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Former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Ray Flynn talks about then Pope's retirement

Feb 11, 2013|

Pope Benedict announced he'll retire at the end of the month. D&C caught up with former Boston mayor Ray Flynn who knows quite a bit about the Vatican, as he's also the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See

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The former mayor of the city of Boston from 1984 to 93. -- -- More importantly in this regard the ambassador to the Holy -- has appointed by. President Clinton. Ray Flynn joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- a -- time no talk how are John Elway Jon good memories of -- and Jerry very very appreciative of the join -- and give a cement distribute a theory as to what's going on give any inside information right. World Jong way back I was -- with. John Paul the second when he passed away at the Vatican number he has to go -- and of course Joseph Ratzinger from that the area became. The new Pope and it was. Great to uncertainty. At the time because that John Paul the second has been such a a huge influence in the Catholic Church -- Joseph Ratzinger came in and get a good job and I'm very troubling to chaotic period of time will be done. And from the Middle East quite -- to the United States. So you know I think he did a good job and that we expect. But -- on the churches changing the Catholic churches changing rather dramatically below the world. I troubles quite a bit -- I went to Africa with John Paul the second place the enthusiasm. And growing Catholic Church in Africa -- Latin and Central America. So you know it's about the same church that we -- kids growing up. John Paul the second being the first non Italian and 454. Years becoming pontiff. The churches would -- He'll likely to see greater influence -- the number of these continents and countries fool the world so. It's an exciting period of time that. John to sum up your thoughts thinking you know -- knocked them completely surprised that Joseph Ratzinger would stepped down. And because of the fact that if you know him he knew that would mean is -- very. Modest. Very pious man. And I thought that after John Paul the second he go back to bird area with his brother you know legal life of simplicity and study and in that prayer. -- and nonetheless the call was for him to be thrust into this extraordinarily. Important position. In you assume you assume that position. And I think he just wants to stepped down let somebody else do the job to somebody. Somebody younger and with more area more around energy but I'll I'll guarantee you won't be a person more knowledgeable. Well clearly it's a rarity array the last time a Pope resign while the office was 600 years ago do you suspect there might be some health issues here. Yeah I think there would help issues jaw and right from the very beginning. He was never in total complete positive help with. I think delegate a fact that and then the other one was to go look at it we think that everybody wants to assume too high here. The greater glory of prominence and power and influence that's not the case. When it comes from the Vatican and number of people very happy. So leader. I'm a lot of more or less productive. Visible. Position and in the world and just leave the life of prayer. In doing what they can do rather than trying to. Trying to beat this. Persons on the plane all the time making these -- across the world I mean I travel with John Paul the second was very very actually the way that man. Was able to. I mean his schedule. And he did in if it has a weird -- isn't -- sort of person and Joseph Ratzinger Benedict the sixteenth came into this -- the that person who has just. You know and not in complete great help not not completely. Enthusiastic about all the travel but nonetheless he did it he fulfilled his world he deserves a lot of credit but. I think everybody now with the thinking of the somebody younger somebody more energetic but at the same time John somebody's gonna carry on the principle and the traditions in the culture of almost one point six billion capital world the world and I might get in -- changing Catholic. What would be wrong -- -- a forty year old -- like why can't we have. A guy. In his prime. I don't think they really want somebody who is going to be the F for a long period of time and I don't think that's what they want to eat it certainly can't have term limits. But I think that the balance is somewhat in the the sixties. Somebody's gonna be the year for ten years I don't think they want the 25 year. Pontificate. And at the same time I don't think they want the five to six to seven years either I think they want something. A little bit a little bit longer than that so he doesn't balance CR and I think they're probably the college of cardinals who vote on the next hole that the conflict. At the Vatican probably may have something. I think they will try to strike a balance between. The the younger hope in the old the Pope somebody who's going to be able to give -- most productive years. To -- it very difficult challenging position. And so -- We give it up in other words it rather that -- would thinking more like a long lines of Ray Flynn not Tom Menino. No I think they're probably looking for somebody to -- -- all I don't know like. Doesn't could. Gloria remedy it at -- it's -- hey hey don't continue. Confirm that -- and confirm a that cardinal law Bernie law will be involved cease he was involved with choosing Ratzinger correct yeah you want. It it's eighty years