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Kirk Minihane is Serenaded by a Flash Guy

Feb 9, 2013|

We all know that Kirk loves his flash guys and there is nothing better than a flash guy singing Paul Simon - no seriously, it's amazing!

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One of the great American -- really short shelf life in last long but credence at their peak open up many non. Springsteen's. Short shore American. Racing I am having the greatest rabbis the stones of the greatest band ever better in the deals that's right here to argue. -- put credence is peak at America and the other argument but don't. I'll do it cart remain here at our go to the sauce experience he's been tweeting about it to suggest that women should double up. Certain undergarments because acoustics in the air this appearance which is pretty boastful -- -- looking forward and I double. We got -- got personal on here what's a sonic goes what do you think. I think it went great a I had a great time so -- went and JP all those guys on the -- now is great at a great time and hopefully we can do it against. That's your first. If I do you have to take can -- say something very quickly. One guy I know it's my first day I take great umbrage at your proclamation that The Rolling Stones -- greater -- and -- it's fine I use a semi anonymous. Not just my my expertise it is actor I'm not and it is that's -- What's that -- Judy take -- -- -- and her name is skating that's pocket but for how much prize missed his -- ultimately in the -- sixty thought she doesn't look at day older than forty Judas. It's a happy birthday so what is sure give us a quick will back I judge what you want to open this. Obama let it I've been all over the place I've spent a couple of years as a traveling songwriter. Touring the country ends. Playing with some bands playing solo I always loved baseball spent a couple of years as a minor league broadcaster. In North Carolina and Louisiana. But I grew up around here have always loved it's you know Boston sports and the hapless in the sports -- -- -- getting a for every soulful clients or should -- become who's -- guy. Well I play solo like play electric guitar but I sing as well what's what's what's your sort of Richard Richard hit. -- once sing one song would be. Hopefully it would probably be. Graceland by -- time -- if the music up reduce recycle it already. -- and get this music right. Open up sorrow production at that spot so you can be doing more flash work here for a shall I hope to yeah absolutely yeah. I mean if if you permanent well I'll -- that kindness and -- again. I'll talk to him. Get this musical three dollars and you're gonna say it's not a -- careful I don't know I don't know if this is in my case. You're doing -- ago we -- wait for the interest here. OK got it. Our job or -- -- ago. -- -- -- -- I hope within this company to -- particularly. The Mississippi delta was shot. Like international time. -- going to -- him. Halfway through the cradle of the civil. And I'm going to -- Graceland in Memphis Tennessee I'm going to Graceland. Plus bonus pilgrims with. Family and me going to Graceland. Not -- income and in this and he and so is the child masters -- That's kind of your batteries to the that we all will leave -- C didn't Graceland. Into our fantastic I think he's there. -- say it is some bombs. -- plus. I didn't name -- it's better than the last three and a half hours. To think. Bright out all four holes out of those and Nike are good sport we appreciate it thanks thanks a lot now thank you. -- -- Great -- world -- you -- Stuck in the snow. At the grammys. That's the mark. You know what it's the human grammys. I think there -- their Franco she supposedly is really ocean. Ocean up. -- I've gotten better when I was younger Chris for crossed crisscrossed back. And now he's sort of -- -- Bruce perform might be surprised. I'll be. DVR. Oh. Sabres and watch the debut and life. Eighty years. He thinks -- and I believe -- -- that's great. Exactly orders for. -- Shocked actually. Flash guy let's be fair here as wild -- Who else in his first appearance on the station -- -- that sport like. On in the break where's the late to jump. A half hour later. Maybe there. We're going at that people fly in about he was good. They say may be should see your mom's 65 she's on paper. He was good -- -- purses dogs -- Props of the flash guy -- Graceland justice. This -- around more. Brace on the table like you know etc. segment when nothing else -- to add -- that the job of flash. Deborah tattooed tummy and humbled to hire in a -- -- Six wants its efforts have -- 7%. Six point 7779. 7937. As we get ready for the John saucy experience quite sports -- in this town you know obviously here tonight. But -- -- -- that's a good hockey game. August is it -- you know policy. Fighting just for fighting sake just have guys as a -- score out there -- perspective. And beat the sabres interest. In angle wants us Alison -- get banged up. Acting out the team quietly right now if you guys banged a party early in the season reapply and games. Your three months so you know. Almost forty fights tomorrow I understand the appeal not I don't I don't. -- -- -- sport but everybody's been sue it's been weighing in on it got beat up. I happened to line up and -- given the shot against them. No need for retaliation char does not need to get the middle of this tomorrow for no reason might get her self some random. Missing two months of the year it is 48 in dom dom. It's on his role -- their four. Two different odd numbers finally. -- eighties flashbacks. His -- that it's about. -- Up and we now. -- 617 so take that seven cents. Or down on today Greg -- did not call did not text. Not show -- hurdles like four hours -- Is. This is the teachers speaking to -- music off just blew opposite yet now we can. Rookie. Year him. This guy I think what my stocks. -- -- -- try again. -- go right you. I miss it right at least a couple of last flashes. Of that performance. Mister -- guy now wants -- a lot harder to record one line. -- yeah. Dossier mr. he went missing it. Chandler he's doing. It. Feel like. Chandler a database that we against. Listen don't try to start feuds what do I don't exist at. I missed you sticker. Moment -- Winter. -- more he's more be in Iraq you don't like him in the package show. Com. Writer writer does. Does flash might -- Move past. Right now the bar tree and skull don't agree them. Sure writer and nightmare spears back last night. At that how you make Ali Pakistan though tell. Had -- days the producer of that show work -- slept here last the only time he used to bang down low -- Moore was his younger days and yet he's of these guys but the weather is now here better you know the folks down on the -- so short it's not great. Power's out they'll all over the place I think. Always been one of the really weird sort of 24 hours I mean you just kind of woke up this morning it went from you went to bed not okay -- -- woke up in the morning. These images unbelievable open the door and it's to my waist. You know you'd go page trying -- this morning I'm -- Shot below my. Car and get damage -- -- took me three hours. Luckily you know I -- just pumped full of you know flax seed oil. In the clear HEH don't -- field -- And instantly know and as many big name again. Music is now. That's why that's a -- substance. That is great without argument runs that. But yes or just in case you don't know the driving ban is now lifted its been lifted 45 minutes I just don't appoint people are driving up and now. Logan's October their -- -- eleven tonight to issue storm is winding down. The fifth the worst storm now they're saying history of Boston you know about as bad as I can remember. 22 young seven. I certainly remember you know ten years ago fifteen years ago. -- arms -- close the -- about as bad as I can remember. And she won -- -- it's like this morning's Islamic goal for. Couple minutes here to go take a break we give it to John sauce CA who has started five -- -- -- off the line -- real quick before it goes. All -- -- that. Lets up all. Over in the U or a lot I'll. Blakey. At night -- night -- every show that well do you know latest single Alex Rodriguez right yeah. And a and I was saying -- my uncle are great this year in that. Game because. This is strength in Europe and bring out now art should. And that only draw inspiration from over the years. Not -- that are keeping things. Caroline you know not a -- it will lead on the up side effects. Yeah. -- -- 61777979%. Number text 3793 -- A break or bring a lot of from -- job saucy I had to get ready for the show John saucy experience. Starts at 5 o'clock I'll lead you to that couple minutes ago after the.

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