WEEI>On Demand>>Paul Pierce hit some huge shots, had a triple-double in triple-overtime and then spoke with Grande & Max live from the locker room

Paul Pierce hit some huge shots, had a triple-double in triple-overtime and then spoke with Grande & Max live from the locker room

Feb 10, 2013|

Paul Pierce joined Grande & Max live from the locker room after the Celtics' 7th win in a row (won in triple-overtime fashion).

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Well. Yeah every time you think you see it at all. We have that you don't see you know 118114. Is the final. Before we get the ice packs -- of icy hot before we give anything to Paul Pierce needs. And his advanced -- you people here. You know everybody that's got an older because older all Google has ovaries make -- just like that just like -- act against noises. This was you know it is to expand going to possibly imagine what was about to on full. To borrow later tonight you're going to be sore and tired. What is what is your body feeling not right now but ten minutes ago when adrenaline must be at an all time high here and a third over. If they're fomenting that -- You know who believe that kicking game and horrified. You're the fickle bunch of body you know how many minutes you play with different blocker which he's got beat them fun. Do whatever you can do to help you if you win you know definitely if you've got this life long Monfils. What they've -- -- you about -- in the locker room is nothing but the last game you got -- that you made it to the B youth that. The Toronto with on. You and Kevin have taken -- point -- itself. To do one thing make everybody accountable awful -- of the boy it seems like that's exactly what's happening. Yeah definitely everybody -- that you know you can't have an army is Kevin and I have to compliment from them from you know from. From the top all the way down because of that I have come from you know almost like we've got to be partly due to injuries and everybody got to be literally -- through. As well as you come with an effort and it's beautiful -- What thing you've got that -- that way you know you talk about the last six game road win streak you have. Didn't play as well there at that time you out of my fantastic ball. -- the ball extremely well with robot -- here at the Vietnam much -- you go back you've read do you contract but what about fourteen rebounds. And fourteen -- her that night. To fill their pockets on the dividend within -- you know the most normal -- You know he's got we go to where you don't care it's not a lot there who -- there. There was a moment -- -- -- -- of the night win it was Davis reportedly made maybe the wrong lately the first half and the -- sort of jumped up right away and got on he talked about accountability. These little evolve with it seems that everyone I was holding each other accountable. There's no hard feelings everybody wants to hold everybody else out. Yeah definitely got a bit of software body. I can have constructive criticism you know we all hear from the -- of all -- so. You know when you get on the freeway you know papers always come from the coaches got a couple on a constant -- out there once. That's what we do we win we don't do this remove all day so we get off track we try to keep everybody off track so we can do they -- -- that it went well. I thought you were Kevin Garnett and raced at the very of the game. I just they had. This is the first time by a group with two Grotrian give them again until they actually OK great we -- if they'll let you know crash in a good roll bar -- we'd like. -- A privilege that -- knows that the game tomorrow right. If all bits of if that's long gone and now it's been years. -- do I do not put your seat in the upright position he replied as far as you won a couple of hello. -- -- --

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