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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, Joins Kirk Minihane to Talk about the Celts Recent Winning Streak

Feb 9, 2013|

Nemo can't stop Flannery! Paul calls Kirk to talk about the Celts playing without Rondo and this recent winning streak. He also gets into the upcoming trade deadline and if the C's will make any moves, "blow it up" and if any other teams in the league are looking to make any major moves.

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Now we got -- man here till 5 o'clock. Paul Flannery the great Paul planners Mets -- nation would join us here in second. But -- you know. I have some. Bad issues in my life -- -- seem like computer. But what I quiet as you know things that really I get a big kick out of flash you know yeah their. The original or the original. Producer. And the guide to mr. Paul Trittler rental. So who's this guy you do it is yeah this is David tank that ski days it was first flash ever that that was the debut flat I did this -- -- critical flash usually. They did a good job thank you so much like it washed it. I'll be Sussman is -- kind I'll tell you what I've been listening to the sports flash since I was about ten years old so I'm I'm very grateful it was discussed in the customs union LCD now he's great masters -- in case the cup couldn't remember that right I think -- a -- is home he's trying to you know clean off the car that I was happy to -- how is Allison hybrid. He would Scots who the couple's eat. Call him. Well she has been their court case. Is not -- you call a penalty to Sussman whatever. Well it's a bad job you know what happened in -- hockey Torre sent. You know while -- -- No. While it was first baseman for the Yankees got -- Lou Gehrig -- informed it. Well -- -- -- for fourteen years you are Gary -- off while we had to have -- -- fairness is shorter than humans know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reflected. Solid. Michael as we flash can ask for everything. During a Saudi AT&T hotline is BI dot com now the lead fastball writer for SB nation Paul Flynn Paul it's going. What are you hasn't I now have the casket as it's got a lot of snow -- whether -- how -- you got -- -- Cambridge. Are bad -- we spend an hour clear card to -- never moving it there's no way and give up that spot. That's the that's the trek right now I -- united 4 o'clock democracy Flannery drive. Now you guy when you're watching this bothers me you know things bother watching TV last night. Let me see 76 people from -- six different towns Tommy snowing on channel seven. I get it you know I'm I'm pretty sure it's snowing -- it's going in you know right you do anything. Right -- you know waited too much debt local news to devote that much attention -- you know but other than what would that. -- the answer that is obviously now. In his and it is really porn for them when there's so they don't care that she snows in anticipation is all that matters. Right now now the question are we stuck basketball -- we can -- that he -- India. So testy day you're. Yeah -- all -- of what I second barely hear you Turk real he's -- yeah I can -- here aren't -- -- -- -- -- apple that the. Request you -- -- job bumping up what up. What's your take -- of first -- we spent on Rondo let me ask you this is a better basketball team with -- -- No. Not yet the average -- -- column Barkley coma was right on the money. They are they better day than they were few weeks ago well that's pretty hard to argue that they're not but they're playing better they're playing harder. The played better -- there they're moving the ball -- the question is is that a necessary question is that is that because Rondo in the -- or is it because. Rondo isn't playing they know they have to date they have to do these little things that they were neglecting during the course of the year is that it. Is that all of them have been that are run that they were doing it before I mean these -- these serious questions but the overarching question are they better without of course. Here's the question I would ask what you say that Rondo was out two weeks instead of rest of the season they play like this. He came back and walked in this situation with app. You know that that interest bingaman. I think that there -- a couple small pieces here wanted to Jason Terry is definitely playing better. And I think that's pretty obviously even talked about it and if he's better with a bald head that wasn't happening Rhonda. You know -- that it wouldn't be playing forty minutes. And he's been played really well but they're they're a little things that are happening because he's out -- function of him being out that are better. But yeah I you know I think Rondo would have -- an terrific individual year that wasn't translating -- team's success. And so maybe they needed to change the way they played maybe that maybe that coaching as much as it is on on the players you know and so that. It's it's it's a fascinating question they'll never know the entity but I will say when we get to the playoffs people are going to be go to Bob -- it would be great to have Rondo right now. Yeah is given that it is that spot right the first round game three were