Feb 11, 2013|

hear the very BEST of the first ever Sauce Man Radio program.

Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

If you miss this weekend on WEEI. You missed so. Party. It was movie -- drinking games every time we say. -- radio pro. Program what you've taken nice -- children resulting in -- listeners drunk listeners people happy listeners who called the talk about weirdo but I in this looking -- one way you get on match dot com and then you can kind of cycle with a wild women out because they've all spread to appreciate the -- -- did impressions everything's going to be -- champions this year it. It's got to -- Celtics it's doubly Celtics sauce made fun of some records DJ I wanna prove on dirty wars Bruins beat writer then suffered -- little -- -- the injured coming goals at Doug -- score. -- HL you scored their golden DHL because if you had been junior he's all right juniors so happy using him that -- even called -- shaky gotten a number of the night before. Colleen you know this is. No I think I'm 611. Yes seventh about -- This is sauce and had a the awkward conversation was there when you said to me last night -- do you like to -- we really talking about the snow. I think we're well thought out do you seriously going to do and say lines like this all the time you know I don't know reiterated that. Happy about it it -- all on the size me and radio show and seek relief we are gags.

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