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John Henry speaks... are Red Sox fans listening?

Feb 12, 2013|

We get into John Henry's comments from the start of Spring Training about the team's new direction, and wonder if fans even care at this point.

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Well they have to be smarter because it's. It. There are constraints. Place. They have to be smarter you seem to just outspend him. That's much more difficult to lose. -- right there right there that might have set at all right there that to me was the most interesting quote while this Little John Henry on the picnic table yesterday. He basically saying the rules have changed and I have to change who draft picks. They've changed how you spend money and how money with a luxury tax goes back into the into the pool so that teams that. Don't have the money small market teams can now go out and signed draft picks so what -- basically savor this -- this again and basically saying that before they get an advantage of course they could outspend everybody else and that helped them and now maybe you've got to be a little smarter. Well I have to be smarter because it's. It. There are constraints and place. They have to be smarter who used to you can just outspend every. That's much more difficult to lose. So now. If that's the case we're gonna have we're gonna find out how good the organization is going evaluating now. That's what it comes down to -- and -- He's basically stand they have had an advantage. They have been able because of the revenue that of developed in the great revenue streams that did -- far greater than anything -- John Harrington and his predecessors were able to. Produced here. Has allowed them. You're going to spend close to the Yankees to -- could come. All still spending that money yankees -- -- But they have been able to come close to what the Yankees were spending and it actually done it better than the Yankees over the last decade most of the -- -- fans but it's true. But now. It comes down to the rules have changed and he can't just -- spend people that's all they want. Outspent people. And you know enjoy the changing rules. And the money that teams that you not expect that you're not expecting to be involved in free agency involve towed to a great degree. I Tito's Cleveland Indians are great example I'm -- what why they're signing Michael Bourn is beyond me and I don't know why. They signed because they just signed a new television deal and they have all the new revenue on the north Texas a bad use of than the money that you have. Thirty -- player a thirty year old play hard to get a player to go to Cleveland the only other odd team that was interest apparently to naturally -- Get signed him up they -- before you're 48 million dollars. 3830 is a good player getting twelve million dollars a year for four years thirty years -- the same thing with swisher. Emery -- swisher right. They gave him at six million right so I think that you look at. You look at the Red Sox and they're spending it the the numbers for awhile were three and 39 electorate in the three you're 39 -- our country. Other doctors. Caught a condition Mike Napoli are able to go back. And renegotiate get a a much seeing for an earlier deal. -- at those numbers initially the Red Sox are really overspending but it's free agency. Everybody overspent and create as you've seen across the board see all the numbers in freeagent. Late. In late in the process in February. Michael -- get that kind of money I think he's a -- -- player but over twice terrific defensive players center fielder but you're right now we're here now on days like Enron. -- at least thirty years area that much of an on -- Geithner. Not really. He might not an argument you -- but he's a singles and doubles and basically he's got some speed he's terrific center field. It's great offense but. You're right for forty million dollars -- you get a little pop back out to get something out of Latin. Am and you don't it's an -- that's why if Jacoby Ellsbury has a good year this year. He's gonna score big -- -- free agency market next year I think also when talk about the Red Sox and how to going to be good now wouldn't be surprised division winner with. 899091. Wins -- I can these threats are to win ninety games. Inevitably people's -- yeah seventeen wins last year at fifteen wins for this guy this guy that worked that way. Now the Orioles won 93 games faster. Who was -- -- leader coming up media won the most games in the Baltimore Orioles master of the number. Chin when the most I edited it down the games he went. 1112 well against him after leader right. So that have to be all of this rotation has to be amazing. I think pace and significantly if you you talk about the addition to which should last year and I you know I -- an honest. Some of what you said last year about your -- is these right. And I don't know if any team is going to duplicated again. Is if you look at the one run ball games that they want it's all off. The charts amazing it was -- -- what you are at last year and you don't want Michael their bullpen was excellent and and Johnson as a closer. Was tremendous. To the playoffs tremendous. But the bullpen wasn't like. The greatest bull pen -- -- -- it was kind of a conglomeration. Of of a bunch of different guys that where have an up and down years on the used. A lot of different guys. In in -- pitching staff. So if we're looking at the Red Sox repeating what the Orioles did I think that's a long shot. Because I think in many respects you write about your -- I think is going to be very difficult for them to come back -- that same wind total. By winning these one run games. There's a lot of it was kind of a flow well. I think with the Red Sox you add adding Dempster. Is a nice addition not a great pitcher but a nice addition an -- Hanrahan. As your closer in anointing him as your closer right now. -- some problems. And I think it also helps. To what degree we don't know I think it also helps that your manager is a guy. Who knows these guys when they had their most success he knows Jon Lester Jon Lester was at his height. It was at at the height of his this talent. Win. John Ferrell was here Daniel Bard developed into a very good middle reliever when John Ferrell was here. Clay Buchholz. Had a great year when