of age and under. -- -- -- He's out now right -- in the -- He has yeah I think he I mean he I don't -- -- that -- voting eligible members so I don't know well. -- -- specifically he is -- -- under eight years of age. He would be habitable but for some reason and I you know he's he's his resignation has been accepted by. Benedict the sixteenth felt you know I don't expect that the -- much of -- role that hit the conclave. We're talking with Ray Flynn former ambassador to the Holy See in -- -- as a practical matter and this hasn't happened in 600 years amid you don't know the activist. But will he remove himself. -- -- The church will he. Live in Hollis privately will he dressed in regular clothes and and how how do you see his life looking at a hearing going forward once. Stuff that's just that's a good question I I was with -- attracting a cardinal Ratzinger. On Palm Sunday before the you put John Paul the second passed away. And I I thought I heard him say that at some point on it like to go back to. His home in -- scarier in Germany is probably also priests. In legal life of prayer and study. And instill contributes in the church could not not be in the limelight. As you are of course that the Vatican felt I mean that is just my speculation and somebody who loves the church and understand. You know the -- power of the influence of the Vatican I would assume that he would -- go back to -- area I wouldn't I don't I wouldn't think -- wanna be in the Vatican I wouldn't. -- -- I preface this by saying I'm not trying to be Smart or -- here but does somebody like a poll. At regular clothes or does he -- as we see it in public all the time always try. -- as -- vehement public all the time but he'll have this clerical is is currently. Close is black in his desk is. Is calling -- and quality. Because cross. You know -- they -- up across the Christian cross. So yeah I mean he'll look like a lot of people but he won't look like you and me walk in the streets so you want to. What was -- Hope -- like -- well what what is the plane like. My gut -- it's. You know I mean I -- know I was a bit athlete of around 31 marathons so I mean I think government really decent shape. And I read an everyday and on the just keeping up with John Paul the second on these trips. As much as the year appointments to the troops once you would -- That this schedule want to arrive to -- point five games to one day. You know you really have to be cut out for this -- not only have stepped -- but -- -- at the end in Aegean and the enthusiasm you have to. Yep they show up -- every every event you can't just go through the motions because people spend. You know the whole life trying to meet the -- concede the pulpit you want to give them the best. Example -- performance that you possibly can't -- you have to be up for every event. It's like you know you have to be up every single game. -- candidates in mind and are there any Americans might even be horrible league considered race. Well there's yeah as I say John they need it shipped to the to Africa. I traveled with John Paul the second to Africa and the enthusiasm ministry of kappa group in the clergy in Africa -- Including women is just amazing to me. -- a woman -- to move South America South America Central America and the equally. Energized so little of the two confidence of the world that. You know that that a fight had to -- -- say that it is going to be a level of participation in Mexico next conclave. You know places like Brazil on places like Nigeria right now for -- menus to places where this is great to Mexico. Great energy at the Catholic church and -- -- a good qualified people coming out of -- from them from the college of cardinals. Does the salary. He does that it's you know it is. It's not one that he's going to be able to buy host Don booklets on that that that. He's he's in besides that he's very simple. That simple pious man to feel like I think you'll see him going off to. But the carrier. You know given that which we which we -- that that he that he deserves. Former mayor Ray Flynn former ambassador to the Holy See you rate thanks to the top -- to jump shot by the way. I was teaching kids the other data that can be done agenda is Siemens helped Boston to be honest with John not very good no more. You know what I did you know I'm -- to take the opportunity advocate for the kid asked me how many consecutive -- -- that -- shoot. I had a 12405. Witnesses. That are right when was that like last week and this. Are put out about. 45. When he created so that's when you're most valuable player in the 63 MIT tournament probably that's right that creek areas have forgotten it. -- appreciate the time to talk if you sit up -- but that doesn't tell the AT&T -- AT&T four G. LT and they said more diverse church on Lincoln. The chick music -- -- the chick. Embrace it's a race between African hope and -- check. It's a race between the New York -- the Boston -- see which one can column on the overtures to nominate or whatever name they -- -- -- which one will be first glow over the times I think it's time arrives it's time the world has changed diverse where diverse us about a gay. African check. I was all the -- awesome wouldn't it covers all the banks I don't never understood why you pick an eighty year old Pope pitcher Felix. We go through this again every couple years -- that one of their forever. So yes they're reporting here's a way. To be -- have turned out to Lester has Gerri it's a way that term limits without actually having planned obsolescence we'll be right back.

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