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Pete Sheppard Weathered the Storm and is ready for an Exciting Night in Boston Sports

Feb 10, 2013|

The Bruins are in Buffalo to return the favor to the Sabres with retaliation on many fans’ minds. Still in town, the Celtics take on the Denver Nuggets in what Pete believes is their biggest test since losing Rajon Rondo.

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WH YNN. What a day. What -- day one night wow. Oh everybody's OK hope most eager to power back on -- drop thousands without especially on the cape. So you probably are hearing that. Anyway which was a format possibly but. I don't speak -- till 3 o'clock you're WEEI sports Sunday the phone number 61777. Nights ever ignited 37 you can text. At 379. 370. Everybody again got home okay. At the driving -- wasn't a -- -- UV four for some review and I gotta say first -- thank you to my beautiful wife Elaine yesterday I don't know how she did approach -- on the trouble like five hours yesterday the kid next door -- the public with a snow blowers. Obviously -- the station from Friday night in and to a yesterday to about one. But it is and diligence in situations as myself and his his wife had collage of tuba man. It was brutal it was absolutely. Bob Roland -- -- miles north of Boston. And I could not believe some of the drips as hour's drive home mom -- -- couldn't believe some of Gypsy and and in -- -- -- record absolutely unbelievable and and you saw -- my friends on the South Shore what they're going through. It's situated in Holland got rock beaches absolutely destroyed. -- apartment -- unbelievable. And out of place in my heart prevent that Eric regular lived on the fighters lob to a lot of close friends are living better. Meant just apps a little idea absolutely brutal. You know couple feet of snow ordeal lived down my -- them immune. Crazy crazy crazy six worse storm of all time but. Toppling is that we are we all we all got through and hopefully we'll continue to get through wood and Herbert a power back reasonably. Reachable monetize your. A lot going on today brought -- -- finally and last night released soccer there's really nothing to watch him at Notre Dame Louisville and the Watson. -- the end of it got interview watch the overtime periods. Which resisted tremendous basketball game but you really missed the Bruins Tampa -- game last night and it in organic and and dale and I were talking dollar -- by the game's going to be played yesterday but then. We also said -- If workers connected in the area and some players are gonna be wondered how you gonna do it but. Tonight there will be in buffalo this is a very going to be a very intriguing matchup for the Bruins and also a very intriguing matchup. Ladies and gentlemen for via for the boss the -- that against the Denver nugget is that is one of the hottest team to not the hottest team. In the NBA and this is not going to be. You know the clippers without popular Chris Paul Paul Gasol. This is a team that is on fire mean to sell the two point six in a row. But five or six -- of common home for the six against team to records of 23 and 27 or worse. God this is a going to be in my opinion during this time without Ronald this is their -- legitimate challenge right here is tonight. And hopefully they'll load up the task because this Denver nugget team is is very burger. Very very good team to fifty and two in the last 17219. In a row the longest winning streaks they went ten straight back in 2005. The fourth best team in the Western Conference and all stars but they can that that they've been they've ignored her well lately. Very very well Ty Lawson on fire averaging nineteen point to shoot out lights out from three point range in the last the thirty attempts. But the play last night to beat Cleveland Betty of nine guys who played a score double digits this is going to be a a real good test tonight. But -- you know historically has struggled in Boston there. They have not done particularly well three and eighteen in the last when he went trips Boston but. At a -- and every other sport every single year and every single game is different so. He really really good test tonight though for the subsequent played really good basketball. Against some really bad teams into bagged up -- not that has been fun to watch in the ball movement and all that and reconsider talk about Rondo Vista run that entire time. Six games so -- six games too small sampling. And as I said yesterday went through -- -- by march for a student -- really I think you'll have a much better feel what this Celtics team is all about. Because of the -- scheduled at the going to be going on -- -- schedule in the first game back in March for script Golden State a pretty good Golden State team. So I think -- a much better idea. At tonight and it's a great test torn up against a very very good Denver Nuggets team. Your garden. And right now as far as we know the game is on or -- say that he's going to be operating at limited capacity today. But every twenty minutes all the lines are open and read a green