never six minutes ago again I think while. Runners on the court. You know I just think that that's I get seat Mickey -- -- the overarching thing abuses. In the NBA this money MBA mostly I think of all when your best player is out for a long time. Eventually chose to cover as much Japan but eventually it's going to be exposed. Right and dipping into the net league in this league is that you need guys who can create shots. In Rondo was the shot creator like Obi and James Harden our retreat shop for himself but -- create shots for other people. And -- they're relying on ball movement in office but all the kind of stuff and it's so wonderful way to play if you do it right. And it's wonderful to watch people really like it and you know they deserve all the credit they're getting right now for doing it. But it's very tricky if it's. It -- now working. If you start getting these sort of -- jump shot wonderful. One pat jump shots you can lose by thirty if you don't have shock creator and that hadn't happened yet they've also been at home. And they had their schedule worked out very nicely for them. Write. It about the road this year the -- we knew. As the last six games change whatever philosophy game means as for the future of this of this year for this team. I think -- little bit I mean I think it's. Yeah I think they any aid if he he's he's currently evaluating and I've been since the beginning of the year it was the it was the best case for them to not have to make big. Change like this team is set up to do that to win. Where they were set up to do before the injuries start to hit. It's a very difficult thing to trade Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Paul -- typical trick Kevin verdict is -- -- club right people ended the pretense of -- But it typical betrayed Paul Peterson because he's worth more the Celtics and he is still other team. And they don't wanna just give them away for you know draft picks and expiring contract and cap space that's -- that's not to play it. So yeah it's it's it's that they value their players more than other teams. -- think you know. I'm all for trading these guys are really am if you can get really good -- back this can help you to make that trade with the clippers regardless Garnett signed off -- Where does that help you like that. -- it's special that was rumored -- -- Boller a game that lets -- -- starter. But you -- and then people start throwing in the country Jordan which I think I'm not even sure that was actually like a real thing are those that ended up being a good idea. You know -- know. I think. If you could find a package where somebody would take Kevin and Paul did you like half their roster in a budget traffic. That you think about it and the clippers. Working our team that can you know conceivably do that imperial think they will Golden State level in the could do imperial think it will. So yeah I don't think those two guys are going anywhere beyond what you end. It'll -- packed with that 2007. They don't wanna win 24 games with. You know so so bad they're -- and rookies they don't want to do that. That's what gets that they -- you an iPad -- it's that's what makes him be so tough -- and he can't. Go 36 of 46 forever you're not careful right. Just can't seem that there frantic anxiety the teams do it forever mean look at the raptors ran. She gets its so -- MBA for to work I guess my point I wonder if there a year to -- for being that's what we didn't need three or four breaks just to be lucky. And they get lucky get water. Ditto but at the same time draw a classic case of not having discipline. -- I was convinced themselves that they are one player away they've been doing it for three or four years and keep making bad deal after bad deal. Xstrata also got the number one pick in a year were the -- you know definitive you know sort of transformer at number one player. Correct although they would if it got a little -- primed to take Brandon -- number one which like -- You know it. And yeah he got hurt but -- he got hurt he was he really. -- -- So yeah yeah you got to have luck -- you offer up their discipline him it's possible to pull yourself out of that Malays. And get a look at golden state golden years was sort of like you know cruising along at that thirty Wednesday that it a couple of good move. And all of a sudden they're they're legitimate playoff team now what they're feeling I don't -- So it is it is not quite as a possible that you liked that you -- pretended it. I do by myself I thought I mean you're right if you have faith in any danger right now that that's that's fair -- -- good job draft. When you look at when you look at these are -- front -- today itself which is 726. And 23. Projected in the playoff starts just held on -- would be higher lower the -- the -- A picnic this probably 67 is probably where they. Where they were they will wind up being illegally harder hard to get up into that top five it looked Brooklyn completely collapses which is. Certainly a possibility. I think it can be hard to move up beyond that and that's not a bad spot to be in depending on your draw. Because if you look at like the -- team. Outside of maybe the two teams that would worry me from the public perspective