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Jon Lester talks about reaching the "next level"

Feb 11, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Jon Lester's comments about not understanding what people mean by reaching the next level.

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I don't know just understand it is. Take last year Sodom and fifteen more games for four straight years there's only the pictures that did that so what next level is there. That's the thing that frustrates me is people don't consider me -- Mason don't consider me -- Frontline starter -- when there's two other pitchers in all of baseball but did that. What am I. Yeah and when -- -- -- that that's my argument to. What extra level is it must -- to win 25 games every year. -- really that's not possible but you know because when aliens. Are not in my -- they're not. Mean you look at last year how many quality source. How many games that lose -- went eight innings even after Angeles. So. I can't control the outcome of the game I can only control. Being healthy every five days ago -- pitch. Of those real birds in the background Lester -- for talkers -- the masters when they pump the the sounds the bird I was brought real birds. The real birds I think -- -- real bird -- -- app at. They want to -- talking about Jon Lester that be fair for -- to say when you have quotes yeah I would always macro I was zone. I was disappointed. In here and it's down and read that article in and seen some of the quotes because -- one of the guys actually believes there is another level and having. Very consistently just talk about how great it is to win fifteen -- sixteen games lawyers are on the two months it wins don't mean anything well if they don't mean anything it's like it's like me you know it. And you stats and if it's my argument. And you know I'm not ask don't 120 point five games a year because there's nothing there has is that one point. So yeah do I expect there's another level yes. Yes there -- -- -- may because you have these guys consistently 3234 what she was before years. That you almost waiting at the 2010 season that was outstanding. That okay now he's gonna he's gonna become that -- recent talk about Cy Young. -- this very good every single year and he has been very good before you straight alleged he was awful. Not all have that one year mix now one year that's the next leveled at two point eight year in a winning 1819 -- give them a two point eight it's. It's it's all about numbers and I was disappointed I really was because. You know god forbid somebody actually think there's another level Jon Lester music not satisfied as when they're like that's all I took it. That's came across -- -- satisfied with where he is a pitcher right now and I would argue. For what he's getting paid and is expectation at top of the Red Sox rotation. That what he's done as good. We only considered the top five a Cy Young voting once during your career there is another level John White there's another level where a year and a year route. You're considered a god at beginning of the season is Jon Lester going to be in the hunt for Cy Young is he going to win twenty -- viewpoint out. He won nineteen games happen exactly once and like -- either -- that. That not only does he listen of this. And that it bothers some people are questioning him he doesn't seem like he doesn't to the next level when John Ferrell says now to me says yeah. -- -- 914. We can deal with that again John fifteen and nine year before were OK with that top of our rotation a mad there. The next level would be here and -- year not considered a Cy Young -- people we're talking about the best pitchers in baseball. You're a macro because the that's the stuff -- a site that is an ability. -- you're actually right and we saw another level to a guy like David Price and we've seen another level. You know a type of year from the Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez it's. In every single year they should be a group policy ten pitchers that you look and the end of the ten best in the American League in for four years are specially. Knew going in 2011 come off the 2010 Jon Lester was in that group now it's okay which one of these guys. Is going to take it to the next level when the Cy Young they're all capable that all great pitchers. And you know obviously last year. He could talk all horrible quality wins and eight innings in three runs but the kind of four point eight ERA. You know some of those guys you name -- -- Verlander have a story ever that he's going to like in the prime of his career and it's. And that's what we're talking about with John do you want him to to expect. Another level out of himself. That's the biggest disappointment. You know and he was great for four years but when I looked when I -- a kid. You early on his career you socket thrown 9596. With a cutter. Okay you say it -- veto to control the outside of the plate you know especially against righty she's really on the ball and on race. Do you have