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Alex Speier, WEEI.com, Checks in with Pete Sheppard before Heading to the Fort

Feb 10, 2013|

Pete and Alex discuss the storylines as Red Sox Spring Training gets underway in Florida including the expectations for John Lackey. Alex also gives a rundown of the catching situation with the recent news that Ryan Lavarnway will start the season in Pawtucket.

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Welcome back out of what you preach shepherd of the WEEI sports not at 6177797937. Texas 37937. You can tweet me at the ship. Three through six is well you're right back to your calls in just a couple of minutes -- Tucker some Red Sox baseball now WEEI dot comes. Well -- already I -- Alex the year. Slumming in Fort Myers. I am not in Fort Myers yet I am not. I was brought to fly out yesterday obviously that hasn't happened yet hoping to make it down tomorrow but it currently -- through actual -- and. All my goodness I've got to go to rob Robin already you know. Rob is -- Saudi expense account are ready for he said for meals raising. Yeah well he's not it actually catching -- with a -- and this. Our coverage. So we have rob on yesterday -- -- and today I mean what what is your what your overall realistic expectations about. What do you think this team is going to be about this year an important to a three players -- gonna be focused on during a spring training. Well in terms of size in terms of reasonable expectation for this team I think that you know as a baseline I think that it's. It's it's a team that you know should at the very least win more games and it loses. I think a bit of a you know -- -- pretty neat I'm under the radar -- better than most people give her credit for wealth of players who are average to above average. If you have ever above our guys are basically ever position including. You know a couple stand out in -- -- a pretty good team. Whether or not they have -- guys performing at the kind of all starts -- superstar level it's is another question and that. Go quite -- determining. Whether or not they can go from you know let's say 82 and 92. That last year as we know they only -- at all when -- -- multi level and he was only available to them through they're basically late July itself. I think it you know we're her obviously there's a lot of uncertainty that -- it's. It's a more interesting teams it's it's a pretty interesting team and there's pretty high degree of novelty it. These are good guys they're going to reluctant spring training. Obviously you wanna see a -- children you know kind of devastating when -- -- up with with any of it offering due to be able to do that -- -- last year not so much. He you kind of at the top of the list. You'll be wondered about it and the other one David Ortiz because you know the gap between. Between healthy and amazing David Archie and and injured not nickel plated Ortiz is a considerable and when you consider details of -- Red -- I -- rob about him yesterday and not so much more about him swinging the bat but it's those first. Steps out of the box -- to be cringing out to least early on. Every step he takes especially when you hit the bag that echoes is gonna do about I mean I know it wasn't just you know devastating Achilles spare that they know we've seen other athletes. Get but I think it's still worrisome for a lot of fans -- lot of media Clinton and myself included. Look like it is going to be behind in spring training roughly eight months after -- person ball you know seven to eight months after first incurred the injury. Speaks volumes about the effectiveness -- is evident this wasn't something good -- -- it -- On the timetable that was originally expected Monday at a date today and then you know continually thought well maybe it'll be a two week saying well even close to that so. Yeah the fact that the fact that he -- now kind of building back to very fix certain. Does create some uncertainty does that mean that he won't be healthy now we don't know that but at the same time it does mean that there's probably going to be. Appropriate scrutiny for whether or not he's healthy god. It's a good point and it's something different and if I remember correctly a Bobby Valentine -- so many you know wacky things. And towards the end it was neat it was kind of had a -- something entity knowledge Ortiz dog and he's an army. It well I I didn't blame -- and off for rest in the last there the last few weeks of the season because. It conservatives every purpose. Right he should -- waited until he became 100% healthy to play down the stretch you know there was no written there's there's nothing that would have benefited directly to Turkey. For the Red Sox that he you know kind of rushed back to maybe play at 80%. Where if let's say 5% risk of blowing out so that's that line of thinking on puppy dog and part was absurd. Keeps you kind of tried to backcourt -- that we're familiar with that pattern of of proposition and then and then redefinition Brad. Yeah David -- obviously based on the fact that he's still not. I think he's still not all go. Is -- it was certainly right -- for the rest of the regular season down the stretch. Everybody's been saying John -- is in tremendous shape and his arm is going to be stronger and all less often mean he's going to be a lightning rod I -- I help people right stores are -- he had the potential to win. Thirteen games but he is going to be a major lightning -- I think on this team especially early on Alex. Well it is the way in which you can silence criticism or scrutiny is that he's got and -- can be a -- -- -- partner Brian Cashman last year. About why they treated AJ Burnett when they did which was. Last February they didn't wait for basically. A little bit of salary -- at least they got they they picked up maybe 60% of the remaining salary and in do you in the -- picked up. The remaining 40% in cash and basically said we want it a little bit of money to helper on the margins of our roster and frankly got to the point where. Every start and AJ Burnett was making it like game seven World Series. Where you know everyone this scrutiny was just so whether -- but it was difficult to imagine him. Being successful in that environment. That could mean that he didn't think he could be successful. And he actually thought that it would be successful in Pittsburgh but you know attachment to stop exit this -- of the chips were stacked against him. In New York now we're an artistic it's a black local yeah I think that the Red Sox you're gonna regardless. I have a different degree of maybe I would have to kind of make up some time. Who seemingly relishes. VP competitive challenge of being under that microscope and I can think to -- get there will be a little bit of a kind of curiosity in their might get a little bit of breathing room for him to start just because you're coming out of also that Tommy John surgery where Burnett had been healthy and struggled. Now we know the job much these struggles were largely relate to the fact that he was pitching with -- meet the other -- facsimile of an elbow. Forego the catching situation just quickly -- and to wither on the big names Red Sox got the -- to trade like -- the -- last year. -- Della Rosa and and -- Webster any chance that those guys have an outside shot. To really. We know what they're capable of some of the numbers that we've seen any chance they have an outside shot to beat on opening day roster. At all well -- -- if there were injuries and other crept up and not in spring training been. Is most likely to irritation then. And they could enter into consideration by I think they'll be I don't think that would be productive Webster never pitched above double a he should have. You should certainly have some time of an apprenticeship in AAA not to mention the fact that you have control of service time clock a little bit by not having him up on opening day. -- wrote. Coming back from Tommy John surgery. Side yeah IP has never had a lot a lot of innings in his career I think -- career high. -- to somewhere around hundreds so their -- gonna wanna bring him along pretty deliberately. Out of the -- and and their portal on a given time to kind of dominate AAA before he gets he -- consideration. -- and lenders injury or a drastic underperformance or -- And catching bench urgency yesterday it's going to be space we Saltalamacchia and Ross in -- we will be headed dug down 95 -- -- to Pawtucket not no surprises there really. Belt -- I expected you know obviously they'll remain open minded about whether or not there is a trade proposal that would entice them to move. To move -- our way or Saltalamacchia -- Yeah I think that you have a bit of a somewhat enviable degree of depth -- at a position where you can see. Where you can see injury to like it worked out stepped an operation that's not a bad. Speak without spear from WEEI dot com via the Fort Myers hopefully sometime next that went for 36 hours and enjoyed all the other frost on their sunning themselves but. Let's talk about just quickly am about Jacoby Ellsbury in. -- -- -- It's hard to get a grasp of what this guy is going to be able to do this year it's it's it's tough I mean. The Jacoby Ellsbury crystal ball is is a very clouded one in my opinion. Well to go real burger -- -- figure out what he recorded here in 2012. You've been healthy I just because. You know -- that is very between him and and of course MVP caliber level. 2011. And his regular career track record. Is so drastic that loan is in -- -- -- so well I think it is a difficult guy to. Sure to identify it exactly and say. This is his track record this is what he is what we know that he has he you know patrols to be one of the most impact of players enough in all of baseball. You know we know that is. Is baseline when healthy. Is that of a player who you know is an above average regular. Are -- able to impact the game in a few different ways and you know where people between that and if you people remain healthy. Remain to be seen but again that gets that question I was alluding to at the beginning and that's when. You try to figure out are the -- -- 82 -- team or 92 in team elder is obviously a guy who can swing that pretty drastically. Ariel is great stuff as always and go -- -- talk -- a lot over over over the over the next month and obviously the league type baseball season to a great job and look forward to hearing reports from Fort Myers. Well can't wait to be not shelling into these other -- are based firm -- Al so probably time picks like Alex beer from WEEI dot com again I promised. Like to live up David David and others I see you guys are promised quick just a quick 92 break.

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