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NESN's Barry Pederson says a lack of practice time is hurting the Bruins' power play

Feb 12, 2013|

The Bruins are off to a great start despite a lackluster power play. Barry Pederson offers up a few solutions on D&C. He says the Bs need to move around more on the ice and create more traffic in front of the net, but there's just not enough time to practice all these things.

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Back Dennis and Callahan tonight. At the TD garden it is the third of three meetings between the Bruins and Rangers a little -- occupants are good pal Derek Anderson good morning -- Gloria. I'm -- order you don't do very well -- -- off the top nobody seems to be missing Tim Thomas is that because Tuukka Rask is playing so well and the off to a fast start with he's such an odd teammate that. It really doesn't bother him that he's no longer in that dressing room. Well they could say what they want -- vote to release. The you know demeanor of the Dresser and so forth and -- to goaltenders we have to take the the official stance that I mean -- ought to begin with because as we all know the hockey business go. Goalies are little different but. You know that I look back on Tim Thomas I look back on very fond memories he was the guy that came in -- -- the same time like -- help turn this franchise around. -- would a couple of dozen cops a couple of dozen trophies a Conn smythe and -- Stanley Cup and probably had the greatest run that I think I've ever to the individual have you met Stanley Cup the year was responsible for. But with that being said he also had the fortune of playing behind a really good defensive minded team. With Claude system I think goes to could have stepped up his play this year and they got a really good back up right now looks like it was built and so the goaltending that as of right now does not seem to be a problem. Yeah I was gonna ask you what's your assessment and notes a short sample size here well they haven't moved open. Lightning got a guided does that to me is very underrated mean Eagles on the road went to games in Carolina and buffalo just acute. Break for electric Iraq to get some -- He looks like he handled the puck a little bit better than double I think Thomas and wrapped -- in the past. Police obviously got some experience he goes down and I think very big which means he's not sprawling over the place you played under control. And -- controlled the rebound also right now I think he's done a good job it looks like he's going to be more than adequate backup to say the least. So if goalie goaltending is not a problem or what what is what is a concern. Well a big concern of course I think is the power play him to the beat these games right now eagle -- to the -- Start in franchise history ten games they wanna want their power -- is right near the bottom again and it. Nearly got away with it the Stanley Cup run but I don't think you can do it two years -- -- -- they need to get their power play going. They've all played teams I think a lot more than a score shows that game the other night in buffalo you know you're 11 going into the third period -- completely dominated. Buffalo up on their home ice and they should be up three or four -- But the power play at eight minutes in the second period and nothing to show ports abated maybe being too close to shouldn't have to rely on. Going into that third period -- game should not be that close. We've seen the guys on the power play you know him and and we've heard two questions. No wise port go to therapy heavily out -- is it personnel or is it strategy structures of the got drawn up the power play when the guys on the power play. Like I kind of got a little humor look for the judge to order a little course. There's no for a some comments now that he's basically a power play is is now worse to the Bruins. And he has just said that the guys coming up which yuppie guys go there do what you want because right now you're thinking too much -- -- when you watch the Bruins. That's kind of the way they set up well you'll brick try to show -- the try to get subjected to some triangle. We try to get in scoring position but right now -- they're like they're going to a spot. They're standing there they're not mobile they're not at a scoring threats. There's no traffic in front of the net which in this league right now the goaltending being so good you just need to have -- net present. -- they have to give back to the basics and just kind of get going but the problem here in the shortened scenes and you're playing every second. Night you'll have a chance to practice it's a little things are all bad. The Tennessee if they continue to go badly maybe somewhere on the -- able to turn things around. Does confidence play a role in this at all -- a self fulfilling prophecy we're bad at the power plays so we're gonna continue to be about it. Yeah I think we have a lot to do that maverick job like that we talked about you know what you're gonna take that he did get good likely work. We're -- the great -- they're good right now addicted great get that next level we talked about that. Run last year. Just really I've got off to a slow start right up hockey season they got really hot November December. The defense was there the physical presence was there they were punishing teams but they also have the power play going and then. What that would mean that the guys would get their carpets on the power play they go out the next shift and all the sudden they were a threat to score again. Now you exceed the situation where it's almost like they're struggling a little bit mentally. Offensively. When the glued to the next couple of ships so they have to try to turn that around. It's just too. Two important part of the game right now on the penalties. Opportunities are way up this year again just erupted tried to call a lot of Big Five on threes are up. So you have to have an effective power play you know I think to continue its winning streak. -- we talked to rob ray yesterday fascinating. And guy -- when was that two days ago yesterday yesterday. They'll just -- go out and and asked him about Brad Marchand in the and and I said what do you do about that you're playing against. What do you do about this instigated this irritant who you know goading you went to penalties goading -- -- in the way it's stupid penalty what. Is the answer the response is always an answer in the NHL you know you gotta fight you get it whatever. He says there's nothing you can do is too small to fight you know yeah he's hard to hit there's not much you can do aegis. It's Sunday is skin and you have to live with that agreement that there. The idea I think he's one of those guys you utilities that they try to ignore but he's so good at what he doesn't have to play in order for him to be -- ball hate to pot of get his game going need to play a -- proverbial let's not go over it. But -- he had to be a pain in the butt. An order for him to be effective and I also like with -- line changes that -- got into it in the Montreal gave up third period I think it makes a little bit more sense to because. With marsh on the left I would