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Rob Bradford calls Ryder from the Sunshine State to heat up the Red Sox talk

Feb 10, 2013|

Rob and John relive the glory days of the Classic Sports Saturday show by breaking down the latest news out of Fort Meyers, particularly the arrival of first baseman Mike Napoli and the condition of his hip. They also discuss John Lackey’s status and why exactly Sox prospect Bryce Brentz shot himself in the leg while cleaning a gun.

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John -- now joined by the great rob Bradford of WEEI. Dot com and on Twitter of course you always have to go give those Twitter handles nowadays rob seems like dead. You have to do that no matter what but a Euro must follow at -- But page I would tell you it putter was so yes it must go to hell are you might really -- you know -- we should divulge well if I mean. -- we have the same listeners is back in the great epic sports Saturday days -- myself you -- -- hand. Which really I I think dead that was really the leaping off spot for Kirk in his career was our sport Saturday show. I think it'll lead off spot girl for all of us in all different direction. There clearly was well if in fact you're the one to me having the mechanical aptitude of a flower. Of -- setting up that Twitter account for me here in this studio. Boy it at every party create and a little bit of pride yes you should. Don't keep -- public record. I'll try and drama -- in them continue to work in my typing as well. Read sites gathered Fort Myers. Is you're not dealing with a blizzard I hope I never once safe in your freedom in Beverly. A power Exeter. EO of electrical and ruined our live sorry but the glamour and O'Reilly are actually let's listen though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Disregard disregard scratch that no wonder that we do so we had. We are sacred and unfairly treated. I'm constantly checking on them. And it could be a dark room they did not make sure that that everything is all right back called why I do due diligence here. Yes exactly now you did you do diligence they caught up with the Mike Napoli. He's there early in camp. The sense would have I heard some of the sound bites which together today. Ella it now police showed up some of these. Position players are trying to trickle then a little bit but now we would love the guys you really want to speed up. -- -- -- -- -- So great character John Lackey. A little wider than me then what I remember him access. -- -- -- you know he's -- he's not going to be though -- -- in America are good times can obviously but it's pretty electric pretty you can trade. Part two the media. Certain important concern. Tell you it never concerned that you audio side with a red truck. Yeah actually draw a lot of one point you hope is that it would get better supporting him that he might view or assume being a catcher. Helping get better deep thought this year by. I think it's that the from what I understand argument doctors that it doesn't get better digital economy Eric. And if you Google maintain it like you right now McNabb should be fired because. Don't have a -- and come. And you reported this Jerryd Saltalamacchia David Ross will be the catching tandem this season Ryan a -- had -- Yeah. Kirkuk are good good excellent job our -- He. Buyout by the by all although there. But still I think it's a pentagon saying I'm going to hear a couple -- it and any problem. David rocker here and you tkachuk and cute -- right now I think what I expect whereas right now the plan as to -- those few characters are potential right now I had a lot can happen in the next month and -- spring training. We get to the end of trillion Mark Kirk somewhat open all -- equipment not producing. Look if you go right these different ways by. As we create here right now the plan and it says those two guys -- be good. The Major League catchers will rival hardly having you know option -- -- hey listen my consent I mean I don't worry come from -- and Poland spring training. Then the current patriot maybe it'll -- who knows I write out pieces here that. Yeah you write anything could potentially up there could be a deal anything could happen now middle of the slide up I guess it to me. And probably never oranges because of the injury factor of Mike Napoli would they have David Ortiz coming off of the Achilles in those guys those two. So important to this middle of the line up. There's many areas of concern with this team rob that's specifically to me is one of them and I think -- I guess -- to. If this is even a question not a statement but. Jacoby Ellsbury will Mel Brooks and they really are gonna have to depend on those two as well this season. Yeah and by all accounts -- be illiterates basically and will be Nolan basically you guys mentioned. -- couple made your achieved or achieved. We get cheered by taking its slower track on the other day he had said. Bet you eat eat firmly believed to be ready for opening day but -- how did he get there remain to be seen. You very optimistic about how -- the progress the utility agility drill now pay but he had to be able to do previously. But you know -- -- game and see how it goes by all the go to guy he talked about -- Dell curry you -- Do these guys who have been -- to -- -- with no hiccups. They be should be able to hit the ground running when they get Fort Myers in the middle you don't go there regarding the failure of all we can do it straight. What we have right now you know where our -- Scotland