a control the other side of the plate of guys set up all day long so any sort of developing a -- two seam fastball and the change of started the developing several big gulp now the sky's the limit. This second set people up but the cutter get a look at inside drop below two -- changeup away. Get some easy outs gay guys missing barrels in not the local five innings on 95 pitches -- is this is this it would now already from the take off. And that just never happened to turn into we got to las conference is forcing fastball -- location and it because it started nibbling. And nick cutter happy -- last year. Mean with two strikes he struggled the put guys away we hadn't seen him in the past he'd know whip deterrent. Because a lot of it to do with the hitters -- -- you don't want he can't controls forcing fastball. In he's not locating it all all year long consistently. Of their widely loves his cutter and -- to look in the lay -- that or they're teeing it up you know look for the right one. -- just wasn't as effective in his right elbow rested think there's another level I want that happened is one think. His strikeouts per nine were as low as they've been since 2008 right now so we had a good stretch there it's fine but member last three years he was at 1097 and 85 strikeouts per nine innings. Us straight out -- was down seven point three by far the lowest. Since these point four years old a year -- sixteen games 166. In 2008 at and the other part is when he did the quote their part of that -- heard. It's great sound at the -- forgets and say this but when he says people don't consider me. An -- or don't consider me your Frontline starter. Well the is part of that is its global -- -- he think he's an ace like if you look at his year his years ago yeah culminates because if he does. I would just say compared to a year of -- Lander or Matt Cain aren't some years you can CC sabathia see those guys. When seventeen plus games consistently it's not like a one year blip. Right when you say again they won nineteen games wants a won twenty games wants hell we are very price won twenty games just last year. In the American League that ER -- are sub two sevenths sub to any. And they get -- ports 200 -- and if Jon Lester -- compare himself to other quote uncle aces. What the numbers stand out and go yeah I'm not Mac group is. Here's yours. The number five opening date somebody in between if you take five days it buster yeah he. To me in my mind that's an. So. The next level -- -- next I don't know what people. From from the next. So I've come to realize you know what I'm not concerned about an -- I'm not concerned about what people from me I'm concerned with what I've done the past. Sixty years is take deploy every five days take pride in that -- and I asked me since its start. It's two it. -- an awful definition of an awful really mean. It really is it was the other works and you know for for number 45 starters front put the numbers got it gives you innings and has a 46 -- -- takes that. Freeagent scenes as well nominees and they showed up every day I mean every single start now there's value in that because a lot of value and innings. But you know I think we to -- word -- around wait wait too easily I mean there's only a few aces. Teams have number ones that gotta -- lean on their best pitcher but doesn't mean every single team as an ace. I mean that there's just not that many of them. Those are the guys that -- you talk bowl wins you know I don't even look at the winds right because anything can happen your bullpen whatever you get no run support all year long and we've seen guys like that Felix Hernandez. When the Cy Young army -- -- yet but it's the other numbers that he says it's ERA its with its hits its strikeout guys the -- -- -- night in night out. In you know all this can be a bitch you know that it's like OK if we get to a three on him that's it that's always gonna give up. Here it's not given up eleven and for the third it's not given up 78 big crooked numbers and 45 innings in every fourth fifth start it's. It's been more consistent the net. That it that's a horrible horrible definition of an experience makes. 1777979837. That your phone memory can text this any time in the AT&T text line at 37937. The other part. You you you get after for nitpicking sometimes it has to be another case of that. But I asked -- Lackey for making excuses you know couple of days ago we showed up a story of Abraham and -- that just saying. Yeah we screwed up let's move on and it was you know that was overblown the Boston media's fault. Jon Lester had -- worst year of his real pro career last year -- fourteen. Almost a five ERA. And instead telling rob Bradford had a bad year a lack of back and have a good year John -- here. Normal things -- expect a pitcher to say. He says how many quality starts that I have last year. Go back and look at my quality start are you kidding me Lou like that's the thing nine and 145 is that a 500. A -- to ERA in its status owning up to and say you know what. I'm