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The Celtics injuries continue to pile up

Feb 12, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Celtics and how the loss of Leandro Barbosa after the loss of Rondo affects what Danny Ainge might do as the trade deadline approaches.

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Yeah I was ready I was I thought it worth that I was I was. I was going from running things. I know that it wasn't on December right that it was going to be able to so -- that addresses these men. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again a lot of pain in and yeah I actually pulled my career to this it's written column by trying to -- American. And -- and try to of this ballclub that was struggling badly. And doctors told me that -- I -- just not my -- We're not certain ways. In. There. Injuries are just so ridiculously prominent when it comes to all of sports and -- every single team. Early every you know -- patriots. You know we need to start drunken and go from there. You know you talk over the Red Sox Ortiz going down last year middle -- going down last year the Celtics this year it is getting raked by injuries. How about the brewers are they doing they're coming back from injuries right now but they're they're from act one nothing deficit. That you are losing the Rangers. Tonight so far after one you know I think the solution is Mike. They -- have to hire the ravens doctors get the ravens doctors -- volleys you've got deer antlers that well you get Ray Lewis coming back from. His torn triceps and two -- sides know these guys come back from bad injuries as quick as they do -- those weapons are directly -- CDs up here how quickly they got through that. -- -- Abe Lincoln's 204 birthday is it true that -- it was a -- warrior legend -- you can speak -- I think god there's no doubt I would think he would be the number one -- warrior -- it was one of the biggest dudes around you know and -- in -- 1865. -- not every 464. -- And he was 64 and a half that's like being -- 610 -- at all yet easily yet does that mean a lot of these guys were -- -- I think -- Ulysses as grant was -- 57. And property Leo those little guys little tiny feet guys. George Washington was a big guy -- he was relatively -- -- you know maybe voted for the big guys beckoned for reason I don't. Maybe it's edited for -- something. John Adams was very naive and short small short squat -- yet short squat idea of 19698. Twitter follow that's company to get to -- -- it 9700. He'll get those two I think. He had volume again but he can't do that only 399302. Away from my goal on thousand. Sort of follows at Mikey Adams WBI's my Twitter handle writers is that John. 6177797. 937 is a telephone number to me of Jerry Italy and Jerry. How the ball -- of the growing what's up the jury. I just -- basketball -- quick man oh pounds so angry at that -- to sort I mean nobody in the world group for the past couple gains. I'll make -- in that game that the -- -- on it would have been so noble Rondo Omer Farooq. What it would mean do something about what you mean I know I know you're not you're thinking your way you know Norton -- -- Kevin -- is going to be -- retiree assuming that Alec and that'll be going and so. A big lead you to get ready -- the -- -- because he has been a problem right now you know UB QB game -- -- Are you crazy this is well first major injury yet this is a bit this injuries different from radios he had his arm almost ripped off by that -- And that hurt him but I mean what. You -- what your saying is Rondo is not an asset to this TV somebody got to get rid. I yeah it basically means could. Be. I don't need -- home. Sounds like you can grab somebody bad I don't know if you've been beaten in Deutch pretty terrible I was going to be Belinda who who do you have in mind who's better. I'm speaking -- maybe Chris Paul. Yeah I do that -- over the clippers won't. Well thought well you know somebody -- -- maybe if somebody coming not from. You know and it's wrapped I don't know. -- have to wait for next year yeah I this I know it's hard to understand all this you know it's it's clear that a lot of people once Rondo went down on the Celtics won seven in a row and made a case out of that four. The team would be better without Rondo or that he's part of the problem are or whatever you know. I'm glad I'm glad you said that because that Turkey guys injured we want game and I know but it it still -- you explain that. Well let me ask -- questions do you watch the playoffs last year against Miami right absolutely wasn't -- without Rondo how how long would they've stayed in that series. -- -- -- -- I think it would have been swept in four yeah -- -- that price five games spy games or maybe not maybe four you know without Rondo -- that if you kept. And like everybody needs. What -- happen I mean who was going to