Bergeron now. There's going to be a lot of -- when he's playing his game. His game when the whistle goes there's going to be a scrum afterwards I don't necessarily once they get in there with him getting pulled and graft that could be the first guy they grabbed. With Nathan Horton and there they will be gravity -- quickly so I think there on the right track. But Brad Marchand is an extraordinarily important part of this hockey team he helped settle audience energy. He's a good specialty team guy too great with the speed backs off the other team's defense. As we all vote as broad sense if you look the other team I don't think we'd like them quite as much. -- an accurate historical comparison and maybe not in terms of overall talent but in terms of attitude how it plays -- game marsh and Bobby Clarke that kind of irritant. Yeah I'd also be put on what can live and breath almost kind of blinds may not be as gifted as offensively is maybe Kenny was. But the same type of player. But also had a very good understanding of the game and I think. The double the three things -- those guys have in common that they knew that in order to be effectively how to play a certain way right where they could at a. They had affairs is in his contract year besides the obvious of what we see him do on the ice what does he bring to this hockey team. I think you know it will likely always -- around one of the most underrated players I think he is one of the most underrated players on this team -- Even more gifted offensively that he's given credit for peace not necessarily big in stature but he'll stick his nose in there he and equator are very very steady. Tandem out there I think one through six on team defense the Bruins are as good as anybody the Rangers tonight have another good one for six. But I think he's the guy it's a good leader. He can go up by one of the other defenseman -- struggle that he can go against the other team's top line. When -- apparent to me is playing his game you don't really notice some out there you -- everything so well -- -- it's simply moved the puck up. He'll jump into the play I think he's just to me very very underrated in a very valuable member of the. Up we will see this tonight but if you play for John toward a -- you better be ready to sacrifice and block some shots is that something that's left unsaid or is it made very clear that that's part of what you need to do out there. I think that was his -- definitely have to do that I think they're starting to get back to that had a very slow start but uncharacteristically for them they were not playing. A team defense type of game Lundqvist was struggling a little bit but all the sudden they've won five of seven they're back above 500. That the beginning this -- to remember as we talked or the Rangers. The penguins in the brought to the three favorites for the raiders are starting to get going right now. Where they -- last year what I really like about their key was they were top team to play against. -- defense was big strong physical. To your point -- blocked a lot of shots but they need to get some offense and some balanced offense solar. They got Richards now shouldn't GAAP or as a big -- to break them up a little bit of late to try to get some balance and some scoring their power play is struggling deploy with Lundqvist in goal. These guys are gonna be there at the -- nightly. Do you want to all your guys blocking shots appear at that if you're the coach of the bros the ones Sagan and and Bergeron diamond in front of pucks -- the way Ryan Callahan -- New York. Well there's there's an art to it and hugged you've got to be good data collected hurt to get out. -- I think. Look the other way right -- that the rule number one faced the other direction. These guys it -- I would always thought they would joke about big -- the goalie can -- it would get out of the way a little bit let him get out of but. That's what probably think you could almost take that right now with with the new sticks it's hard to control your shots. So if we use the power -- example were talking about trying to get guys in front all the Bible that's easy. Just dead in front if you're not on the off side with char one time -- the thing where he doesn't know where it's going that you don't know where it's going to -- to be standing in front. Waiting for itself shot blocking has a very important art it's a good -- especially when you're killing penalties and it's one of the things that did that deftly mix of New York Rangers play. Is the date coming where Doug Doug Hamilton has to stand up from -- say -- and -- but stop on the ice. If he'll come but at this TV doesn't really need to do you know I mean tighter stated that have to do that -- not necessarily his role. There's so many guys on this team that can -- play that physical. Style of hockey they stand up reach other would liberals are playing their game they're coming out with three of four lines rolling. It's really difficult of the opposing defense to try and play against them because you Dellucci to take the body or mistake in the body -- take the body. What those things are happening that's -- the Bruins are playing their game and right now you know you're looking back -- -- defense with Chara Seidenberg and parents in the -- they're pretty physical analytical think panel who will be called upon but. You know as we all vote rookies you'll get out of somewhere in the season. Our final question Tyler Sagan got to make Wednesday yesterday is that just getting in my office skaters are a little bit more to it than meets the guy. I don't know what he played the other night looked good I like aligned views with but right now as we all know when you're playing. Every second night -- right and they could be real important. Barry Petersen great stuff is always appreciate the double talk -- down the road. Enjoy the game that I Barry -- with the -- talent on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy. Old I am trying to get the strait no no Callahan no boil. The rain right -- Kreider. All the local guys and you know my second cousin correct Rollins yeah doghouse. That's -- fun. That's no fun rages on -- messing with us. Probably -- -- we wouldn't put his face in front of the -- live shots that didn't last and it does seem well what order I I give them credit they got balls you know right now and got big ones but don't you -- play in would you want. In -- Bergeron Sagan great she'd -- -- out front of a hundred mile -- -- optional does it ever not hurt. I suppose advocates the rights a lot of hard and but if you don't have a lot of hasn't your back you don't want it in front in my kitchen in the face to the answer is always hurts probable probably always -- May be -- Condit had a -- eight -- eight. Then you might deflected -- with the goal you wanna stop it with dirt which it soft fleshy part of your -- that bridge is practice that you did. And there's a certain practice. They have little foam the rubber like the crohn's nervous I'm nervous but as -- in the crowd at the high school and college games maybe the use those 67779797. Where your phone calls that Santelli and straight ahead.

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