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Are Sox fans down on Dustin Pedroia?

Feb 12, 2013|

We discuss whether or not the "scrappy" leader of the Red Sox has worn thin on fans since the team went in the tank a season and a half ago.

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This -- -- I was back and we know hardy myself and I think Roy -- I don't really understand why. Knowing what love is trying to do but it's -- not the way we go about our partners on the I'm sure we'll figure that out soon. That's estimate jurors' comments last April -- was the date on that we have the data in. April 16. Both. -- right up on April 15 for the season was like two weeks Arctic and put too much into the into the season. And he said that and now people still haven't thrown out. So Friday. We -- -- -- Ten month anniversary of that comment -- the story of the -- and they didn't eventually. Is at that time a lot of people still were caught up and -- into Bobby -- fever. Eventually yeah eventually that dissipated. And and you would've thought that once it would have gone those comments by a majority even though he apologized after one. Didn't happen nice inning well here's here's David Jamaica Plain hello David. Hello Michael. What's. What was question or JP -- and what's going on. 10 like that. And that has asked the man had a blast you know. They know. Modeling of the new -- -- read it exactly -- it is it's I'm I'm I'm actually I'm. I didn't I can send them actually call them the uncle slightly and there you -- Lumping -- you are about -- -- it up eight you know I think -- that the west oak flat flat flat quote the Mayor Menino the west's lack put. You know the ultimate goal to get to the Super Bowl in in in what what is unbelievable. Turned a seat in but once he answered. Clog the middle of the yield increase and meet at -- looking like one agency can look at it I can't get us. -- promptly and and that's what makes him. You know you would think eighteen would strike him out of me you know I mean it would re up on -- long -- whatever what. It like great during -- you know and I'm not big stricter and you know that -- -- eight and and then during the play -- CE disappeared which he doesn't. But ultimately -- and kind of shut down the middle of the appeal that you become. You know somebody that it can't get a little problem and I take that the -- -- kicking in that fashion that you know that you -- You know he just can't get -- in that make him. Not as -- know I'm I'm not immediately kind of property it is kind of a strange aspect -- You know what when I look at it he kept them there you don't get in the playoffs but then -- like I -- defense does not. Got caught it -- it it's more congested but I would sign. These I don't know what I would as well what he's got a good players great player great receiver. Sign him up there there's no. There's no reason. Not to and when you think you think about the history. That the patriots history of bringing in -- fevers and -- guys. And then there's the transition that it will take for Tom Brady get used to yet another guy who's going to be a primary yard it that's a much. Read over the Iraq was a Bedard Bedard Bedard said release of him and Brandon Lloyd -- And then you tweak your office and he go with a -- cows ski Hernandez. You have Hernandez that you're slot guy. And you -- got you know Ballard company and again and count them. But I would do it wouldn't -- a couple of a couple things with that David Hernandez to meet the fact that he's so versatile when you can move them home. Are any present such a mismatch. Especially Ortiz when he stood up to date with a linebacker. I don't like I -- necessarily. That consistently out of this law. I think you go with -- element out of the slot and you continue to use Hernandez the way you using right now to -- -- on board with no I don't know I wanna keep Wes walker right no no settlement news is -- new year. The talent that west walkers he's a nice player to have -- Is a nice player out but you've got to him while I don't understand. The whole mentality here. That is this is giving you 11520. Catches for your tickets but the drop the last couple years or John and Jerry read the list today of the top guys in the league with the most drop in -- dark. But Calvin Johnson throws all the great players right. All great players 'cause they're targeted war got a -- and more yet to officially drops and how important those guys are going to have more drops is they're targeted more. So really got to look at the percentage. All of how many times did dropping vs somebody -- that targeted. -- noticed in the thing with -- to me. He's right they can beat up on him a little bit more as you get away with a little bit more in the playoffs and I think. Teams have done effectively don't you have to get the playoffs for -- Don't you have to win a good 1213 fourteen games to be in good position in the policies. As a matter of some value. Yeah you know the one thing we haven't seen for a number of reasons. We haven't seen one game. Of one of one good playoff run open at that one good playoff run where you have everybody in place the way they designed the often. It has it played out that way in the playoffs for example -- 2010. Gronkowski -- rookie year you think. -- this is -- -- cute pretty good rookie got Wes Welker but Wes Welker doesn't start decade. And I don't know if that led to get them out of rhythm or -- first series but he is so he's not starting that game. And then and then we know what happened in 2011 to 1211. Gradkowski hurt. In the AFC championship game and really can't be himself in the super ball. And the same thing in 2012. It is hard to say well this is what's gonna happen once you advance in the playoffs when you don't necessarily have. That the personnel. That your whole offense was designed to. I don't know Wes Welker is a problem if if you get the post season players like Welker -- problem or for the patriots the bigger problem is. You don't have. Your number one target. Big target Murkowski. Is that the issue that she didn't do you know -- that Wes Welker. -- little slot guy catching seven and eight yard passes let's put it this way. I would like to see a healthy grown in one of these big games -- Super Bowl game. You know an AFC championship game healthy wrong. With Wes Welker out here and then we probably could make that judgment and I I gotta say the steps -- for. I've got to keep going on here. Wes Welker. Is not slow. Wes Welker is not least slow receivers -- It's been said. It's been it's been said often that that he is he's not the fastest guy here he's fast. He's a very fast guy not the most of this -- -- also have. -- Because. And be diplomatic. Diplomatic it would here last week and and maybe -- -- too far. Because. He comes in certain package. Because he looks a certain way -- -- there and you're not used to seeing guys. Who look like him being able to be fast. Being able to get a -- Maybe that whole perception. Kind of misleads people into fast receiver. I don't go on the Mike whoever yes yes my apartment right -- a white guy -- a small little white guy right right. You all the cliches that don't apply. These facts. He -- he can outrun people. Can look at look at Georgia to edit it leads the league in yards after the can easily. He's been tremendous and to the and he doesn't he doesn't get open because he is me go over some more Kristi can get open because he's a coach's son doesn't get open because he's a heady player. He doesn't get open because. You know he's just it just really studies this morning everybody else. You don't come it'll light fell as an athlete out he's a good athlete that and that's why you. You know -- the thing is that I like the one thing I can and is tough to want off the -- get -- -- -- it will. He's on the field every virtually every -- And even when he get injured in a game in Houston the final game of the regular season he was back ready for opening day the following year the -- so. We know what he has the thing that I would fear is signing them up to a long term deal at his age right now because. Even though he's one of those little small little. Like guys who's really quick in an athlete or whatever they slowed. All of when a fast guys slows down white black green they slowed down when they get to a certain age to get to that point we have to be a little bit concerned. -- No -- -- -- thank eucharist and I know I know the -- hall of Famer art cart path in jail for another color somebody's skins that's both the -- both about it you know content care analyst. Green person and publicly report. Have you ever seen anybody here is Eric Robert if -- purple people but that was after a rough night. 61777. And 9370 republic.

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