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Grande & Max wrap up Celtics / Bobcats

Feb 11, 2013|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell wrap up tonight's game, as the Bobcats beat the Celtics 94-91 in Charlotte, snapping the Celtics' 7-game winning streak.

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All right John the fact you can see it coming a mile away that they could go down and easier to sell its seven game winning streak is over their beaten by the NBA worst Charlotte Bobcats 9491. It's a finalist so that's never could get any separation they really couldn't get their legs they got a really strong performance tonight. From Jeff Green as you would expect -- eighteenth. On a night it had to be Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Jason Terry down the stretch. That was not the plant the Celtics needed some other guys to step up and take the burden off of veterans that have. Well you look at some of the -- score right now Jason Terry was not bad shoot the basketball Jeff green was not bad shoot the basketball I think one of the things you look at. Is this early on Butler got off. And once he got off it was hard to stop that he had just a game that you know you right now. He'll be fifty years old he'll be talked about -- -- -- -- -- to work here who felt that although that with a feel the fact that you played so well market -- shot after shot making big plays and also give him the secret. It transition -- -- three point play which really I think with the before release the bobcats get back in the. Gerald Henderson doesn't she doesn't. Backed away under the spotlight we've seen that gay people and he's not efficient shooter in the first score. Yet sixty points tonight have a walker -- eighteen I thought the unsung evolved gonna get all the attention if he had a career high eighteen rebound. Point five points made four threes the media unsung hero of the game for Charlotte -- robots sessions that I -- changed he changed it when he was hit and he dictated. Well you really did you come might have been ninety points in this game. You know he did an excellent job we're trying to get towards the basket hit only have one the -- look what about if you talk about tweeted this. In the game like it's you really should have more. So with more individual isolate that -- don't want way. Obvious tried to you know traffic data about ideas to what -- -- within minutes tonight. Often it's only at thirteen points he could have made it's it's almost gave up with another triple double the weight while Houston's playing tonight but. Again it just didn't seem like they have enough in the tank -- the in fact they -- back to back of the boat okay. Now what makes the game against Chicago have much bigger. I figure it all the -- -- -- got to -- with nine of the next eleven -- -- on the road after the win tonight's game against Chicago. The polls right now are playing. San Antonio wanna give a look to see if joke you know what that's really the story in the game for Chicago this week. I was goggles stories joking Noah who is playing in that game -- area and eleven rebounds at the polls are hosting San Antonio tonight strange things happen. On the night before the all star break into the Celtics again with what lies ahead very tough start to the West Coast trip with back to back games in Denver. It's one of the best teams in the league and the lakers will be rescued himself to Vietnam's second back to back. Five games seven days -- what's gone out of mantra or post that's going to be a part of the story. And next couple of days and it is a swing gave what the Celtics have accomplished the rest of the year. This is less surprising results and right now so we have to find a way to get energy back Wednesday night and that's significant game against you they're chasing in the east. Well this is the you know cause why do you via the BA you know teams at the plate in my plate games I didn't will be tough but. If you're the seventieth to have somebody who's going to pick you up but but -- -- an excellent job which Jason Terry knocked down shots. But maybe other people really did just did not play as well about Brandon -- Have a team -- -- leave you think about it he has got stood up early on Mullen -- got a bunch -- things going but the brand the beds. Brandon basses that line. I get asked every bounces cable will be eight points well what I want him -- do a lot more rebounds and maybe a little bit the other. Closing now and not -- well lives get off to such a hot store Brandon Bass Celtics were minus ten in the game tonight the Celtics lose by 39491. Is the final. They -- going up Wednesday night itself which are not gonna say very much at their home floor. Over the next three or 4 weeks 7 o'clock start for the Celtics that I presented by Lexus that at 730 so the to a close out the regular season series. With the Chicago Bulls try to even it had two games a piece the game for the Celtics Wednesday. And seven game winning streak John comes to what it tonight in Charlotte 94 to 91.

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