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Are Red Sox fans more optimistic or pessimistic about this season

Feb 12, 2013|

Mikey tends to be more optimistic about the local sports teams, Ryder takes a more reserved stance, they try to gauge where Red Sox fans fall in terms of the upcoming season.

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Back -- on a planet Mikey shoes on Tuesday a Tuesday night. Twelve of Sabbah. 4013 looking of the -- thirteen Red Sox trying to find some positive -- And what's forthcoming. By the way the Celtics are arm plane tomorrow night they'll play at home against the bulls there's streak is ended its seven wins. It ended last night is set for those -- did catch sex game. Against a not so good team terrible I just got to save -- idea that these guys looked extremely. You can imagine -- tired there are they were after playing. Triple overtime game David fourth wanting to have them back to back. I gave its own thing to have back to back game on the heels of a game that ran fifteen minutes more than you know than the normal regulation. So obvious Celtics. You know why well right now there their what seventh there in the seventh playoff spot in the east they are. And the via. Bulls coming in and their their point guard is or -- said he says today I believe that he's not even close to be ready. He just said he wants to be a 110% I think they'll settle for a hundred. I think they'll sell for 94. With him you know why and and they both trying to hang up -- -- to into an update last year. It's funny -- these injuries Mikey because it's something different. All the time. Just a couple of weeks ago. Their time bought him returning in you know early march Tom Thibodeau was optimistic about him coming back. Soon. All of sudden you hear that today so knows that's his own assessment I guess maybe you know compile -- opinions of doctors or whatever he's not ready. We're talking about the Red Sox -- in and really were where's the optimism we're kind of root out amusing this 1993 team is a compared to only because they were 500 team and it was twenty years ago. It -- so we and it's kind of really the last time we remember them being as uncompetitive. If that's the right word. Based on their their winning the amount of games they won last year. 69 games last year rises total hell really from the beginning of the year -- room it never got any better. Our phone number here and its load up the phone lines were talking baseball maybe spring training is under way everybody's deal and you know -- I don't worry about with the bees. The bees are up to their best start ever big game tonight. Is the Rangers and dies so there's no complaints of any of those levels here in the Celtics you know there's seven of the last eight out. About Rondo not solid without now without Barbosa. We delving into the the Red Sox such a little bit trying to see what they got what we can look at the positives. On the Red Sox team at 6177797. 937. Of text messages from all over the place. Pedroia is not the issue. Says this text -- from New Hampshire. If they want 89 games made the playoffs last year rather than 69 wins are ready brushes off the issues he had with Youkilis and Valentine. Winning brushes everything under the rug for further reference see Martinez Pedro. And Ramirez Manny. Okay you're right winning is is -- but you know it's and and and you know -- as much as we all really really know much Pedro had to do with the winning of this team. He has the -- they actually won it. Was his worst year Red Sox uniform. So yeah he was great in 0203012000. And I love Pedro he's clearly one of the great pitchers of his era. But the year they won it is ERA -- wounded to near four. I think you only had fourteen or fifteen wins that year but this is a team was loaded. Yet with with -- personnel and able -- -- Audio for Red Sox deal with three team was loaded as well but you know four and I was shelling anchoring and it's showing right. And the other thing about that seamless and certainly many -- eight year eight year contract with the Red Sox. For six out of those eight years he's very very productive. I'm hitter and we happened and known now that some of it might have had to do with PED's but nonetheless. And they would talk about Manny here in the impact he had on the 04 Red Sox integrate regular season. He had a pretty good World Series. But -- the most important series of his life and of the life of any Red Sox fan ever. Since that time has been and was. The the the seven game series against the New York Yankees. You know that was really what people cling to when it comes to that season because without that unbelievably. Moment to series historic series. The Red Sox don't go and blow and steam roll over the cardinals and it worlds the but -- wasn't the reason and Yankee series -- -- -- sorties any had zero RBIs the zero. It was it was a buzz kill it was almost a let down after that yankees series -- as -- did they swept the cardinals won at all that's the most important pigment. That yankees series there won't ever I don't think be a better series than that appearance extent ever no matter what it is or any fan of and it seems right in his district this incredible. Totally loaded with great moments and a historic as it turns of events. If you will Davis in Quincy Dave you're on the planet Mikey show how where you. I'm good -- ally excellent. -- would vote for a little bit of Bob. So mob prognostication. Yes. Always. Two to play it like you who are. -- -- prognosticate. Look at it and you'll buy. And on Lackey at a C -- -- Night. Well Lackey the the good news is and there is have been nothing but good news on Lackey -- at least this year in -- he's come to camp. Quite visibly tremor and you know let's face -- he didn't play last year so if you -- loaded up with that. And bloated than it was because he you know wasn't playing in the game. They -- one thing you got to give credit for if anything. Is the fact that he at least understands this is it to back here did get some Don coming off a whole year of sitting on your ass after the Tommy John surgery. And had to avoid a year's worth of boarding -- help you guys want to improve what's your worth and know that that price tags high. So