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Feb 12, 2013|

We check in with Max the day after the 7-game Rondo-less winning streak comes to an end, and the Celts lose another player for the entire season in Leandro Barbosa with an ACL tear.

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I bet you're the big shelf or Atlanta holly it's 61777979837. Will do want alike coming up the next our. Another injury to the Boston Celtics last night Barbosa goes down looks like -- -- ACL couch for the season he was so. Guy who had done over the last eight games with Rondo out have been averaging about 21 minutes a game eight points per game. They'd given him. Energy off the bench and more important. Their depth right now is really down they're down three guards here. This makes it even more difficult I mean. I could except last night's loss even though it was one of those and I -- -- if they had a gap and what Shara was just awful. I mean it's a it's a bunch of guys you know playing one on one basketball he really has what has a team -- And you're right they could have easily pulled out that game and should've even though they were both mentally and physically tired. That game was there for them but now Barbosa out and will be fine. You know talent to replace these guys right now this is this a very difficult thing. To do in your schedule is going to get very difficult beginning Wednesday night tomorrow night against the bulls and then you. You know have some serious road games due to be played its secular guys Cedric Maxwell excited somebody. -- -- are you all right thank Max what's this marbles injury did this team depth wise in the back court. Oil that it is surely everything up again and I think it's going to major a little bit more apparent that and needs to go out in. Our Miller you know on the eight ball. Stronger than it would -- parties you know that name out there a lot hey well. I mean years ago completed -- it's been in the system note Doc Rivers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My need to babysitters well. Yet know what what did you from what you can tell. What was the what was the mood of the guys when they found out that news in the used to that they knew it was a Barbosa followed by Salinger and Rondo. Was it did you get the forensic guys were down. Yeah I think these guys are they they haven't. A Tennessee could be that way and how it's only -- for a few minutes after the game actually figured Charlotte. But you know what I would instrument of and in that you miss a ball was like what what met. I mean we go these gather the continues to -- -- out these injuries like who. So I think it is political -- will look Gary your player -- you realize that there is another opportunity for somebody else as -- well. Stay -- America's -- the -- sure that's. That's that's sort of them are so going and going into game the game yesterday. You look at the Celtics instead they need another big night and they also need probably another guard. What are they needed today after losing. Barbosa and what what would be what will be the first priority because I don't you fill. All your needs him but will be beat the they priority Max another bit. And I think the first -- right now will be -- We debate right now are playing well in the PG you know you can put a couple of people in their late. You know world. Green is playing very well. You got Collins who used to have some. So bits and got some of labor I think that you have the so look the other guys especially we don't think about point guard. While both look like you're backup point guard pushed into -- accountable starting roles so. It is in imperative that you you know I think more than anything what article. Our urgent last night in the pregame talking about Charlotte you pointed out that this is the team. That at one point had the lakers down by eighteen points down after the lakers -- the Celtics. -- come down into the game yesterday and it wasn't that. Charlotte was taken lightly maybe that's what made the loss of frustrating. Why do you think ultimately the Celtics could not -- game last night. They -- some of likely analysts say and you were saying before I think get into that day I think it was a seat. Mentally physically I think everybody I was kind of in the in the right. I want to play well. I think one of the things after almost comic out to be a quick stop. In some Catholic jackets off to a quick start you don't count hard look at our house built. I think that was the thing to really hurt them until I did see all the other pieces. That -- to have a couple bad played so bad luck opinion which cost the beginning. You know if you remember they got off to a good start Charlotte and then they went to Oklahoma City. And they got blown out blown out by 45 points and from that point on -- they have bridges dismal. Dismal. Yeah I mean this is the team you know you look at all of our papers like. How many northern do you -- -- seen that the sport for other since. I mean I mean you listened to me -- best player Q or is it pretty good. But I don't see him be -- stored there for you know a lot of teams those leagues so you don't have that talent in and out -- them so Roberts -- got to go to the wayside. When I saw last night moans could start for half the teams in the league but that was last night. Well let let anybody can have you know one or two of those games. A year I think this consistency. Which is is there it is the big difference since you have seen economic consistency from him you know the rubble of his career. All right so the Celtics are seven and one now since Rondo got hurt. It is there anything you've used C about the team now or is there -- way you feel about the team now that you didn't feel. Let's say. Ten minutes before that Miami game we found out Rondo was out for the year. You -- men. Why do you feel do you feel differently about the team now. Then -- -- head off on this Sunday that you learned that Rondo was out for the year. Or worse. You know I still think that I have a set things up till about this team right now is that they're compete. In that thing that I see is there's two main players right now Paul -- is terrible and it. It has made it you know they meet everybody. That's the big things in this thing revised so the B account everybody has to rebuild their -- at the blocks. The US again is just the fact that -- see. In US I think what in the meeting. Let it about the -- mentally between eclipse light coming up that huge game that they hit against number. In that tripled its. So what happens here -- they got to find. What they have thirteen players at twelve players now active on that roster right twelfth. Well -- first -- used to looking at are there anything that you could yet from the -- well. Jokes so would want players that left -- you know you have your -- -- -- you. In the small position. Player a player at that you start looking that way well. Eventually if you point to. Make a move that's sort of the you know you might -- get a little bit. And a lot if you were -- -- we've obviously lost the lattes at some some issue. But he has also -- a guy who's been usually for law passed. It has been able to helping. You not talk about keeping a lot they were ever in the say it's the myopic short term lease. I'll look out for almost a little bit less than NAFTA FISA. I think they probably have to look into -- I don't think they I don't think so I don't think so I don't I don't think Seattle take a week ago they would. Michael but if you look at what's out there I mean a bunch of people texting just as far as a big going fab Melo based on. What I've seen no other time he's been out there he's not ready right -- there's no way. Could play him any meaningful minutes right. Yeah I don't think -- -- your problem have -- In this situation I hoped it would do him any good right now as much like its broad audience with it to the fire. Be sure they're not be ready year if you and I and everybody else saw a couple of in the the I played well. Oh in that deeply but -- that the elite will slow guys in the movie I'm not want to be the UBS. Going to be fascinating to see how this all plays out the next weaker -- but certainly this was say yeah a big blow to the team last night. We shall see how it plays out and hopefully we'll see you work come next week. About sir I mean it's one it's all star break them though. You gave. What do you do Credo of -- area for the all star Bruins don't. Well -- wanted to be in an all star game. Have you actually want to be it is in the Boston area might take a trip down to New York once you play -- Pride he would. Act and not be -- to take golf with a C one. On -- -- scored -- -- political will that do everything that they that. Recharge my batteries and get rid of the second. Simply this and here. He is. A lie. Larry Bird play out of -- good. -- Think. That race you know you don't -- -- uncivilized kings aren't. Why do. You got it go that we can -- -- And we can look at certain what we can hook -- up the I don't know if that'll be lying when he -- recommendation or what did you have for free that's -- there's -- different for endless cycle at the door. Now not to recommend -- check out this play and you won't go out that Google buys a ticket. What it would -- my immediate. Lots and grateful I don't know if it's in the few good ones great one this year was invisible man Greg. Three hours. Three power play a suitable one there ever more yeah it is yeah. Doll. -- Meant I tailed out of that the Americans now say oh yeah. He did have a good mentally tale -- must buybacks invisible -- was thrown in Andy's at just -- -- -- details girl good line. I -- enjoy Charlotte we'll see a vacuum or somebody. Else I would go to our soldier Maxwell republics.

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