blue and orange line. No I don't agree -- a lot of people take it live in the city it's is open from Ken moral -- -- To go to the BC duque tonight obviously. That it is the beeline right to be -- line it goes to DC that's that's not gonna happen but. The retreat had more -- Mary wanna get the garden tonight for the upper for the Celtics and the -- should be okay. You'll be okay. But wait guys anticipate tonight in this -- -- it's going to be hard fought. No physical game I don't think it's going to be one -- Tennessee you know gloves dropped every every five seconds I certainly think they'll be several. Whites in this game. I I I don't expect -- though the -- to put -- an open I know it's real easy. Thornton and to go back -- with Scott and people you know kind of wanna see a rematch there. -- I don't wanna see anything stupid by the Bruins that's -- I don't want any unnecessary -- game misconduct or double minors I don't want I don't want stupidity. To me and I'm I'm all for fighting hockey when it's necessary I get it in and I'm meant a big fan of the NHL as it is. But to me there is nothing better. And legitimately crunching somebody into the boards -- while while the pockets you know on the stick between this date whenever it's a legitimate hit where it's not charging or not boarding. Nothing pleases me more than a good clean check and and a coup quickly open ice hit check which a lot of times it's it's a lost art. Uh oh the last several years in the NHL but then goes it goes to meet those the kind of place you get a job that I that I exports -- Nice nice crunching vehicles -- old Terry O'Reilly. -- the elite occasionally you know you get Lucic or Chara was in the air and although those -- pounding WiMax. Of guys against the -- I'd much rather see that then to give. It out then that they have you know Shawn Thornton. You don't get a game -- conduct for doing something stupid. Or the or you know because Scott place Foreman -- against terrible. I mean you don't want their worst player taken out when your best guys were significant amount of time. I understand people want retribution that's the that's the word of the day ritual of pure shouldn't. Rosie to come out and -- crap bottom well what the bronze. Need to do is limit the number of odd man rushes that they gave up the last time -- despite all the physical. Aspects of the game for a couple periods approached -- -- 31 lead in that game and they just let it get out of hand had nothing to do. Would not being physical. -- had to do just that just had mental lapse in that game and they left to grass out to dry. He just had no chance that I admired you go back and watched those goals he gave up there were no problem why print where his ball. So that's having to cut down on. Ryan Miller seven and one against the Bruins last eight or go with a two point 17 goals against at home. That's huge and meanwhile. It's. Tuukka Rask is old four and one with a four point 25 goal against his last six games vs buffalo. -- yours I'm sure -- -- -- he's got a chip on national tonight too I mean this team has had his number. There's there's no question that the Buffalo Sabres rather stubborn the Buffalo Sabres as a team in general. Have had the bruins' number. Are for the most part special mill has been in net seven and one against the -- they set for no. Apnea first Niagara center calling these days of -- with a two point 17 goals against. Your DLC give you some of these lines looks like -- -- and that has taken -- preachy and -- obesity tonight. Together Marcia and it looks like to knock him play and -- a will play. Will play at the suffering that the racial. 6177797937. Can tweet at me at -- Jeff three to six of course taxed at the 37. 937. Texas says that John -- it was the best collegiate checker ever racer and was one of them -- -- problem. Oh what you want Pete seven temple we want reasonable interpretation to remain as a tough team not a cheap team. Agreed. Agreed that no question -- and a question about like I said their tomatoes dies or anything more beautiful sports and watching a good clean open ice hip check. That is the best that is actually about tech data over a home run baseball -- day. For the most part there's nothing that's not the elected. -- cheap shots you -- cheap shots Ford against the Bruins over the years and you know we don't we all get ticked off -- pissed off one way or the other. But I mean I think most true hockey -- we UC so we go into the boards with a -- you see a guy which are Lucic. Or whoever Marcia doesn't matter galway and just steam -- somebody. A good legitimate check up against the born to smash of I mean they're different and better and that that's hockey that's that's the way he's supposed to be played uptake data over a fight any day. Around and don't get run again -- I look good clean fight when it's necessary. I know it's necessary. But I don't I don't like fighting it just for the sake of fighting and understand some time to gained -- -- hand and -- that justice. Show that they're you know -- more often than not giving up by. As you those those those -- useless on it's got to be about to meet discipline tonight what team is gonna be more disciplined Bruins or the sabres. -- is going to be it's going to be very interest. At that on the table got the Celtics that -- the table a really good team playing in the nuggets tonight. If 33 and 189 and one in the last 1019 and rode it fifty into their last seven team. Playing very very well other road record is not very good. At all the numbers 1115 on the roads that lead to 2213 at home at three and eighteen and again in the last 21 Boston. But he did play last night as well that can be effectively be a -- Back when Cleveland last night. It's 177797937. Texas 37. 