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Dale and Kirk: The Paterno Family Response Needs More Evidence

Feb 10, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane react to the Paterno Family’s response to The Freeh Report released this morning. According to the guys, this report is aimed at preserving the legacy of Joe Paterno and needs more evidence to be considered valid.

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Second text says they Shawn Thornton playing tonight -- is in buffalo. It if I we're guessing that's all this is okay no no inside information here my guess is he'll play tonight. Yeah my guess is Marchand is back and my guess is by a buy back through. And on strictly gas I think all three will play tonight. I know the very -- and that was the second -- the top Texans sauce man shall rule. And from everything I've heard it -- you you were singing its praise IA down. I keys yesterday saying I think that's a possibility it could be the best show history of the station and the possibility of being the worst true history station or both I was wrong was -- -- -- I -- possible -- to -- Andy Kaufman field to. -- -- -- You get a chance to hear it I was working so I I didn't it was entertaining. It was entertaining. Now in the U stare at me make it -- close a follow wallet when I don't know in what way. I've never Diana and all the time just. I couldn't come up with it with a follow up on animal I would say listen I -- the Sox a -- -- Problem. I haven't yet seen -- I have both Kirk and I have been on a website called Paterno dot com. It is the paternal family. Releasing the results of their own independent in this investigation into the free report right. Because we are working here we've only been able kind of glance at it haven't really been able to read through it -- -- and at night. As at 9 o'clock exactly it got released on this website called Paterno dot com. Off the former governor of Pennsylvania and the former attorney general Dick Thornburgh. Is one of the people who is quoted extensively in the in the report as saying there was a rush to judgment. And the three report was based on faulty -- Again stressed that Dick Thornburgh the former governor of Pennsylvania. And was governor of Pennsylvania during the time that Joseph Paterno was the living legend in the stated penciled in very friendly with the turn reminders via com. Now I've only been able to kind of glance at it on a couple of occasions you've done the same thing I gotta be honest so far. I haven't seen a lot of. Evidence. That the the one thing I keep scene from they afford for an independent people form -- want them. They keep going back to the that the free report's assertion paternal lack empathy for the victims is unfounded and offensive they keep saying that that's. You know I kind of ephemeral an advantage of that that's what I really -- okay yeah there are fine that's the -- I mean that's the best you have there's no -- -- In two be on Twitter by now. There is no crazy piece of evidence has emerged here from this paternal thing -- to be all over the place I mean to do there's no question about this really nothing. In here that jumps out values as well this is a legitimate assertion from these guys doesn't exist. And again if it did have a feeling it's all over Twitter right now one of these guys who read it you know Wetzel somebody would have posted I'm CNET. I saw Wetzel post a second ago that the paternal family has not -- about the possibility of suing the NCAA OK -- right sure. I -- pop and rock and by the way I I should also point out. I don't blame the paternal family at all. I mean this has got to be the most unbelievably. Awful circumstance imaginable. The patriarch of the paternal -- You know it's it's painted with this brush by the free report. You're the wife of the -- your you're a member of the family and you desperately hope. But there's a way to to clear the name of of Joseph Paterno. Right I understand completely why they're doing what they're doing. I personally feel that they kind of had an impossible task in front of them and at least based on the the snippets I've been able to read so far. I haven't seen a whole lot now. Since that they I do enough I mean we with -- some nine times we know Paterno did not do enough in the situation he's not Jerry sandusky obviously but the -- Hugely responsible. But to stop he could've stopped it. Instantly when he found out about it didn't do it now yeah I mean just what the paternal family released something in the extra paternal Gibson. You know optic for report orally that blameless if not in -- -- -- out to defer report you know is an independent thing over over the paternal family and that's. Well that's the thing that that jumped out at me when I saw this Dick Thornburgh longtime family friend of the paternal family right former governor of Pennsylvania yeah. It is one of the people trying to defend Joseph Paterno again stand that fine. Somebody's got to show me some evidence that Louie freeh. Had some axe to grind in this and the paternal family at least from what I've seen so far hasn't done that they've given me no evidence. That the free report was flawed because three was trying to go get jelled at three was trying to to go get this guy or that guy. Joseph Paterno isn't the only guy that the free report brought down here. -- a whole bunch of other folks involves and by the late not even named sand ASCII this and just because the courts to carry that. You know with the Paterno is obviously worried about the turn on I understand that. Yeah in Graham spaniel we -- for the whole list of guys who got clobbered by the free. AM I look through here it's sort of beginning a lot of you know expert analysis showed that seemed askew was able to fool qualified child welfare professionals I was Paterno was Austin. That's economist at which by the -- is -- perfectly legitimate ballot quietly as a guy adopted kids. Is somebody's done that I have -- and still no idea how I managed to get through having been through that always studies myself it's a pretty exhaustive process that that does. Still baffled me but still Joseph Paterno -- to forever be know what he was which used -- Mean -- They don't talk about that -- -- that seem to get an eight game and they get to it and seen yet. Let's get to the call 6177797937. Dexter says what standing -- the paternal family have to -- the NCAA. -- I have no idea. But there are lawsuit brought every single day in this country that had no standing but the Bryan -- good luck with the lawsuit and you can open a lot of stuff there from both sides. -- reds in Braintree Fred you're up first on Sports Radio sports on. Great thanks for. I'm sick -- a -- of the scheduled dump that and Elena woke up this morning economic -- oil all the game. It against Florida. I'm 24 Sunday and April that we don't -- -- their legal on the Washington. Don't -- little. Like ubiquitous as it -- -- -- group when dot com -- -- -- -- game scheduled let it in a little or quality the 26. Well I I haven't been Bruins dot com yet and I haven't seen. Anything officially saying that's no -- on February is it's on the site now. But it does it it's on the right now I would I would assume they -- -- try to figure out. Why don't camp told us last night that he thought that there was going to be some announcement within the next day or two about a potential makeup date. It may be that they've that they've stuck it up on the website and haven't told anybody episode. Released an effort to look at adherence is a make -- they will be announced as soon as it can be confirmed on Bruins Docomo also dismissing it -- may. Click on the scheduled equipped by the list by home game to -- -- Located at -- -- -- -- it would make sense to me I said I I don't see any other time other than the end of the regular season. Where you could make it up so maybe that's an -- on the schedule here yet 26. Friday yeah. A good job like dictates that we can get back. Right yeah. And obviously for all those people who had tickets for last night's game those tickets will be perfectly valid for that game and that's and it clearly. Says thanks for you know I mean I haven't looked at. That the Bruins website yet there has been nothing released right none of the the guys on Twitter -- surprise the NHL nothing from the Bruins. Somebody involved with a website is apparently put the game up already but neither the league but the Bruins announced that that's when it's going to be. Frederick and stories that's why we're here. For we get -- -- -- -- breaks stories out there 6177797937. As telephone number. Text line available at 37937. Take a break from Dublin join us here on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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