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Dale and Kirk: What if a Blizzard Hits on Super Bowl Sunday Next Year?

Feb 10, 2013|

After the blizzard of 2013, Dale and Kirk wonder what would happen if a blizzard strikes the New York Metropolitan area on Super Bowl Sunday next year. The NFL would be faced with a logistical nightmare during the biggest event in the sports world.

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Are we -- a fair amount about the Bruins game being postponed from last night and apparently a makeup date being scheduled although not announced the F Friday. As of April 25 I think it is the our rate it's on the Bruins website on their schedule listed as such. No announcement has been made that but it's there with talked about. The nightmare that so many of our friends and neighbors are living through here in Massachusetts New Hampshire Maine Rhode Island. President Obama IC has just declared a state of emergency in the state of Connecticut. There are still. Well a couple 100000 people without power in this state just in this state that I know of yeah. I mentioned as I was driving into work this morning I sought to caravans. Of utility vehicles headed on for 95 south in the direction indicates so. I know that they've got as many people as they can possibly get out working on it hopefully. For folks down around the cape then. A friend -- in Westport without power for a couple of days now I know when I started my car this morning prior to coming here on my dashboard it's at five. That's rough so if you didn't have power last night in places. And didn't have the possibility of -- would still over or something like that I don't know what to it that's I don't know what people. Odds are that's that is terrible that's that's the thing you can forget you get lost in the sort of the news of the kolbe. TV stuff you think people from -- nights and that is awful. You've done you've done now we have been living here you know I'd like to -- power to secede you can't obvious won't matter what you do not gonna. And -- -- talked a little bit about what if this were a year from now what if if this perfect confluence of if it came up the coastline. Are on Super Bowl weekend a year from now. Dump this on metropolitan New York. And it's certainly within the realm of possibility. Now when they announced they were putting the game Eric thought it was down I -- and angered yeah me and some of some of the tweeters and a jump on me it's at all yet they said it was Foxboro that be okay. Wouldn't it no no idea be stupid haven't Foxboro to. Almost expect dumber as if not equally actually dumber and dumb folks are about a -- really almost similar. Yet given Iran wants to nightmare actually dumber it's yeah -- I think you know. Could the NFL. Ever possibly. Yesterday. With a suitable. What they've postponed nagging them and is that possible to ever I don't really that it had a choice. That's amazing. I don't know and and look we almost saw happen a week ago. They were able to get the power back on in the in the superdome -- what if they couldn't have. What do beyoncé had knocked out all the power for miles around and I know she could have based on the performance I saw well. Yes I was watching golf but yeah I would say that I have to watch. But I would say that you know what an amazing Monday would have been imagined that going to work -- the super -- that second half of the suitable -- the PM Monday night. Almost sought out the time the game seemed to be a blowout so you come about well you know your bill -- calling for a Alex Smith. As at CBS crew seemed -- little rattled GB. Rumor and those guys in the little you know action was born there. Well I was on radio used in the game parlor games -- radio are. They seemed a little -- blame them I mean you can always prepare for that stop what actually happens -- it's him I guess to be ready next. Tentative brings a great point by the way. Can you imagine if this did happen. If the snowstorm did it before the so people. What about the people who were gonna fly in the become by. A lot of people -- Either right can't find hotel accommodations or god forbid. They're so expensive it's just not worth it on a fly in the night before on the fly in the -- game -- -- thing is -- to a lot people take off on Friday. Or Saturday were just there for work or for business card ever sold is actually larger rooms open Saturday we're wasting -- -- right people flying on Saturday Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- I understand up if anything ever bad ever happens at the Newark Airport. -- not you're not ever -- ever get canceled there and I understand you know percentages are far more likely it's not going to happen and it's going to happen but you know what. It's a lot more likely to happen here than Miami. Or San Diego or San Francisco or anywhere or indoor stadium. Or Reliant Stadium or anything it's it's you know. This is not sort of a doomsday thing this is a legitimate possibility. Of that I can promise you that somewhere on park avenue in the offices of the national football. Roger Goodell and his lieutenants in his minions have been having meetings going water week in India if this happens year or good -- I mean you could you can. You know talk about all you want but it's most wanted to which is that -- All that planning on how he played for. Shovel that stuff out -- he makes no go way do you get people to the game to get people drive in the blizzard. The teams to the game well Foster you get there at 6 o'clock -- more -- their -- my concerns are pounding I don't get. You know what I -- Foster does actually start drinking at 6 AM Sunday Times. Continues -- I just don't think that he necessarily is at the stadium when he's begun that process but -- -- in Rochester. New York can't you don't. I don't doing great thanks. I do -- good use of the air but I also want to -- in that western new York and an -- near Jenks can't jerk and I traveled to gain a year. Awful rupture in your bravery -- some great points or keep it and separate from the the