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Buchholz strains hamstring, Merloni reports from Ft. Myers

Feb 12, 2013|

Merloni joins Mut and Kirk Minihane from Fort Myers to discuss what he saw when Buchholz injured himself on Day 1 of Spring Training.

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Well snow we grew up down and that. We'll know more tomorrow in in how many days he might. -- some people concessions might have to make up but at this point he wasn't scheduled to to make his first appears until some -- that. Probably day five of the game schedules so. You know we're not gonna pin ourselves any time -- very yet until we get there. The training staff gets their hands on and morally comes in. Red Sox manager John Ferrell describe what happened to -- buckled today. But -- 93 point seven WE yeah the guy first reported. The Clay Buchholz left his work out because -- Maloney who is live in Fort Myers -- I'm doing all right pointed out was exactly the way you wanna start off the first ten minutes of the PDF peace in the field attracts up there for the pitchers here about ten minutes into it and buckled schools one of the ground balls to its first cover. Cover first and bends over and grabbed his right hamstring into the lives of the -- with a trainer so. Not exactly off to a good start as far as it goes. When you here's when he sees something like that and we got the text right away Clay Buchholz is not in shape is it is it. Jump to conclusions on the first day when a guy tweaks to hamstring is that an out of shape type injury the first day of training camp like that -- Well it's not good narrow thing about it is out talked to him before the work -- even in the clubhouse and says you know. Yet he looked thinner. You know it's a -- elect a leaner you know and and let's in this guy's been -- as far as body types already came in he was used too thin they want to gain some weight gain some -- one year and and any -- accused you have V so it's almost that he you know is all this he is still trying to figure out what exactly he needs to do physically to get ready for season. To be kind of frustrating for the -- that he has this points career but he looked like he was in good shape yet that -- kid that's overweight but in ten minutes into it. Does not a good -- he talked. About 510 minutes ago actually about the injury came off the training room and there's a minor tweak the trainer told them that there's a hammy issue this is the best when they have now take that for what it's worth. It's just gonna set him back in spring training is so important for the foundation of pitchers maybe -- hitter misses a couple weeks so be it. When it comes to pitchers -- foundation is huge and it lasts all year long if you wanna make sure they're they're careful with this that the point unfortunately -- might just be a blip I think we're finally here with Buchholz we had this conversation in the same three of us last year I'm sure the year before. You know he's gonna be 29 in August I mean this that -- at some point you have to say. This is who this guy is. Yeah imports and you know it's. Andy get off that awful start last year started turnaround before we get hurt again and came back in just. He didn't you used -- -- you know and this is a concern to me. I can remember a few years back -- Theo Epstein conceal what is Clay Buchholz and I don't consider him an inning eater you know but I look at him his. It prior to all the injuries insisting he brought up real rich hardens name. He take that type of guy some and it give me -- 175. Dominant innings but -- in just not built to be that kind of guy when he -- some of these guys that you know Lester and you didn't even Lackey you know guys giving at least innings in his career. He's just not built that way you know Pedro is an exception is a small guy but he some reason god given talent was at that this is just playing you try to get a 170 quality innings and you don't really reach the 200 mark. Well it's interesting because we start of the show -- talking about this team and their you know what what is going to be the identity. Other Red Sox we both agreed though no matter what 41 put it and it's spot -- Lester the most important guys on this team and Lester he gave you plenty of innings they'll pay a bottom but they were good innings last year many of them. Buckles you've said before he's the most -- got to step but he can't they help the NF. For one -- around either Lester. Doesn't look to the performance and he's nine of fourteen ERS up like that or buckled give -- a hundred innings 105 innings and can't get -- The 2829. Starts this team's not going to be anywhere near a playoff content that's a port I think these two guys -- the rotation this year. -- there's no question I mean. Mr. Henry -- they're talking about depth you know now that's an issue we need to plan for injuries and we heard Larry looking at -- with the loss of his notes right plan for -- -- depth. But you know this is eighteen that. You can we -- talk about the depth that they might have a AAA maybe -- some guys a year -- contribute but you've got more questions health wise. With -- did -- big any depth this year more than ever going into the season and it's not just of the rotation. It's with the position players. Of that will be tested and yet the question whether they have enough of that depth of the guys ready to perform at the big league level down a minor league. Only thing is you know