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Kirk's Thoughts on the Legacy of Tim Thomas

Feb 9, 2013|

Tim Thomas is quite the polarizing figure and quite an enigma. Minihane hasn't seen too many guys like him in the Boston sports scene before and he give his thoughts and analysis on the legacy of both the man and the hockey player that is Tim Thomas.

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Principles and beliefs and it turned into that you know. Openly admit that I've been you know either he's as Smart guy. But yeah I think that's probably the distinguishing feature the fact that. The the social media platforms. Adams has put a different spin on managing. That's Peter surely talked about Tim Thomas. Was traded to the islanders. Thursday night. It was Thursday night money -- PGA being identity of the Bruins. -- -- Berlin and ours had to make trade. To meet the requirement to meet the minimum so. Not crazy to think this is a guy who had had. In my opinion the greatest post season run in my lifetime in any sport. I did the bird in any sport -- post season better than Brady. And Ortiz. Manny. You name I mean this was the best rock and you know. A year and a half later whatever it is he's gone chipped calendars and never play game is just dumped in the middle of night. And nobody really talked about it. And I ask you this one is Tim Thomas's legacy what you think government say Tim Thomas do you think of the goaltender. What do you think of the man. Into separate I don't know now political stuff. I'm probably agree with all the but it's is right -- -- -- White House I was OK with that. That's what he believes it was -- a little chance you get to go to the White House. What are rather you can go find -- -- are people really turned on him after that it just seemed like the conversation changed people got angry. And with the local stuff. Letting gay people should be married yes I do to Thomas doesn't. Are. It's his right to say. I'm surprised that people god that worked up about it. -- -- were really hurt him -- is that he just basically quit walked out team and I think pay -- three but the salary I think people got frustrated. I have never in my life seen some -- -- go so high so low in this city I can't think of and another example. I think of Thomas. Probably as most of you do a terrific goaltender for a couple of years and possibly all -- -- possibly made them off. In those or five years -- as it is winning -- Conn smythe. Winning -- Stanley Cup I think it's enough to get it close and actually it's close. But I think. Thomas. In this city. People never get some people never get past what they perceive as the bats. Having looked at it alone. You know to a lot of people it was a bunker. A guy who thinks gay people should be. A guy who you know refused to join his teammates at the White House like Obama don't like. And obviously Thomas disagrees politically. Why don't. Let the president of the United States has to me was. Offering you an invitation to the White House. It's a team thing. I say I know that. If I do my is sort of lies they about it. As Thomas was his explanation afterwards I would not be. I just think that it's a mixed legacy. As a player great. As a teammate you have to you know he's a guy who carried in the Stanley Cup troop of boy -- bad last year and now I mean I understand why it's going to be that way. I think people now we're gonna look at him. In first I think -- of the and I really do even ten years ago I think of the how it ended. Is supposed to -- maybe a Broncos usually it's not the case tell C. Matthews in New Hampshire us talk about same. I don't. It was museum which holds. On super dish reception that are there a New Hampshire. Now Thomas again I you guys may disagree. But give me a better run Thomas in the -- season. I mean it was better. In any sport. I mean this game after it's been a regular season -- MVP of the in the regular season he was that good. The perform like that post season. Every game -- -- and the brewers scored a goal was over scored to Thomas and acting. That guy who skated off the ice today and that game -- and you a year and a half later shipped to downers. -- for money for just some money move -- in unpopular figure in this city many circles. -- He'd seemed instantly elevated status and they -- would never. Ever. You look that way again just seemed like he graduated past that at all. And now is a guy who you know. A lot of people here feel. A lot of different things about. But again -- just go back to this on ice you know. Ever loved -- I've read love story and everybody loves -- -- loves these guys these guys would not have a Stanley Cup -- Tim Thomas. They would I mean he Harry -- To a championship now other guys played great in spots snap post season. But Tim Thomas absolutely without question. That team on his back in carried them to a Stanley Cup -- game by game they're but he did. In this Boston Vancouver use unbelievable. No really it's weird you know I think the white stuff -- a lot people I think the waitress turned his back and his team and said he was coming back. Put them in a weird situation financially I think also really almost as much. -- people get frustrated with him. He's an individual you know more and anybody just the ultimate individual. You can do your goal Egypt talked about the stats from a guy cared about that. You care about self first. You know not going to the White House know probably it. In terms of an individual expression of freedom was a -- which actually was selfish. Mean selfish guy. Terrific goaltender. Selfish guy and now he's gone it's just it's it's the strangest thing I've ever seen. Here for this to happen over 1718 months 6617779. 