys throughout the season whether it was November 1 on there was a genuine eagerness to put. What has happened behind them. Hey get down and give back in the field and prepare for the season. They upset by what happened last year they embarrassed about what happened last year they angry about what happened last year and how -- -- dangerously -- -- moving forward to what you wanna do you know I think the most important thing is that they're eager to get going you know to a man -- -- either they're going to be a little bit different whether it's based on personal performance or whether how the team. Performed as a whole but I think again the most important thing is what we can control and that's today and beyond and stay in a positive Frontline. Most people I don't think you can witness division that most people look they keep in get the wildcard or even close we get a preview right in front of us here there. Predictions this the Red Sox in the cellar. Do you think you can win that division. This year. I do yes it is an and that's fine you know people are gonna think what they want to have project what they what they care to. But I think this team is got a lot of depth a lot of talent there's balanced and you look at the lineup up and down there there's be there's power that is left right balance. Our bullpen emerged as the strength of a year ago and that's been fortified with Shanahan coming in here. We know that the rotation is the area that we've got to get more consistent innings higher number of quality innings from the group of five. And you look at any team. The deeper they go into the season contending or into the post season. Larger part this problem because of the performs that rotation which is that we talked to the guys that it was a whole that'll be the message we can do this week we lost. Go to the playoffs he's not a lesson here -- -- you know distraught you know put a number out there we know that it's going to be in that nine win range but I I think this team. Has the talent to contend and ultimately win this division. John is part of the template what Arizona did their bullpen two years ago to turn it around what Baltimore did with their bullpen last year to turn it around sort of the template for what you think is the way for the team to win and be successful shortly games and get to the bullpen. On paper right now that certainly looks to be one of the approaches we get taken we have the ability to as the number of arms and and all the stuff that's in -- -- a short game down. Still I firmly believe that what makes a very good bullpen as a rotation that can work deep in the game that can also bring a reliever to the mound when their fresh. So I feel like we have the ability to match up and this is as -- said this is a strength of -- Is the company competition it seems like. Most of the jobs are settled but that would we look at it out -- left field there's there's other jobs up for grabs that we should be watching here this pregnancies and awaited. Yet there are there there -- a couple of quick we come about and obviously with Mike -- situation first base and he's gonna start to incorporate more baseball activities here. Over the weekend and start his progression backed to become their. Proficient first baseman but his back up that left handed hitter that we want to be able to play left field first -- possibly a combination. Who the extra outfielder isn't and there might be some over competition -- -- utility spot but that's not to take anything away from Syria -- who -- great job and role of the year ago but. When you look at the other positions. Based on the free agent signings it's pretty much spoken for loose Los Angeles field. Florida Johnny Gomes a left field let's say against lefties but. Not to say that he can't play us right hander certainly than the numbers bear out where his strengths are. But again that compliment and Americans say it's a strict platoon but that left him heading out so that's the spot or what America's -- Lot of things have to go right you know that David Ortiz has to stay healthy Napoli has to -- at the -- first and -- -- what is the most important one. The it would that the health of the starting. Four. You know it's it's a single worn out who -- who would you probably taken away from the attention that what we need to pay it in every area. But again I think you when you begin to talk about the performs in this team. How we pitched night in and night out from the -- ball game is going to be okay. She'll always said that -- -- you know you guys missed it didn't start and that was the difference we've here's darlings that. Makes all the stocks that's the key to success well it's going to be one of them. For sure and you know we start off already you know played obviously -- hamstring yesterday so that's gonna put him out a couple of days will get a better read on his condition this morning. Felix LeBron it is probably six days behind the group will be back on the mound. On Monday so. Fortunately with a WBZ we do you have an additional week down here this year so. That's not a whole lot of time but still it gives us a little buffer. As a former pitching coach here will you -- to fight or resist the urge to get tickets to lean more in that direction because you're the manager now about the pitching coach he know. Common question. It's I used the analogy of it if I was a former hitting instructor that became. Manager what I relinquish everything and just you know stay on the side amendment every hitter come to the -- is that what you. That same dynamic is gonna exist my national conversation with one of us are going to be based around my past experiences so. In addition that there -- some relationships that are pre existing. And there's no reason we shouldn't