when you look at it it's hard to pinpoint a guy on this roster who you know for sure. It's gonna have a great year you know last year you pretty confident Albers and have a good year. Pedroia certainly Adrian Gonzales he thought Lester -- bad in September but was gonna have a good year this year. Every guy is a question mark attached and I mean virtually every guy in this -- Yet that is no question I mean there's the guys in the bullpen. I think -- -- -- your message a year that -- best -- but you know again. That's the most unpredictable position in baseball is predicting what you ball that. A great times you sit there in July at the all star break that would anybody imagine that the Baltimore's of the best bullpen in baseball would anybody imagined the bullpen at the Red Sox assembled possessed the one area. The didn't really focus on the last couple years but last year at the all star break one of the better bull -- in the game so. It's so unpredictable. What you mean -- -- absolutely right I mean there's Dustin Pedroia is the closest thing you have and even he has injuries there yelling yeah every eerie place to danger for a month you know if you dip in his production as well. Any follow up today and the -- -- we knew we spent a lot of time money yesterday Lou Kirk and I've been talking to callers about her all day Lester comments was is he followed up. Almost comes even asked about him comparing himself to the other guys in baseball according quality starts quoting all the starts he made last year for the Steve. Million addresses today it was actually yum I believe he was scheduled to speak with David. But it was like an onslaught it was in -- there in the morning and it's Ross insult the Pedroia and middle Brooks and and everybody on this team it's team that was talk in the morning -- -- Ortiz was and I think. Now they just vote should hold off Lester and give everybody the -- in one single day. To give the media break I don't know what it was but he was. At first scheduled this comment -- thrilled about it. Yeah yeah he's he has he's the real he can't you know he can't wait to run -- you and -- think during the season. Well yes -- what does that say about Jon Lester in the third rate columnist in the week and I. Does something and it gets his antenna up I mean this is what this is -- shouldn't care about this stuff. The and it's. I still go back who 300%. Most the things he said that article if not everything because you. It never heard those words coming out of and you said Roy Halladay or read a guy like Pedro 815 -- -- their expectations each and every year and BP's actually said in camp at one point -- 31 now and not give up around me you know you've set the bar high. Nobody has more expectation that yourself when you -- you put on yourself and nobody. And in the remark was just sort of like god forbid if I think he can be better what's the thing I mean if a player and greatness is expected of me -- anticipated that's flattery is I mean it does seem a year talking to rob his voice. Almost angry about it. Photo there's no question was. There's people around there wondering what he was so angry about the and when it trickle down at what the discussion was there's a lot of etc. Yeah it's it's strange. We took a step further to think he quotes the quality starts we actually went looked at. Quality start percentage in -- wants to talk about that he made seventy quality starts but. You also at 33 starts of percentages 53% if you look it just everyone the American League. His quality start percentage -- -- not a starts there were quality was fifty. Fiftieth in just the American League not not -- that's not fair because some guys may literally one start it was quality they move on. So and again and then the guys who face 700 or more batters or 725 or more batters he still when he first so he quotes that number. And it's it's like it is still when he when he talked about a fine. But it's still 52% you start so as a coin flip when he went out there is equality started -- oh by the way six innings three runs. Not a real high bar for the quality start and I hope. That somebody gets -- Lester easier Lou and work and I hope that he realizes. It's a no excuse type -- year and it's even in insinuate -- a good year last year is now people want right now. -- -- -- fortunate -- for him you know when you start talking about. How many games that I go eight given up three or less and still lost the game. Unfortunately. You know there's this thing called the Internet been in baseball reference when you can actually goal in the big game -- in you can actually look up how many times you went eight innings gave up three runs or less. In lost games. In that was twice. -- eight innings three runs in his second start of the year against Toronto he lost 321. Eight innings three runs on August 2 against Minnesota and you lost five to nothing so. You know to throw that out there you would have thought that hey the -- product of what five or six right innings three runs to run two runs -- -- -- losses well it was only who. And you know. God forbid you expect him to go out there and give you those tax reform is more consistent. 617779793. -- the phone every can text this. On the AT&T text like 3793. Civil get all your Red Sox calls near -- liven Fort Myers and David Ortiz speaking for the first time pays interest to comments about his former manager -- here those next.

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