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D&C get ready for Spring Training, break down John Henry's comments on the Terry Francona book

Feb 12, 2013|

In their last show in snowy Boston before they head down to Fort Myers, Dino and Gerry react to John Henry's comments from Florida. Henry categorically denies that any roster decisions were made based on TV ratings. He says the only things that count are wins.

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Better than buying themes together to start a program that is just this mortgage giants intentionally judges and a new phenomenon yeah. And you -- try. Would you like to try this morning I did one the other day and I thought it was brilliant tied Garnett and would somebody else. Forget I don't remember Garnett and Ray Lewis what are letters yes like that we'll have to die and they have to -- players in Red Sox let them up okay. John Henry makes me laugh. Jon Lester makes me cringe. The Celtics last night made me shake my head. The patriots make me wonder. And the Paterno is make me sick all that's just performance -- judge shocked you can mark mark eight at goods let's open every hour with that. I have to laugh these -- Upbeat I agree yes. You know what these -- I am you know I critical here but it's okay -- them. He makes me laugh and a good when he amused isn't funny like come -- I don't know I mean Q and XP I don't. I don't love my don't hate him I don't have any great if you thought listen and the great emotion he's an odd ball when -- with the new baby I just. -- -- -- -- 68. We sure. Yes well said David Ortiz years. Diesel looks likes old -- and pretty good -- He screenings and it's the sales. But he says dissidents this he threw. His what I know right now he's taken a beating in in the core Republican Pena right. And you say -- -- grilled yesterday's am comfortable with some but did you make the arm with these PR move sexy Eddie's status -- that handed it offends them Ludacris. And no wonders. Theo Epstein get real for this is a book that. He's on the Chicago isn't Chicago. Security's -- Well John Henry why did you spend 82 million on John Lackey why -- -- -- a 140 million account Crawford -- at least workarounds and it's not wasn't PR it was a baseball move that's my GS correct if -- set I told him what to do I told them -- this this this this this I cannot decide Carl Crawford out they'd. But we think Theo Epstein and now that we've got App Store this -- May be sat -- his ideas and it was Henry's money should be more -- and any Red Sox. No question he should be like I gave the go ahead I didn't metal I can get away exit Leo you're a boy genius you're so hot. They're just the most plea on G -- you know and executive in the game doing your thing. So feel went out and just had a disastrous. Two years does that one just disastrous two off seasons. I mean squandered and we went on to -- more than half. A billion all of John -- money at all quarters minus ten Henry and Werner who claim they don't -- I mean we thank Henry like -- bouts lineups up the manager should play David news but for -- We've learned more. We now believe that Theo Epstein went to them and said that we get these guys. Now was he feeling pressure from the monster against the monster the PR monster against. I say you Boiman meet Christ I'd let this young. Boy wonder going out there and spent -- I thought he knew what he was there. I brought this boy wonder back. Probably at the objections of Larry Lucchino I'd doubled his salary because he was going to be the -- that take us from two world championships but the three or four. And my guess is that probably like Robert Kraft. Hires and surrounds himself with people who were Smart in certain entities with which is not familiar -- would be that guy from baseball standpoint. Don't we at least know for a fact. That field called Tom Warner and John Henry in London in the middle of the night and essentially begged them to get him aside Carl Crawford and which -- in the worst of all time. So merchandise worst and a wacky world that was reported but in the book comes that would find out that Henry and Werner one it's sexy players once sizzle. So if your according to the according to. According to -- slash -- protects -- so he'll. Okay -- courage and Tom -- is a TV guy he's -- can we need some exciting plans we need some sizzle I know all -- -- John Lackey. And we say boat that's more -- -- workers fault that he said we need some sizzle some excitement some sexy. And Theo Epstein says his -- right John lack. Your points a good one if indeed Tom Warner was leaning toward sizzle and sexy and public relations which it would not be stretched to compute to comprehend that believe that to be true. Would think he did. He gave the credit card the the it would what does the American Express black card. Platinum plaque black platinum what Jack Black black black and bright black art the three all and said go get the best sexy. ER says about you can get your point is that not out of John Henry and Tom Warner stands of course it is it's -- Eagles fans critics do you have that -- an idea. I but I confess I wished they'd gotten a little sexier. In this offseason I think Josh Hamilton would have. Tended to a lot of needs I mean they need to left field. Accountants and still only -- left fielder. Could use a 30 hitter this don't want. Josh Hamilton made a lot of sense it would have been sexy but it would have been in my mind it in a Smart