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Sauce- man - "What Were You Thinking Last Night?"

Feb 9, 2013|

Saucier gets his segment "What Were You Doing Last Night?" going in which he calls a pretty young gal that gave him her number last night.

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It's also at a radio program continues on blizzard version of once again replaying our drinking game every time we say saucepan radio program. Want to take a nice strong slug -- three be out real saucepan and actually it will mostly said real -- that I'm doing -- drinking game has takes seriously hammered if you broke this segment is like what we liked it called. What the hell were you thinking last articles are not good looking guy but I am very tall -- bars quite often. And you know a call earlier said it's going -- -- to pick up girls I guess in the in the flesh if you will. And it's a -- a look at I'm tall so white you get a lot of phone numbers. And what the hell were you thinking last night is a segment where I'm gonna take those phone numbers and called tics back in -- Why would a female give some like me. Their phone numbers so just set this up for you last night at soldier or details -- for good strong thirteen hours on the thirteen hours yet today. While we wall to wall coverage in Santiago de today's sell. Last night the company had to put me up. In a hotel room just as the city was impassable. And it was eight sick scene inside that -- hotel bar the reason is not big is because. All the chicks that were stranded there new York and going anywhere for some reason I think it's no and the back to kick it out. Has some sort of messed -- affect on the east females. Anyways I did happen to come up on one young -- her name is Colleen if I can remember correctly and to describe her from what I remember once again she was probably about five foot six enormous -- red hair she was kind of -- Boston girls. And you know when I -- boss the girls your typical boss -- -- -- about the terrible accent. She's good looking at a few drinks we talked. I can -- number. I clicked cholera now and figure out what the hell was Colleen did you last night low Berea College in a line. -- -- you notices. And are okay but if you wanna -- took I'm. On 611. And I drive an ice cream truck covered in humans goals. Yet about who. This is sauce John the guy met the bar last night at -- -- at the hotel the worst thing out. -- -- -- -- your results -- snowed in last night. Well I just wanted to know. Because you said something to me that was will be Tuesday last night -- you know dislike those -- back essentially and your beautiful and what you that. But when you said to me last night because -- the bar and you said eight to elect a while we're really talking about the snow. I think -- look -- and I think that. Okay. I mean and I you know product I put -- what they're singled out there and eat it it's more fighting so. And I thought I'd be a little more on this they get that this -- you know. Honestly when you first set that's me I'm not -- around you I looked outside the city is this -- serious to -- while -- I drive a pick -- truck I used to drive pickup truck -- its idea. Boy I didn't I I thought that's what you meant you didn't mean that when he said do you while. Now. Okay there's questionable one customer to what goes through a woman's head. When she asked the guy at a bar randomly on a Friday night Argus snowstorm. You're gonna go up to some random dude in seriously say do you -- for real. -- -- All right we're going anywhere so. That mentality like you said these people's mentality. Is the best thing about it so. You tell me -- on an opportunity here. Yeah I think that it -- but you're my number since let me. Maybe. Other -- hate you might have not figured it out. I've never had a girl last me quite a while before I guess in that than those certain terms and in all a decent job -- pick up truck but not anymore if you know what I mean. And -- is it was it to -- eyes one know what possesses. Any woman to go to a bar in come up with some random duties for us is a random. Do you plough are you serious do do this all the time do you seriously got to do its in state lines like this all the time. No. So you tell me a special -- -- -- -- About it. Let's say that I just wanna get inside of your mind what possesses a beautiful young woman who snowed in at a hotel room to come up to a -- means he has no idea about and say hey -- Do you applaud you could say like it asked me I don't know. An article in the background under after the question -- cannot. Open up the communication Aaron you know -- trying to. The I was I was doing anything inappropriate and it's. -- did your hand on my argument that. What that he did have your hand on my arm -- arm -- -- -- You are written about resetting and are you saying the same hotel tonight was what that you'd be saying the same hotel tonight. I am so you are really snowed into next row. With that I cities noted two nights in a room. Yeah yeah they are big screen and then so I had to wait about back up. Well let me say I think that might be your -- for tonight do you take to -- to drive betrayed that is -- Columbus coming. I said -- apple on this coming in my anatomy COM ING. OK -- Colleen -- to be the same hotels ball right number to be out celebrating my first ever radio show deceiving and retired the first woman comes up to me. And asked me if I take the train I'm just gonna say sure will be invited -- more reference. Guilt and you're going to be down for that. Got a serious. Are. These checks for real. But today I didn't think so Colleen you're real -- and as one tell you that I hope I see again tonight and hope the someday would build Monica. Long term meaningful relationship. -- maybe some -- and America's fuel them. -- I guess any chick that I'm gonna break it's gonna tell all babies is now works another geneticists and just a radio announcer that so it works. Our Colleen Ahmadinejad later on tonight I'm glad I was able to kick in your mind while we're reaping in last night a sober that maybe you would feel a bit more upset. About the fact that you gave your number two an absolute idiot but Beatles into anger about you don't seem -- broken up about it. Now I'm not coming out that a number so I don't. -- -- -- -- -- You never pulled out the the -- maybe he just says -- -- atomic definitely now. Or after it. Hey it's -- All right sorry but I only -- waits while I'm glad to answer the phone. Use of Michael takes back the next day they don't answer because phone calls as who will noted -- awkward to be in the same hotel tonight -- celebrating my. Off for show a majority very heavily and we're gonna suits up beat down. It Colleen everybody in the salzman radio program. And that was our first ever what the hell were you thinking last night's segment. I didn't really get the reaction of one draconian knocked politely I really want her to be upset -- -- -- -- -- she didn't -- was down from day one. And that's a sell these females are Boston so what I've read a study the other day that said that Boston is the number one city in America for single guys because. There are. 100 women for every 93 guys and I said that right there is Malarkey -- because the girls and -- disgusting. It'll fix though go to any other city in America go to Las Vegas go to New York it's only four hours away the corals are on the believe in Boston. The -- one thing my friend. Your wallet. The girl's like only she's a large saucepan radio program. More right after the terrorists.

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