you're in great shape good -- them. That's exactly what you wanna see but we still don't know how that could translate into performance that's most important -- That certainly is an Al as we take that point and go to the page now Lackey is there. Is -- there already. Yeah yeah yeah yeah you'd hear what all the pitchers. Don't certainly here NRA and I think you're gonna awaited day. He -- he had a starting rotation spot gold and black you lobster and and you brought all been here for a few days and don't fumble and so yeah they've been. They all look pretty good shape attorney David Edwards talk draws some writers that -- and remember. The days when you have like hatred of George got word that the -- viewed on the us side by. Pagliuca and he's a cigarette you know on the note -- and incest is this after a different world we live -- where. You rarely see guys come into camp out of shape because if it's the audio out isn't it. I can't -- -- different dynamic where that'd be almost like getting together and in doing that thing where you know they go to about the performance is something but you really got coming out of paper and and really you've seen over the reds aren't there right now. I like the reference here he has of the novelist with the smoking a cigarette in our guests. I you're W it that George got -- every single Greg we are created dating myself I understand it. Where you could -- pursued beyond the stationary -- it's a -- ought. Yes and that's I -- like the training regiment myself Mikey one smoking cigarettes writing exercise right portrayal. Now Lackey what'd he do I mean -- he lost this weight but did he go off to any of these surge you know performance camps receives each installment is Allison text that that you relate to working in a cubby holes somewhere watching news. Watching is but I mean what what was he doing comedies -- this way running on the treadmill like the rest. And I figured -- I couldn't he. Because the exercise your way in all that hoping -- heard about it. Performance billion dollars I don't think you went through it to you about an hour away that bias. -- -- -- I don't know I -- it by you where he he why India -- right I think it worked it's a deal with some other -- clearly. By. You know he showed tremendous amount of discipline and it will you have to change is part because they're trying to the idea Molly is like it had a year ago are coming great trade couldn't -- a couple of years ago. Lackey lost could eat Buick slimmer and everything outnumbered -- thought well and good. But I I have never seen a guy a weary hit man and you look yep the -- double -- table or you -- you look like a different person and contribute are treated how he looks -- -- again I don't know but could translate on the right. But it's a step in the right direction and you got to give them credit for sure and commitment for -- -- ideal and I given the credit I guess I just. To myself was chuckling that you know if he's working on the treadmill doing these other things is now what the rest of us do anyway but I guess given the credit anyhow. I -- I don't you order a treadmill and I don't need -- I do I ice are at the last time I saw you and I still feel that it is so you know you're too hard on yourself but with this pitching staff -- Bill James present projections 2013 -- -- If they all come to fruition because and I know that you checked it out. Worry as just about every one of these starters. Close to or above 200 innings. Double digit wins in the ER raised with the exception of -- at the end Lackey at four point 05 but the rest of metaphor would you sign off on that every day. And of those projections to Los -- they. Right about where you might expect him. -- look afraid -- good news shortly could look at these guys and say. Per pupil after -- people look at and say hey you know what they could be amongst the best pitcher in the American League because that's what they've been at times. People forget how good can I -- to what her four year stretch. People forget sometimes how good Clay Buchholz has been -- time so they can be a blunt the best picture the American League but we've also seen what cards the you don't know exactly -- you'd get. And we lacked even sure I think -- -- -- -- -- is both guys are going to be it would give you any typically. And if they are able to do that like hovering around that -- you know I think three. For you are behind all of that yes Connecticut and you take your chances with too broad because -- -- morale are covered so well yeah I'm not a tourist spot. But they are recruited to prop guys who think he I think because that's how that this commission -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The offense he's going to be there for every one of these he. But if whoever -- rotation rotation. Really stepped up in a separate elbit dopey dog went out. Lester buck coats of pitch well. How important and in one of the more important or maybe their most important free agent signing India and what it's all -- and could be Ryan Dempster couldn't. Yeah I totally agree that -- he had buried number BC. You know -- -- I -- and actually you are about to close are attacked the kind of get a little bit of a certain beyond the year it is he's been a very very consistent I think guys are always -- beginning. I think it cannot what you need ye EE heat starters think if you can't -- -- Starting with the collapse in 2011 this was the biggest reason is that the starters -- going forward into the whacked in the construction of the ball