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John Lester deflect some of the blame for his poor '12 record, D&C say he shouldn't

Feb 12, 2013|

John Lester considers himself an ace, but Dino and Gerry aren't so sure based on the numbers.

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I think winning is the is what's important. With that will come stability we have tremendous stability who's more stable than when you were four. In nine years. So we had we we had issues shoots you're you're gonna have changes. You're gonna make changes way. There -- issues are. Welcome back and -- 6177797937. -- lines open Barry -- 8 o'clock uncle Red Sox baseball as the DNC shall packs up. And heads for spring training -- right after this program I was just tomorrow not the picnic table but from high above jetBlue park. I was packing my swim trunks. Mosquito mosquito thinking and -- dynamic that Richardson full time some beach time -- and I. Look at the page eleven of Boston Herald oh exit or maybe he'll stick with the Bermuda shorts. As some guys it's just they'll look out. A home at some guys oh my god should Wear. You know the big -- bathing suits yet and -- he had a seizure on the beach you know it's often. -- what that he still enjoy the beach but you know -- it looks like a lady. A release you know don't do a lot of photo -- -- this anymore we do one or today wasn't even. Those double cheese pizza what you think it. And it's criminal Tyler on the beach in them. Am I doing what you globes and can you see why he's going before the legislature trying to get in law passed to stop paparazzi yes yes yes citywide -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- out of the public because -- -- point could be just. Show this picture to the legislature to -- the rhapsody and -- it's a see what they do to me evidence that rely on a evidence number one it would -- underwear shirt and Wear like a normal bathing -- -- I don't know buck thirty and maybe this thirty that a couple weeks now -- yes it's -- sickly looking beaten. And yet lots of people sickly look you know what they do they leave the insurer on opera and we're so besides the banana dynamic. It page eleven of -- Boston Herald cringe inducing cringe it is and cringe inducing him and he's like all the -- on him reasoning it's just every 63 nabbed on the map is a brand new baby boy correct. When that people are graduates from high school. General B 81. Out in you know what it's gonna happen I don't know if that's real change in bogeys and 63 for a long time -- In -- this what you do when your big star you shave off a year to human growth hormone. But. John -- to his credit he's in Florida a lot on the boat. You will never -- human -- number no shirtless. In a Speedo with you but if you if you did. -- took a couple like David. That's up which is -- -- jump. Which is why got a democratic he doesn't. I was rankings Steven Tyler 6464. Older than John and your job and -- looked just like back. But I have to laugh. It's -- every Smart in congress sleeps is close anybody's. -- hot summer days out of the sun wears that hat. Yeah he's two in the series George. Look who called in last week but made a pretty good point and and believe me I'm my job listened to sit here and endorse the Red Sox and savor the -- -- there's been great because it has. -- the last season and a month I mean it really has been bad. Three managers in three years you know all the entire rest but look -- a very good point. How quickly the the -- day. Has left. This baseball ownership and this baseball team these are the owners who came in here. And provided not one but two world championships in rather short order of time I really -- the cliche it is they what have you done lately for me good tennis but it is I'm just that. And I'm fine with that but why -- that only applied to Henry Werner and Larry and not to Theo and Tito. Yeah well sure. Because you don't here -- -- with with Theo and Tito you're. They brought to World Series you know and if no one ever thought that see the day they won the World Series. Well Henry and Werner and Larry did too I didn't and yet they don't get a pan -- and they're not the ones I hate saying it. Who. Signed John Lackey they're not the ones sign called Crawford and they are not the ones who worked up. Popping pills well well Lester and Beckett where and -- -- lost control the clubhouse you could blame for lots of things and we do too well how to Francona I mean would it because -- A longer here. Yeah there are no longer fear that helps these guys are still a chart they later on they're getting their look at it Benton a look at it. John and palm and Larry and John Ferrell to a certain extent insane. You're in charge you're in charge of fixing the way I can credit for the little marketing campaign it was broken -- -- it yeah sugar -- this right -- -- and we sucked that we got to be better I liked them. Take political what's expression -- taking ownership yet of their failures yeah well the taking ownership I think. The -- gates and certainly Tito's escape -- and skates because there somewhere else. And -- -- Chicago Cubs. Media contingent is really feel about all these sightings in Boston no care. I give think the Cleveland Indians owners are walking softly around -- I'll be up and I'd love is it goes gonna be an -- and nick are fired a scone today mentions in passing that the Bobby Valentine's working on a book to. And if -- addition of Larry you know worried because he's your guy but for everyone else in the organization. Is sent on oh here we go again as Kennedy's had done -- -- two things while I probably found out. How much money you know made roughly. Says I gonna get you some of that and he likes so we don't book is doing radio show in new York and appearances you know he likes to. Capitalize. In his arms famous stature so they can he. Is probably gonna make a few bucks on a book to write and -- Bobby Valentine