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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande pregame Celtics/Bobcats

Feb 11, 2013|

Grande caught up with Doc before tonight's Celtics-Bobcats game in Charlotte. What's Doc's strategy to get the Celtics their 8th straight win?

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The Celtics at present about Lexus continues from Charlotte itself as the bobcats -- except to go on the second night back to back. Conversation with a head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by a much guys banging on garbage cans with sticks and also by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Galveston. You have no say I -- in the creativity the halftime acts like it can be worse today. It's good -- know that that would have global growth of those you know like one today obviously. I just I can -- the -- gone from awful long time as a categorize where it's infringing upon a time but you know what. We've we've pressed on your team did yesterday Israel stance coaches never ever think -- way and it's voted against -- Romantically instantly -- Look at that as a team of the year and we're just thrilled by the way when it not just -- it can put the whole thing to throwing rise but you weren't happy with the way. Your team was playing pro life -- And I thought -- you know look. Which have been of the I view it the fact we were that it was going to be tough today. Until envelopes that over the and I thought some of our execution as well. But overall root problem. With that gave up. From the and in the -- down in every overtime comeback wins it's through a lot of much to us because you don't defense -- now Jason Terry it's that -- me. This is one of those guys that you know you don't have allowed -- but -- play. Do you have to several we were talking accidentally. You know -- for going through three gold for quick to what assure that rule if you have -- Assuming that there and -- US UV you're down three at what point -- the clock go down he says okay it was asked if well the two seconds to go filed in no timeouts just more than compiled. -- at a time. I wondered where to. Once we can get it would to. Hours ago and three you know obviously all of this business. You sit KG out at what point overtime which -- the -- -- -- most of it extremely outrageously tired of you actually sit down for a little while point in the game like that yesterday even with the back to back he'd just say. I don't want I don't know anymore I don't know how many minutes these guys have played them I just have to watch. Yeah bullets overtimes arts and never ask about minutes you know that's been all year you know you either. You can player you can play at that point -- -- Cisco -- -- -- -- And the -- I assume carries forward into tonight we just keep trying guys that we are moving in the -- running or lack. Of unique music on the bill which is still I think even there for the artists that hard to try to -- them -- endured the day. Just sit him because you don't wanna wait until they look tired is probably too. To the all star break play in at all to what you coached these these amendments to now we have a day off tomorrow. We just had two days off reported. Yesterday so we should be bird it's a hard Iran Demitra and it's hard to run you don't get stops it's hard to run what you don't reap the bobcats have been struggling -- either of those things when they run. -- they've been almost as efficient as an extremely. Yet they're driven me they're athletic and they need to on this sort of try to do it no more because. They don't want defense is set. On them. You know they play -- -- it is it's hard to do that when you've gone through what they've gone through and it that you don't. Which brings me this -- you went through it to some degree you know with no wants to lose obviously no fun to reining. When you look at teams like the one your point tonight you think about the outsider as a coaching teams like you had your successive years ago when you see now or or could Iowa State. Get better is that somebody Q is there something attractive about that the -- either miss or whatever wanna do again. No there's nothing attractive about I can do that but that is attractive when you watch her way and you. You watch Al Jefferson plays and you're green didn't back in the league now and start to play. -- that's really nice but that there's a lot of news disparage or in the -- -- tools right you. So what's the bobcats next of WEEI Celtics radio network.

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