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Sauce-man gets Man-on-the-Street Reactions to Boston sports...DURING THE BLIZZARD!

Feb 9, 2013|

Sauce gets some hilarious reactions to questions about Boston sports ... during the blizzard from random people on the street. Then he gives us his feelings on the direction the C's are going.

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It is a saucepan radio programming here on Sports Radio WEEI once again -- snowed in hang around triggered some Beers like. I'll be at 701 tonight that's when the show's over a drinking game but the CD's every time he -- sauce man taken nice that goal -- -- a little sip. A nice backed -- going to opera so your tweets here. From during the break. Act DJ underscore being -- real -- wouldn't have static X and rates for the open I was wrong. DJ your hilarious to nab -- on later on the show I think -- for the third time so he's used them at least today. And -- get another -- here that says sauce -- pairing up the Airways makes sure to tune in sauces. Artists are the best show in the history of radio. I don't know about that -- reading your tweets are going to be up at real sauce man. That's what -- if you wanna Texas 37937. And if you're awkward enough choose a phone call. 6177797937. And once again -- a phone calls or bit awkward -- We get a blizzard to dispel are on the book is on the ground here in Boston all over to England I guess the jackpot of the snow. Was Hamden Connecticut where they got over thirty inches of snow. That's a good large amount powder you're in Boston that we talked out a runner on 22 inches or just above that it will -- I know the city Portland Maine got thirty inches now with the highest snowfall total. Ever for the city of Portland and I think -- because that's the tool seven. And Bangor Maine myself although I do live in Boston Nelson award my teeth are blocked though and I don't Wear -- jeans and camel. Our shirts anymore although you know if like could I war. Sony restaurant last night during the absolute height of the blizzard I thought to be great idea to take gravel MP3 player. While -- governments that are first of all see if there was anyone out there. Second policy Betty -- who would talk to me. And -- false if they actually want to talk while sports opinions during the height of the blizzard and fortunately for me this it's this segment didn't really work out so well. No secret through the radio this one do -- get your favorite red talking all of these acquisitions are. You -- here. And iron to. So we have now want -- that was the first what I did fortunately I was the myself bigger of the scrap this. It's probably not going to be good idea but I pressed on there were many people around the City Hall plausibly here's the next one. 100 years on the radio on it and how you were able. Blizzard there -- That's perfect it's a blizzard broke. I know and sorry I you know I just I'm interested in seeing what people think about sports tell me if I'm wrong. Tell that from wrong here I don't care of the blizzard I don't care what's in nominee whatever is going on I wanna know what you have to think about sports once again text in the your sports opinions if you want 37937. It up on Twitter at real. Sauce man I'll be reading your tweets all afternoon I'm very curious to what you have to say about my show. Now the final one I have here in terms of people I talk to is this woman. Mentally I was wondering for the radio interview apparently you know what you want to broad new additional five million will have a after trading Tim Thomas left. -- That she was blunt okay I think you'd and finally etc. City Hall closet disguise the religious and think to say is one of us are some locations. It looked as I remind them. The only city in America -- with the bearcats beat bush some locations but look this. Item pick us. -- -- -- That I didn't understand a word of that except for the end we're gonna have an accident is -- series without. -- -- -- -- anyways that was Mayor Tom Menino in a press converts know I didn't go after him -- trees in the -- -- somewhere. All right to guess the more serious part of this segment the other day Kevin Garnett. Became one of sixteen players in NBA history to score 25000 points. -- actually. If so and so that's that's personal for me. First thing person needs a lot to be in a Celtics uniform now Kevin Garnett says something like that he's not be guessing you look at it'll -- Kevin Garnett really BS's. Well anything supposed to be glasses sitting wares to and from the games. What a 5000 points is a very serious accomplishment and Kevin Garnett to me really embodies everything that is good about the Celtics and everything that kind of brings back history of the Celtics apart earlier the game where Ray Allen what -- open to optimal to -- try to get him dump up. A lot of people or give them a hard time about that desolate. You don't play for us anymore you don't get doubts -- -- didn't think Bill Walton there is giving -- the bill Russell's giving doubts. -- -- bird is giving out so weeks ago. So it. -- is being played some nice. Stuff. The wind. And it -- -- tonight. There was a monument to -- for more than one reason it's a dissimilar. Random ramblings and random thoughts about the Celtics the big question it's -- in Boston all over the place I've heard arguments. On one solid the other is the insane assumption. Of the insane statement that the Boston Celtics are better weed out Rajon Rondo. You're really gonna say that about a guy who was voted as an all star starter and artists and the fans -- the ones who vote on that but Rondo is one of the best players in the league definitely. Here's where I think that. The dynamic with -- the Celtics changes the biggest change no Rondo and I think the biggest reason what itself have won six in a row. It's been transition defense wants those games. Rondo does not play trends as a defense he rose by any defense at all anyone that watches basketball and actually knows. What doc river system is looking for. Ducks' defensive system is set up the cards don't crash supports giver noticed that barely -- supports. I wanna get back as soon as