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DJ Bean, WEEI.com, Joins Kirk Minihane to Talk Bruins and the Possibility of a Game Tonight

Feb 9, 2013|

DJ gives a Kirk a call to talk the latest happenings with the black and gold and his thoughts on if they should play tonight.

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I that's a funky beat like that. Is that Vermont for Brothers and GMT. As a Mumford and sons -- Mumford. Alford and sons. Sampras. They're called. I have no idea whether I have no idea -- male I'm. The oldest. -- -- world at this point we listened to one person. Extra him once today. Natalie literally heard that you and I spoke and gave the cup -- Of -- -- brother well. And GMT MG MT yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- hobby plus for the tanks first flash. That's a minor step back missed a game a little bit of life at 3 o'clock pigs again I'm wasn't. I -- this stuff seriously now Watson motion splash. We talked the last segment about the -- toward doing a terrible. Disservice here to their fans by not giving us updates should be updates emails should be tweets should be letting us know -- we're playing. This is what's going on walking you through -- -- handling it horribly. As an organization here to come on agree with me about that is -- being -- But only the Bruins can update their fans as often as you update the world have any -- music. It's it's best to do the kick things off. What's -- let me ask you sensors and we'll get we'll get to the other stuff here in the second -- They're directed last week ninety hours ago did you did Bruins -- -- bad. Right yeah foolish -- Well right inducted this. My personal opinion as someone who let the drive is is that this game shouldn't be happening you all understand. Why it is. Why. Did before -- I mean but before. Before we keep we get into the sort of the bad job the north. Why is if you look at both schedules is there any spot here in the shortened season -- look at it and say it makes some sense to play here instead of here. I I political lightning schedule closely enough. But. Yeah this. This would make a lot more sensitive -- not happening tonight especially that nobody going to be there it's going to be unbelievable. Like I. I have to work every game I'm thinking like I could go on to camp with a few -- can see it. What if you're secretary. At the half two hours you make it sound like it's it's is not required. You don't. OK so so but my point is I mean shouldn't there be every two or three hours at the first of the governor calls about it right. Writing the Bruins have to respond that say hey listen we respect the governor whatever we're gonna play this game tonight. It's difficult it's stinks don't -- if you can't will compensate you will will take care to give you -- ticket we understand. Crappy situation is just the way this would have to play this hockey we don't just to get that. Right or at least some sort of explanation where even if it's somebody leaking it to the globe where The Herald or wherever just where they say it. Look the garden is that is available on this night when both seem to be career this is happening in. This seems -- display gives some sort of explanation as to why there's absolutely no way this thing to be moved and the fact that. It's been quiet on all fronts is. Is a good look for the -- It's unusual for them I mean. He's got pop list I mean I know this is a sort of an elaborate Asia top of these kind of sort of situations. We're going to be you know feet something like this too often but whenever there's any sort of potential. Update to the the schedule weather moving something around there really gonna vote at least on the media. And everybody knows so this is I think just the different situations and the -- handle. I get 25% -- merchandise a special present over to. You'll get a you'll get help you -- The they've taken hostages off that that you course. Given that the behavior doubles fans but. If the media bill they'll all ties with -- more fruit. -- -- -- -- -- it's pronounced please let people know what's going again that MBTA -- service you know he got for you gotta drive -- them or did you drive and then. Right now I've -- the worst job. Shoveling my car wrote I've made it worse by. But you have Texas saying quit crying roads are fine it's a question of the roads it's question of where you parked I guess. You know the answer IP well there's 2000 people the game he might be okay. It but you know I don't -- -- -- -- back to the -- -- your broad com a couple of days ago. But the legacy Tim Thomas in there is nobody in my lifetime is like this I mean you could not have been higher. Obviously and Thomas was after game seven Vancouver's mean you're looking at this guy. As one of the great figures in our history and it's gonna post season run Israelis ever had. A year and a half whatever later he is just quietly shipped awaited the islanders that doesn't mean nobody really cares. Where it's. It's funny because not only did nobody here this trade has nothing to do with really any sort of hurt I don't know really. On night in pack for either team unless the brewery and a using this cap state are becoming except circular once a month. Right it was a money move forbid islanders to be compliant with the salary cap off. Imagine in that ball and where we're at -- would need to make -- -- so there'd -- at the very bottom. Right yeah with salary cap Specter but yeah it opens up money for that the Bruins says. To do something they want it may be down the road a lot try to get entirely again surely have. The reason -- republic agreed to do it. Two million reasons. The financial but what you want to get it done early so. In key you have guys available early in the season I try to think of good examples of it. A couple of years ago from -- -- you -- -- -- can pretty early on her on November it is that as an example there but. In case anyone is made available room or via this that counts and they will be able to. The cast. Yet article on the windows. I don't you would think