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The Bruins Have Been Postponed Tonight and Dale Arnold Gives us the Latest

Feb 9, 2013|

After the B's have officially been cancelled and the game will be moved to another date, Dale calls Kirk to give his thoughts on what went into the decision and why they waited as long as they did.

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-- garbage. -- -- canceling this game Bruins might need to just checked in canceled tonight at seven to spying on its own. Everyone's are reporting DuPont use as -- I'm not glad everybody the games canceled the Bruins have yet. Might you already out podcast. On quarter says you know it makes a good. How -- a lightning be having flown on Thursday after their game and now stuck here another night with no game. I mean it's it's sure. FY about now tonight. Having to be at the two nights no game. Again if you tell me that they care about safety in this is why they're canceling this game you can't salt the game yesterday. It's over it that your concern. Why -- things different now from a safety perspective -- 24 years a 24 hours -- question. You -- storms coming. It came. 1 -- O'clock am this morning. When Patrick said they should cancel the game one they -- the -- -- NHL. Cancel the game with a broad by I don't know who -- Package -- boy this is really missed it. Please Obama go to Bruins website please tell me it's. -- -- -- now on please. We're playing up to 7 PM. That's on the Bruins website every source in the world as a scheme being canceled it is now 3 o'clock. On WEEI dot com but while he's like a flash -- -- Flash -- W. Yes I don't yet. You guys seems really -- just seems really miss. Why we DJ on last hour by an organization he says as he does pretty good job articulating -- in Christmas. Get in the NHL makes a decision that's amok in the blast the Bruins that. What you have to do a better job particularly in the process. Of people out there I have to. This crazy. Attacks are coming from a guy governor from West Springfield in the game. Which I mean you know much sure I would do that on. And IQ web preference it's fine wrote horrible. You've got to -- You've got to let these people know what no MBTA service. And boy they really dropped the ball. Let's get back to the calls here has been great so far poignant let's get to -- was in the car what's up Jeff. A -- just coming down from the -- the ground game tonight and he's an hour ago from what county in New Hampshire just find it but now that I'm not -- of Manchester that the current account. Where -- driver from to a wary of -- -- driver Jeff I'm sorry I had. A look caught up in the Colonia that's its. Other roads. Actually we are a hundred. Okay yeah it's it's it's again I I think. Jeff what's gonna happen is we're going to blast the Bruins here for this it I don't think we'll find out -- the Bruins actually canceled the game. What what the brewers have done a bad job object is telling you what's going on in presuming you wanna get their -- I get the. In the ring looking at -- you know. Let's straighten everything out there -- no communication whatsoever. Yeah you know they did they they bought so the question I do wonders now are you season ticket holder. On that would give as far as okay now the brewers have been up on two quarter thanks Jeff. One minute ago. -- lightning game. I postponed due to weather related state emergency remains in effect in Boston so the brewers are just now has tweeted out they've. They've sent it out so you know they wades into entry let's talk about the game. -- -- -- -- There -- there -- out so well thank you watch on yeah -- without so current and that it never thought you know we've guitar thank you. -- excellent great addition to that Sports Radio network via Skype out. But that show among other things to talk about that a broad cancellation not fat but bill we're I understand yet -- wrapped up a football. You've got the shot that unless it's game winning streak. I mean I. The Red Sox and what Myers. I -- I've talked about again the capital. He got -- -- no problem but probably I start the shoe department and you -- -- like stock I don't. It. -- that's -- wait let me just say this election election talks -- but I would just say that you know it just happened. They canceled at the epic the Bruins watched it that's all you wanna talk about. Ask anyone Bruins. Tim Thomas want to but the NBA and NFL draft you wanna talk about the Celtics want to put the Red Sox got to the floor George. I think about itself looks a lot quicker player right now I hate to say that it would Rondo played quake at that think he can actually facilitate that stopped -- the way to do that. But you know it not to be assisting the great and perhaps they don't show up more shoppers type player and I think even note he does it. I think every great ballplayer needs to have. -- cocky also built profit but I think he kicked it toward a lovable antics in the part of it all came on shortly after. The way to plan out there on the stat sheet at six guys at Morgan export -- that is. You got -- -- scored real fortunate to gain to six -- more. All over five rebounds -- game I think that's really the late teens that all place yeah I think it's great. Yeah when you definitely CNET and I do wonder that. You know when Rondo comes back next year if they continue to play this will Rondo. Our continued bull headed about it -- we sort of look at an intellectual lies and say you know what maybe there are some things I have to Alter it's a fascinating. Story line for next year when the season starts. And one other thing I think it should keep Garnett activation at one piece. I don't think anyone hatred for right now there's got to get them out to second round. Next year the year after. I really like the chemistry of this came with -- -- maybe one out at stake. -- Garnett the