and and -- Internet -- You know I I agree I mean I think or what they got a bad back could puke arrogance I think form. I fight it out that come back to it I just think says that -- commission is going to be one way whichever is starting rotation cooked up -- Right now like using Toronto and yet. But yeah I think all -- -- it would exceptional ball mark not very I -- all morning but they all have the capability to do it. -- it looks like in this is the toughest to gauge would every single team rob. Is bull pens because they fluctuate so much from one year it is to the next but it really the strength at least again on paper. With a Stephen looks to be the bullpen and if that ends up. Being the case very important especially in this difficult -- but it looks like they've got the makings of a good bullpen I asked. Out here and it Daniel Bard's importance. As listeners who do you think is better chance -- bounce back season Daniel border John Lackey I know obviously one notable one being a starter but. I guess what I'm saying here is the bullpen looks like it could be one illustrates the state. You are I think it's fairly if you look at it right now the ball certain part of it or the best. Chance of happening I think you're right they get the ball that. Stepping up being really good because the guys who did have a good track record they have a lot of doubt that you talked about it art collecting art a guy like barred. Get a wildcard. If you go back to what you went through years ago that you have one of the best league pitchers in baseball but if he's not at Palo yet. He could very well for a beer and mightily to -- -- And it doesn't do that. But not electable of all the part because even because Powell was one old culturally -- -- a girl last year the only part about it or -- part about it I was because all the crazy about Egypt the other day you have a billion or two closer area. Alcohol are. You know it all these guys have a track record we don't know exactly how it -- -- and out but I do you think of all the things should be on the position himself the past. To truly have a chance -- elegant very people. But my biggest areas of concern and how would you is you know Lester and buck coats and how they will perform an oath that they will step bumper at least one of them step up in the top -- the other two I mentioned Ortiz and Napoli. In the middle of that lineup what's yours I guess you -- list a 12 like I just it. Yeah it's hard to ignore the top two. Starting pitchers I've made this group which -- yeah that's basically what beauty them last year and are well all the other -- by. Besides the record of where he -- in game two on laughter Josh Beckett pitch and what did he record was good at what you just -- -- value -- Number one to. So I I think that you got to get them go and certainly. And you know I would say Dugard he's that would -- Mike Napoli but I really do believe that that all the teams have enough. Offensively where you can take all -- guy or two guys out for a little bit it I mean Egypt by -- -- murky situation becomes trouble -- -- term. They've taken video middle you're problem because as we found out. Bill reorder it or someone in the hearts -- -- in -- that's why getting your peace pact is old order and but I still say I agree with you I mean I think struck out the rotation as. Right now with the vehicles -- the most. What's going on who would -- -- -- the story comes out to that he hurt himself while it was a cleaning his gun and he's a guy that you could look at probably. Especially with -- -- on the -- with his injury and now you have -- -- Sweeney somewhat of a combination there as a guy if he performed. In a minor league level or even spring training had a shot to be the first at least called up emissions shot but a chance to. Be the first that's called up from Pawtucket when one of these guys went down. Yeah it's you know it it was a weird situation -- I don't know I thought only guarantee I don't. Currently go to India and I've never been done -- it it's weird break you -- adrenaline the bullet and -- I would think you'd take the bullet so it. You know what he would do -- I guess he was very fortunate that I could have been worse. But in terms of how it affects the organization. A -- -- we talked about all the while carpet thing could happen or could happen. A lot of but what he played I think he might have -- you felt a little bit exposed to help deal. Because what -- what you're relying aren't relying aren't strictly. Of -- -- -- Johnny Jones did not all right you're looking -- felt very compact open that he can. Q what he'd fit. And then you look at their victory you know move noted it has been a good player by. Still in other question -- about him as well and so -- Leo -- kind of let a guy who. Come one -- other things didn't work out can he tore up early -- because he could probably have a call up and make an impact. And we could still impact that he might be playing game could by the end of spring training. But I think that this helped a situation in my view one spot where you look at where you get Google are you get our get you might be like to make a move because because the older. It's tough to which I would rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Projecting this the American League really difficult I think to do especially this season it is most seasons. I I am -- view I expect Baltimore is take a step back. Yankees have question -- is because of their age and other factors in Tampa Bay did they have enough offense