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Monday, February 11th Whiner Line

Feb 11, 2013|

Nemo snowed us under, we're here to dig you out!

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Music music views expressed and expressed the -- -- stars -- ET TE Chris Cox. -- -- -- -- -- -- Only Morris and now -- know you weren't here alive. I have been bonded in bullet. Okay on the mile but big big difference when you're talking about this smoke at five minutes before I went out to bid now. And now. It might have small bit that night begging go to beard got up there when -- -- the next -- WEEI. Want more -- -- and you're still smoking weed and occasionally doing cocaine. Well I -- but yes I do love to do that now about where you -- pork. -- now they're stuck there and do it again here it is high right now you -- Elmo yeah. Dial 6177793535. I'll put it like this right here when I don't watch their. Yeah and maybe you can actually get course. Whiner line we knew that's what they just didn't want you could still -- they just didn't want to. Call it that way about it would -- great -- -- -- and now because you're doing drugs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't quite good -- HV I'll go bald lip. Yeah I know. Who. Won a national the only reason he's not one of those other guys nobody com. Nobody did everything that they did -- -- of does Barbara do you know can term. -- other than an -- You think he cares that -- -- radio all the high right now on. Charities out. -- -- are -- -- in our minutes ago all Hawaiian language. You've done well -- And he's he's one of a kind and is -- Michael KI. Michael Kelly -- well I got through my friend I'd venture -- Ford Explorer mark. Got home late star's children away. Every -- and shoveling appreciable write one because -- like to get him. You know the mean it was oblivious to but it does more British or worse what's coming up there's a network was canceled out when you woke up in the morning news it was as if nothing happened local authorities it was less than it would've been slightly always first. A political shot of the -- -- -- what it was all your little search -- when your little shoveling your goes -- made no we're going idea I want you to keep your home. -- By the way -- -- -- can play. The big trucks it was so -- could see almost went in the westbound lane. Eastbound lane. It was only met almost went wrongly hurt the governor -- the stricken people were doing oncoming call now all the wrong one -- wrong way. Disaster when you apparently almost as an intricate there's quite a lot of -- -- AT&T. WB yeah I live is now available on your iPhone your android device brought you by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider. Of the Boston Bruins with the most four G coverage. In knowing that. And -- that's Europe there. It will warm alignment. Out of the privilege now don't it won't walk in the form and -- won't -- -- I can be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well what I've worked glad they want that we've -- to go. While they're going to want in the trade. The driving ban everything it was put in place of the couple days I was in New York the last couple days I was really here but it really seemed coming back today as it over the Massachusetts kind of radar while you've got anti EU is -- -- -- -- first that you is talking about. Stroke of the Patrick she's took away off my right -- can't believe it well it being. Sorry the government did the right thing it's the fact that the roads were clear and so by the pro forma really made it a lot easier to clean. Is it kept buffalo he had faith. -- both parties legacies fell off Nancy Pelosi could argue interferes with your personal freedom but the reason -- -- -- fell on an airplane is if you don't go flying -- -- -- the somebody who chose to Wear their seat -- those other people's 66 that is the question. Nerds. For personal and Andy young and I social. First first all -- most people that. Had no idea what you were talking about was they were listening to our show during the course yet right no such whose big WEL. He met on the picture all it was big he said -- it. And I totally improbable that driving it and it was the time. 4 -- supposed to work. I'd love driving home it was still -- here Paula is they arrest people that make any revenue for the common well I think they did arrest a few. Braves mustered apparently got arrested as chocolate Saturday morning too much of going to prison for a higher exiles don't do well and revenues -- -- -- well. The bottom of the truck and I kept up an awful lot of them don't open it a comfortable eight. Iron about public. First of all it was a -- Lexus. Suvs. Eat -- -- who paid for it for you pay for. The Lexus like Lexus I S at all and they named among the RX RXV. Three two's no nothing much you pay for -- pay for him. Like. Among unsettled the tablet you know what you say Japan for months and have watched -- and I had a man. Maybe 787. Structurally over your head currencies to secure line drives -- -- just discuss the Safeco advocates see -- -- Prius. Man reply is get around in the us now electrically. Is it a four wheel drive in the trees trees power or isn't -- one wheeled drive them listen to go 83 miles per hour wolf police -- as -- -- -- but it's possible. Underneath pushing the car that's -- is that -- so no traction at all. Turbo motor homes are lists. I thought I was I got out of the girls are what do you what it is therefore well. -- of that engine it is like