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Lou almost arrested in Fort Myers

Feb 12, 2013|

Lou Merloni tells us about a bizarre encounter he experienced last night when he involuntarily broke into a woman's house in Florida.

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There was -- cops -- -- suspicious. Well one of -- would be honest for driving while drinking enough. Alcohol but diet cokes and -- this guy gets -- drive with Bradford spring training discussed it always has some sort of soda or something -- -- Tennessee and get a stop really is on the way to search party on the way home he's -- -- -- -- -- -- His wife steals in several levels in and out of -- -- So he would have been on there and from the Twitter report they saw last night courtesy of Bradford Lou that you would have been on their -- can you explain what you did last night in Fort Myers that we'll edit -- all of. Think every strange report we have read most of to come from Florida so you know I realize we're a man right zone. I'm leave -- about 8 o'clock at night and even apartment go back to house them on the phone now. Rob -- at this house right yet the guy -- spear myself for staying there and it's in this complex works -- the bachelor that it is definitely. There's no question about that weren't as complex everything just looks the same. Animal on the phone to -- park in a spot in front of the building that I think is ours. And a walk to the back door. Now the latest place to set up -- a front door in you walked in that's the one it's locked and you walk in there in this this little patio. Type of scenario the screen door into the living room and as a as a bedroom off of that whatever it is so. I walked in on the phone but it wanna walk inside because Bradford -- initially just sat on the deck put my feet up. And how to fall from the 45 minutes -- -- -- four minutes into it I start to hear a dog bark at him like in a minute. Detract bring a dog is an accused post a comment that -- you bring it -- nice to get up off the phone and start looking around. And don't really recognize -- that came in the net before it really seen too much -- daylight but over here for the most part. So it looked into this Roman is a TV on Mike but. Is that my room that -- the TV on as a leaning and looking into the window of his bedroom. The front door opens. And it's just lady and she's like mid fifties and she is scared to death because I am certain there. -- all were pretty much crouching over looking into the window of the bedroom. Just mean hanging out of the door opens a turnaround. There she is and she's site. A lot to do she's like a screaming match that up. Welcome both of them calm down upon them in the wrong house side. I don't know what's it happened right I mean Florida street at McDonald and in the wrong holes when this woman walked in the front dole. Let me yes let me ask -- of my first reaction. I've seen a lot of movies are generally in my own hotel rooms where. Somebody breaks into the wrong house with a woman older who's attractive and then things kind of go a different way it was or any chance of this happening. -- there was fear in this woman and I was puzzled why else do you movies here at first until now Georgia injured or -- so so -- so -- she she backed away and you get back in a way it's like the little. Will area this covers and backing away from the door staying away from me in and I got my hands up and entered -- -- by mistake I'm sorry I'm in the wrong house. And it just sort of got out of the board just -- but I am in this place like five minutes to realize that dog in the back is -- and in the him in the wrong -- house in Italy becomes walk in the front door I might be a crack. In writing of any crown and all I swear to god that I didn't count it's it's possible to believe that was it. Was it like it people -- important conversation is that the was that just aren't falling you know it'd mean you just -- -- role in the just gonna kick the feet up just -- -- -- liberally from there it's written on I didn't I didn't and the times reloading Nomar is desperate I did tell that that's what -- -- me out. But -- I don't know what was gonna happen I was afraid of some of a gun owners -- lucky you have blown off. Well lucky Florida outlets up thirty year old guy and his wife you know and -- they want indicated he probably would it came after me what -- going on. -- he walked out she was freaked out just laughed I just laughed and laughed my ass off. Out today what age -- flowers today notable arrangements -- or something to apologize to you to stay away from walk well. There's a biggest basket they wait for everybody. The -- back over there flops right extort a soccer I'm sorry. Is this apology -- needed when he walked with them -- thousands that now. Ought to apologize what do you I don't mean again I know creeps and pass creeps wanna apologize country decrypt some audio -- have been all were staring into the bedroom. -- -- -- it helps -- out here. The argument please don't shoot me he noted -- not to give. In she's old. Mid -- not -- immediately. And -- people -- -- people it will even if you watch on TV now. I know I basically you know I think that that. Denver -- and not. As though like. Is one that is denied whose -- what do you more embarrassed by the fact he's heeded the the wrong wrong house sit down which is not very common war. The leave your car running for four hour surgery which well while nothing's gonna joking this this was. I just had literally was kicking back at the feet on the table on the bald from like almost five minutes in this momentarily pretty much I want. It just it. The -- a little but balked and I don't mean but so you went to promote the dug pace more intelligent and yeah. Much point that this. We scoured the like before Myers went over the dailies. Of having these police called there is no depleted lot of help wanted pitcher needs some guy with a -- that's that's been all over ought to -- -- -- store while we -- the crushing -- birth column. Last week again to -- ago.

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