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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/12/13

Feb 12, 2013|

We discuss four topics we normally wouldn't touch on during the normal course of the show. Today includes worst uniforms in sports, favorite dog breeds, wrestling out of the Olympics and more.

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And he and then you know -- Needs to be NGOs for poor and toward more like fourth yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We could be yeah. But I've been first four new topic status but I have been. Doug Flutie is competing in MLB network's reality shows the next -- where the winner gets into. Okay. The winner gets an invitation in the -- -- spring training what are the chances when he pitches for the tax losses in the embryo that the -- John David Booty. Josh booty. Is about just roster vote. Millionaire Serena regardless Bryant Harlow will actually tell it any Major League what are the what are they all directions it's all former quarterbacks collagen of what exactly is the biggest OK he's going. Doug Flutie just that things happen and good things happen Doug Flutie -- -- the great athlete to win. -- meant to show -- partisan gloves on these you make fun of for that. Libya and act forget knows follow walls that particular subject and on TV. Come on and got you thinking of some of little kids come. It is now keep in all of our did Florida compete to fight deal from larnaca defense and ultimately to nada I'll I guess is gonna win. I guess as your right foot usually wins everything Nelson's day. He's -- once again social. So I'm taking zero precise yes you know passage of time one nobody he's not at -- -- -- -- at the winner gets an invitation to Madonna back spring training one of the champions including pitched for the -- and a regular. I'd say yeah well. No I would -- -- harper is all right Michael 5% Barber's chair -- not the worst worst and Garth Brooks and -- Crist right. None this is a publicity stunt right and he'll he'll do it in spring training but not in great season game but guard he's gonna make their roster is considered us. 5% chance he may ironic -- very very slight trying to put butts in the seats so that's about politics. Cairo I know I know I know you're not so great man and I'm not either. In other words let's say that's it -- the guys and -- bigger. And I know your math skills terribly good word in my -- say -- 95%. Chance that it won't happen. Pretty much and same thing but I am optimistic and that's I guess 5% use your 5% tension becomes -- movies will be increased -- -- The field. The IOC dropped to wrestling as an Olympic sport starting in two when he took when he. Wrestling being a truly international sport with 71 countries representative. Represented at last year's Olympics. And the -- tap on having only 26 countries representing what other Olympic sport should get the boot from the game. Which he's if he's the one that day shoot on on skis. Well. You you my -- but by apple apple. Cut out the by long. It's a complete should it exclude people stone cold Steve Austin rock from the -- the and that's a different rush. Hour. Work tomorrow -- Our asking price spreads -- -- -- -- a form. -- about that. The -- and shoot yourself. In the -- -- -- Atlanta and that's ridiculous right. It's what the real story here that there's a real thing. Some but to think that there is else is -- -- right at that yeah that's when the exclude the chairs in the people's you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- us. -- that's reform objects that they alone. So that's when we count easy when judgment is synchronized. Synchronized -- -- about an archer well worth it. Women only -- of immigrants from. You can I I used to is that as you you'd years ago it was you were naked in the pool. Workouts a -- for. What's important upward but it would. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not a bomber's -- that's that's athletic ability there it's Chinese dominating every game of baseball and softball you are in the army but Americans don't. It -- it. About baseball. -- -- The Americans -- so OK that's. Not I don't know ping -- got to -- and that's amazing especially when you see implanted political team table tennis -- table whatever they call. The black to -- it wouldn't see somebody you ski in the -- shoot them. You're playing at a high level grace and friends record now hardee's has -- on a few beans Keeneland. -- tell us as friends apparently added it's good. Where that story is not -- that story is not right. And it wasn't right for Plaxico Boris and it's not right for -- -- -- but since he's the potentially the future of the Red Sox nobody's the recent and questioning. Let's look at the hard hitting reporters down there and then in Fort Myers is with -- are straying away from roads for road she's gonna get to the bottom of this who approached. She's gonna get to the bottom of this -- priority it reporter from a lover -- now Roche is a great. Nice guy but date but they may be the nicest guy in an -- and I just got a media. Yeah he's a wonderful guy and it worked for the years ago he's just a wonderful guy but. You know the the next -- question -- in his native who will be the first of course. He's arrested and that's I mean the players level. He has access to the players because they know that he's not necessarily -- to challenge it. Everybody's