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Bruins beat Sabres: LB and Mut react

Feb 11, 2013|

LB and Mut break down the Bruins win in Buffalo and discuss Brad Marchand, Shawn Thornton, and the play of backup goaltender Anton Khudobin.

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It's white black -- There's also pale -- we -- the pictures of -- that are -- -- Fort -- This sport guy LB's studio hanging out they publish it here this factory. They they get the shots a little people or tweet about Bradford and Gordon needs. To it looks awful LB he looks brutal and it. -- -- preparation -- -- -- -- hit -- there so it's not -- on on this week you're gonna go out of house and it's laid -- for fifteen minutes. Will oil -- give -- up doubles pictures two or use of power as host air handing handing got to do that GTL before you get out there. In Fort Myers mandatory. We'll talk -- -- later on the show on throughout the week he is alive and Fort Myers to join -- every day depending on. Out what's a lot of Fort Myers to be different times every baby -- miss anything including get his thoughts on John Henry speaking the -- adamantly saying the team is not for sale. Legal analyst at noon and -- saying why -- you do a show for six to 100. Somebody here at and typical radio fashions that -- -- -- two more -- they want to -- that would moderate and hang out to dream what do you -- -- o'clock. I go I go ahead head back home to angels Drudge where we have via power tech unit and a that concept to rowing machine and see I was spinning by. Where I have about LaGuardia today today the little delayed but today will be -- fourteen of getting LB back bringing. Dreamy as close to 205 pounds as humanly possible lastly I don't weigh myself -- weighed myself at the beginning and I was -- I was pleased that I was three under -- So I'll just how close at 300 pretty close pretty -- -- -- -- the white lanes for me sometimes. Can be motivation in the way and can be the motivation of hey I'm making progress here let's step up or. I slowed down I ate like a pig this weekend I gotta get back get into an extra 101520 minutes on the wrong. Not -- -- the key is is is if you keep you costly work out you're gonna you're gonna get better shape so you because you know -- he gets your goal wait the harder it is to get there. So the key is just keep working out if I work out five days a week for the rest of my life. I know that when you know when like let's say a 25 year old something something -- may be -- 11 o'clock -- to -- -- -- today. -- over your limit buyers. You know what's going on I'm going it's work in on San. Our rob break we would do some TSA they're razor he was out with Dennis -- today and now I'm not sure he thinks its work and for right now -- -- Although we had the privilege of fighting it. -- you know a duo or equivalent and now I'm -- there and we we we do -- show off the record their reward they -- -- and there yet he's. So it is not that body -- -- potentially. Going to be something extra. You fill out real well LD gap supposed to go to ligature yesteryear you're only about twenty pounds behind me -- I and then not for not and I didn't think anybody else on the planet have had bigger than mine so far and I did pound razor. Nicely in the current uniquely you guys that fought not charter flight archer also bring the pictures and I look. There's somebody and somebody abroad sent to a picture of me loading up the upper cut. And then. The upper cut going through robberies that we tweet goes out we get the -- I think there might shock -- -- alternate you know get some new ground but it's it was Pretoria raises -- -- game. He was tough -- Manny was awesome and he also he he -- -- politics in our loved that you saw it. Love getting New Jersey -- blocking a reward you know underwear so you have to be flying -- you know maybe or maybe topless and apparently -- objects -- we -- Going nuts but he was legit for sure he would try to get too -- five my guess is Saturday since that time shoveling off of that weight off yeah big big time and again I again I took a lot of heat on Twitter my. Because I just about everybody Yi blows everything out of proportion I understand the city's differing -- of Austin. You know basically every road was clear by house Saturday Morrison's Clark Atlanta sports are 1000 miles how I got up and -- and that I got up by Greg grabbed the shovel I went down or will -- year old -- -- -- out of out of the crib. Grab a shovel I have a little kids shovel a yes I do and I have a little kids -- and will -- and -- Where hotel roach shot out there and we got -- -- -- about four hours. Depart at about 404045. By 45 foot drive. To lose power in health and now we lost nothing I would just just north of messages to be mud wrestled a Condo and in national board right the top of the -- so easy -- sell right now bull one of the benefits is. If macondo free care everything so market quarter unseen at one that these our owners -- in a -- don't you see the yeah right they you see these tweets from people like I'm shovel and here's a picture me here's my house the next open might. -- -- -- -- these guys tweet fans of the show no power can't listen transistor radio. We power all weekend. Went outside for about five minutes shovel away from the garage got you went for the -- got to come back he take care of the rest of it. I -- the two cars back in front of the house that was my experience -- -- here this week are deployed to Korea. But I -- I would get as as far as like well I had a great time went by building his personal snow for. Bill to my you know while my body got down -- break up there -- -- What -- we don't shovel and so he plotting don't applaud this open to and also now allows us he has -- -- you know for three year old