mental and official yelled help also -- that got -- Public and solid job and let's see what they dealt that might surprise some people eager to injury happened -- -- right. I think they can get past the first I didn't get the separatist -- We didn't get out static -- and make it entertaining where they'd be entertaining. Then begin a rebuilding -- And I don't think a lot and like -- -- of the right now I just -- -- mediocre. I think. There are entertaining the chance they'll Michael and I think it's because. They have -- they have peer who stepped up. That while the guy just to get themselves perhaps you know another state that can help out if it's a guy that's what they'll make it to come up off of the Talladega where it's. Or or maybe it got from the elite that somehow we don't you don't already know that they have and -- that just -- Patrick -- but I don't believe they should blow up. And I think they should -- a look at trading brought it when he got it and ended. Yeah -- -- when they're not you know. Everybody saying this is there -- six games. They're not gonna trade -- Toronto offseason I don't think on May be wrong any. Decent stuff. -- it was neat gives me where it's going to be and given that team work by this again -- assumption continue play well without him. Where you're trading him -- his value could not be oh I mean not possible. Points I don't think they're gonna do you know I think he's been around. You can really got to get -- built around it's going to be fascinating as I said to see how he's going to adjust to. I would go to break agreed to a daily -- -- -- the AT&T hotline. Making a rear rare Saturday afternoon appearance only second time today is Dale Arnold hello dale. You know we don't. You show many are now as it turns out. It turned out. And actually be -- Wear my white -- using these last hour oh well. That's that's true so let me ask you this for I guess a lot of the -- are asking this this is an NHL this issue. Yeah OK so the NHL why did it take till 3 o'clock Siegelman had all day yesterday. To come up with a conclusion which changed August -- Yeah you know I can't answer the question yes it is. And this is only guest here -- the burrow -- and informing the NHL a long time. About the conditions here but the NHL desperately wanted to play this game. The general rule underneath in the league is all teams are in trying to apply right and that's and the case with. A game that I preferred to bit that we were in all but with the doubles back in 1987. They played in front of 384 people. The problem that your having the difference here as compared to back down. Is a -- get people to the building to work became its security against your. -- -- -- -- concession mayor's people can get their name and I think I think that's partly what swayed the national Arctic. Was there any idea do you think any process during this whole thing where they just -- -- nightmares -- bawling just saying. You know space and lock the doors and played this game just to get the game. And if you went into -- for 600 people I mean on a plane for an zero. It's possible I mean it's awful they discussed at. But in the -- it's. Lockout shortened season every athlete is desperately needed as it is. Again I wanna stretch between the National Hockey -- decision or not the -- institution but. My guess is. The folks at the Bruins weren't upset that I doubt that they were crickets -- that. At a later date because if they played tonight it was going to be peace -- Friends and family track crowd. A look at the schedule for the two teams it's kind of tricky if you have it's a -- a tough time finding a spot may be late April -- willing and able to do this again. Well and that's been the problem all along and I don't you know released into saying all day long -- gonna get latest interest on it. In a perfect world there are all right there they were exactly right. But because of the waders this -- -- got compressed. And because we're not talking about you know -- -- picked up -- coming up an -- from New York this is going to be a couple of them to make up or are apt to make it out. I don't know how they're going to do it but you're right -- what's the schedules of the two. It's up to figure out a -- that work summit. I'm thrilled with the way the Bruins campus on Twitter I mean not as an as an hour ago and it tweet in nineteen hours I mean at some point to a shift especially Patrick calling out today. At some point during the day get a -- update -- they listen yes it's going on as of right now if you do that that the kind of missed the ball drop the ball. Yeah and I and I write and interpret them like you know explain you know what was going on I will idea that. I got tipped off about fifteen minutes or it became official. But I was told you know wait until the National Hockey League releases right. And everybody kind of waiting for the NHL Arnie say that it is. Yeah NHL decision. I know what trying to eat Ian. On -- order to kick the Bruins around in this case I think we're doing what they were told by the -- but it could help but all the do. Agassi tomorrow morning and get -- clock. What you can and I'm I'm I'm gonna all shovel off my house has been some -- -- in and that's nice you know waiting for you as a Michelle Taylor do you actually the Schobel. I -- a white at a fifteen year old daughter weighed ninety pounds City Hall. It is they don't all -- where probably probably. I can't believe I'll be doing that you know when I get home about 930 and that is better than the eleven or 1130 Xstrata was -- That's true will be -- policy tomorrow morning and thanks -- That's Dale Arnold who is my -- tomorrow morning nine in the W yet. All but the Bruins and drop the ball on the communication leading up to it but no game tonight so they don't know Bruins know -- we've moved on.

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