that Coleman's very critical of them on the site that got me pretty clear that. I liked him that he was a pretty easy got it but it. How many other athletes in the world will use you to leave in this sort of situation at that they'll turn it. Yeah what's his legacy. Do you think -- would ten years and I was he would as you still viewed the first is not easy to use a guy who helped carry this -- -- Well I think it's -- hockey standpoint it has to be that you lose a guy who delivered the Stanley Cup. You'd unbelievable Nazis in the end no matter how good to Iraq is an opener would -- you know you can and forget about Tim Thomas. To -- still have a lot to live up to if you want to follow these -- -- in part because I would otherworldly. Especially on eleven. Cookies and run so. I mean I understand that there are other people who water remembered him for the political stuff personally our members -- four. Wait on the -- because like I said it is in my job. Air -- I didn't and you're done and you've been the subject you're telling me you're not remember any of the other stuff and you think about it you're just gonna block that all -- of your head. Think only the hockey stuff and you think it's just that's not true that's not true. Our members in for that that personality stuff but more vote. Not that the fact that you lose like. That you loved what what that the crazy idea political that it it -- that he subscribes to. Climax. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On number or more per. I'd never encountered a guy again who don't knock on and I'd never heard a guy with more into his own back into the -- all remember him for being guy. Who paid really close attention to the big color heat that players use in warmup like. There were enough courts to vote him without getting here about it by the hole White House. What's the to -- updates here injury guys you know Marshal on board obviously and hi guys like this what is the was a status as we look at them right now. It is unknown what's happening with. -- march on both high end -- -- We're skating with -- yesterday I I would guess that Orton would be back at some point this weekend the question is. Will he be back on Sunday against the sabres will try to do something. With jumped -- which I would get -- distribute pretty bad idea. I would do I mean listening. You know alive. I think source pretty good about it on these people get all worked up by the routers -- -- -- diet I've fought we dropped gloves. You know he'd be kicked my ass once -- environment was like and because. Right in the Campbell the same thing I good. If I'm Gregory Campbell throughout the whole thing I'm saying what about me because Campbell in the biggest Arab world these six but even I think -- -- and I'm proud. You always put a bigger than him in a lot of time. You doesn't quite suffer the same -- that this sort of against Scott but -- often quite pretty convincingly two and how often have you heard people need to avenge whomever for for beating up Gregory Campbell so. Campbell with -- earlier in the week that would dilute the site I'm not thinking that someone he'd become independent that was no -- -- -- but. Horton wasn't talking at that point so you could imagine or repeat the same thing so when he finally. Was would be able to address the media -- Q is you're pretty quick to volunteer. Also thought on that he's another guy who really doesn't like. When people use -- fighting to further their agenda as far as concussions all the things go well the whole notion that he was some sort of victim drove you crazy. You know of all the talk about -- -- player all this all that you know even followed from from buffalo you forget them is actually pretty good game Tampa's a team that. You know scores a common goals and an illegal league in goals on. What if you're watching -- TV for one of the 46 people there should be entertaining game to. Right it should be to what you said to be offensive game. Wouldn't tactically they got their program nationalism pretty good but. He you know who grabbed her apartment so the -- should come. From both sides which might suggest. Why Julian is keeping her seemingly based on the line yesterday why -- and keeping -- -- with -- and -- on the top line which. I kind of disagree with but we'll see if that's it for tonight you're with the clintons there. -- -- the best player in the league right now. Top three. Me. I don't see I have a -- are defining best player in the league. Are you start to forget that started our orders starter franchise tomorrow he -- one of the top 34 picks he's won nineteen. Expert. Well he's he he's he's early twenties -- probably -- one minute period some like that. But I'm turning -- -- tomorrow than her or hate her -- I would start with guys like Scott who can Kessler and Bergeron and just about to two record. But he's definitely you'd seen the model. Goal scorer. If -- if -- -- -- -- you're wondering what what can Howard they indeed what we want I was that you could be. It to garlic even their coach who has all the build -- world beat the shot. Everything you never expect him to get very -- you vote but. You put the puck in the net so let it -- if your questions terribly spam code is being used that among local scored it. People reacting early about -- two goals on nine games that. I don't think so I think that secret. When -- how to figure out there to do one thing like I said they -- -- without their -- to -- the -- he's up there to score goals so I think it was laying on it a bit. But he wasn't paired care dispute getting chances which is encouraging and ought -- scores are -- sometimes after awhile you see the -- is also start. To Google for whatever reason but that was really happening. With figures -- comparing them so hopefully now I was a couple of big -- there Montreal the other night. With curriculum teachable without back on track but again going back to the whole lying thing. I don't know I disagree with -- I agree with Julian. Keeping him with -- you there because. They allowed a lot that line a lot a lot