be a chemistry. That. You know. Well -- -- tended to him well we don't know because we haven't seen that sick circumstance arise but I'd rather kind of wait and see and so my dad and to use. Until you have to make debt that call up and gonna have to wait a minute here -- -- because it. We have seen that circumstance before his 2000 final -- -- was younger player when Garnett went down for the season and ended -- blues and in the Eastern Conference finals to Orlando and that was the year. When their goal for the repeat ninety they would have repeated of Garnett to go down that injury right but you know there will be actually -- see how well the southeast and without Iran of enemies you make a case for where you're talking Robert thanks for the call and you have a good night's. More rod though he would hate every minute you get -- though in this is again it's a function of -- if they had lost. Five out of those seven games he no one would be saying that -- about how much things have changed here in the past couple years are right. This is go back just even a few years back say 2010 Mike. Rondo and Pedroia to the most liked guys in Boston sports about two of the most hated forever I don't get it either way. I mean in Haiti Rondo. -- hitting Pedroia I don't get that. As I noticed people out of the -- but I don't know what the reason czar. There's Pedroia not give a 100% every time he plays I think he does you know what it is is -- -- going to be robberies it would just get on defense is defense on whatever. They better team and a run of. No they're not there at the the two thing and there's a couple of aspects yet defensively and some aspects may be you know he -- definitely that case but. You know why I think it's it's. Rondo they've debut as the stubborn guy setter there's some of that but. The exit to the perceived leaders or the other of the stars of the teams I people looking at baton that is standards. Are higher for -- because it was there because they had to 9700 act quickly while good job Chris LeMay to greeted me. And said 97 and that deserves it showed on your show from Greenfield Massachusetts and ego Chris. People were talking about. Abe Lincoln earlier and and you know awards -- re asking me personally was it was Abe Lincoln on steroids to Mikey. He part of it an event he digs in on meet dad who you know we know it was a great wrestler. -- -- in Lawrence allowed Thomas. My you don't. -- how is it Tomas Tomas. Is it Thomas or Tomas. Yeah -- -- -- -- it easier but not Hamas we could do we can do to a mosque. Yes this is seed that -- -- is by you vote. That what's up Tomas. I'd just I don't even like to move toward someone -- -- -- right now but I think about -- -- it's the perfect but it rained out to contemplate even. I don't know given Allen -- I just see -- sort out some in the tank I don't know. Are you know here's probably the the probably the Allen Iverson is if you said that to me five years ago I would have -- considered it. The problem is now he's five years beyond that point. He just he just lost his house. In a divorce he lost his kids and he's got no money these bankrupted these he's a mess and not that he always -- and amass raw mentality hadn't. At a guy's got issues -- just a resident and I could care less about bankruptcy all that stuff because still plague could -- -- is gonna take him to get in shape in NBA -- -- depend -- it might be let the moral redemption not like I mean court order of their city and out of you know. It caught up in Africa every seat in the -- -- attended a month. Severity selling those games out there it's. Thing is I think at this point he's a little too vigorous he's got a lot of issue or was it maybe a mrs. woods was he arrested last week. Was it last week now. Was in I think it whether that guy innocently he had his home foreclosed on as always start well yeah ours -- rest you know but there was other issues too with the -- that he was drinking and in Dominique his take care of the kids he was drinking and -- -- -- -- -- he did so that. Mavericks up from a -- they jail he's a lot of fun Tomas to watch but he I think he was a lot more fun five years ago. -- And it's an 88 the public relations the greatest shall have a. Thank anybody you have a good nights of it's only only 37. The toughness and over again he's he's not she's not basketball -- last night's arm. What he's been interviewed look a little bit pudgy the dudes and old 37 he's been through the mill -- it. It is still in college when he did time for throwing chairs and evident that he -- -- -- -- -- shares over some people's -- a bowl and earlier and one of the toughest players have ever seen -- -- so he's only like 5105 -- -- -- 511 -- he would -- -- -- he would -- Crushed I just about every plane bounced back practice. For analysts got it on the.

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