going to be better this year I can be better. How many quality starts and I have how many times and have a three run leader and give up three runs or less and going innings and lose a game. Like that's that that's the conversation not a got a better it's well. It says nine of fourteen but boy. I had seventeen quality starts annals losses late innings under three runs c'mon that's another excuse. Well no listen I'm with -- that would be perfectly honest with -- because I fully expect. If he's gonna have 3132. Outings. Yeah I expect him to have quality starts in Connecticut this means that its armed with the money because he's really nine. That high priced compared to a lot of the guys in the games or so but when I look at him adjust expectations. And it's because of what you see is because of what he has in his left arm. That's hits. That's the sole reason -- -- expectations too high in what can you tell me this is what you want you professional athlete expectations. He should set -- yourself to be higher than what anyone else expects out of you. -- be upset that people want more out of view just really doesn't make much sense to me. And if he wants our quote quality starts you know you look at the American League. A year ago the leader had 25 in the top eight guys in baseball at twenty or more he was in seventeen always with Phil Hughes Doug Fister terribly Alex and that's his group of guys who he's with so he wants to compare ace and quality starts all that stuff. Well let's look at that group John you know week. We in Chandler from Baltimore had as many quality starts if you did there and that. Up all the yeah yeah you know or -- be the elite guys and you look at that in you know Verlander price those guys -- 25. You know quality starts seventeen. It's just a little bit show. All just it's short for what I expect out of tomorrow and be bragging you know that I had seventeen upon Jon Lester I think he's better than that that's where my expectations are he should have. 56 more of those quality start he should be in that it Jake Peavy Felix Hernandez C. J. Wilson Weaver all in the -- kind of group. Not -- and Alex said down there with Phil Hughes. Eric from Medford says it's just sad Leicester is no fire or desire to improve. It's when you hear it you feel like a guy feel like I'm I'm happy where I am as a pitcher and that sucks -- your Red Sox -- they you know. I'm not so sure there's any fire there you know because I do think that this fire I just don't think it was more. And it's because they're professional athletes in baseball players doesn't mean they're Smart. And I know he got pretty emotional now is a pretty fired up in that. In an interview with Robin yeah that's and a lot of people are actually there the other day witnessing at that what was he off fired up about. And it was just a defiant. Jon Lester. You know here's one thing we talked about for some of the young and some of the new guys coming in the one messages some of the new guys in just talking to Ryan Dempster before to come and appear. The one message -- on the -- across the the guys that have been here for awhile. Stop taking yourself -- serious. It's the game I mean how old are you you're playing baseball you have an amazing talent and you make a lot of money. Just go out there and play and do your thing don't be so pissed at the world. Don't take yourself too serious. That's all -- let's do this quick break Bob and Adam and all your phone calls are coming up at 6177797937. Text us. On the AT&T -- -- at 379837. Also wanna get a take from Lou. On the first day camp and what he saw in addition to your phones it's not Lou 90%. Lewis live in Fort Myers Acura studio the with Butler and ID 37 WEEI your phone 617779. 7937. Talking about the Jon Lester Colin Curtis here rob Bradford WEEI dot comic came on the day of the blazers blizzards -- you not yet read it. Go check that out some Lester comments about himself as a pitcher Bob as in Waltham Bob what you have. Yeah well listen and his opponent voice alone. Gives me just a little bit depressed from the country's conflict. He hit the prompted by. You know we've all old. The -- but if he can't do that -- and move past it you know I do against you what's gonna happen to me he made start out okay. First term but what makes America over exactly the same old left it's I don't know. I hope Obama I'd love to be wrong. I -- -- leadership the personal and -- he be taken these guys that would ship. That would be left or black you -- it. -- just stood there -- -- play by the people and not take ownership of it not a good way to start off after the season that you just. Hopefully it's not them it's not what you gonna -- the biggest thing to mean you probably not going to be able to tell -- -- although. And -- into the meeting Kamal good definitely the first time. But it's how he reacts he talked about I make an air behind him it's not about the -- the first inning is the first time and -- -- -- part you know doesn't is that is that -- squeeze them. You know how