793. Savage your phone number talk about Tim Thomas here this hour talk to a Rondo. -- little Red Sox government gets Soledad waiters and Jon Lester sound that that was pretty interesting that your next hours on your top five. Pays him just here to -- up to the giants. General this title yet but I am actually looking export to Asia say that -- I'm not looking forward to actually looking forward. Is her title we know not just John I think it's just the saucepan. And Connecticut to talk what Tim Thomas say it. -- don't how are you are speaking out as though you know the ultimate big -- I don't know it's because my 847. But I hope political and I really don't that doesn't bother me at all I think he you know otherwise -- escalated ever had. Bob your -- -- probably is. Position that put him in this year note it's powered by by a bit named -- they -- -- and that they were sparked by billion dollars. But now that he's been traded up when I looked back at about you know he's got -- won a cup that's where I look at it. -- maybe go over his legacy and I and the one thing about the salary things I think there was always this idea that the Bruins would. Eventually be able to move him to a team actually needed taken salary. Like the island. Dollar -- on the islanders gave updated. Early hours yet -- they actually have to get up to meet. To meet demand and a bit right the minute I guess so if the reason I would -- to conditional second round pick there's no way. On his -- make that deal that cuts and Thomas played on 12 and not think you know it's going to be interesting though the seat. If he plays after this year is he says you -- -- -- in the Olympics a couple of years he still wants the play -- to forty yeah I mean that's the. Right he's like he's 28 so I don't know. You know it's strange that -- Arm. You know I don't know where he's gonna wind would be surprised all in their report again or -- President put three years from. You know thomas' -- dot. -- from 6176379%. Thomas was a great player for a few years on the ice we as a fan -- did not ask for opinions social issues off the chose to. So -- reputation and hatred I believe -- big I think it -- -- politics. Any political religious belief that nice qualities except. Austin spirit that some people. -- and I thought myself that you know. He's supporting chick filet. OK to public business he supports. Like you know personally I think that you'd -- at these views on gay marriage what's happened fifty people are world -- music lunatic stuff. -- -- Right to express that I do think though. But sometimes you -- most people see these athletes talk. Steppingstone to. I have a platform platform they do decide to take. Doesn't go with the one like they get criticized. Like going back to a said earlier app just. There's nothing to be benefited pocket. Which are things only get twisted. -- Thomas made easy -- no matter what I mean you've got 5000 people in the media now looking couple radio stations looking. To make you look bad to it and that's what they're trying to do. Trying to make you look foolish in the trying to profit off that by writing something catchy headline on the website her talk. About a year or somewhere else or talk about on TV sick and that's what -- air force. And that's the way the world changer with the media no there's no question. 617779793. Seven's decision number in Texas 3793. Separate tweet. -- -- -- -- How are your thoughts on Thomas -- the bruins' -- I was -- -- that game tonight in. Missing camp without offense and -- Saint Louis as a team it's fun to watch. In you know and I have fun game tomorrow night do you look for guys who have a great Bruins -- at 7 o'clock in in the game tomorrow night. In buffalo all the stuff that they owes him that. Texas. I -- Thomas. Is Tim Tyson I'm a liberal Tim Thomas won the Stanley Cup I don't care in my opinion of him is never -- there's some of that as well. Which -- I need somebody tell me some somebody in the last twenty years any better post season in the cities and Thomas two weeks ago. Or -- I mean it was unbelievable. -- if you think about it. The weight and get the numbers just spout this should look at. Thomas here a couple of years ago. I can -- and obviously goaltender hockey. Puts you in that position where you can sort of you know at such enormous impact of the summer quarterback away or starting pitcher. Opera knows that Rebecca was -- finally you forget -- was great 2007 put him in the mix do. After -- academics and dug a great post season but I can't think of a better one. Emma Thomas stay here it is I get the calls in the second. It's computers host welcome -- move. -- Thomas for a year remember regular season. Went 35 and eleven with 82 goals against efforts to lead the league. -- and save percentage was 938 which at the time. Was NHL record. That's still the case. And -- the league goals against in the post season. When 69 obviously won all sixteen games. 