take -- as a -- thinks John Ferrell can fix bark and John Ferrell explored. Well did a healthy got a lot fountain and those are ingredients for him to return to the performance of before. I do you know this as we get in the spring training as we get into some of the positive reinforcement results on the field. It'll help build back that confidence that we saw dominant late inning reliever. So the ingredients are there we've just got to put -- back in place and get him on track. Which went and visited what was that like it was easily a picture you know hold them bunkers which are the animals into -- -- -- -- -- -- -- attitudes Jackson Mississippi yeah yeah yeah yeah. The article went entities like his can't exist -- Let me shaved -- picture. Bart is a guy who lost his mind that her not a number matter what wanna. He's not a -- there are doing the proper whatever it. You know what. And it was starting to -- it was sort of become evident in the conversations in November December January with and the further got away from last year. I'm not receive push the reset button and all goes away -- took place here he knows himself better because of the challenges. But it became clear. That he had to get back to a more simplified approach when he went into the rotation he tried to local that some -- the -- seeing the ball changeup -- -- guide -- baseball that doesn't work well for Daniel -- We've got to get back to more simplified reference or a more aggressive approach. And really eliminated a distraction to potential excuses that might exist it's. What are what is Islam I would think it's okay you're the eighth inning guy going to throw fastballs and everything would be OK he's that talented. But you have Bailey now would previous seventh inning that what would -- at this point I don't know what we're really defining roles for anyone other than we've already mentioned that Henry has a closer. I think the way we brought Daniel to the big -- back him in 09. You know it was in low leverage situations it was in the fifth it was in the six. That might be the same path we take this year just to get him going and that. Again and I think more than anything have a positive impact and a -- Offseason traveling around and seeing -- in Mississippi and Jon Lester George Edwards John -- -- in Dallas double what what is the purpose of that is that a modern day for mom and -- -- as I've been going on for quite some members out of new manager or John -- that I -- -- make a lone hunt but today and ultimately that's the one thing I would do him 100 -- but I'm Obama. I. I think it's something that a number of managers number of coaches say they will do that to get face facial -- certain player. You know did it in in 2007 just a start to build up for four and reconnect for some guys in this case but to see Mike Napoli in Dallas. I think it's just important to be a good start to build our relationship before you get here and there. And the pace of the day starts the public take people -- wrong direction so not -- and -- I'll pay the Red Sox have always kept guys down on the farm too long in my opinion belonged to a lot of seasoning and -- demo will finally go back who's almost 26 I believe. Do you buy into the is that you agree with that philosophy and that goes back to Wade -- Kevin Youkilis and guys stand down there until there in the mid twenties. You -- what would that and do you think of a guy like Jackie Bradley would have played like opening day Jesus Gardner and whatever senator left. -- -- -- Well -- US a couple of questions here and it's -- case by case because. If if it's a situation where positions back. Or there's. A backlog -- that player may in the back in a minor leaks maybe even if he's proven he might be ready to promote -- well in the case of Jackie Bradley. I think when you look at a young player. That's approach in the major leagues you always try to get the best you you can for their. They're mental capacity the mental make up their policy mental toughness but. They're gonna they're gonna hit robot bombs they're gonna have some challenges along the way and how they responded that have a deal -- it and particularly -- -- in a setting like Boston -- opposite. -- -- more focused and events and other places it's how do you project that person's in response to a so. I can say this from a pitching standpoint our brother Steve Fisher stayed down a little longer. Then then come up before it's -- I think if you think of Mike -- in the Red Sox organization had -- -- right now the enemy you guys would still. That's only twenty. Some guys -- well I think what it if we knew Mike -- the way to obviously the angels do. We may have a different view because obviously not as his special talent is a special individual -- -- handle the the states in the major leagues and all that comes with itself. Again it is case by case what are the John -- rules. Things you can't do that you are the things that you must do the unbreakable federal rules of things that are that are critical important to me here our our our basics there are important there to be on time. To be accountable to one another including yourself. And to respect the game and that's a broad brush that respect in the game because some people say what does that mean yeah with the the preparation that you go through. The way that you conduct yourself on the field whether that's on the mound with some questionable calls vital part. Well that's what you have on a given that we get down a baseline and we know because we go every day. Some days it's going to be 90% because. For travel or some other reasons but give -- you have a given day so those those three things -- are. Probably my basic rules. And I think that provides that the barometer of the of the boundaries for rebuttal