John -- was -- so I think. I think that help. But there's no question that John -- is going to. Take away. The fireworks that existed last year in that clubhouse because I don't think it was. Bobby Valentine's fault that that team didn't perform well next year -- don't think they have the talent and don't think they have the pitching. And there were a lot of other reasons but he didn't help. He didn't help and matter of fact when things started to go awry for root for the team he made matters worse John -- not gonna do. John -- have a very boring camp. And it won't be a lot of and excitement a controversy coming out of this campus he's good it is he's gonna keep it that way he's got a little bit of T don't want them and that in that respect. That's a good thing for the state. They don't need. Additional outside controversies. Of the during the course of the season he'll be pretty static. Now again if you don't have the pitching. You know the talent as evident by him in Toronto. And won a lot of games last year in Toronto. Didn't have the pitching. So John Ferrell can only do so much. Ferrell can only win a couple games during the course of the season for a lot of games a manager can quit for yeah he can keep this thing together. You could make a clear cut argument. The that was really a 7475. Win team and Bobby Valentine probably kill them with five or six games just by screwed up the atmosphere in the club house. I'll give -- that. So Ferrell coming into the situation. Is a far more stable force late. Thank you up thank and a plan that is anybody's written -- a book I'd have you saga I hope -- part of the block. Eventually this is it -- I'm just at a phone calls I don't know. We'll find out whether people care about the -- -- -- -- they wanna call 6177797937. Is Patrick and Connecticut. All the guys. That Chicago. About ninety in. Place. Do you think -- horrible. There were horrible last year they were not -- thing I do have some of the guys at WW IEW lives. Otherwise ridiculous -- the -- the scenes -- that the state law. Their corner outfielders. The corner outfielders. 225. Courses like it it. I don't know about you better -- it went means quarter outfielder hit it quite yet it -- All of that not an issue. -- -- -- That's an issue that that is an issue but don't tell me -- -- deep -- no dummy delegates -- you don't like the corner outfielders tell me why this team. It is a pitching is pitching horrible they have their horrible pitching. I wouldn't say a portable -- yeah that's what you. I want to do you like to be honest without you gotta talk a double barrel Ali it's instinct in all unlike here. Jon Lester he doesn't sound like but it. And I thought I was gonna come back at that yet had a bet he carried out what -- that beat -- did it according to really get a good here last year. I don't wait no wait -- it is your view we can will play the comments and -- little more today a guy who went up traffic on on on on I get back to you I promise. But -- I -- point this out to you. We didn't play all of his -- and play all of his comments yesterday so if you play all those comments. He made that ridiculous assertion that a and in case is somebody who just take the ball. Every time a -- comes up and competes with -- Saturdays but he also said a couple of times that he saw. And it and I know this because that Carl my sons today in every Tammy Saturday Koreans if they were asking about. Is language so yes he did he said all out many times had to bleep out a couple of when he was talking about his performance last year and how bad -- OK -- -- -- that I feel like it sounded more like aspect yet. Well not at -- RG did you hear the entire thing. I I'm. I did not know the entire thing but what I did here. And it sounds like he's making you a bit about what you are really really well I mean it apostolic a guy who got the memo. If I've -- I thought. John -- and a blue dot whatsoever. I I didn't like what he had to say that I didn't like the fact that John Lackey was not. At least in some ways apologetic he was standing by the that the chicken and -- or whatever to me. And he's right they're not getting -- if they're going to reinvent themselves to be more likable with the public. And it's. As a matter. Doesn't matter what -- what matters is Jon Lester pitching better. So it to them why that old I don't get into why is like a -- OK I don't care for his life out of our pitch better okay then why. Did you just a few minutes ago we were talking about John agreed that changed -- making is bringing in. Likable. What I'm trying to interpret his comments -- -- and I agree with John Henry said what does -- and remain. Trying to tell you what I think he -- I don't know I agree with I don't think that likable guy stuff is gonna I don't care I don't care I do. Ike but that's what -- -- changes if that's -- change. Then Dustin Pedroia right now he's not likable amongst the public and I don't get it. He made one comment. Matter fact David Ortiz a military here a little bit later takes a little shot at that Bobby don't that and what does Dustin Pedroia don't just about Bobby Valentine did it he said. Not that somebody. Rushed here is all on us none of it is on Bob he's taking full responsibility he made one mistake by showing up the manager. And for some reason people have taken this entire body of work of of this that this guy. And suddenly. This is this is what he stayed at you saw the text machine lit up want to mention his name Bob -- text machine lights up they don't like the skit and I don't understand. They represent. Does that represent you think -- -- I think it's. I think it's a large number -- database ally don't know what the exact figures I think there are a lot of people don't like -- you know I they -- them at his radio station. Are they the majority of the Texas who say you know Dustin Pedroia is this he's that I don't like dummies he's a -- upon tempered that to give a much. -- difference of the people. That are right called Bo Sox people you know people show the ballpark every day -- season ticket always they may like him I think people. Beyond that people watched games listen to the games on the monitor the games every day get emotionally test of the games. I think there's a strong number there that that doesn't like.

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