anyway. While that's a real tough call because we don't know what. You know it's it's OK to look good to lose the weight but just a got a real throw the ball he never did have the greatest stuff. He was a controlled base guy. You know and an innings eater and all that stuff. Are we have they would now be happy with twelve win yeah I think the ceiling for him I was gonna say Dave. Thirteen wins but I think he's somewhere around eleven would date format have Fiore which that they did take. Yes or number five that's right on the middle for what he's shown -- in the past -- you know but I don't know about these people -- 1617. Wins now I don't turning around like never -- early in his angels -- didn't do daddy when he was good he had one good year really pharmacies so that was you rip off sure Red Sox -- that was a mistake signing -- It's been proven time and again maybe is a little bit of -- for him if he'd give it twelve wins this year at least. Then you feel a little bit better and again sixty was sixteen million a year. And some sick number like Mozilla -- talked about it. Yeah -- -- mark for John Farrell talked about working with them again yet. Our our chief of staff. And now I gotta -- and have a media. Well you know Bart had. That the thing apart was he looked clearly for five months out of the year couple seizes a row like the most dominant setup guy in baseball. He had that hundred mile an hour fast probably get up to 99. Striking out guys he he was just blown them away and then all of a sudden at the end of each of the last couple years maybe three years worth. I'm Lester doesn't count as -- nowhere last year that I think it was two years -- in September. He started some you know not be able to get it done and is DR -- balloon Dow opening at some really awful outings. So I don't know what's in his head -- if if investors to be believed on any level then there's a big mess in his head and he needs to be totally -- now. Because he doesn't even have -- not a throw number one. Which is the one he could always you know worry wanted to an end and got away with it. I don't know I I thought -- the last generals spoke -- on him completely as far as being. A factor 2011. He was -- the most dominant relievers member went on a stretch -- of Thirtysomething scoreless innings. When he went on that unbelievable terrorist 2011. At. Well it was foul was John -- always -- you guard Erica I'm not sure. Not entitle him now but he he blew up and lost his marbles a little bit at the end of that year as did the whole team for God's sake. But his CR rate jumped from -- -- to you know so like the are the higher salary hike when ZR Reggie Lewis talked about isn't all started season but. The -- right. You know I asked that question this weekend -- have more faith in border Lackey bouncing back. It is a good question a lot of people don't have faith in either one of them but if Bart regains that fastball and images depended out of the bullpen and they don't. Screw around too much for his mechanics his -- -- studies that bright piece of mighty wind surfing in the Virgin Islands went out to wine country in California knows deferred stuff but very close it will see. Not just throw the ball. Throw a ball I think there's still potential -- younger I think if he can get if he still has that same velocity. I think he bounces back movement. I just think you've got it -- Bob daily and now and I am. If you have to -- -- -- that are somewhat low and -- out he's not ages ago -- six and possibly stop. Yeah you know it's it's difficult it is surmise what Hanrahan is going to be you know we can look at his numbers he's -- National League guy. I don't use any American League folksy -- -- watched them all together that much. Or be aware of what is but certainly on paper. And just collapse and wanna check who was the closer 1983 right you remember. 93 where it was into. It was Jeff -- at least that they they were gone by then or where they were still around I'm just looking here in the saves category. Oh yeah it was Jeff Russell Jeff Russell -- -- -- ranger. Reported him as a draw we're pandering and right now just for laughs. Eight days ago -- six on 77797. 937. Is -- telephone number we'd love to hear from you tonight and Chris from Springfield. Has a text. Says I think Lackey has a big year this year lot of people who say what you -- bottom he was suffering with a shoulder all year. When he ate up innings never said a word about it as a year before last. Yeah he should've said something about a -- saved some of the as a bad image that went down issue with via the whole beer and chicken thing along with with Beckett he impacted. And and I guess Buchholz and Lester too we all pitchers were involved in that or are you felt like they were involvement yeah radio -- how much they were. Exactly I'm not miniature this text is why you're shocked by the lost of the bobcats. Look at the last ten to fifteen games with the Celtics usually don't play them well. Well -- they were playing -- everybody well up -- one. Last night I mean really it last night I mean this -- my guys told me they just lost all their Jews at the end of that game. Spaceship Barbosa went down. And it was out of the court or a court and the game I mean who was plane it was well I mean it wasn't that it was Garnett. Pierce. Bradley green. And was -- out to I have it written down here probably was clearly. I know terror it was. Very into the game Terry green peers. And Garnett and Bradley. But I mean every single one of those would have had extremely tired legs from the all they played the ball -- time in the -- over tears and -- all jump shots and heavy legs here yeah. -- and eggs baby. Heavy legs it -- -- -- -- your keys sit at the piano -- and -- and heavy legs 3.3 three year or in 2000. What was it 3.3 3 in the morning eleven yes yeah I think it was for it was around the allies are the most season ended in September gave up everything neighbor exactly. -- let's take let's get the phones don't you baseball fans and you're out there I don't care if -- pessimistic we can deal with it let's get some optimism to. And mix the two together and see where we got what's your percentage. Of optimism -- 55. 45.

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