got to do this -- the next question he's got he's got his little bro he's got a -- and it works for. Position he he has he's genuinely great talking about tough questions here's the Westminster kennel dog shows under -- area. This your least favorite and -- and favorite breed of dog well. I can -- the favorite it's easy in that Inca young Andrew back here agree with me. Because we're both -- owners. Are. The draft. -- I mean this ugly really beautiful -- -- there you -- through -- -- to -- is definitely a top contender for this group went. Jeffrey really knows how to put its best foot forward in the -- But he also knows how to on line between show. And and looking like it's like wrong it just looks on the line in between Shia and I -- not to sound like not it's not like rob Parker here. -- rob Parker I have a real -- And got a corn ball park. Go to search for we are so their their rescue dogs. That they're both rescue dogs in so -- Truly it's advertise that the pilot. All the way it looks like squat me. Flat faced the whole thing -- and as an OK and you know the other line. I think news. I think that the people I think they I think they die or something like. She's I think they died or black. I think that it. I'm questioning her black dyed -- black. And see rod I've never seen that don't run fed audit won't runner -- Walt it's easy rider -- It's a great countless break Graham if you take her AP ticker outside cheeses breads now. She's bag. When you see in front of me what you see in front -- -- -- a big blue ribbon that's right -- party wanted to come and you managed to. A separate out that a lot of us to take. It from the movies as company Westminster. Kennel your -- and go yes yes benefit we just got to rescue dog recently popular around Christmas. Little house must be a -- that while it's it's a challenge was -- at this Christmas you missed most of what's in at that that's a golden with the Glavine and it's the same thing it's -- you know. Beautiful lineup thank you very much. -- of the Beagle you don't. And I love though they all have these like Fay Cortez of accidents would you do not British but did not come off not. As a New York you know from New York. But when they have to announce like the -- and when you hear them with that type of accent it just sounds fun at her dogs now as far as the worst breed I can't tell because there are some dogs there. You say that can't be real that's like Photoshop that there's not that they're non animal. That really looks like Internet that they are like -- bubbles of firm date came and I don't know what they're called. But some of marks are properties -- -- -- -- hairless dog yeah oh yeah see now and listening and you would you watch this pretty religiously and pretty good programming -- our beautiful. Animals but they also pat. If you and they do all kinds of all of -- -- -- they don't have athletes. It's a month treadmills -- to support over worked out stopped legally we need to move as well as. I know. I'm not his religious with the you don't from the eagle you whenever waters -- handled the I've watched it put. I watch your Frontline. I really do best show which will be used for. But I -- for -- what movie it's like an extension of the movies you watch it's. It's. -- -- All right the Golden State Warriors haven't built their new short -- yours and I. Like I like like unbelievable. -- with you one of the worst uniforms and all sports. -- -- overcome acts when they did the eight collar sweater remember that one close to -- And it was just -- Denver Nuggets one time -- -- -- audit pocket you want to like tell us about cats last by the -- yet snaps. -- you like was that accurate but Europe. It got to be so there's got to be some bad ones everything -- -- president every doing it here every team -- the short sleeve venture. To go Steelers a little projects. The jets have a -- -- back into the Broncos throwback that was the -- program that was Ayers wrote exit Packers. Although I as the New York Jets and measures to deal sunrise. But there's a -- You don't want now how do you guys feel about the you went goals school do you feel about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In principle yes well. Like it knows. That's all the -- In his. Lot -- crazy about these. Of these night the deficit. Yeah green -- -- like crazy Maryland. Remember Maryland last year in -- trying to incorporate the flag in all its that was on the system. Via Ohio State Michigan basketball -- Michigan at the same thing all -- Just like right yellow. Your likeness and with optional with a short sleeve. Remember this the six instances -- -- shall yes seventy. He's asked for some humans. That Astros that blah blah but. -- -- -- Lou that. Jesus and that -- The the hero and -- -- and that all changed there's. I think and I'll -- that if the Patriot. Act that patriot and I know. Patriot represents bad thing for the most part not a bad memories. They -- -- -- would be most populous. It wouldn't be opposed to if you look at it. One guy wearing an element of -- Common goal. Ultimate you know. Goal and I think it has ought to do with. Which you remember with the -- in the world Greek teams. Old uniform and he steams to the red uniforms the worst. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've talked to the worst were to restore the red -- off. I thought you -- fashion.

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