Toronto looks terrific on paper but that doesn't always translate. Is -- really tough. To predict -- saved at least one through four if not the entire division this season. In he and I'm. Probably gonna -- dramatically wrong but at least here right now the way I would doubt it is I think trot out the favorite. And I think that they yeah acquisition was bigger than people are are giving them credit for because even if you talk about it is you are -- and upper -- He's still gonna give -- 230 innings. And and three 230 innings they'll take that every day and the other guy and Brenden Morrow who was -- out when he came back as opera patent stop you have -- shot and a contract here Mark -- gets you to worry every single year. Connect your Romero who are your -- you're heading into the ethernet and number five guy. Well I I like -- up and then he took me. Boot camp the Yankees and red side. Both got all lumped together they could go any which way and I know that you poured down the Red Sox but it things go right for them. They could certainly be cut -- out of these other people especially the campus pitching goes I'll -- a little bit because they thought the offense to make up port. -- there again Baltimore when you have your second starter ol' ball harder for giving. Well that's not could do it -- that it'll make do you regret that it's not going to be able to repeat don't expect here. Yeah I'm I'm -- yet now. That blue jays I guess there one area of concern is where -- look at one of the Red Sox strengths -- question marks about their ball but now if these starters to pitch well it takes we know it would take more pressure but. You know when it comes to the closer position Santos -- -- whoever it might be bridges that bullpen in general I think is there. Is there one weakness. The area I think it could deploy I think good. If I had to pick a wild card for that he would -- it Sergio and a but we got about free trade not hear little in the red carpet straight into the couple there were raving about you -- -- cloture. And the -- -- -- -- talk about now you stop -- it obviously had an injury. And then by the united he'd be able bounced back he can make you treat their greens are holding the blue jays opened the stronger -- are straight out. But I still would scapegoat content and had a pretty you'd -- the -- So I agree I mean that's the one place they could be exposed a little bit. The Indians today signed Daisuke Matsuzaka to a minor league contract. -- -- immediately started laughing about it league contract -- -- -- -- we do we get one of those I was I was predicting an I was expecting that was actually saying and on one of the shows this week -- -- -- you'll probably get signed that minor league contract and invited spring trading buy one of these -- west teams like the Dodgers -- of the but it doesn't happen it's it's the Indians. That same basis does he have a crack at this rotation. And agency Terry Francona. All those years of the tight wire act here in Boston -- we sent to Cleveland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After the headaches different don't have to go through that died or that we signed on -- to get exact size itself very it's a very ago. Low risk situation. You -- you -- pace that we have been -- happened out there still are allies are after him about it. -- -- -- Apparently able to get tied it up popularity -- A mile AP becomes reachable portrait could start with you that you that -- eight. And you know you do that very reload cock so. I gotta pay nothing surprising about that little breaks up afraid or a dynamic that you it will decide on her another boat tour of duty with its site. Right lastly and I were extremely early here in spring training. But you mentioned I look at the America -- shaping up some of the other divisions and do you still see Detroit is is the favorite the American League or the angels in the mix idiocy. If it's hard to go against so he's the ball keep you mentioned it says. The number one the pitching community and Diego dot glory and treat it couldn't top that off and and in Detroit same thing. It's that you fit for much talent on -- he departed early it. I can't audio essentially -- -- because you look at it seemed like in the city as a -- in the city -- -- move or change field because. -- you know what after Detroit. Troy right -- And pay a lot of if we're ever get a medal for it should be. Big big wide open there in the attacks that literally you want to pay ritual after we hear. They've missed on guys this year and and they're going to be really reliant on their young prospects now operating. And maybe Pete Stark a little quicker and it up awards but it's I think it would look. In the American League I really do do they go all kinds of different ways. Including area to get the Rezko like the poster boy for that. Yeah well always fascinating and always interesting talking with -- -- -- -- serious about that and continue the great work -- there at Fort Myers really appreciate joining me today. I will be really act. Aren't you writer at least five minutes to get -- storm updates and sports updates. All right I'll try I'll try my best and I'll try my best I don't know when their next we will have to maybe during the celtics' game who knows I just -- today you were coming on that was my most recent work on there oil that -- -- treated now that was the best one that's the best. Of all right credit appreciate it alright excellent stuff rob really appreciated.

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