that what did you learn in Toronto about being a manager that you did noble for that job. We are available well what killer. -- -- 25 guys is obviously in and of itself a huge difference the clubhouse that you that you work with and you cultivate. And that you keep in touch with. Position players. Where you're not working hands on much like you were all pitchers. So understanding their -- understand the needs -- they have a physical standpoint when they need to blow when they need to get off their feet. And in this position -- quickly come to realize how important -- is and everyone is well aware of all the changes that took place here last year we went through 54 players. In Toronto so we got exposed and so when you look at what our ultimate vision is to cover not only playoff contender but -- World Series type team. That depth becomes critical. What would you have been quite as willing to leave if you knew -- would go to acquire the Marlins and go to. You know what I don't know it was a matter of wanting to leave there was some discussion that will keep private. And you know what they're good team. There really good team and and that's what's made this division that much more tough. Much more -- apart. And this is going to be an exciting 2030 that's keeping congress'. Which I have to ask him did you have the promise. Larry and Tom Jones that would be noble at the -- -- -- We will -- all the jobs out there -- here's the -- that there were no conversations with the people it's it was internal discussions. With my -- boss Alex about what some oldies but did you. Did you read there is I've read the excerpts sprint it's amazing guys on that carries amid all the media they like it would. It's I'm not on the list of Al Assad Syria the but it seems to me -- -- that certain. You some stuff he says -- that's private conversation. In the end when there's eight years while looking back and as the years. Eight great years -- very successfully yours and I. Seven and like it's and I attempts -- accurate players but you know if he had held around here lot of success and he's -- kind of different and that there was it chapped about it he likes to Wear women's clothes I get rid. Yesterday I got that dollars of that was the secrets. It would just as Lester disappoint you talked yesterday or two days two days risk over the weekend that. We know the numbers seventy at least 33 point 914 aces I did my job. Disappoint me no. You think that shouldn't be thinking like I need to prove that. We used to think he was gonna be election -- who's going to be. And he did -- quite like holiday there's no question -- can improve on and I would think he would probably won't the first to acknowledge that it can. There were some things that you saw across -- field just. Have been a guy that some changes in the delivered to place and the cause some different action to the bridges to the strikes on -- and I think -- -- -- him in the numbers put up. What and I do -- that said that he is eagerly go -- and he started making some of those adjustments to delivery towards the end of last year. And that's continued through the early throwing here and I think he's going to be a good place setting aside maybe some of the conversation he had the other day but I'm not just you hear people like us media people talk about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For instance this guy has to do pitching seems O ethereal just. I hope that 01 of the one of the things that are hopeful we get back to this is keeping it simple and basic I mean it's a matter of attacking the strike zone to the first repairs for strikes a statement of account. You know. Hopefully we work a little bit quicker on the mound good idea. You know -- eagle buckles expect that to -- the number. I don't know the exact exactly 73. Seconds between pitches which is ups weaknesses. Of this. There's. Kept pace will be doing. It's a -- that it's part of what we're doing and return good and a good idea -- there's an old -- of work quick change fees and throw strikes minutes it's been approved. Even simple. Philosophy for quite a long time so you want to -- to be aggressive look much better hitters runners is going to get aggressive baseball team. On the base -- yes hopefully that's the intent as far as in the batter's box we're hopeful that we're still a grind it out at bat. Wear down starting pitching. Get on base with the highest percentage we can't but I think we can press the envelope to a one against the defense. Not to say that -- turn everybody loose in the basement and run reckless. What we can be opportunistic and more importantly how to we prepare to become aware of certain situations inside the game to take advantage. Final question for me Jon Lester was so bad so toxic that the relationship between the fans in the baseball team. Really suffered really deteriorated now this is your opportunity -- change that culture change that relationship what would you like to fans that know about what's happening this year that's. You have talked -- you have my word that we are gonna work and prepare to put together the best possible game plan and given night. We gave it to make the game the most important focal point on a given day and not anything individual that leads up to it. That's the message that I hope to convey an established here. And I think that type of people battery inside the uniform have been brought and I have a track record of that and I think this will be a team that will be a hard nosed team the people identify. Just -- good luck thanks for the time this morning into the conversation always good John Ferrell John Ferrell Dennis and Callahan live from Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida.

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