move and doesn't. But elected knee jerk reaction to what they just got out from under -- with the help the Los Angeles Dodgers. Did you think if if if what happened in the last year and a half of Adrian Gonzales and Carl Crawford that Josh Hamilton wouldn't be here now I think you would be. I I think this was I think that was discussed I think it was discussed at length I think the five that we're sitting at the table and they looked at each other and said. Just doing this. -- Mizuho not a failure out with what -- -- you -- Gonzales you cannot compare coat Crawford to judge Campbell that you just have to stop right now. As a player I mean I don't think he -- I do mean as a player one guy's a great player and one guy is an area. He rates triples and steals bases expert gets hurt we'll -- get hurt I mean maybe compared. Adrian Gonzales and Adrian Gonzales was fine I'm talking about the money and the commitment and years and and and the sexiness of the signing I'm not talking about the quality but I got -- -- player vs Josh Hamilton five point -- they looked at this at. We just did this and failed miserable. Couple of people we thought were sexy and would be sizzling. And they were not what if they said that that's pretty stupid and now they're never gonna look at -- eight ticket. And free agency. Yet he makes sense because they all like Crawford Bartlett analogy it's your single and and the market. And somehow run into a bowl and super -- a supermodel. And she is gorgeous and she is it's you know it's gonna cost a lot of money to keep perhaps Ian wire around the private jets. You do anyway and as a miserable and she makes you miserable you can't stand it. You finally get out from under and other ecstatic about to access. In Las Vegas. Super malls there. Are you jump all over that use. I do. Of course. The Red Sox so why so once supermodels she -- on -- -- And another attract not right away but anyway that's what this offseason is all about they were shot I was like supermodel it was dark and mean I understand they got burned. But -- -- -- left. I don't. -- Left we don't know who's playing left I'm Johnny goes -- -- against lefties. Against right these. We don't Daniel not I mean a cut above -- excellent out. Excellent wanna go over his numbers. Policy would be here in the second half -- -- wanna over Jonny Gomes numbers inaudible Victor Reno has not police but it's even -- mean. It's just a bunch of guys -- they don't have any. Guys who could carry team you know they don't have many studs -- but -- sure. -- do not just don't. All the guy in the boom they had 37 year old -- -- are still -- a boot Camp David Ortiz they have Dustin Pedroia they have Jacoby Ellsbury -- to have we old Brooks and so they were right there that David Ortiz is 37 and he's still hurt XL. Heard from last year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they failed miserably OK I felt like a victory you know we're going to work they get -- world -- probably not but they don't think they need them to be. They need a bit bit bit. Plays as a team that has some chemistry that cares about one another that does all the small things and plays baseball. The right way as opposed to a budget or new wells or make an adult and don't -- So in your body in your mind they caught a break the caught a break Crawford snuck you know Lackey. Much that hurt and how they never have to. Even kick the tires got a break on the body and -- already -- your hands that's obvious but now you're you're all going on race he Jonny -- yes estimates Johnny -- I just think he's a chancellor is something to your left Freel was an excellent or just in this case he has and your first baseman and -- fielder. -- ancillary pieces. -- power positions. -- -- -- to be in -- poses both to be run -- -- -- I wouldn't cross Napoli off your list right now is being productive guy for this baseball team I would not. Okay I'm point five runs more or less fewer or more. Mets a good question -- says 85 RBIs fewer or more pure. Fewer than 85 he would talk in the he's gonna get injured would how many games that's questioned one. Forty will be easy for and I'll sign up under as opposed to catch. Under the makes sucked at first base he may be bad defensively a liability there. I'm pretty sure that you look at Napoli when the all star -- runs and not bad he's got fourteen -- that he's got knocked in 45 -- written. Europe and Mandarin yet you. John Henry will be glad because he's tired you cynics we cynics out there. And in a way back to my point I don't blame them it is it in and somebody set there and that he didn't have. Larry on his lap -- food handling himself but he handled it well -- David backed -- some of the scribes and Shaughnessy. Included. When he talked about his limited partners are happy that -- them. Splitting his time between Liverpool. And and and Austin -- in May and and he said they're not happy because they read the stuff people -- and I want. Arthur David you do you think that it's a problem that he's on Liverpool. Not I don't either and I'd like -- a perception rob I'd like all. -- like when my boss -- Away. Away in BC with -- of the things answers damaged but I just like that they say always out of town good. Excellent that means we don't have that have a meeting that Ellis. What to do what how to how to do our jobs. And here's what are you need to add -- would have any of that out so I mean I never got two cents. Explain -- me how what is its Republican