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Pete Sheppard takes a classic call from Steve from Fall River

Feb 10, 2013|

Pete opens up the segment by talking about the Celtics and their adapting without Rajon Rondo. He then takes a seemingly civilized call on the topic that quickly unravels as Pete calls out Steve for his same ol’ routine.

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I think that Rondo is just one of those players that people. You know give him a lot of the credit sort of like -- quarterback. In in football would mean they get all the credit they they take a lot of blame when things aren't going right. That's Celtics have president of basketball operations Danny Ainge earlier this week with a big show Glenn and Michael the -- directly on the something no question Rondo continues to remain would be via a hot topic playing with -- despite the small sampling despite. You know try to get through some people's heads about the upcoming schedule and see if you have is she gonna feel the same way. On March 1 that's all I'm asking is just beat. It's just look at the bigger picture here. It's what 77797937. Text 37 and three -- he's got a text never ceased what made this or one. Pete are you sick. One of the toughest schedules in the NFL. -- the packed schedule played Seattle San Fran Baltimore Denver Houston and Indy. Six top teams that's six AFC east cupcake games and finished with Arizona Saint Louis and Tennessee. And Jacksonville all jokes and even though there in the evening indeed make the playoffs they -- The pats -- a good not great team that he says something nasty. My point was for a one is that at the beginning of the season everybody and it did and people do this all the time with a lot of different teams that never pans -- we think. You know we put we've really play the -- lost game win win loss win win lost in whatever. The patriots ended up with a much Topper schedule -- percentage wise -- for all said and done that most people thought to be in the season that's my overall point. Every team that's good has cupcakes I end up with cupcakes on the schedule some like it sort of Dell's public cupcake. You know a tie at times they did play like that. Now. I mean you can you can say that about a lot all the good team you can do that -- that made the playoffs you can go through. In 0456. Games and look at this at all -- in hindsight it's easy to do that. Don't tell me being in the season how it's going to be never pans out the way you think it's gonna print out or go look at the winning percentages. While winning percentages. In the NFL do you see that they had to put one of toughest schedules. Not the easiest one as was projected. As you know by by record before the season started they had. I think that scheduled to go last or second last. By 1% easiest and didn't work out that way that's arms and 500 club are you kidding me this team talk but the Red Sox this team the chance to win the division a surprise a lot of people get on the train. Get on the train. I hope you're right I hope you're right. Check out the news show following when the following Kevin Bacon on fox it's about a serial it was vertical yacht for a lot about that. That's why gonna check out the reverend TV movie discussion earlier. It's 17. -- the parking at the guard is a disaster this year. Not only has the rape and Jack from 27 to 34 allison's last season but the new system whereby you have to pay before and in the garage. Has resulted in huge backups on store drive what gives -- In competition Delaware north who -- the garage the changes. I -- not realize that. I did not realize that I'm sure gets a cup race of that rig that's Sox. -- that is awful. That's that's awful. To to the NC. -- just because the movie makes more familiar doesn't mean it's any good Britney Spears sold twenty million albums doesn't have an ounce of talent well that's its European and I'm not huge Britney Spears brand -- Elect who bled through pictures talent a lot of younger girls that she's down to maybe not anymore. That's teachers don't. It's what's ounces Daisuke to these yes -- mr. Daisuke Matsuzaka signed a minor league deal with the Cleveland Indians. Yes he does Terry Francona least initially want to deal has to be in the minors but who knows. I -- to deal that man again back to politics what 777 -- seven -- -- -- -- shepherd here until 3 o'clock and then it's -- John Ryder. -- -- -- -- -- I've got -- initial. Why it is half the world according to work calling yeah go ahead Q from the world because it's a commitment to brag all the. The new always study -- -- -- a -- rolled under dog show -- watch. Yeah. Mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- What I say that there would be -- -- keep saying it's not the second you. Value -- -- -- And now the group. -- It's not it's not going. Think that's a quick asterisk -- sexy that's your question alleged -- that you go on to -- let's have a conversation once it's and you're getting on the soapbox. And being entirely wrong about everything. You say all these negative things about about the Celtics a -- about -- up you want to talk about Rondo I knew right away it's going to be the same thing packet I can have a list right here I swear to god I have a list. That says right yeah I wrote down exactly we're gonna say. Pages that talk about -- delegate the patriot player personnel moves and it always goes back the branch and always was back was -- to Samuel yet. Last year you attach yourself and I tried bijur tried -- trying to talk got a -- many -- -- weekend. You attach yourself -- the one of the most likable teams in the history of this city and the Boston Red Sox. -- time and time again I would -- time and time again look at the bigger picture of the teams they have the jump over. And every week you call up but it's a group mean at the at the baseball conversations don't rip the patriots a milestone -- -- -- it obviously agent. So popular take you seriously when you that you attach yourself to one of the most. Capable teams ever in this city last year the Red Sox -- -- most of them about what the particular rights on the patriots. You say that's -- what I did was tell us. Why shouldn't he got to -- -- -- how are you one not not a you know why don't we want get a kick it to English. I. He'll got to attend the light of. You know what -- dead eye to swat it. Out of the what it looks -- how they're not well I didn't have a. Steve I told you that we led to jump over seven teams though several great and it doesn't matter what. Didn't need it -- matter they're all playing each other down the stretch it wasn't gonna happen and you -- that you -- -- about it and. All but. One. ST date or Steve they all had to play each other down the stretch last year you kept saying is going to be easy -- what's going to be. I think it's -- And it. Went up. Yeah. Yeah I laughed about it gets tired. And that's what XT. -- It did say the same thing over and over again it's never too it's the same thing over and over again the player personnel decisions yet if Welker catch the -- last year. And I have to neighbor -- stock car breached Steve reality. The reality. You don't. I'll give it over -- -- got thirty seconds and gets a break over. The -- -- a -- you're right it's not simulate an antiseptic to -- before that you're right. One -- odd yeah well. And until they had a chance to close out the quality and it didn't happen so that's when your -- trail ahead. We got to die and Adam Vinatieri -- -- over a million -- Apartment and got -- -- On the ball and how can -- He -- not how it's normally like that out of the network delete a -- -- -- -- That got a cart and when he punched out. We don't we on the on the history that we were gone up and move -- -- failed -- the blue room throughout the close up here yeah. It would all night when. The governor conviction despite this -- a bus. I just hysterical every technical off I swear to god I have a steep it's the same thing if it be great if you're just come up -- we don't know -- -- to create telecheck you -- -- -- -- apparently a -- season ticket holder bubble up player personnel decisions directors to accept the fact have been a couple of plays here a couple plays there that separated them for a couple of super bulls still overall. They are fantastic organization that that to start to the NFL Republican trade places will work they have done. I in the Belichick Brady era so you can say that they have applause and and -- -- -- -- and the way we wanted to to. Especially game against Baltimore. What's your overall attitude and then you attack and that's what you did we should go back to play the cause of the summer I got from this guy. How he attached himself to one of most unlikable teams and Boston sports history. At all over and over again try to column that. It's great to separate teams at a jump over the while courts are towards the end. Wasn't going to happen they are all playing each other at the same time it wasn't gonna happen. And I can't tell you I'm retired from July about the ten game winning streak and get it fixed. -- if you are viewed your dirty you are beauty.

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