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John Ryder recalls his harrowing blizzard ordeal … and previews Celtics-Nuggets

Feb 10, 2013|

John may not have power at his house, but he does have a show for you on a Sunday afternoon after the Great Blizzard of 2013. He goes into his trials trying to get in and out of the station on Saturday before getting into the day’s sports topics, particularly the Celtics and the current status of the roster.

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You're right there that opened that was the right open. John -- wake you up until 530. As the producer nick earlier is back at me discount is joking around. All right has put that none are your perfect perfect as always -- Was her question whether it would no there isn't I I would just say it was right that's that's my Naimi even said gusting it's in my name twice in the open. With the up until that used to that sports Sunday opened I guess. I'd -- -- 530 -- said nugget Celtics actually ready -- Max the pregame -- the after the game which should be a very entertaining and interesting game tonight between the Celtics in the nuggets may over the Celtics once again can they make it. Seven straight. There is possibilities do it. Nuggets one of the better teams they've faced in awhile but Denver coming out getting -- -- about 3 o'clock in the morning or whatever coming off a win over. The Cleveland Cavaliers last night Denver's a young team that won nine in a row. Those two of those young fresh legs of the few exceptions couple of their bench players including Andre Miller who's a wily veteran but he should be a a very good test in entertaining game and and you can bring it on all the Rondo hatred let's talk about it of the bill 530 I know you're out there. Believe me I know you're out there and if -- You know you don't listen after the games late at night that's when a mine. We've discussed this quite a bit the Celtics. And Raj on Rondo and I still says the Celtics even though argument tons of credit for the way the player right now -- you can only play the schedule and and playing very good team basketball with a spread offense. But I think in the long run. Still stick it -- I hope I'm wrong and I hope the Celtics make this unbelievable run I do think that there's potential to make this. Spirited Iran and maybe they end up in the in the sixth spot. Which still would be tough if they were facing a either Indiana Chicago those huge front lines. Then maybe you know maybe they catch the knicks that would be difficult as well but maybe they make this spirited -- get up to the six by the right now -- in the seventh spot which is a position I think -- could landed when it's all said and done I think -- ceiling for the Celtics would be the six not a pretty much thought to be the sixth body even aware of the Raj on Rondo but I think in the long run especially when it comes playoff times plenty of time left his game if the of 82 tonight. But those reasons in and watch the Celtics I think playing better without Rondo. Likely they're better defense of -- without Raj on Rondo would that. With Courtney Lee in there and he's been demon defensively along with -- Avery Bradley and Jason Terry playing more off the pick rolled in some of those -- plays and -- get more touches out here. A couple of reasons guys get more shots spread around a little bit more. And we'll see if that can continue tonight against Denver not a terrific defense of team but you don't wanna turn it over against them one of the best thriving trade position. Quick team and put up a bunch of points Ty -- one of the quickest. Point guards in the NBA so Avery Bradley will have his hands full but vice Versa Ty Lawson will would Avery Bradley so we can definitely get into the celtics'. Not Red Sox as well driving in here I heard. Need to. He shepherd on the way in and some red sex conversation I touched on that I on Friday night when I was in here during the blizzard. I did make it back to the hotel and thanks to WEEI an intricate -- putting us up at the apart pleasant nice establishment. Took me awhile to get back there what's his reward routinely. From brighten the park plaza about one. Fifteen minutes something like that. About 45. On that night and height of the -- now one point eight. I was doing and I comparing myself from the far from it but. I had to do some like James Bond maneuvers. In order to get back to that hotel and at one point. I I'm I'm serious and unlikely there was and it really IndyCar is not there I think kidnapped by the by the police thankfully it. Or anything like that went. I was going in reverse down -- -- Boston street that night. Trying to get myself into a garage I don't have the best car when it comes to the snow. Just trying to get into this parking garage and and it was it was a major adventure but I made it. And I hope ever unsafe and sat out there I feel free if you don't have power Albion as part of that group. Now. Would go -- about you know twelve to fifteen blankets deep there. I'll tell you what it's tough and maybe this is the reason why is this the reason why Ray Allen left for Miami right here did he know something we did with the blizzard. That is why he ended a bolting one of the factors. Now work on his golf game down there Miami that sounds nice about now does that. By the -- take your phone calls a -- 536 point 77797937. -- can text us as well. At 37937. Celtics playing inspired basketball borrowings boy what was that all about. The late cancellation with a lightning game last night brought us back -- -- tonight as they take on buffalo which should be a very interesting matchup especially since. What have the last -- buffaloes won two -- they've struggled there 56 in one while we know the Bruins red hot. Best record in the Eastern Conference at 71 in line. And tonight take on the Buffalo Sabres should be a physical matchup I would expect. I'm not sure shot -- makes it opera be someone else Gregory Campbell -- Someone else on that Bruins team and I'm sure there will be a couple of battles there with a Buffalo Sabres today and I'm sure -- Julian remembers that game and especially that. Timeout that Lindy Ruff -- Erica towards the end of the game which would make much sense you know the red sex -- Daisuke Matsuzaka off the market. You'll not be back with a Red Sox not that we expected that but. I thought he's gonna silence I knew would get a job get a game and it would be one of those minor league invitations. Minor league contracts for the invitation to a Major League camp that's what ends up being. Terry Francona reunited with -- Daisuke in Cleveland. So Daisuke goes there on a minor league deal we get into the Sox they've noticed I don't -- in front -- build -- projections were in The Herald. On Friday. The -- of the pitching