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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/11/13

Feb 11, 2013|

We discuss four topics we normally wouldn't touch on during the normal course of the show. Topics today include worst contract in Sox history, could MJ still play at 50, and who deserves a beating more than Chris Brown?

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Didn't know in this no -- Needs to -- NGOs for poor and the -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We -- -- yeah. Thanks for new topics we have brought up here that on the program down. All right the Celtics have been winning without Rajon Rondo I noticed I've noticed -- you know honestly I have no that's seven and over irons it is caused good debates. Do you remember a team that got better when one of their superstar players went down. -- -- that minimum about who waiting for you. -- wrote him couple critical -- you know well. That's taken some shots here and now. It did on Max irons I shouldn't have much better without the Rondo whatever. Shall lotions gonna get a Brothers and who's that guy I don't know there -- no doubt look at Talladega now about this may be this may be. May not be the spirit of the question but there -- there's one is where is the ultimate goal is championships right. Has got to be a team that was good. Expected to be a contender elusive superstar and they still either get to the championship series or game. War better than that they went right. I would say the giants'. Phil -- gets hurt. And Jeff hostetler yes. There's got to get a game you know is that a man out now I know was. It wasn't a long it would -- entire season Brady from bullets to hold me to throw that one out there. It wasn't for a whole season in October for a long period of time Brady was for the whole Brady was what three two games and he gets hurt blitzer gets her. 012 run through it yet. So they got better. Wheldon Bledsoe came back and they also can -- -- in the replacement CA and and all the different because there was the replaced there's an obvious replacement. Who became a superstar. It it -- fourth -- though -- wouldn't it wouldn't just for that analogy Edward Witten. -- the war. Barbosa. When one of those guys have to be a superstar. For that analogy just to match except I think the Celtic team was already a very good team and I think the and he did a good job in the offseason. Putting it together maybe a little like the bigs. And that's with a soldier thing I think -- it will affect him somewhere down the -- like look at Chicago right now. I'm amazed at how well the bulls are playing -- Derrick -- and they have had to do this for a long period of time right odds Texas as 49ers with -- I wouldn't call Alex -- best player Alex Smith was. In the US and a super now in Hollywood -- just if editing and I think Jim Harbaugh correctly. Nailed this one and that was Alex Smith was not going to take them to where they needed to -- He couldn't create enough offense so the -- predicting made may have sent about forty minutes with Steve for it. All different set of circumstances. When you -- They -- -- -- -- you know at that point Montana was starting to. Two to fail them or policy traded yeah I must illustrated and then they they they gave it to Ron Amadon. What a nice situation would be I don't think it happens a lot trade -- hall of Famer then gave it to another hall of Famer this what this what were were were fighting to find one right now. -- -- -- that you are you don't want Kurt Warner trailer greener green. And yeah that's a -- practical -- -- -- for everybody that there really still others -- good -- every team that lost Dave Wright gets out. Ever have Specter says this just the is just getting better don't -- don't have to what did you every should be get better OK I've spent. And it -- with the Celtics are playing in the lowly Charlotte Bobcats tonight the Michael Jordan led Bob that are. Once again usually the worst team in the NBA the bobcats win more games if almost fifteen year old Michael Jordan were the parts of the course. No 008 -- -- fifty years old -- He. Hit it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kids. Are not failing artwork and tobacco and -- on -- there's -- better question is the better question mr. problem. Bobcats once again the worst team in the end. The bobcats win more games -- almost fifty year old Michael Jordan were no longer a Seattle man. -- -- save our state guard Jordan lately he's Karen an extra one. Toward -- know. What I don't know 40404040. Sort of -- didn't make. The man. So then right then -- win. -- game or two extra game or to put it into -- But he's probably more as you said his prime more likely to get it done as players and used as an executive. -- Daisuke Matsuzaka signed a minor league deal with the Cleveland Indians this weekend we all agreed that for the majority of his time in Boston he was a bust. Was he