allowed a lot more goal they scored when they're out there appears according darker last year so. If the result is the thing just to get Howard they get going I think that it a lot of work for nothing because. Horton with battle lines with cookies and cheeks out -- about one Orton got up really good start I hate to see so many things disrupted to that got our state go. There's Mumford and sons right. Yet what are what do they what is there who Hornaday casino -- -- call plays like -- and knock off of -- so we're we're -- with a right. So they're they're both group and down. Here's my thing with Mumford and -- they're really want -- like them and they're they're good they're not great or what think they're great and it makes me wonder if anyone has ever -- -- before. Like people like here harmonies. And they freak out if that -- who many years the whole group of today that you might get into. Apps. Yet from your. I'm a fan of one of the -- year. The group themselves all of them when they get together it's like Jackson's league is about to Tito's raiders are really like I'd like to build in the near month. Pilot -- Always it is some access to the pros -- buffalo the Barbara that you go right there and off Lamar. Yeah that they'll be able that I should be flat. Right they'll go -- are you go -- want he's dug up with that eagle and a bustle. I was scheduled to go and I'm no longer going. To argue that. Okay now that -- I'm in much better shape now what's that what's the what's the grammys looks old I can I'll be watching the Bruins game when -- on oh yeah hi due to. Right accessories so besides. The and as I don't know more than one. Sort of follower lasted more than what sort of all -- I mean I actually had to Twitter followers suggest that EBR the grin he can still -- created all watching it on DVR. Because this. I would lose to -- many followers that -- is that what I want to live anyway so. As we speak right now -- this this can't be somebody Steven Wagner -- WBZ you know him. I know it just we have now is to be one of these things you just greeted breaking bruins' first lightning game plays he has. Really yes is that possible is actually possible. I what you say I want to say right now on the -- it's not also was when it is right. Read about. The best Steve Burton joke but that was nice though -- So whatever we won't he's. -- executive producer WBZ TV so. I don't so be it that's if that's the case if -- the case in the Bruins and announce that some guy from WBZ has announced. It's 3 o'clock. Liquid -- -- at MacWorld Steve Butler. Likes -- if you talk there. All up call Pluto. And I do but -- writes a religion and -- and nobody calls -- -- corporate America. All right thank you also go -- -- these Steve Wagner like you do those things watchers. To Diane. What the government regarding left started drug. American -- I. I VE 82 -- -- -- or shoveling my car. I'm in yeah I started on their own car which -- absolutely sucked so released you know really picked the wrong car. I picked the wrong card so I suspect the world's nicest person and now. Almost heart -- the girls are taught us. And I'll never abide. Did you as DJ being WPI dot com twilight. Nobody else can stand proceed beyond beyond -- Saturday and he calls you'd -- eject. We any other any other -- developer and anyone listen now I'm looking right now I don't see anything on. I can't write this exact is -- acting. Saw CA telling me in my ear he's heard rumblings could be true we'll put them on to -- -- heard rumblings about that. -- rumblings. Confirm anything. You know waiting to get firm and cuts -- Well -- agree right soft EST. That's the case that it. The job right boxers anymore -- -- -- waited for the announcement eco rose. The roads. World we weren't allowed to drop the road until 4 PM tonight we know that until 130. Series decisions are made between -- but it's -- -- -- you can't drive for. And now they know that and -- -- it's rumored all over here that's that's that's back or do you. You know I guess I'm not sure I think that there's a lot of decisions being put into law -- through. About Auburn's pass the course that -- like this. On Thanksgiving at my phone. Haggard he's got something. And canceled I can confirm. -- canceled associate broker first Aussie broke Eisenberg first I've from be needed I'm further rate holds -- tonight is canceled rock and lightning. -- Michael -- suspect you're perhaps that -- sauce pretty thick of the rookie years first to flash. Our use rate merit his first one he was thanks in the second wasn't as good notes that the terrible injustices that I didn't know that was his first like -- I -- recorded forum. On how it is and have so he doesn't have a moment till I got my first like shivered -- horrendous in laws I don't. Sport slash. This update run by the -- about what it's ultimately about the south -- but it -- the hospital Boston Celtics are 23 cancel out there are rules. As -- either your my flashes and -- gallant lot better. I don't know about that you're pretty. Good turn out all right so assault I can -- -- the -- can. Confirmed stuff. Am -- wrong. -- -- -- that is about by the Bruins. Know she might get by its cancel the point. Waiting -- the last minute. I guess it's four hours. Point nothing -- -- -- the Bruins so what we're saying it's like I'm saying the Bruins during a bad job -- disagreeing. Announcing it for the Bruins brought you -- Coming up like I said you're coming up from you know nor short go see this game tonight again you know. You're driving them you know in the blizzard turn around afterwards no game. Cheese. It'll run along here. 6177797937. 61777979317. Number now we're hearing a bunch of different people nothing official yet from the Bruins. People reporting the game tonight Bruins lightning is now canceled. Scheduled for 7 o'clock canceled take a look at the two schedules -- you define a win you'll play this game again but right now game that it will be a lot of fun. -- -- 7 o'clock appears to be canceled more we get back W.

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