940 save percentage in one point 98 goals against average and four shout outs. It came to Britain. You know a perfect world that's his sole legacy in his city and as we know that's not the case obviously partially to blame for. If in New York wants to talk Thomas Anthony. Had no idea how are you what's up. I'm good I mean I think but the Tim Thomas saying. We can draw a parallel to Curt Schilling work and you know obviously there's. A lot of you know liberal opponent in Boston but I think people they've been able to separate. -- -- -- Vs what he did on the field and you're bringing a championship you know you've been instrumental. Because saint Thomas well. The problem being Tim Thomas by being outspoken and and basically making anti Chinese sentiment. That's I'm actually glad that people turned against him or that because. Honestly it's you know this was. Well and every out and all of debris and arguably ten finish that would say that added to -- to be fair here in thomas' defense he did not make an anti. Cannot supporting gay marriage -- that is denying people rights but it yeah you know I guess -- -- -- You can what do you know what to assist. It actually a year ago and into summit came out that I don't think -- -- -- equal rights sure that we will be out I think where everything. I'm glad I mean I don't think he understands. The large gay community that it can't support agreements you know I mean this is wisely. Don't need a picture right so I have no problem with people. Separating the player in his contributions from the public -- he's gonna put them but amount Sereno Schilling wasn't. You know look -- you can control the White House to see that you push but I don't think you would have not went. I said he would have -- said he would have to seal bombings and you're right I I I do think that. The Winger Thomas and when you get on the platform and you use it and you don't go White House to make a statement. I get to live with the fact is gonna be some fault to be also be that they just as we said before thomas' overly concerned I just I don't he has. So I think keeping it somewhere on a I -- I think it's a good thing because. You know in. Homophobia in sports is just it's so backward compared everything else you know no doubt we really want to come out -- out. It's it's there and -- is a weird spotter and I mean just kind of waiting for this one guy won these four sports to come out. I think. Personality to be hailed as as you know Jackie Robinson Billie Jean King. But I think these guys are scared and I do wonder as he'll have a whole -- -- If -- about my age. I think generation younger than us I mean. School wasn't talked about a lot but now it seems to be a lot or open. You know kids -- fifteen years younger. And I am. You know I was I was I was called clubs except television. In the media and -- the world changed -- like 20/20 530 years now. When one guy finally does the other 45% that sports population that's in line with. Reality. Of the -- I use it poignant that first big deal you know I thought that's -- way it's going to be just can't wait for that first person. Yes and they're looking at like that I think you'd be you know I don't want this to get swept under the rug and Buick whatever is great. A great player and you know who cares what he says well if you are going in a public forum and saying you have influence over people especially -- you know. The diehard fans who were like you know rallied behind him and I think. It should be something brought up or click it could hurt and it to turn around someone. Else what to believe until you know because I think. Where do we need to move toward equality. And it can Thomas doesn't support back and fans are likely I am gonna draw a line hey thanks for the championship battle I will support you I I like that I think that's a lightning -- that should happen -- -- -- -- swept under -- -- Because we -- that trophy you know. Yeah well thank you baseline if you for the call. -- Texaco. It. Different showing -- it is to some organizers to Thomas with the majority masters not support gay marriage -- mean look. That's obviously is right the gay people should be married. Welcomes that. Others can be fallout from -- can be support -- I think the Thomas honestly. Says that he believes -- credit toward people disagree with them credit I wrote a column. Saying I didn't credit for -- conviction not going White House I wouldn't -- -- -- -- gone. Took a lot of guts I give credit.

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