the worst contract the Red Sox ever signed. -- Easily a top ten but no I agree with Michael he's not the worst -- they signed for wars. Now that have been able tumbled to Carl Crawford deal may be in -- that makes people feel will be out of that the horrendous for 242. Million bucks why. Why would you do it and you'll get a guy that had that skill set starting in center field and you screwed him up and move them to left now. There are a lot of guys on the list and I think Crawford is back there Jack Crawford at a blackjack -- Padilla days they have some real you know renteria -- think -- is almost yeah they're able to move. Because it was a blast. One year last one year. And even when they got rid of them they still were paying the present literally paying the price air force contract. Daisuke Dice-K one of the -- -- -- -- you want a World Series game two yes I can one gain one. Of the AL championship series against Tampa great start. -- in that series and series went seven games and one playoff game for Torre changed what -- you JD I don't know J. D. Drew was a game. J. D. Drew not -- -- J. D. Drew was a bigger Boston but Lackey. Market is the question we posed on FaceBook and most people. Said Daisuke and then a lot of people defended him saying that one World Series rhythms -- got a discount them. That they want a World Series with a lot of people the Dice-K even the next years it was rookie year. He's pitching in the World Series he's pitching and field championships series when he eighteen the second in his second year. -- an average with eighteen games and he's winning a game not like you with. Not only -- -- -- Michael is in the top ten of worst contract but it's an animal. We tracked them from. Everybody got excellent. Well where is it is it -- and yet admitted posting flogged with most of most of them wallow -- drugs at the moment. 56. Total was 106. Serbia did this pitches. It's. Yuma. Police. None of them could work in the strikes out. Matt young -- and that young as another one very good. Jose offerman an excellent another one of -- -- that was at all started -- -- -- event. All the bid contracts -- first playoff game offerman. -- cancel its all man. Talk about a guy. Was just asked that was deer in headlights plus plus is the name of the clubhouse cupcake. They were being kind to him thousands nickname at that start. There should Josh Beckett and I think it's 2007. You don't win without Beckett it's Sosa's Julio Lugo was -- -- That was that was. That last night at the grammys frank ocean won for best urban contemporary album and Chris Brown was a complete duke should not standing up and applauding form he was in the same category. Two weeks ago Chris brown and his entourage jumped frank ocean over parking spot author and gay slurs in his direction. Is there any celebrity or athlete that you'd rather give the beating too. Chris Brown yes interest. There are a lot of people who would like -- -- crisper. Yeah I was just like that that's situated at the pictures. Is the pictures of Rihanna after that and through Terre. And how could she I just -- -- -- that -- -- -- you can imagine that there were seen as we can smoke emblems in the club. I think Chris Brown would have to be it maybe smoking bullets at them the do and here's and here's the the crazy thing about Chris Brown -- informants -- -- -- applaud for a coach. -- frank frank at which outlook but if you look like a full wanted to real hard on Andy's a real artist. But the black -- once regret. For. That up with Chris Brown thing. The saddest part of the story. -- popularity didn't really. Fallout. -- that he had like a little had a little period where very little he was toxic. And then he's right back now he was maybe as popular or more popular than it was he was the brunt of a lot of jokes -- which was interesting because you're talking about domestic violence. And then you know you're the Letterman is -- they would they would joking about it and I. Kind of desensitized. Everybody to look -- your right he did very little. She then -- interviewed the interview Rihanna did agree browns a guy who took a major -- Rihanna did an interview after that. It may have been -- -- -- Diane Sawyer goes on and on -- talking about it you know have to do this. You know I'd love. This is not about love getting -- I care about and I have to do -- for other young women and it's not about love got to stand up for what's right it was a great interview and then. He goes back to -- too bad. That story for 13 mrs. Taylor's swift. Taylor Swift -- this where it just kept. Her every sort easements from them. You know her her all of her music is all about stuff that happened and life -- you have been dumped before people can relate to that it. Who who among us hasn't been dumped. And -- you don't that you don't to Kennedy. Gupta -- outsmart you on that is usually like her for that.

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