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Storm Brewing in Buffalo: What to expect going into tonight’s matchup with the Sabres

Feb 10, 2013|

Dale and Kirk predict how the Bruins will respond after the last time the two teams met in Boston. Dale believes that the Bruins may retaliate for a cheap shot against Dougie Hamilton, not the bout between John Scott and Shawn Thornton.

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Yeah he's obviously want tougher -- believe in just happening and got the regular and cut out of on the front. Just happened so I don't know bounced back tough -- you know part for me you know by -- others. Yes I mean I -- I got hit behind -- here. And my legs out from underneath and I talked to -- actually called for an you see guys that he's been tagged -- forest. This. A facility punches a good punch but -- there's a comedy of errors for me to get him there my -- was movement. Obviously was 68 rather copies of -- 68 divided a miniature golf like that and behind. Only tough guys like Shawn Thornton can joke about the fact that at least the guy six say to knock me out not a guy five day that's true com. I don't know yet the the Bruins are having a morning skate this morning in buffalo I doubt that the that the sabres well. Although their coach Lindy Ruff was talking to the media. I he said were kind of expecting a store for us to arrive here tonight and he does mean a weather storm he means the Bruins. I would expect that tonight will be a a very. Spirited and physical affair. I would imagine I would imagine -- here's hoping that short stays to place an open stays out of that makes. Well I mean -- him -- physical and I don't want him fight again like this soon after self I wouldn't mind. Seeing him not fight but I also think that you know. We we kind of have joked that suddenly you know Jon Scott has become -- on Drago -- and you can't be beaten. He gets beaten all the time he's a big huge me. 68270. Pounds. Be honest with these and especially great fighter and I mean he's been beaten by other people. And in as as Sean just said it was kind of one of those perfect storms he was off balance he was up against the boards he couldn't get away. Any -- tagged with a shot right behind year -- and it you know buckled. If they fought tonight -- not yes I'm would you like Justin Sean stay away from the -- for a little bit but if they fought to -- would be a bit surprised to -- beat. Oh yeah -- that's not yet I'm not saying Matt I'm just saying this idea this recently with a concussion policy of throwing punches again this guy I don't. Not saying it should do the rest of the year. I'm missing -- handle fast. I wouldn't be a bit surprised that the place hi I've seen nothing come out of buffalo yet that indicates. Any roster situation. In them the Bruins to something very usual last night and I only know about this because Joseph Hagerty tweeted it out of the Bruins actually let three members of the media. Lie on the charter with them to buffalo last night Kevin DuPont of the globe -- Steven Harris of The Herald. And Joseph Hagerty from CS and any dot com so is the third. I'll just leave here -- little arguments that to yourself that my point is it's an unusual situation the Bruins I did it. Charitable the wrong were to be nice about it they knew full well that it was -- it was going to be very difficult for those guys. To get out of Boston this morning. While technically Logan is open I saw a report early this morning for -- -- there was only one runway open. Yeah the vast majority of flights out of Logan had had already been canceled for today. It would have been very difficult for those members of the media -- yet. Two to buffalo recovered tonight's game now the radio and TV guys already travel with the team. Via it's part of the the contract that there the broadcast rights holders have. Dave Kosher and Bob Beers travel with the team brick and Jack and now -- they all travel with team. So they would have been on the plane anyway but it's it's not unprecedented but it's pretty unusual for a team. To let down its guard long enough to allow this to happen. I I traveled to Ronald one time with the Maple Leafs. Maple Leafs played the Bruins here at the beginning of just before all star break. And then I was supposed to broadcast. A -- USA Canada game as part of all star weekend. Up in Toronto and Pat Quinn was running via the Maple Leafs at the time and an old friend of mine -- we were talking about how I was gonna get out here in Toronto. Any -- just come on the plane with -- us. And allowed me to travel with the Maple Leafs after the game that night -- of headaches the next day what's the thing I mean you know Kevin Stephens in -- That's a tough day you know you wonder like if you have made him make it and the of the canyon it would have been hard I think I don't know how many flights are leaving. Logan today but it's certainly not a huge number I wouldn't think. Now so you know it's good job by the -- so the Bruins did something unusual and said -- one -- two guys fly with us -- get there and and good for the Bruins for -- Our rusty is on the cellphone a rusty NATO. Hey Al how they'll do great went out and early to get an eight and is wildly in -- and and it -- yeah and it is -- I don't I don't -- Anyways here is more than an excellent. He had talked about the possible Jon Scott matchup and I'm with you that it really wanna see the -- -- art and but his legacy that thought anybody would step it up I know we have and you rivalry though with their neighbors and it -- -- your ego to chill when he stood up for. Able Miller went when -- took a right and I'm really looking forward to think and I think it can get really -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was no need for retribution. And said these were two. Legitimate NHL tough guys. Who who did not Jon Scott did nothing wrong he didn't cheap shot Morton. He didn't stick come he didn't you know he didn't hit him from behind they were lined up to face off. They discussed that they agree with the puck got drop they drop their sticks and gloves and they did what to. Legitimate NHL tough guys do Scott want. Now Gary Bennett cheap shot if he would sucker punched Orton from behind something like that. Then I think there would have been a pro rate of Bruins lining up for the opportunity to get. Hamilton played made deserves retribution I did it cease happen to -- and that's where I'm looking out for tonight that's why I think tonight's going to be pretty chippy I think from the start. The ball teams are dying at each other it's going to be. You know can be a fun game to watch and I needed. Where it's 7 o'clock AX a solar cells that sex this is connected with BC maybe BCA value and potential of a decent DB nine. Now I I and I will say this you know when I look at if if I don't wanna fight Jon Scott I want him on the ice as much as possible right if on the Bruins fan. He's he's a he's a pretty limited player he generally averages about three minutes a night but if somebody on the Bruins felt an obligation to stand up to Scott. Then my guess is it would probably be -- McDermott assuming that he's playing tonight yeah. Not that there -- other guys who could do what. I don't want -- only teach sitting down for five minutes I don't want Zdeno Chara sitting down for five minutes. I mean that's that's an exchange the buffaloes say every -- and Lindy -- take every single time -- -- -- Yeah I don't you know again -- I agree with you last week we talked about -- -- said it's not a big deal he got beat up it happens news channel the -- looking for attribution. For that tonight because I don't think -- think it's a big deal kind of beat up it happens. And and beat up is even over all I mean you know and oh yeah he -- not easily knocked out and he lost I mean that's what happened it got knocked right and -- needed the Nike said it dropped and they won or lost the move on. And FF that F. Trust me John Scott is not eve on drug. There's only one on -- -- Like Shawn Thornton make fight tonight I wouldn't be surprised. He's certainly feels that the that's part of his job part of his duty my guess is the Bruins will attempt. To make sure that he doesn't have to. He's always there to stick up for them I think all things being equal if possible. They'd rather somebody else have to do that tonight and not him now if you got Thornton high AA and Marchand all returning just the arising on my part. Maybe Elaine McDermott doesn't address them. I don't know you know how -- will will put his roster together.

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