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Digging out from Nemo, how'd you make out in the storm?

Feb 11, 2013|

We trade snow stories from Nemo, the thing that dominated most people's weekends more than sports did.

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First of all -- I want to make sure everybody safe and everybody survived via. Nemo as it's now known Nemo. The store. You do OK nothing other than not you're asking now -- that I harassed Sterger stir crazy with the kids are asking on Monday. And it went down on Friday night Saturday morning -- gone down where I feel -- so tiger. It would be needed you know someone. Number I don't like Bonner was -- waited -- -- we're showing up at a -- Because I had nothing else to do I don't know I didn't know heat -- had no electricity -- you have no power and our hour's drive around -- -- that was my power probably -- the only way I could. Recharge my cellphone obviously. Is Kona card of course my wife has a soulful like it's got like all these wires coming up the car driving around law. Basically just charge. All four. Chinese could make it home. But geez can it -- and probably. That what happened a great listen it was it was it was fun. Still -- Still have no I have no he's now. You don't well we we we huddled around. It was like -- as walls camping out so we huddled around the our family room fireplace fire place. Let up a win or you Papa Bear and -- don't you -- -- -- probably so. So the house was probably out of 4648. -- fire. Little good sixty degrees. And it was everything was great there's no state you know -- -- -- state now that we do we know he would know -- know -- -- you know me. And and might we have generated. It -- its course at that size it's -- wouldn't. It was pointed to 3 o'clock in the in the morning with the kids started you can throw out the other than that you know was great weekend. We shall. So hopefully I'll have to meet some electricity -- -- -- Those cold showers -- Coastal showers -- show they're tough man they are. -- -- I don't I forgot what they -- it here -- run away and they wrote. About it. When I was -- young guy to get into the into the business. You know you wouldn't pay you know -- regardless Austria. -- Plays later filtered out hot commodity -- your your young Taiwanese talent you have skipped electric a couple of hours -- -- -- -- Of course cut off. So did you -- all the time right so that's right it's a gay culture OK so you'd. -- young guy and this is happening like you last two weeks and a sense. 89 years ago if not years ago still -- come -- of down it was 5050 whether the phone beyond. The -- to be known. I thought those days were behind apparently not. But the -- showers a little bit. He really is it released. -- -- -- on Friday and it -- single -- you got pulled over in knowledge. -- thank you put over know what they did was they just they they slowed me down. And he said -- Youkilis at home he said -- -- -- -- it. That is. Also almost I didn't request I didn't have to pull out my. You know why you are you a question on Friday and I was just it was just asked where I was. While -- that hat -- do and what I would tell you sort of Ellis desolate. It reminded me. Of of you know that one of those like Will Smith movie -- that will Somalia's extremist the only man on the planet in -- dog right it is dark. But I'm going through. The mast pike extension through that now. There was nobody there at the top. I literally stopped halfway -- the slowed real slow because -- subject wears it with -- Live my dream. Master audio and no body. There was nobody at all I want all the way down. On the expressway. And until I got to the split Michael. I did not see signal caller in -- and the -- Not a single car when I got the split there were a lot of trucks there and they are lining up all the media electrical. Vehicles because they were trying to line them up into February get ready for the very denigrate charity that -- was -- without power or you put on a hole. This was this was his bad you're one among four out on to -- this is is bad storm. Sounds as an honor I was gonna say my house was shaking with this win and I'm down near the ocean and that doesn't simply by -- Michael ice would ago I thought I was gonna wake up going to be sciences the damn thing was literally shake. Shaking was -- that you can you could feel -- I can you know what here in 1970. But you know seven it was a combination or right -- -- -- it was a combination of storms with my 21. Storm hit everybody there was a storm after storm is stripped out of three. So I've lived in Boston. Cleveland Chicago. Probably for -- little bit of renewing the asterisk. Next -- that we're all cold weather to actually get a Illinois license. No I didn't. No. No never changed the play. As -- -- -- registered replace them by Honda Civic -- But it all cold weather cities and -- and they all did on this no. I've never. Seen this much snow. This is the biggest tournament ever seen as this. I'm -- 387 it was Morse but but but that's restored yes -- seen -- yet single storm. Yeah anything like while I thought the yes -- 78 but the where this thing that really damaging I can't tell you I was driving in today it was dark and those two guys in the Indian -- -- -- -- conference call mr. -- a conference call. And that was given that there were trees down every steal. Every word word Monday the storm on Friday night into Saturday. And it trees down everywhere it is he generally professional. Tree. Do you. It calls the body. Little gall to call and complain that you called somebody complain giant -- -- always called giant. -- is an issue that's your call drinks you. How we apologist of the -- agents this journalist with the little -- -- like jobless and the -- has been through an awful lot in his life. I'm surprised and maybe it's because people right now Rahm. Just don't. Care much about the -- -- surprises in real smooth with -- let him -- -- -- But that's what felt there was nobody helped him. We know our current movies. -- -- -- -- -- -- some strange movies got father. I am glad -- quiz show I cried quit show on the Busch cars your dog would you Bryant quote quit -- -- Is dead college professor he had big expectations form Ivy League. And he's just trying to tell them. He couldn't couldn't get around to it so he's like. -- beat around the bush. He's saying you know are dead remember those days they used to come home from school and you know as milk and cookies and just want to protect innocent there was moments. You know you want -- -- there's nothing more and it's there's nothing more lovely -- when everything and his dad said. Now until yet. All I got it right there -- you one are you one of those guys that up tour right now forget about it is that the connection. Is that the father something -- -- so -- almost all the movies I watch this weekend I watched out. As I watched bunch of stuff on my iPad was Smart enough to download a bunch of movies on Thursday and Friday in anticipation of the storm so watchful. This week in the market Denzel Washington I'm logged into -- -- I support and that would Denzel now. Play upside now. Could it by the permits are couldn't couldn't what you will probably a wash and what it is and what what they I'm guessing it was a three -- not -- voted. Five better than that can speak out about a minute hold it had the alcoholism. And drug thing I didn't feel like our. John -- lost a lot of -- Political. Yeah. I just don't know yet what the machines at the Yankees in prison. Get your and his son becomes invisible and knowledge of it and that wouldn't let -- I would say that movie would you it was a seven. Because of the accuser immediately movies and music at the fathers of the developer. Is -- -- they center's doctors like me -- like horses you know system great column it was --

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