possible because you don't chemical and has been a tough time getting back. The remarked I'm it's this old guy Paul Pierce is going to be tough time getting back. Robbers like to do that -- like about the system realistic gamble with steals and it hurts them against the team that can push. That's where your biggest difference I think with Ronald vs without Rondo -- look back in the game at Cleveland January 22 -- great stat line did a great job seventeen points tool thirteen rebounds. Eight assists. And the Celtics lost -- game by five -- carrier ring at forty points. Good young point guard who's really gonna push double open really go after it. And I think Rondo gets exposed forty points of ivory are now obviously he caught fire this is an extreme example but. The Celtics only loss like game by five and that was just their fourth loss in a row during its six game puke in my mouth of the rolled up on purpose losing streak. Nothing about the Celtics currently. Speaking of streaks is they are streaky team obviously were at six at -- allegory for seven a row they lost six or one point five -- -- Why is this team so streaky because. They rely more and more on the outside shot was the last time you really saw Kevin Garnett yet down in the paint hard making good salt post he locals. High screen rolls he loves that open jumper at the top. Those must round to get people off the dribble which is five because that tells work for Kevin Garnett but when that. Gets offended he's gonna give it to Paul Pierce and we -- Paul Pierce's that is shooting will support this season. And that's what the Celtics to -- event so streaky now. In terms of their chances before the season I thought it was hilarious where you've got Tommy hides and Mike Gorman. You know of course they asked the question already excluding the NBA champions this year so it's got a it's X it's -- Celtics. Tsakalidis it's okay if it is the Celtics -- -- for the -- hope I'm wrong but do you really think that. At this point the Celtics can beat the Miami Heat a seven game series you think they could beat the Oklahoma City Thunder a seven game series. On company enough to say that. But that being said. I will say this this incarnation of the Celtics team besides the the on the championship. Limped through the regular season they always out they've looked through ever regular season -- -- at the same exact conversation year after year after year. All the Celtics are bad shape also in the playoffs come around and bowl it's off. That's what they do and that's what they need to do it's an older team Doc Rivers isn't going to be one of those young hot head coaches who's gonna push his team -- -- he wants this team to turn it on for the playoffs. That's the only way this team to function. And the thing is it works it got into game seven in 2010 against LA with perk they're probably without a championship. It got them to a game seven with the score tied going to the fourth quarter in Miami in the Eastern Conference finals last season. So I think that the Celtics limping through the regular season. Actually -- work who has wanted to be up via text message once again 37937. On Twitter at real salsa man. And we've got all sorts itself to talk about here in terms of a taxi or some of the -- -- witnesses. At RCR 2004 yes that it put Fred Jackson on there and yes I'm part Canadian Emily French Canadian who lives itself Boston's -- And this guy says this -- actually employ the cream of the crop this year without Rondo where you need Rondo to care. OK for point. The lakers not the cream of the crop -- right about that a complete agreement. Like. This sample size of six games so far as you bird every single those other shows -- on it and I think it's true. Were six games in a row and I think the real reason or win these games is because the Celtics have recommitted themselves. Two defense that was another road that specifically. They're transition defense and all -- -- transition defense is in the MBA use and very important species whose get back together at B five on five. Half quart every time I think -- last. Five to seven years the NBA has gotten. Zillion times better it's faster it's a much better game but you're gonna tell with the daily clippers are not an elite team -- a pretty good. Toronto not only team Sacramento not league team. It is -- Miami Heat not an elite team 100 to 98 the final there in overtime that was the first of his current six game win streak. All these while Rondo. And do they beat the -- without Rondo while probably they're probably right and once again I'm not trying to say here. That the Celtics are better without Rondo there to -- different -- Courtney Lee knows how to play transition defects. Some -- about the locker room as law I don't think that's as big an issue is a lot of people are talking about as a text reports out here. Where Rondo brings news the -- of that dynamic the bad dynamic and Rondo in terms of people say he's a jerk. That is that your -- -- the jerk Kevin Garnett is the biggest jerk in -- US anybody. Nobody likes -- -- -- you know wealth of the jerk. Danny -- the general manager but Denny's as a player is the biggest jerk in the NBA that is the Celtics when they won the championship. In 2008. They have the mentality of we don't care what you think about -- okay. We're gonna come out here and punched in the face and ignore China puts us back -- for border what -- harder than your -- just. I love that Celtics mentality. I think that's exactly what they need to do grit and you know what is Kevin Garnett always talks about even Paul appears to be elect at a time calpers the tough guy right. He struck an Inglewood California he's a rapid enough Winchester Massachusetts congressman Wellesley mass Paul Pierce the truth. Literally. So. Anyway someone did I did a huge thing about the Celtics hope you enjoyed it we're taking your tax once again 37937. Be up on Twitter that's the real the best way to get ahold -- me out real sauce man. A real hole what's your tweets on the air and -- to get all sorts of interesting stuff here on yes they re entering the sauce man radio program.

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