does she react in a mound as he just. You need a ball back real quick no big deal. I'm gonna come back Ingraham you know gonna hit the corner again -- -- you know grooved a fastball do whatever it takes in not whine about the umpires and comedian last year you get until bit up. All will always me right there I can't catch a break you know you heard a lot about that after starts it was. It was a disappointing year for Lester not just on the field but I think even even just. Other things Tim did the body language on the mound and him after games ousting the probably disappoint me the most. -- Adams in the car talking about this Red Sox pitching staff I had. I don't -- that. I didn't like -- How do you like when the pain I -- picking out this year what is that what you think about it he's -- Man IT if you could predict what these guys didn't do good luck because -- mean. Really -- single what you have here in the again Lester. -- the nine wins he wins 48 ERA Buchholz. He'll get injured with pitching good and got hurt. You know what's in the lack he's coming back from Tommy John -- I believe in -- brought I like his stuff and you got Dempster. Who had a great year in Chicago and they struggled on texas' first time in the American League so. And this question marks up and down right mean there's potential there but yes and everybody turnaround. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's no question about it and it is such as -- of either mean it's still. Its position players whether beat down years and a lot of freedoms that they had in in now yeah Victor Reno and drew -- and staying healthy with a lot of the guys that they do have come back. With with Ortiz middle Brooks and Ellsbury so. There is potential I mean if everything lines up her but he stays healthy and bounces back. Yeah -- -- you're asked an architect but -- -- lineup spot. Got back out there. It is the one thing Osaka -- Peter Gammons about other build in this team today. Around the ball and I believe that they are the kind of look at that there. The of the Orioles because I do think the opponents of big arms who we are -- -- and the -- of the bullpen performed at a guy like this dollar at the end of the year who look like it's so much promise. And I think that's what they're doing and -- it's not a bad idea I mean I like it right give -- the stars -- parent if tonight searching and we go to the ball and you are hoping get some out of them. But the issue is -- -- Peter this. That the most unpredictable thing in baseball is putting a bullpen again ball and -- Knew what when you build your team around a bullpen in the offseason that's great is good arms again potential. That's the most inconsistent playing in the game everybody will tell you that. Did you see Peter out at like one of these nights in a sushi places for my non on up the it was -- in the house walking around Roman rounds who was. There was -- bids just guys back up their game. -- -- -- did you see it did you did -- for -- -- -- last night TV -- land ports on this week one we will -- discussion and let me know what was supposed to happen -- to be a -- on last night mr. Jason Varitek talked about. In the in his role bounce in and out here in and we look discussions those good have you run to John Lackey a lot of taxes collected today at the I have seen mister Lackey Hezbollah -- -- lack it everything you hear is true I mean he looks like he's lost. 3040 pounds and you know I guess it's it's good dedication right that he came in and he's in shape and it's a good thing. Thoughts but. Listen and I haven't talked to you aren't just a little back so. Well on my boy rich Garces a -- Elite eight game and -- interrupt both fifty pounds it was never the same pitcher so you can drop all the pounds you want you can add weight you can lose weight and do everything. None of it really matters until you see the guy on the mound and you'll. Beat the grind of on late last year for example look at this guy drop like twenty pounds to great catch every day will he comes in camp already singing what last year. I lost too much weight goes to -- balls -- hit the warning track -- in feel writing feels strong she's come back -- -- -- more -- -- more like he was the year before. So it's it's dangerous to see -- it's it will disguise the Chevy -- that -- that -- Lucic rate what are we here. Evidently -- felt one right one writer settings but that was the word -- -- You know Lackey that's good we have an opportunity to it to cross cross paths yet and I'm hoping that we will hopefully have a discussion and after the airing next new fresh -- Mike. For that we get to a bigger microphone on you for that we can do it. Top of the hour update -- -- Gary and everyone else 61777979837. We come back. Audience of things that you sought today to lose a lot of players are there already unofficially. The stock or I get a lay of the land for the players that they are what they were dealing Lou is live in Fort Myers -- next.

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