play on and off the field of logistics. This stay in the you've ever been there. There are two rit literally too old pals on the strip we're seeing in this yup. -- -- it can be -- it and the closest thing to your route seventeen which probably about a mile and hear from the stadium where there is some old pals the bit and it's not locking you can't block at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well basically logistics of moving people as well as they happen there. I don't know how they would deal. They can't do that you're you're exactly right most of the people. Many if not most are going to be staying in the city that week and that's where I think a lot of the stuff is going to be. It's just gonna be as you know living in that area it's going to be. It in the middle of a blizzard will be part of it actually be impossible to do well and not only that but but Ed and and Kirk both the thing that we keep forgetting is what actually doomed the Bruins game last night the workers what -- the people were supposed to work the game can't get there right. Yeah exactly two years ago we will -- the game when they get a little lower circle to I'll need. In Little League they had to maybe maybe we can't look at street Regis no but it was early. That pretty much couldn't acted around yours -- was this that you could not -- it was lying now and that was this very small elevates what what we're talking about right now right. It you know we're talking about a storm like yesterday forget that which doesn't happen right coming god thank you doesn't happen all that often should say. It's twelve inch -- attendance day of snow starts at. 9:30 in the morning Super Bowl Sunday. And -- as finishes at midnight rider is Super Bowl yeah it is severing the clock I mean again good luck. It's going to be you're -- hundred without him 7080000. People there couple hours early because of security. Tons of workers -- of people just milling around it's just. That's why and and somebody Texan says you know it's it's the -- the size happening is the cavorting in the world because of Katrina well you know again tuchman indoors today. And you're talking about something it's. Completely preventable just not having eaten cold weather city NJ said -- Horry isn't hurricane season in New Orleans either so bright and it's just not you know yes it's it's very unlikely to happen but it's not. Really unlikely there's going to be storm I mean those things happened in February early fat Tony's in Attleboro hate Tony I don't. I don't -- gray area. All right -- I totally agree. Do you died the previous call up. I'm not not want to connect. To what he called L 44. And a -- while much work these young kids are Itar. That -- probably -- I mean that was 8 o'clock in the early to get it might correct. Oh. OK second of all. I am totally typical English football. In northeast stay. On my own. -- -- What gave -- OK you'll have to go. I mean look at -- patriots -- people go from here if if if it's. You know Baltimore and and San Francisco Kansas our folks from American go to an outdoor super IIII -- think. That and and his overall point if -- teams in it. You wanna go after and you're gonna find a way and you're gonna get the packages and you're gonna get tickets but the ancillary people. And the NFL will solid now I'm sure they will golf course probably sold out all right. But how many people are gonna -- spend all week there where you're coming -- gonna -- spent five days there and would you say that the patriots have as. Are currently constituted a pretty live shot for presenting it -- Super Bowl absolutely. They are right now in Vegas the favorite to win the Super Bowl shore. Now I would say that if fury patriots fan of -- ticket to the Super Bowl next year he can't go for the week. It is not a possibly get up early Sunday morning. To shoot down 95 -- -- of the game you know guess what it's entirely possible for medical people -- yes if it's snowing. I did -- that. Yeah I I I agree Dexter says let's face it having the Super Bowl in New Jersey is a lousy idea even in good weather. It's not geographically close anything interest then let's close enough to metropolitan New York tip you know the city which is I think what they're counting on. Is that most people are gonna stay in the city. Most of these Super Bowl events will be in the city. I it's going to be pain in the rear end but that's fine. Just yeah I'm just trying to think from -- halftime perspective in New Jersey. Musically will make the most sense. When. You bring beyoncé back nuke no no no no no no -- somebody else back. From New Jersey G three and -- try again. Be hard to play guitars when it's you know for him alone. Unique action part the snow exhibition have -- and -- I don't want Bruce I want Jon Bon -- well that's a big if isn't it possible I shall. On -- Thinks. Now Bruce obviously. We're going to be -- topping out it was good but yeah. And I don't I don't know much her music. Mean I was watching she -- She brought back the band I was excited she brought Destiny's Child back I didn't know exactly who they were -- my daughter told me immediate air -- exactly racing Ringo George and John Paul back together -- -- it jumped around blow up almost blew up the entire stadium but -- It was great -- at the polls show was terrific yeah I think. Now the deal about halftime shows that some doubles that the artist doesn't pay. Right blocked well the ocean the NFL pays all of the production cost -- right and the production cost for that. Had a movement through the rule yet and I mean there's no obviously you don't get paid but the promotion of being on the front of you know eight billion people pretty good the record -- Your in the process of of announcing your immoral war. You can't get a better opportunity -- -- yeah I know is it I thought she was. 6177797937. Text line. Available to me all the time 37937. Lots of folks like your Bruce idea on the text line there it's -- and -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WB.

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