97. I seven and it's that's. I'm sure -- up -- -- -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury love that a debt subject that he took last year and went blind and you know over second base and a busted shoulder. Now. But I and I distinguished -- Go to since the -- -- please talk some Red Sox okay Al spears coming up. In the a 1 o'clock hour like from Fort Myers. We can certainly talk about let's awkward every what do you like your expectations your hopes your dreams your fears. About the Red Sox -- I've -- no problem with -- and now this is the the fourth straight weekend I'll tell you my expectations are this is a 500. Baseball team. And anything after that is gravy to me and I think stand close to 500 for most of the year ago being contention. For a least the second wild card spot. And maybe starting pitching it's exceeds expectations. And that's the case. You know maybe to be a little bit of that but I I'm not assuming anything with this team nothing. I like John prelate loved John -- -- manager -- team. I -- of back to have a real good ball and on paper. And on the -- certainly isn't going to be as high powered. Run producing hasn't been over the last you know. It's be it nine years my expecting that I wore -- like hell about they would Ortiz. And I more war more than anything still. About the starting pitching especially -- top three guys just like last year when it was you know Beckett buckled to -- now it's going to be about Lackey Buchholz and Lester and really Buchholz and Lester. Have to be consistent they have to get the -- RA as a whole. You know in the forest and down and routinely -- hole. Last year and hopefully we'll do that I don't I don't know nobody says about Lackey being in great shape. All that stuff and I think golf three of the top guys top three rotation I think they'll have mark and again braces were potential. Not guarantee that the gonna do it but they all have the potential to -- thirteen plus games. Whether that happens or not I don't know in my opinion mostly guys have to you. When at least thirteen games apiece otherwise is to Albert a lest somebody like a field too broad. Dempster really you know really comes out like gangbusters -- a much that's going to be the case that's only time will tell it on the crystal ball I wish I did. But I don't. When you tell me about your expectations -- beat the Red Sox are out -- first day about our players are reporting today. It's a story till about that shortstop by the admiral was invited as a non roster player first time in -- Scott Hatteberg -- you know years ago. And these there immediately and lol last year. Reducing story you know about Jarrod Saltalamacchia Dave Ross you're going to be catching duo and looks like -- have always going to be a ticket back pos locks. Also you know a couple of younger guys in the dark to -- that would be very -- to watch the spring training to good developments the other progression is. Is Robert tiller -- that and regular Ross and Ryan Webster. Two bricks. Through hot prospects from the doctors we got in the portrait. Will be forever known as you portrayed in my period. So all that's on the table to -- -- -- expectations tonight the Celtics in Denver and the Bruins and the Buffalo Sabres. -- -- This started 6530 right here were rated Max pre game and W Riyadh and a three point seven and -- -- beyond the NASA tonight. As well so what we watch -- are going to be fought back and forth I think that most of us though will be but I think it's certainly time. I'm kinda can't happen one way that this that this summit to plant earlier other liberal least an hour earlier. What's less a little bit less clicking and if they're playing a -- -- the same time by the people are gonna be very interested to see early on what. Kind of how physical the Bruins sabres game is going to be. Something to keep their -- on. And see what team and to being more disappointed and that's going to be the story of the game. And the goalies is always you know Miller vs Nebraska mean and the numbers clearly favor buffalo when this game when you look at what every game every game's different. It's just the last five times you guys that took his plate against buffalo. And the last five times that that Miller's play against brought -- home I mean it's been it's been buffalo. It's -- buffalo and he's he's he's done a great job that we Chelsea.

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