has got to do like how to manual on you know how to feel -- news. He's got a name name is and it might be more incendiary than us. A policy. He's crazier is that make it would be -- players kissed. Tito has always have the players' backs maybe he had Jon Lester is back and back -- And me and he did -- -- back the vote took a flame thrower to ownership we know that now this book should have been called -- revenge. Not to the players who quit on him -- at the end of 2011. When he got -- I mean they fired him. Because. Essentially that pitching staff and and others quit now and he does not. Beat the month in the book he does not. Nor does he beat up field. And there is a certain school of thought the says -- might have had something to do with the Bob -- situation. And it's seems to me if I'm him if I'm Terry Francona I think. Deal might have had some role in this deal wouldn't you take a flame -- him. But he didn't and he doesn't and he won't. And if you wanna have fun read the book tracked the adjectives and -- the -- the -- did descriptive phrases. For two guys Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein right. The U Epstein you read it and you think that he Pope Benedict solved world -- yes you thanked righted. I mean you think you're reading about you know. And it's Gandhi and when you read about Larry you think you're reading about. -- -- -- You think you read them one of them -- worst people in the world and the killer -- the follow I'm sure of the truth is somewhere in the middle of all cases but. It's a fun game to play when you're trying to figure out who's the source for this of that the other thing I don't think Larry was. Particularly forthcoming with that Dan Shaughnessy or with -- Franco. And Dench did Dan Shaughnessy told us earlier last week that the -- agreed to sit down at a Starbucks on route 93. Hours. I don't think Larry spent three hours -- Shaughnessy now I'll bet you didn't spend three minutes -- Shaughnessy and I don't think he ever will -- well again but will not having dinner next week but we hope to talk to him when we get down there Larry yeah yes we will. Now quick reaction before we go to break. Thinking back on last season. How would you characterize just off the top of your head not necessarily statistically -- numerically. Just in general terms Jon Lester season last year your so called ace of your staff. Middling at best middling mediocre. Not even. How would you describe his his season last year 2012. Last year yes -- lousy real -- Matt's sake. Stinky as Mike Milbury called the Bruins power play stinky stinky let's say -- -- 2012 was -- the only thing he had going for him is he answered the bell every day you made 33 starts. Nine and fourteen with a four point 82. Now there's some answering to do -- -- -- for the September they had the year before. Underperform to that extent. -- rob Bradford WEEI dot com sat down with Jon Lester John decides he can take here's that phrase again ownership of this he's going to. -- -- in a different direction. Last year Sodom and fifteen more games for four straight years there's only the pictures that did that so what next level is there. That's the thing that frustrates me. Is people don't consider -- -- don't consider me -- Frontline starter -- when there's two other pitchers in all of baseball but did that. What am I. Oh that's my argument. What extra level is impossible to win games here. I'm really. Awesome. You know speakers wins. Or not in my. Enough. Mean you look at last year on the quality source that how many games that lose well -- eating you through Angeles. So. I can't control the outcome of the game can control. Being healthy every five days ago there it and that's what I consider its. Is appeared yours. The number five guys opening day hires somebody in between if you take every five days and you. Give -- -- -- Mean -- and I will give them the fact that the answer the bell with 33 starts but to to say eight. He's a consistent fifteen game winner when he won nine games last year. Doesn't seem to make any sense. And we're supposed to believe that quality starts from your ace is all that matters you need to guide a closed the deal you need a guy that when you go out there and you scorer. Two or three runs for him chances are you're gonna win that game if he is indeed your race right. And -- it was a bad here. It was a bad year he he gave up 216. Hits. Second. In the league that's a lot of hints. And again -- -- it took the ball and made 33 starts so that happens. But. Give up a 110 earned runs fourth most in the league game last fourteen games fourth most in the league. This is a guy we thought there was time two years ago. Where he was going to be one of those elite guys if he's mean and get in and I think dale as they'll Arnold on the Mea -- Since then but that he wouldn't trade him for Felix Hernandez and at that maybe now that Felix has a bad elbow but he was mentioned for -- time yes you know Justin Verlander -- how -- a future and a Bulldog. Elite pitcher. He elite pitchers don't generally go nine and fourteen in their products that ERA of almost. 561777. I 7937. Fault lines are open Barry Peterson -- -- some hockey at 830 so now we've gone through John Henry makes me laugh. We've gone through Jon Lester makes me cringe at me. The memo by the way journalist in the it's a new year and a new Red Sox team. Is most to smile and said in the past is the past past and move on yes wasn't -- such a great guy. Hasn't seen the marketing campaign that says we need to fix this how we're restoring what's the over expression and restoring order or whatever. He he sounds like 2011. Boston rats invaded us. It's -- And get a memo mentioned that kind of -- still -- Celtics make me shake my head and the turn those victories that I can control the outcome of the game -- can only control. Being healthy every five days ago there it.

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