the Jetsons that Taylor is just like a bottomless and by the way errors at the trees and compared that. To pay. -- -- -- Other schools and only to have you know I don't know what you -- reform particularly. Well enough milk. Brad a lot of our he bought. And a message. -- -- -- Oh and preparation for -- it evolved bottom -- we bought a boat. And that the bill that's about liquidated. They all the. Exactly that's the that's that's dangerous digital files from and then you -- -- -- -- you know he's especially if you have no power it's cool man. Finally this is gonna waste it's gonna go to college that's -- -- -- the snow -- -- -- -- that. At the -- -- -- I did this and I was my singles it's like a freezer I did that yeah I lost it I can't find it and dogs you know yeah. It's been hard I would attack. A lot of sidewalk of the station Jack Edwards could be shoveled it -- You know what I grew loud and awkward -- there are always. Worked really hard to get the job done and you know what they updated. Probably. And -- I thought I would I think you're right I'm now. That. And well you know what you want to call man I can without you. Okay legal OK on it didn't go wrong behaved and propped open with a bit darker side. Hours all in yeah it's good though because -- without probable did he do -- and it is probable. And offered it to march 12. I come to that conclusion -- compliment from over any side but if it was a little bit when this next game -- -- -- the all star break you know I just had march partly because that's fine -- all of the thing play out of your -- a little car -- until. The -- late April because that's for a time when the first round of the plane that'll mean it'll be more difficult -- all male -- play. With that had all right what -- what -- -- to talk about when you do that impact what Alan Seattle right. And met with a hair. Just the hairstyle that wasn't big trend of people name their kids debt debt lefty retired. Wanted to speak to talk about -- we haven't talked about why else did. They have good. And met -- Some great haircuts Sam Perkins the agent. On that Almeida. -- -- call eight notebook. And message. They thought man. -- -- -- this -- -- -- OK let me tell you about we don't care about battling in the trend here is Megyn nobody. What's your father in the base meant. What habitat of that and the big part. -- the -- go nobody. And it -- through at all. The ritual it's about the the Brandeis year's -- -- and I'll get everything vertically every single flash she's ever done I tell you what -- I started playing my own drinking games is listening to there was -- because -- -- us -- because Carnegie -- man we -- -- fight for him the last minute I just took over. And I like that how the grand. She knows that at times looks great and other times that the game this picture I got on the Internet ever without makeup on she looks like crap. Well I snuck his -- make a pleasure to would you use to do the tenacity he had to make a point it looked like you know after some welcoming India I don't I don't like crap like to -- I got an explanation yet. She's better with our round as well and especially through the shadow without -- she's got cans to shoot a pretty good at all. -- -- -- the end of the way out. Of the draft back. Since she gets an all boys securities exchange tickets and sorry percentage had a big hit a baby she was pregnant. She used to be you know those girls that she was always -- message. Showed it. African sometimes just doesn't endorse an activist. And -- -- know. -- get -- that would have been at least bought. If not more. I -- Italian. Wait. The bell bend Indiana on Saturday night. Waiting but -- you know I'd open bad. -- Cratered handymax just just text me he said what's wrong with the -- the girls play -- the -- let's rock and. And it. At. -- That car. We were you bet and. -- How. That. And I -- And yet you found out that. -- -- -- -- -- -- wash your Google lots of Google children of the corn -- I'm just amazed by what is. -- -- this fall. I don't get it opens -- on speakerphone yes it was Mickey Mouse phone video pictures. Ian and -- combines when he when your religion and -- I did. Let's go with the Pope who I am Grubman -- -- -- we're not a group or group. -- took over the top. -- I act I know that bad rap -- rap -- and I haven't I. About what. And what I -- technical data being armed. What. I have friends. It will be. Don't. But that's about -- pornographic why in the morning of the -- at. About. That app that tool where about. Mapped out as well and I agreed that I've the I don't. Pretty that in my book I -- that -- -- but we have I don't adults. There hadn't. -- In. What I can go. Don't text -- suspect. Hook. You know Ray Lewis went to go to the Vatican for a for a tribute to our sendoff for the Pope to -- and -- and poultry last night. No weapon formed against you you rate in the poked and scream. Back at it. Fitted -- have a baby for once because it works or futile thing Kelly Clarkson didn't have a baby and she looks like she -- -- shots. -- Ninety Nine restaurants that -- snow days national Mikey today -- -- no local public school system is closed due to style that would be today -- lot of schools are closed but more. Kids under the age of kids eat free on the snow day with a purchased. Of an adult on track. One free kids' meal for every adult archery purchased the offer is valid all the wrong. At the 99 restaurant location of the local school system only.

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