our Chicago and he has you know -- their bit to their hall. And that's a problem for them New York. Who I still think he could give to -- a great match up New York does not. I'd say bring that -- it on the Celtics you know and Brooklyn I think bring down by the Celtics but that -- mean they're gonna -- they can lose those series scale. But if they get their right draw you know they committed -- they can make some day they can make some good. Do you envision a scenario at all where as you know if you look at them in march of -- habits that they get a tough march come out here. You envision any snared -- where they are not the. No I don't merely because the other teens behind a Merck are are really struggling to -- silly. -- the mass. -- you actually played yeah a lot better but date you know Perry. -- You look at let me ask you this from an MBA perspective. How the spurs do I mean how they can do is they're gonna win 65 games this year. Yeah well Tim Duncan is greater than those people will ever get credit for number one. They do a wonderful job of filling in you know guys like any green can barely get off the bench for for Cleveland or you know before they're starting a quarter got. And Tony Parker is one of the very underrated players in -- -- -- you -- -- they've got three great players who have stayed relatively healthy over the years the great coach. And just tremendous outing and you know these big they're picking guys that the background they're picking guys off of the team's bench is that you don't they just don't really excellent job. I feel like you feel like. Parker's 308230 but I mean he's having another -- and 54% from the I just feel like. We got a look at the Western Conference amok in the pick the spurs come analyst. You know -- just elected and run Oklahoma City -- it. We in my with the clippers to the clippers get themselves for the clippers for the second best team in the west. You're probably right of -- -- the whole thing seems did you see anything big happening here before the dead money and not just mean not just the Boston overall I think trade discarded. Be the lead story SP it. Guess -- I've been thinking all along there can be life. Activity that Jimmie blow more smoke -- fire at the deadline Milliken the luxury tax -- that kind of stuff but. Then got got hurt like very -- got hurt you would have had -- credit in saint auction is Casey hadn't gotten hurt. Danny Granger hurt. How -- all hurt though Josh -- has probably you know the biggest day of the people people know about. I'm assuming Bargnani can get traded but those are guys who really like move the needle in. So I think it's gonna be a little bit less. Explosive than in years past. With soldiers that just sort of the cost to -- is the guy -- get in that spot in the network god and that's sort of risk reward. I totally that I absolutely isn't and you know and others say they -- you can needs surgery. And they say that the surgery will alleviate the problems and yeah you hope so because he's. He denied player he's a good kid and he works hard and you would make it clear cut short because that put. Yeah I mean like you get them what they -- the draft let's play 21 yeah. I would then you know he was healthy top. Writes that's up -- -- I don't know what you go. Bush just say we can help -- -- -- is nice run you know I played 515 the rest of the way and even win a series or give you a real spirit effort. In the first from -- -- well when -- comes back next year knowing that this can be sort of this feeling about him is he gonna be any different at all you know dealing with teammates or even media. Well you -- hope so. Because he's now been ambulatory 728 years old and it's it's. Yeah it's time and you know within sort of little taken aback if you're being kept hidden racking up suspensions for the that the other end. But you know were regular basis if not then you know I'd like -- this -- like met with the media and I understand it seriously but. You know at -- point like. -- that they need to be a little bit of -- I love everything about Kirk you know I love the competitiveness. I loved it she plays is and that's and that's great. That's pretty that'll be the bad -- I don't think Apollo increasingly tap at the same time like you know -- got a little bit more awareness of everybody else around. I mean just he's just got to stop it suspended to -- -- like all the other stuff is I think a lot of its media creation -- lose a leader who's not mean you know I don't think. I'll accordingly sitting around waiting for rotting human speech you know a but I do think that at some point you have to grow up and stop doing things that hurt you'd think suspended for playoff game please hurry to. And when. And I do wonder he's played a million games on them finals twice an all star. Four times Warner -- with a guy he has. Yeah a medic -- that -- -- people we have our -- that that everything got to change. You know politics is that. Agree that's the guy look at -- these sort of I don't know how old he was but she was really close in the -- -- the and the thing -- she was 27 point. Now. There are Paul thanks a lot. And I. -- Flannery SB nation beat him there.

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