staff to have pretty well would -- one of the starters with the exception of -- Lackey. He had under an under four ERA. And everyone either at or above pretty much 200 innings I think -- sign off on that and that's sounds likely. A wildcard team to me of that comes to fruition but I think there's more question marks with the answers. -- -- -- -- The only thing that looks good watch this watch everything else work goddesses who would the white area that falters. But expectations are high for the ball that. All the bullpen might be overworked with some of -- starting pitchers this season I don't concern and I'm sure you are about David Ortiz Mike Napoli in the middle mile line up. And Napoli got its spring training rob Bradford caught up -- ham. And -- tomb but coming back from that hip injury only a one year deal David Ortiz says he's ready to go coming back fanatic Kelley's injury to key cogs in the middle of that line up. I dig big factors in this lineup two of them one being Jacoby Ellsbury leading up -- I feel Pedroia bounces practices what he's got to Pedroia is another very. Solid year after he dealt with some injuries last year. Middle Brooks. Very important. And Ellsbury I'm sure -- girl be pretty good -- he gets the suffers another injury this is a we know a contract year for Ellsbury and it's also going to be fascinated with the Red Sox do it Ellsbury whether it is Derek contending team whether they hold by dells are aware they jettison him. At some point bill would easier for them to have boo him of the -- sites are out of contention that is stick with a get a draft pick can now be done -- after the season. Probably won't resigning they'll get a lot of money -- me even if he has. A sub par season Jacoby Ellsbury only has to look at his activate the BJ Upton contract with the Atlanta. You look at the money that's being thrown out there. There's no fiscal cliff when it comes to Major League Baseball. Those -- contracts are plentiful so even if Ellsbury has a a little bit below mediocre -- still gonna get a lot of lot of -- out here on the free agent market so we can get into that as well runs Sox Celtics you know the drill 61777979. -- 37 and you can text has had 37. 937. For those patriots fans out -- looking for a big possession receiver. One that had a hell of a post season with a Baltimore Ravens Anquan Boldin in this report came out a few days ago as well relief. Reported more widespread right now and quad Bolden. Says unless he's a raven. Is going to retire I'll probably end up with a ravens. On eighteen friendly contract won't be here with a patriots so. What do they need more vote a big position wide out or or burger they attic and stretch the field what do you think. Because early gonna go with one. Today actually explore a wide receiver in the draft -- the first round that doesn't -- something that the patriots would end up doing. Go -- first round with a receiver. But I the needs are we know one I still think the more pressing needs more than a wide receiver on this patriots team. Bitten in the secondary whether it's either hard hitting safety your quarterback and of course you get the question of the key to leave them. As well now address the past Russian more and I think that. And David Chandler Jones expect him to do big things next season and is more seasonal -- of Donta -- continues suit to. Develop. And Jane Jones deal with the ankle injuries seemed to hit the wall there rested as did -- -- let's get to the cause here's Bobbitt was story Bob. I -- our Bob are you your power and was there. You have power in Worcester I we told you so lucky to have it lets you -- bombs. Which aren't selling his hiring you'd think -- term. But look at the -- -- -- the online guys which are light by. It -- have been involved. Or posters are right out there and. -- meddling upper management. I I think this is a grace period. For this to this group -- to be worse than I shoot 69 wins last season. They could there is potential. And I don't agree -- myself trying to implement. I play about pitching -- myself. Who doesn't. They're probably John Farrell does as well. And so. Will he completely straight -- key guys out his mere presence along straight these -- out I think at this point it's more on these these pitchers we're not talking about second year. Players here guys in their mid twenties although. Now Buchholz and and Lester pretty young an age they should be at the point though. With a number of Major League seasons that they've pitched take the onus on themselves to to get themselves into gear and in shape -- and ready to go for the season. Are you electric only cooperating that you -- just. Anomaly -- when he averaged seventy Arianna I -- of a bit of that to not come back just. Between him and Embarq also at that and I -- by the back application reward -- and what -- -- and -- dump -- -- opinion. Yeah no problem Bob well I'll give you a little bit more in my opinion on that. Lester is a perfectionist. And sometimes I think -- to his detriment takes everything very seriously I mean he is very aware. Of how he's doing out there. I don't seem getting temperamental and upset and at umpires in their calls and I'm becoming the real from that. I expect Lester -- have a better season. And -- dot there's just too much talent there a buckles is to me is the real wild card of the bunch. While there's of fuel really but. Will buckled stay healthy Kenny finally approached her again right around that 200 inning mark which he said heading into last season was his key that's what he looks -- Here there's a ton of talent there you could even say that but colts as the best stuff on the staff. That sometimes between the years with -- hand in and is he going to be -- solid number two Ryan Dempster part of the mix. Has had good numbers against the American League is terrific numbers in the NL central and really odd one coming over to Texas where it. Get -- that terrible few starts and then pitched well down the stretch with the Texas Rangers. Lackey -- at the back and don't have too high hopes on it -- need to get a better chance to bounce back bored out of the bullpen or Lackey in the rotation. But I pretty good question. The use of both right and it is part can be a real key if he returns to form as part of that bullpen. I think he's the staff is comfortable with John -- I think management is comfortable John -- will be grace period here. -- it if they finish last again and things go. Go -- in the last few months of the season still probably a little bit -- grace -- but maybe butting heads in the offseason but I think next season with this fan base and if they're not -- -- out all those games then. You could probably. -- Some contentious conversations between -- between that group.

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