somewhat fixed the problem that Henry's. Owns soccer team. And tell me how well and China -- analogy and historic the -- company that someone who owns a house in Medford. And -- house in Maine. One of them gets wrecked in the storm and you have a problem and ups and talking -- bottom alien there Q yes. And the reason he bought Liverpool have the demo. Is he -- easy. Team has but he's not yet but I mean is is businesses is he hurt like to the point where he's gonna do rain -- is now I think they've spent too much money. On the Red -- this year they gave. Everybody who you know knocked on the door 39 million dollar contract. You were hurting for money would he not sell this team for two billion -- yeah Los Angeles Dodgers and he made it clear in no uncertain terms that they are not for sale he has no interest in selling elect effect he said. I've made a lot of money yeah would financially driven. Would you like it'll say that money not financially I mean I do you believe I. I don't get the sense that that there. Pulling resources out of Boston out of Fenway to invest in Liverpool may be may be and I'd love to hear if that's true -- A be the first one -- on them -- to kick him in the head if that's true but I don't see the evidence of. All -- -- a lot of money. So that doesn't drive us quality of our lives is what drives us and competitive spirit we're determined. To be successful we have friends from day one. That hasn't changed. Value. Of these processes to something. We don't think in terms we think in terms. Located in the lines. Do you take -- show appeal. I am does that happen when you look at that just. Tell -- -- Of the make it sucks. It is one of the great parlor tricks have ever seen to get to job in Chicago after doing this job to get a promotion to get a huge -- he's got a big mansion. I mean he's the president of the -- to get higher as well as the GM he got the dream job after. After the the Red Sox went 76 and 113. And you know -- -- you know that's what they did. At the and his tenure and the and the year after which is largely on him. But he's in Chicago. And on top of the world. After some of the worst moves that any. I mean if if they were made by. Lou Gorman didn't get Dan Duquette guilt repeated joke bead jackets say you know take the controls away from him. He has you know lost the news is -- here. What he had going for him not the 76 and 113 not to ridiculous signings of Daisuke J. D. Drew and John Lackey and Adrian Gonzales wasn't necessarily a bad -- didn't work out ball all that sort of stuff. The Chicago Cubs ownership look at that set that doesn't matter what we push it over here what matters is. This is a guy that engineered. If first championship in almost a hundred years right and that's what we need here in Chicago no question so the ability to bring two championships in four years to the Boston Red Sox is what got him hired. Not his real hands on baseball. -- but. Why you know why this why is this team in this situation right now why did -- -- 169 games this is only I think for guys on the team we've won a playoff with this team. -- in this predicament as -- you he said Gonzales was a good sign was a trade in it was. Questionable in on the unloaded some real good prospects right for a guy who was one year away from free agency and then -- him like he was afraid what it and why and then the lusted after him for five years but I just before -- -- go to the break and effective other matters and antiseptic as in this -- -- -- this morning. Writing about. Is now John Henry. He says it's folly to think that -- hasn't taken Henry's eyes off the Red Sox. A guy with a house in Melrose in the summer house maimed can claim their separate entities. Right up until he misses a payment on Melrose because Maine got wiped out by our game. Now as Henry missed payments. Sort of what he could have big really could've gone cheap this year they could have. They could've had a 110 million dollar payroll he could -- a lot more money in his pocket. He didn't and you know -- -- -- but he spent you can blame for lots of things. But they're spending money I believe we'll have a top five or six payroll. In -- opening day and it will be not last year's was but it will be close and you'll say. On one -- mean if they extend guys to and they could Lester will get to him they could spend more and you'll say. On what I mean they spent it on. Question bully in my opinion on Victor Reno and and Dempster and Gomes in Napoli but they spent that I don't think they're taken money out of Melrose to pay for Maine. 61777979837. AT&T text like 37937. Barry Petersen will join us in the 8 o'clock hour to talk a little hockey. Jon Lester which was the second part of my -- to begin with makes me cringe when Boris Said John Henry makes me laugh. Jon Lester makes me cringe the Celtics made me shake my head the patriots make you wonder and Joseph Paterno. And his family make. Me sick I have to laugh because. That it that's just laughable. So what about ratings it was a vote. This is the shift in philosophy is resigning is now ours -- call now and things like that. -- I think we've been over that ground before I created a lot of news. Before. By being honest about it and you know it's it's ludicrous to say that we. Signed any player since we've been here for PR purposes that that is just. I don't think anybody. Would -- that. And if it's asserted. It's just ludicrous.

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