it's it's not that's -- smoltz is like a small to set off the payment but he program. I was kind of -- I tell -- speculation as I needed to Tony generally can't be kind of pregnant and he can't be kind of -- and head up the -- they -- -- AME whack -- pretty -- got up what you champ thought it was hilarious the -- I was worried now. Was I've -- is -- I didn't shake it up well star. And we can with a great sports night last night you have the self explain the game of the year in the NBA adults and a lot on the -- -- -- -- here wanna start with the Bruins they are 81 -- one. It is -- best spot start in team history they are seventeen points after ten games I'll askew. What's the biggest reason this team is 81 and one out to their best start in team history through ten games. Our -- and it harassed in their -- and open -- were are awesome Dover last night as I mean did just the confidence that their players. That that they'll get playing in front of those guys knowing that if you screw up. And somebody gets a break. No problem you know work your way back to do which candor to minimize the damage in two -- seems not to see if we don't last night. Are phenomenal again you know again against club tequila to score a lot of goals that. And you brought this up a couple times of us that you think who'd bill but has not just a typical. Back up goal that I think he's got the ability if if you're on different team you think this guy can be number one. 100% I think we have a we hadn't in Timmy and took. You know you're you're -- to conclude opener he got two number ones and I it's a great problem -- And I am an eager integrate situation -- through -- because I don't think he liked. To grass is so calm so cool never gets flustered. You know do like I said the other night the you know going into Montreal like your head's not Spaniard won six and one with a almost a three goals against average in into building that you sure you know we -- You're expected to fail. And he pulled it out and dove in pulled out against buffalo which is another. You know is it a little bit of mind of game with the whole start thing in the -- fighting everything went down toward being constantly. About it was great detest soupy Campbell -- -- have it early took some pressure authority and sort of set the extra two which I thought was really cool. It was he -- goaltending and -- a lot of people both had the same answer we'll ask the question to Bruins fans say what's the biggest reason this team is 81 and one. I still go back to the depth the year LB I watched last night and they are such little difference between. The first flat at from a skill standpoint there's a big difference in the first and third one person four point but the effort. They get from that third line less than Everly and port and -- comes back in the -- what I -- I think that they depth that they have to start the year. Is such a huge advantage over other teams they face who don't wanna play. Those third and fourth lines and a play a lot or games in a forty game schedule and to have that depth and have -- role and the confidence in that -- At the biggest reason the rate wanna want. I can I completely agree much and I you know again you you just look at this team it's a well rounded team it's a well coached team. Everybody in this organization believes in what Claude Julien expects around and tells them -- they got a great front office you know. It if they do they they've got did you know him. They've got a prescription to went and they can do it and and it may only be 47 games if they don't get that done. Tampa Bay Lightning game get a postponement on Saturday April a problem that by the way Matt Oates is gosh I have a huge problem with -- to bubble teams are on the officials -- in -- You'd you'd probably got 101000 people could walk to the garden. Obama's second debris you do realize the Halston where you were more I want Nashua it was fine -- world is cleared. Around Boston and or put the snow MBTA was -- running yet they just looked -- the driving -- at 4 o'clock how many of those bands that had paid tickets. He'll make the game on Saturday. I don't care let's see all of I -- -- but everybody I don't want anybody get hurt. You know and I mean but again it's is it's one of those things bookings are down so they could have played in in front of an empty building. So what CDs refund doubles ticket people wanna go to Becky wanna see Tampa -- you told the spread their good team -- guarantee that it might seem to -- -- conference final playoff I know from what a great now we have to watch in April in the growth -- an extra game at the end of the year -- it if they. -- grew up a good point but never play that game at the reef on the tickets anyway -- for the safety. Other people around the garden and asked on the people the work it's like to show up and say. -- here's just the up the arena players are here -- -- reason -- so it's got to be there to manage the -- right someone's -- give you some different things. I got a kid I -- I tried to get everybody on Twitter lit me up Kazaa and it was -- -- -- we'll let people that will -- appear today's loss ever after everybody's everybody's healthy everybody's out you'll get the game and I. LB -- about 6177797937. That's our phone number 617. 7797937. Text the show right now on the eighteenth tee -- line at 37937. As Bruins fans what's the biggest reason. This team is out to 811 start seventeen points to ten games that is their best start in team history give -- one reason. While there are to a good start and ninety seconds you alluded to it Jon Scott tell their last night there was some stress there -- some pressure -- fight he didn't. Was that a good thing for the Bruins talk about that -- -- next.

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